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Pike County,


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Civil War                       80th Indiana          42nd Indiana

80th Indiana    

A very special thanks to Scott Cantwell Meeker for allowing us to link to his 80th Indiana Volunteer

Infantry web page. Company H had a lot of Pike County men in it. If any one has any info or pictures


contact the Pike web master



42nd Indiana

A very special thanks to Tim Beckman for allowing us to link to his 42nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry

Company "I". A lot of these men were from Pike county. If you have any info on this please

contact"Tim Beckman" <> or

contact the Pike web master



World War II
A special Thanks to the NARA (National Archives & Records Adm.) for the link to their web page.
World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and
Army Air Forces Personnel from: Indiana

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State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy,
Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel from: Indiana

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