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Nov 6, 1953

Lawrence A. Haggard, 59, a retired U.S. Navy officer and a former resident of the Mt. Vernon community, died Wednesday at the home of his son, Lawrence A. Haggard, Jr. at 782 N Mollison avenue, El Cajon, Calif. relatives here have been advised.


He had been ill since the death of his wife and brother, Jesse Haggard, who succumbed to heart ailments early in 1951 just two weeks apart.


The deceased was a son of Charles Haggard and Clara Bell Williams Haggard and was a native of Gibson county north of Griffin.  The Haggards moved to Posey county in 1909 and the family lived for a number of years on the Mackey Ferry road west of Mt. Vernon where the late deceased was employed as a boy in a blacksmith shop.


Haggard enlisted in the Navy in 1917 and retired in 1949 after serving through both World War I and World War II.  He resided in Washington, D.C. for a number of years and rose from a Navy mechanic to warrant officer.  At the time of the death of his wife, nee Ida Beach, Fairfax, Va., he was an inspector at the Consolidated Aircraft factory at San Diego, Calif.  Until recently he resided in San Diego.


Funeral rites will be Monday with burial in Fort Rosencrans National cemetery at Point Loma, San Diego.


Surviving are four children, Lawrence A Haggard, Jr., Phyllis, June and James, the last in the U.S. Air Force; three grandchildren; three sisters, Mrs. Harry M. Green, Sr., _ MV; Galusha, Mrs. Almira - Nine Mile Renshaw, Port Huron, Mich; a brother, Haggard, Charles Henry - Washington, D.C.; a stepmother, Mrs. Charles Haggard, Evansville, an uncle, Harry Haggard, Mt. Carmel, Ill., and many nieces and nephews.


Originally submitted by Betty Sellers