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Deaths 1882 - 1900

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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
ALDREDGE Ethel 11 05-Feb-1894 Blk Twp consumption   Aldredge, Marion In Haumons, Martha Tn   Blk Twp
ANTHONY William Q 9 mo 08-Oct-1884 Cynthiana cholera infantum   Anthony, Ed Ky McReynolds, Louella Posey Co   Cynthiana
ABBOTT Thomas Rev 88 03-Oct-1895 Mt Vernon organic heart disease m Abbott, Michael Baltimore Md Smart, Elizabeth Baltimore Md Minister of Gospel Baltimore Md
ADAIR Emma 23 01-Sep-1883 Mt Vernon congestive feber m Mackey, Ab Ohio Weever Evansville   yes
ADAMSON David 36 06-Nov-1893 West Franklin pneumonia   Adamson, James   Jones, Indiana   fisherman West Franklin, Posey Co
ADAMSON John 1mo 26 days   West Franklin congenital diarrhoea   Adamson, John W   Adamson, Mary F     Evansville
ADES Thomas 24 03-Mar-1899 Gibson Co pneumonia   Ades, David M Wayne Co, Il Walles, Nancy E White Co., Il farmer yes
ADKINS Annie 11 21-Mar-1882 Point Twp malarial fever   Adkins,James   Adkins,Mary     Ky
ADKINS Mary 11 08-Apr-1882 Point Twp malarial fever   Adkins,John   Adkins,Mary     Ky
ALBRIGHT - male 1 da 16-Jan-1895 Hawmony Twp premature   Albright, David In Hamilton, Eliza In   yes
ALBRIGHT Carl 8 mos 20-Jul-1897 New Harmony entero-colitis   Albright, David In Hamilton, Mary In   ye
ALBRIGHT Tunis D 2 30-Oct-1894 Mt Vernon scarlatina   Albright, C A Posey Co Weever, Mary M Mt Vernon   yes
ALDREDGE Benjamin 46 17-Mar-1882 Blk Twp disease of heart m Aldredge, Reuben   York, Mary     yes
ALDREDGE Eunic 1 04-Oct-1882 Blk Twp congestion of brain   Aldredge, Lavige   Aldredge, Anna     Blk Twp
ALDREDGE Leroy 47 09-Apr-1895 Blk Twp Suicide by shooting m Aldredge, Samuel         Blk Twp
ALDREDGE Myra 7 mo 12-Dec-1896 Blk Twp phthesis pulmonalis   Aldredge, Albert Blk Twp Aldrich, Emma Blk Twp   Blk Twp
ALDRICH Marion S 5 mo 23-Aug-1899 Lynn Twp muco-enterilis   Aldrich, Marion S In Brookins, Ofie In   Lynn Twp
ALDRICH Mary C 45 13-Dec-1894 Lynn Twp typhoid fever m Walker, Lorenzo Lynn Twp York, Elizabeth Lynn Twp housewife Lynn Twp
ALDRICH Mary E 24 02-Sep-1895 Lynn Twp consumption m Trafford, Ed Posey Co Duckworth, Dorcas Posey Co   Blk Twp
ALDRICH Nellie 3 27-Mar-1899 Lynn Twp congestion of brain   Aldrich, Esbon Lynn Twp Shotlesworth,Olie Ohio   Lynn Twp
ALDRICH Thomas 33 05-Mar-1894 Lynn Twp cerebro-spinal meningiitis m Aldrich, William S In Greathouse, Almida In farmer Lynn Twp
ALDRIDGE Edd 53 10-Apr-1895 Blk Twp pnuemonia   Aldredge, John       fisherman New Albany, In
ALDRIDGE Lenora Bell 6 04-Mar-1884 Upton Station convulsions   Aldridge,Thomas T Posey Co Dunn, Lenora Bell Posey Co   yes
ALEXANDER Edward 38 14-Oct-1894 Lynn Twp meningitis   Alexander, Charles Lynn Twp Alldredge, Hannah Lynn Twp farmer Lynn Twp
ALEXANDER Ollie 25 23-Feb-1895 Poor Infirmary unknown   n⁄a   n⁄a      
ALEXANDER T B 13 days 26-Aug-1896 Stewartsville     Alexander, George In Smith, Sophronia Smith In   Stewartsville
ALISON Chris M 12 days 03-Dec-1894 Lynn Twp spasm   Alison, Gabriel Lynn Twp French, Martha Lynn Twp   Lynn Twp
ALISON Martha 23 20-Sep-1897 Lynn Twp pneumonia widow French, Samuel Missouri Thomas, Luna V Lynn Twp   Lynn Twp
ALLBRIGHT Eugene Jackson 3 26-Jan-1884 Grafton cerebro-spinal meningitis   Allbright, Joseph H Blk Twp Chasteen, Ellen White Co., Il   Blk Twp
ALLDREDGE Albert 25 12-May-1896 Blk Twp consumption m Alldredge, Parish In Platt, Alurilda In farmer Indiana
ALLDREDGE Eli 84 01-Feb-1886 Mt Vernon paralysis   Bruer North Carolina Alldredge, Miss Raleigh, N.C.    
ALLDREDGE Enoch 54 21-Jan-1890 Posey Co haemateinesis? m n⁄a   n⁄a   painter yes
ALLDREDGE Lucinda 57 01-Aug-1895 Lynn Twp congestion of bowels s Alldredge, Reuben NC York, Mary NC   Blk Twp
ALLDREDGE Nellie 1 29-Jul-1883 Blk Twp ceribrites?   Alldredge, Byer Posey Devine, Mary Posey   Blk twp
ALLDREDGE Raymond 4 10-Nov-1894 Lynn Twp meningites   Aldredge, Ed Posey Co Benthall, Rachel Posey Co   Lynn Twp
ALLDREDGE William 69 28-Apr-1883 Blk Twp chronic liver m Alldredge, Henry   Alldredge, Miran     Indiana
ALLDRIDGE Elvice 7 mo 19-Apr-1888 Blk Twp pneumonia   Alldridge, Abiah Posey Co Devine, Mary Posey Co   Blk Twp
ALLDRIDGE James S 50 07-Apr-1914   typhoid fever              
ALLEN Essie 1 yr 10 mo 29-Aug-1884 4 mi n of MV cholera infantum   Allen, Archibald Illinois unknown      
ALLEN Frank 8 07-Aug-1884 Posey Co entero-colletis   Allen, Alonzo Posey King, Arizona Posey   yes
ALLEN Minnie 4 05-Jul-1882 4 mi n of MV dysentery and fever   Allen,Archibald         yes
ALLEN Stella 9 22-Apr-1883 Cynthiana sudo-muchbranus croup   Allen, Leroy   Allen, Anna     Indiana
ALLENDER (female) 9 wks 10-Mar-1890 Mt Vernon bronchitis   Allenger, G.W. Indiana        
ALLENWORTH Scott 19 16-Jun-1896 Mt Vernon drown   Allensworth, Thomas Ky     steamboat Tn
ALLES Margareth 2 mo 07-Nov-1898 Mt Vernon lagrippe and liver trouble   Allis, Adam In Deig In   Mt Vernon
ALLIN Avery 93 13-Jan-1896 Cynthiana old age widower Allin, Leander   Graham,Eliza Beth   farming South Caroline
ALLISON Ella 27 15-Jan-1898 Lynn Twp - m Thomas, George Indiana Alexander Indiana farmers wife Indiana
ALLISON Female Stillborn 16-Jan-1894 Lynn Twp Stillborn   Allison Gabe Posey Co French, Martha Posey Co    
ALLISON John F 52 06-Feb-1896 Mt Vernon thphoid pneumonia m - - - - carpenter Indiana
ALLMAN J L 27 25-Jan-1888 Robb Twp fibroid phthisis m Allman, Bennett Indiana Armstrong, Marandy Illinois farmer Robb twp
ALLMAN Mary 47 16-Nov-1896 Robb Twp bronchitis m Mentle, J Indian Norris Indiana housewife Indiana
ALLMAN Rebecca 72 06-Jun-1884 Robb Twp pneumonia - - - - - dependent on friends Indiana
ALLMAN Samuel 4 mo 27-Jul-9999 Robb Twp cholera infantum   Allman, Ellsberry Indiana Steel, Dicy Indiana   Robb Twp
ALLYN female stillborn 03-Jun-1895 Blk Twp stilborn   Allyn, Otis Indiana Duckworth, Florance Indiana   Blk Twp
ALLYN Grace 4 05-Mar-1894 Bufkin croup   Allyn, Frank Blk Twp Blackburn, Myra Posey Co   Bufkin
ALLYN Marcus T 15 13-Feb-1894 Farmersville pneumonia   Allyn, Walter Blk Twp Bell, Betty   laborer on farm Galaton Co, Il
ALLYN Ollie 2 mo 25-Jul-1883 Blk Twp congestion of brain   Allyn, Anson Blk Twp Buchanan, Ella Blk Twp   Bllk Twp
ALLYN Raymond 14 mo 14-Jul-1894 Blk Twp typhoid fever   Allyn, Otis Lynn Twp Duckworth, Florance Blk wp   Blk Twp
ALMON T B 46 24-Oct-1896 Indiana appendicitis m Almon, Bennett Indiana Armstrong, Maranda Illinois farmer Indiana
ALSOP Walter W 74 14-Jul-1894 New Harmony senile gangrene widower - - - - undertaker Indiana
ALSUM Steve 1 02-Jun-1896 Mt Vernon inflammation of brain   Alsum, Pete Ky Mc Aelroy, Hattie Morganfield, Ky   Indiana
ALSUM Stevie 11 mo 02-Jun-1898 Mt Vernon typhoid fever   Alsum, William Mt Vernon Mc Elroy, Hattie Morganfield, Ky   Mt Vernon
AMAN Katherine 72 23-Oct-1890 Posey County conjestion of lunge widow - - - - farming Dayton, Ohio
ANDERSON Catherine 76 20-Mar-1886 Harmony Twp asthemia of heart widow - - - - dependent? Penn
ANDERSON Charles 64 22-Mar-1896 Harmony Twp pneumonia m - - - - farmer Ohio
ANDERSON Ernest 6 mo 18-Mar-1889 Lynn Twp spinal meningiitis   Anderson, Issac Jr Posey Sutton, Richard Posey   Lynn Twp
ANDERSON Hannah 27 05-May-1897 Lynn Twp phthisis pulmona m Wilson, James M Indiana Elizabeth Indiana housewife Spencer Co
ANDERSON Helen 8 18-Jan-1886 Harmony Twp catarrhal pneumonia   Anderson,Wiliam   Anderson, Florence     Harmony Twp
ANDERSON James 11 mo 07-Aug-1895 Lynn Twp entero-colitis   Anderson, Basil Indiana Wilson, Mary Indiana   Lynn Twp
ANDERSON Lettie 2 mo 11-Jun-1897 Lynn Twp -   Anderson, Basil Indiana Wilson, Hannah Indiana   -
ANDERSON male 1 day 13-Sep-1895 Harmony Twp premature birth   Anderson, William J In De Fer, Florence Indiana   Harmony Twp
ANDERSON Mary 8 mo 31-Mar-1884 Harmony Twp -   Anderson, Richard Indiana Marshal Indiana   Harmony Twp
ANDERSON Susan 80 20-Jul-1898 Rapture senility widow - - - -   Virginia
ANDERSON William Robert 14 05-Mar-1894 Blk Twp croup   Anderson, George Point Twp Bentley, Lizzie Blk Twp   Blk Twp
ANTHONY Blanch 1 14-Aug-1889 Cynthiana cholry infantus   Anthony, Edward Ky Mc Reynolds, Lou Posey Co   Cynthiana
APPEL Anna M 74 12-Aug-1895 Robinson Twp hepatiitis widow Riegler, Mikel Germany       Germany
APPEL Christine 23 04-Sep-1889 Mt Vernon congestive chill   Appel, George Germany       Indiana
APPLE Caroline D 26 31-Mar-1882 Robinson Twp puepreral fever m Yerkensmier, Herrmann   Yerkensmier, Caroline D   farmers wife  
APPLE Caroline D 9 days 06-Apr-1882 - Malignet fever   Apple, Jake   Apple, Caroline D      
APPLEGATE Rosanna Mrs 58 17-Apr-1882 New Harmony cancer of uturus m Lichlenberger, Killian   Lechienberger, Rosanna   housewife Posey Co
ARMSTRONG Alles 4 1⁄2 03-Aug-1897 New Harmony croup   Armstrong, Charles New Harmony Holland, Ida Illinois   New Harmony
ARMSTRONG Carol C 7 mos 23-Jan-1899 Posey Co bronical pneumonia   in space of father is 36 written Wayne Co Ill Lamar, Ida Gibson   Posey
ARMSTRONG Female stillborn 09-Dec-1895 New Harmony stillborn   Armstrong, John New Harmony Mathews, Mannie New Harmony   New Harmony
ARMSTRONG Male 30 days 21-Nov-1894 New Harmny gastriitis   Armstrong, Jim M Indiana Hardy, Lucy Indiana   Indiana
ARMSTRONG Male stillborn 22-Aug-1886 New Harmony stillborn   Armstrong, John New Harmony Stanley Illinois   New Harmony
ARMSTRONG Marian 3 06-Nov-1893 Harmony Twp entero-colitis   Armstrong, James Indiana Hardy, Lucy Indiana   Arkansas
ARMSTRONG William 17   Robb Twp typhoid fever   Armstrong, Jacob Illinois Allman, Ruth Indiana farm hand Indiana
ARNOLDY Anna M 74 24-Aug-1898 New Harmony acute bronchitis widow Fishett Germany     housewife Garmany
ASHCRAFT Isabell F 17 mo 01-Feb-1884 Bethel Twp labular pneumonia   Ashcraft, Daniel Richland Co, Ill Williams, Martha A Bethel Twp   Bethel Twp
ASHER Albert 27 15-Feb-1883 Marrs Twp phythis pulmonalis m - - - - husbandman Marrs Twp
ASHWORTH Clarance 7 09-Aug-1895 Mt Vernon diphtheria   Ashworth, Oscar Indiana Williams     Mt Vernon
ASHWORTH D R 2 29-Sep-1898 Posey County convulsions   Ashworth, T. C. Matton, Illinois Ramsey Posey Co playboy Posey Co
ASHWORTH George 18 31-Dec-1882 Mt Vernon phthisis pulmonalis   Ashworth, William L   Ashworth, Martha   farmhand Black Twp
ASHWORTH Herman 2 29-May-1886 Blk Twp abcess   Ashworth, Thomas J Blk Twp Frasier, Dollie Ky   Lynn Twp
ASHWORTH Rosey Clara 1 yr 5 mo 23-Apr-1888 near Mt Vernon laryngitis   Ashworth, Henry Clay   Topper, Lavina Posey Co   near Mt Vernon
ATLER Female stillborn 02-Mar-1894 Mt Vernon stillborn   Atler, David Russia Hermann, Clarra Russia   Mt Vernon
AULDRIDGE Dorcus 63 30-Apr-1899 Griffin phetiisis pulmonosis widow Sullivan, Samuel Gibson Co Chapman, Violet J Indiana   Gibson Co
AUSLEY John 31 19-Aug-1897 Lynn Twp congestion chill m Ausley, John Indiana   Ky farmer Indiana
AXTON Elenor 51 09-Jan-1895 New Harmony pneumonia m Stallings, Andrew Indiana     farmers wife Indiana
AXTON Euge 22 19-Jan-1896 Harmony Twp pulmonary hemmorhage m Axton, James Posey Co Endicott, America Posey Co farmer Harmony Twp
AXTON Female 12 hrs 13-Feb-1882 Lynn Twp premature birth   Axton, Robert   Axton, Elizabeth     Lynn Twp
AXTON John S 59 28-Sep-1886 Indiana paralysis of heart m   Virginia     laborer Ky
AXTON Nettie 7 mo 29-Dec-1893 New Harmony pneumonia   Axton, Charles Indiana Harpool Indiana   Indiana
AXTON Rosa 20 days 12-Apr-1886 New Harmony premature birth   Axton, Joseph Indiana White Illinois    
AYERS William 72 30-Jul-1896 Poor Infirmery - Posey Co senile   - - - -   Ohio