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Highlights of the Museum Collection

The Alton Goin Museum is home to many interesting antiques and memorabilia. Most of the items were donated by people who've lived here or whose families were some of the early settlers or residents of the Portage area. Some of the items are general-interest items from days gone by. Here are some pictures of a few of the items on display at the Museum. These photos are just a sample, though. There's lots more to see. And if you haven't visited yet this year, you'll be surprised at the museum's new look. The layout and displays have changed. There are also all new things to see, so come on by!

Portage High School memorabilia

Miscellaneous Portage High School memorabilia such as old photos, cheerleading uniforms, basketball shoes, and trophies.

Samuelson family buggy

A horse-drawn buggy once owned by early members of the Samuelson family.

Old rug loom

An old loom used to weave rugs.

Depression glass

Some nice examples of different-colored Depression-era glass.

Toolchest used by George Samuelson

A toolchest used by George Samuelson. It includes such items as an antique jack plane, jointer plane, and preacher.

Early Portage Township firetruck

A 1929, American LaFrance firetruck. It was used by the Portage Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Potawatomi Indian man

A mannequin wearing reproduced clothing of the type worn by Potawatomi Indian men.

Potawatomi Indian woman

A mannequin wearing reproduced clothing of the type worn by Potawatomi Indian women.

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