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Pike Profiles

Pike County,


To add additional sources relating to Pike County, E-Mail the County Coordinator.

Clyde Lovellette                            (Basketball) Petersburg            037.gif (430 bytes)  Web Page
Gil Hodges                                    (Baseball) Petersburg            037.gif (430 bytes)   Web Page
John Watson Foster                       (Statesman) Petersburg            037.gif (430 bytes)   Web Page
Homer E. Capehart                        ( Politician ) Algiers                  037.gif (430 bytes)   Web Page
Vance Hartke                                 ( Politician ) Stendal                  037.gif (430 bytes)   Web Page
S. Hugh Dillin                                  ( Judge) Petersburg            037.gif (430 bytes)   Web Page
Richard"Dick" Farley                       (Basketball) Winslow               037.gif (430 bytes)    Web Page
Thomas H. Dillon                              ( Judge ) Marion Twp.         037.gif (430 bytes)     Web Page