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April 15, 1955

John Benton, 83, a retired farm worker, was found burned to death Monday afternoon (11 Apr 1955) in a fire-swept woodland area near his home east of Stewartsville in Robb township.


He resided with Mr. and Mrs. John Overton and left the Overton home Sunday to visit neighbors.  When he failed to return home Sunday night the Overtons began a search for him early Monday.


A morel hunter, David Lindsey, found Benton's burned body.  All the clothing had been burned from the body and there was evidence from the condition of the remains that death occurred late Sunday.


The body though badly burned bore no marks of violence and the preliminary investigation of Coroner Merle A. Weisinger indicated the death was accidental.


Whether Benton discovered the fire and in attempting to extinguish it was overcome or whether he in some manner started the fire was undetermined.


Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon at the Werry Funeral Home chapel in Poseyville and at the grave in Bethsaida cemetery.  Rev. James Hassell, Stewartsville, officiated.


The fire victim had no near relatives in so far as the Overtons, with whom he resided, knew.  He is believed to have had distant kin residing near Buckskin. Ind.

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Originally submitted by Betty Sellers