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School House Sketches

Bayou School 1899

Bethel Township School 1888

Edgewater School 1913

Griffin High School

Mt. Vernon, 7th-8th grades (?)

Mt. Vernon High School 1913

Mt. Vernon H.S. 50th Reunion 1913-1963:
MVHS The Hoop Pole 1914 Yearbook
(Digitized Copy)
MVHS The Hoop Pole 1915 Yearbook
(Digitized Copy)
MVHS The Hoop Pole 1916 Yearbook
(Digitized Copy)
MVHS The Hoop Pole 1917 Yearbook
(Digitized Copy)
MVHS The Hoop Pole 1918 Yearbook
(Digitized Copy)
MVHS The Hoop Pole 1920 Yearbook
(Digitized Copy)

MVHS The Hoop Pole 1927 Yearbook
Front Page
Seniors: Alldredge, Alldridge, Allyn, Allen
Seniors: Aylsworth, Allen, Culley, Barter
Seniors: Coghill, Davis, Dawson, Emmick
Seniors: Crowder, Bray, Crowder, Conlin
Seniors: Dietz, Hendricks, Kiltz, Limberger
Seniors: Durell, Given, Henderson, Hood
Seniors: Erwin, Malke, Osborne, Robb
Seniors, Hornick, Roedel, Hast, Schisler
Seniors, Hurley, Hanes, Shultz, Weisinger
Seniors: Kleinschmidt, Seifert, Koerner, Schriber
Seniors: Lurker, Smith, Lawrence, Seifert
Seniors: Oaks, Wolfinger, Davis, Shephard
Seniors: Roach, Wallace, Wade, Wilbern
Seniors: Seibert, Roth, Scheller, Walling
Class History
Class Prophecy
Class Will
Junior Class
Hoop-Pole Junior Staff
Junior-Senior Orchestra
Junior Glee Club
Junior High Publicity Club
Sophomore Class
Ladies Basketball Team
Men's Basketball Team
Home Economics Club
Main Street Glee Club
Miss Cherryblossom Photos
Polly With a Past - Program
School Life
School Entrance
Unidentified Photos 1
Unidentified Photos 2

Shupert School Students 1890

Stewartsville High School
Stewartsville H.S. 1920 Yearbook


Unknown School, Teacher Adam J. Alles