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Elizabeth "Lizzie" was the daughter of Richmond and Sarah Sally Smith Green and was born on March 27, 1825 in Posey County, Indiana. Her father-in-law was the Reverend Samuel Jones, the first minister to preach in Black Township, Posey County, Indiana. She was listed as a member of the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church of which Reverend Jones served as the minister. Elizabeth's father developed a farm in Hamilton County, Illinois which is located just west of Posey County, Indiana where members of the Jones, Duckworth, Cash and Givens families were farming in the early 1800s. Elizabeth married John D. Jones on March 30, 1842 in Posey County. John and Elizabeth (who was listed in the 1850 US Census as being 24 years of age) were living in Black Township, Posey County. Also listed in the 1850 census was a son Silas P. (listed as 5/12 year old). Her husband John died before his father David Jones made out his will. However, their children still living were mentioned in David's 1871 will: "...and to Silas Jones, Harry Thomas, John Jones and Nancy Ann Jones my Grandchildren only surviving children of my son John Jones, deceased, one full eighth.." The Harry Thomas who was listed referred to his granddaughter Harriet. She must have gone by her nickname "Harry" and by the time the will was made, she was married to Isaac Thomas. By 1880 the U S Census lists "Lizzie" Jones, widow, 55 years of age and a woman (unable to read name), age 25, domestic hired hand was living on the family farm. In a Posey County Directory of 1882, both Elizabeth and her son Silas were listed as living in the county. Elizabeth was listed as "widow" and Silas as a "farmer." Elizabeth passed away on October 20, 1894 in Black Township of "hemiphegia". and is interred in the David Jones Pioneer Cemetery north of Mount Vernon. Her husband's tombstone has not be discovered; however, it is assumed that he also is buried in this cemetery.


Source: “St John/Jones Family Tree”