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Daily Notes from the 97th Regiment Indiana

Notes kept by unknown at Jackson Mississippi


Submitted by Diane Hitchcock Owens



December 8, 1862/ In camp, dress parade. John Wise promoted to corporal. (John)

McIndoo reduced for absence without leave.


March 15, Sunday & preaching today for once in 3 months uncle Billy Williams & James

McIndoo with us.


March 16, Our Owen County friends start home this morning with one of our boys

discharged, Thomas McIndoo.


March 18, Warm weather, Capt. Robbinson and escort went to Moscow today after the

Paymaster and we will no doubt get some pay this time for the first since we came into

the field, and it is high time as it is over seven months and no pay yet.


March 23, Monday. Still raining and muddy and wed day. Capt. Dean goes to Moscow

today to see about A.H. Connelly papers for his discharge.


April 29, Capt. Dean goes to LaGrange to see Dan Williams and return.


July 16, Capt. Zachariah Dean is slightly wounded in the shoulder. (Note Capt. Dean died

at Camp Sheridan, Aug. 7th, 1863)


Note: July 5-25, 1863 The Jackson Mississippi, Campaign


Note: in Col. Cattersons report, he remarked about the bravery of Capt. Dean (acting

Major) and his men and support of the left flank and his wounds.


July 30, Thursday, Still hot. Capt. Dean is brought to the company. He is very sick of

chronic diarrhea and typhoid fever. It will be all that he can do to make a live of it in this

warm climate.


August 5, Wed., All is quiet this morning as usual. Nothing all day to do but to take care

of Capt. Dean.


August 6, Thur, It seems that he must die as he is sinking very fast.



August 7, Friday. He is still alive this morning but so weak he cannot speak loud hardly.

half past 10:00 his breath left him. He is dead. I send to Vicksburg for his burial case to

send him home to his friends in Indiana.


August 8, Saturday, Nothing unusual in camp all day.We get the burial case spoken of

and put the remains of Capt. into it preparatory to sending it home.


August 9 Sunday, Some of the officers go home on leave of absence and take charge of

the corpse. Nothing else of interest in camp all day.