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INPCRP County Coordinators Information


                   Who can be a INPCRP County Coordinator?
Answer:  A good County Coordinator for this project should live in, or at least near, the county they choose to adopt.

County Coordinator Responsibilities
As a County coordinator you are not responsible for personally conducting every aspect of each cemetery project. You should build a group to help this process.  Here is the list of what you should strive to accept

  • Have attended the restoration workshops put on annually Spring and Fall. (See the INPCRP front page for current workshops & register soon. 
  • Locate each cemetery in your County.  Using the State Burial Registry,  record & GPS each site.
  • Learn the Indiana Laws pertaining to Pioneer Cemeteries. (pdf)
  • Maintain your County INPCRP page according to the guidelines in the section below. 
  • Subscribing to the INPCRP-L mail list. 
  • Promoting the local INPCRP efforts through local media and organizations. 
  • Actively seeking volunteers for the cemetery projects. County Coordinators need to be willing to actively promote this project on a local level and recruit volunteers and volunteer organization to handle the labor intensive phases of each cemetery project. 
  • Ensuring that each volunteer or volunteer organization is properly recognized for their efforts. 
  • Providing a copy of the INPCRP guidelines, instructions, and survey forms to each Cemetery Project Coordinator. Or share these links.
  • Helping the State Coordinator keep information as accurate and up-to-date as possible.  (This basically means: tell me when I make a mistake, please)  Also server changes or email changes.

The following minimum requirements must be met by each county page to be included in the INPCRP:

  • Each Indiana INPCRP county site will consist of at least one county home page, one index page, and one project page per cemetery project. (The index may be included on the home page). 
  • Each Indiana INPCRP county page will prominently display the new INPCRP logo graphic at the top of the page.  It should be "large", but not overwhelming in relation to the rest of the page. 
  • Each INPCRP county home page must identify the name of the county for which it is posted. 
  • Each INPCRP county home page must display the project introduction paragraph. 
  • Each INPCRP county home page must provide hyper links to the county coordinator's e-mail address and the State coordinator's e-mail address. 
  • Each INPCRP county page, both the home page and each secondary page, must contain a copyright notice similar to that on the sample pages. 
  • Each INPCRP county home page must contain a list of volunteers and volunteer organizations or a link to a secondary page containing those names.  The volunteer list should indicate the name of the individual or organization and the cemetery project to which they contributed. 
  • Each INPCRP county home page must contain a link to the INPCRP Home page at 
  • Each project page must identify one and only one project cemetery. 
  • Each project page must identify any permits or permission obtained to carry out work at the project cemetery. 
  • When possible, it is desirable for each project page to include photographs of the project cemetery before, during and after work. 
  • A really good idea after all the work that has bee done on a project,  is to share it in a book. Make a complete listing of all your findings and burials on that project.  Place it in the local and state libraries for others to find.  Local libraries,  Ind. State Genealogy Division, and Fort Wayne Genealogy Division.  
  • INPCPR County WebPage Requirements

    Your county site can be hosted for free at the INPCRP Home page address, Other free webspace is also available from many sources. Most of these will require some sort of advertising be included (usually provided by them). Most Internet Service Provider's (ISP) offer web space with your account. Our good friends at Rootsweb also provide free web space. INPCRP uses the Genealogy/Historical Society accounts for county pages.  Also see this page for website help.  (

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