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Bayou School Students 1899


The first school building was located near the present location of the General Baptist Church. According to Aubrey Wade, a Polly Ball was credited with being its first teacher. 

Herman Hess, the saloon keeper, gave private lessons in German in a building located near where Ben Oni Stallings lived and which his son-in-law, Harold Seibert, now owns. Martin Stegmeier tells that three nights were enough for him. Hess soon decided that his time spent in the saloon was more profitable. Schools at that time were supported by fees paid to the teacher by the parents of those who attended the school. This was the practice until 1851, when the new Indiana State Constitution made provision for free public schools.

In 1869, William D Wade and Hester Wade deeded a rectangular plot six rods wide and seven rods long to Center Township for school use. The deed specified that the land was to revert to the original owners if it ceased to be used for school purposes. This deed was recorded in the County Recorder's office in Mt. Vernon on March 9, 1870. It is believed that the two story frame school building which preceded the brick structure was built in the early 1870's. The brick building was erected in 1910. For a long time, the Wadesville School was known as District School No. 6 of Center Township. The first annual commencement of the 8th grade was in 1890, April 24. There were seven graduated in that class. They were Annie E Cox, Clarence Cox, Ida M Cross, Cecil Stallings, Eugene Stallings, Morris Stallings, and Asa E. Williams. The commencement was held in the Union Church in Wadesville.

In 1903, the first class in the three year high school was graduated. William O. Wilson was the principal of the school at that time. The four to graduate that year were Earl Cartwright, Harold Cartwright, Pearl Becker, and Benton Ola Blake. The first commission certificate of record is that issued by the State Department in 1927.

Records show the following were principals: Hud Leavenworth, John Boone Wade, Burl Friedley, F. T. Miller (1896) William O. Wilson (1903) J.R. Robertson (1904) George E. Carothers (1906) Fred E. Mc Murtrey (1907) C.B. Macy (1909) George A Dragoo (1910) A. M. Winklepleck (1911) J. Ora Ault (1912) Alfred H. Wetzel (1914) Henry Calvert (1915) Henry Steinbrenner (1916) Nona Noel, first lady principal, (1918) William Maurer (1919) John A. Waltz (1920) H. L . Carmack (1921) Hal L. Smith (1922) Ralph Sparks (1924) E. P. Blackburn (1926) James E. Morelock(1929) C. H. Melton (1931) Edward Glenn (1936) C. E. Appleman (1937) A. A. Smith (1938) George Ray (1939) John C. Corn (1941) Paul Addison (1942) Sanford Sanders (1944) R. Dale Tenison (1951).

In 1949 Center and Robinson townships consolidated their schools into the Center-Robinson Consolidated School Corporation. The first consolidated school board members were Christ Raeber, President; Allen A Becker, Secretary, Edmond Rutledge, Treasure; and Gustave Winternheimer, Board Member.

Until 1949, the schools were under the jurisdiction of the Township trustees in each township. Since that time, the trustees are members of the school board, which is made up of these two trustees and one additional member from each township.