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Advanced Hands-on Cemetery Preservation Workshop.  Sept. 9, 2007
White Chapel Cemetery,  Carmel, Indiana.

Thank you John, Micki, Kelly and Danny.

Using the tri-pod or hoist 

Remember this takes more than one person to use, know the limits. Center the tri-pod,
set support boards to receive the stones.  Double check  the straps.  Lift and remove. Level
the bottom base with sand and pea gravel to a plumb level. Tamp and level the ground
around the base.  Clean connecting areas, re-attach each layer with appropriate materials.
 Walt used the stack mixsetting compound and   see the plastic setting cushions.   Trim
excess setting compound.  Connect the next level.   Practice, practice and practice. ;-)


Ok, my camera died.  So did anyone get the finished photo? 

This page was created by L. A. CLUGH 9-8-2008
The background is the tombstone that was in 3 pieces.

 Indiana Pioneer Cemeteries Restoration Project