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Deaths 1882-1900

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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
BACHNAUN Michael 37 23-Dec-1884 Mt Vernon typhoid fever m - - - - teamster Germany
BACK Male stillborn 27-Oct-1884 Blk Twp stillborn   Back, James B Missouri Nations, Susan H Illinois   Blk Twp
BACON Bethie 74 07-Apr-1898 Posey Co senile debitely, crippled and deformed   - - - - domestic Indiana
BACON Consuella 7 mo 11-Jul-1896 Posey Co entro-colitis   Bacon, James H Indiana Huley, Celia Illinois   Posey County
BAEEVENBERG? Herman 34 11-Aug-1886 Marrs Twp   m Baerenberg, Herm Prussia Helene- - Prussia, Germany   Marrs Twp
BAEVENBERG Helena 83 18-Aug-1898   dysenteria widow Bocksiefer, Will Germany Grueber, Anna M Germany   Hulvershorn?, Germany
BAILEY Charley 25 10-Oct-1882 Bethel Twp typhoid fever   Baily, Larkin       farmer Posey Co
BAILEY Elizabeth 83 18-Feb-1882 Robb Twp physiological- extreme age made shorter by a wound in the left hip received several years ago widow Casey, William H   Casey, Elizabeth   housewife Cynthinana, Ky
BAILY Elishu 47 20-Mar-1886 Harmony Twp pneumonia   Baily, John A Ky Stallings, Cynthiana Indiana farmer Indiana
BAILY Ida E 8 mo 18-Sep-1898 Blk Twp cholera infantum   Bailey, Ben M Indian Davis, Louisa Germany   Blk Twp
BAILY Male stillborn 18-Sep-1896 Lynn Twp stillborn   Baily, Thomas Posey Co Hineson?, Bettie Posey Co   Lynn Twp
BAIR Emila V 50 02-Nov-1893 Posey Co was dying when I saw her m Row          
BAIR John W 49 25-Jun-1894 Poor Infirmary - Posey Co chronic nephitis m - - - -   Ohio
BAKER Catharine 79 18-May-1897 Indiana senility widow Robb, William Virginia        
BAKER Celia 8 mo 27-Jul-1898 Harmony Twp cholera infantum   Baker, George Indiana Creek, Celia Indiana   Harmony Twp
BAKER George 3 mo 06-May-1884 Posey Co pneumonia   Baker, Charles Posey Co Kanlin, Sallie Posey Co   Posey Co
BAKER Homer 11 mo 06-Oct-1890 Harmony Twp entero-colitis   Baker, George Indiana Creek Indiana   Harmony Twp
BAKER Martha 54 27-Apr-1899 Robb Twp enterolitis m Cox, Hamp P Indiana Roberts Indiana   Indiana
BAKER Ralph 6 mo 19-Jul-1883 Mt Vernon pertussis   Baker, Thomas Ky Aldrich, Lou Indiana   Mt Vernon
BAKER Wm M 7 20-Apr-1894 Mt Vernon morbus coxarius   Baker, Samuel Ky Catholic, Belle Kentucky   Mt Vernon
BALDWIN Brown 54 03-Apr-1896 Robb Twp bronchitis m Baldwin, Jesse Kentucky Baldwin, Martha Kentucky farmer Indiana
BALDWIN Jessie G 19 mo 12-Apr-1889 New Harmony cerebral meningitis   Baldwin, Edward Indiana Stanley Illinois   New Harmony
BALDWIN Leslie C 3 mo 09-May-1898 New Harmony inanition   Baldwin, James New Harmony Conrad, Esther Posey Co   New Harmony
BALDWIN Lydia A 24 07-May-1884 Blk Twp typhoid fever m Bell, James W   Lamb, Dlizabeth Rockport, In housewife Blk Township
BALDWIN Martha 65 24-Feb-1882 Bethel Twp dropsy of the bowels m         housewife Casewell Co., NC
BALSMEYER Charles 18 26-May-1888 Robb Twp idopothis anemia and rhacitic idiot   Balsmeyer, Henry Germany       Indiana
BARBEE David C 55 02-Oct-1895 Mt Vernon typhoid m Barbee, Badford North Carolina Lizie (line drawn through)   farmer Paducah, Ky
BARBEE Thomas 37 04-Jul-1891 Posey Co cerebral congestion m Barbee, John tn Wilson Tn farmer Tn
BARBERY Nancy 77 11-Feb-1891 Poor Infirmary - Posey County blindness, deafness & insanity m            
BARLOW Jame 65 07-Dec-1882 Poor Infirmaty - Posey County pericarditis   - - - - farmer America
BARNES Male 6 mo 28-Jun-1896 New Harmony meningitis   Barnes, Collumbus Illinois Britton, Belle Illinois   Illinoise
BARNES Maria D 17 06-Aug-1895 Posey Co malarial fever m     Johnson Indiana housewife Indiana
BARNET Nettie 3 24-Mar-1883 Black Twp diptheria   Barnett, Martin W   Barnett, Lucinda R     Black Twp
BARNETT Arthur 5 24-Dec-1884 Black Twp pneumonia   Barnett, William Indiana Braydon, Orilda Illinois   Marrs Twp
BARNETT Male 2 hr 25-Apr-1887 Black Twp premature birth   Barrett, Martin W Indiana Knowles, Lucinda R Indiana   BlackTwp
BARNETT Male 1 hr 02-Nov-1893       Barnett, Martin W Indiana Knowles, Lucinda Posey County   Vanderburg
BARO Anna C 78 28-Mar-1899 Mt Vernon apoplexia of brain widow Mienschen, John Germany Wagoner, Mary Germany housework Germany
BARRETT John 21 29-Jul-1899 Center Twp lightening   - - - - farmer Pike County
BARRETT Joseph A 54 28-Jan-1891 Harmony Twp bronical pneumonia m Barrett, Nathional North Carolina     farmer Indiana
BARRETT Kezikiah 49 24-Mar-1884 Harmony Twp chronic anemia indured by menorrhagia - - - - - housewife Indiana
BARRETT Mary Louise 35 24-Feb-1884 near Stewartsville congestion of lungs m Schneck, John A   Schneck, Elizabeth   housewife Robb Twp
BARTER Abner 28 20-May-1898 Mt Vernon enteroocolitis   Barter, John Indiana       Indiana
BARTER John W 62 22-Feb-1887 Mt Vernon cancer of bowels m Barter, Rich England Aldridge North Carolina hardware Mt Vernon
BARTER Kate 64 30-Mar-1894 Mt Vernon hemiplegia widow Lichtenberger, Adam Pa        
BARTIMUS George 60 23-Jan-1894 Savah   single - - - -    
BARTON Elizabeth 86 26-Feb-1895 Marrs Twp old age widow Downen, Job   Robinson, Mary     Kentucky
BARTON Flora 13 10-Oct-1895 Posey Co abcess of liver   Barton, Major Posey Co Mc Kee, Harriett Posey Co   Posey Co
BARTON P Mrs 30 01-Sep-1883 Black Twp gastritis m Stevens, Samuel Kentucky     housewife  
BARTON Paulina 14 16-Oct-1893 Center Twp remittent fever single Bartin, Wilson Posey Co Moore, Sarah Posey Co   l
BARTON Rachel 30 20-Nov-1884 Posey Co phthisis pulmonalis m Mc Kinnis, James   Elkins,Jane     Pose Co
BARTTEL Katharine 66 21-Oct-1882 Marrs Twp typhoid fever m - - - - housewife Germany
BASS Mary 73 28-Sep-1893 Cynthiana congestion of stomach widow Skelton, Jake Scotland Mc Cleary, Polly Ann Indiana   Gibson Co
BASSMIER John 6 mo 14-Jul-1890 Marrs Twp coasothus intestinalis?   Bassemier, Nicholas Germany Boehne, Josephina German Twp, Vanderburg Co   Marrs Twp
BASTNEGLE Mena 30 08-Oct-1884 Marrs Twp phthisis pulmonalis m Bast Germany       Posey Co
BATES Esther A 35 28-Jul-1896 Lynn Twp cancer m Edmonds, Gideon Lynn Twp Alldredge Catharine Blk Twp   BlkTwp
BATES Male Stillborn 05-Oct-1884 Blk Twp Stillborn   Bates, Robert   Bates, Easter     Blk Twp
BAUER Albert 4 27-Mar-1899 Indiana scarlet fever   Bauer, Fred Indiana Bruce, Anna Kentucky   Illinois
BAUER Female 14 mo 30-May-1891 St Wendal pneumonia   Bauer, Hurman         St Wendal
BAUR Anna B 6 07-Apr-1899 Point Twp scarlet fever   Bauer, Fred Indiana Bruce, Anna Kentucky   Illinois
BAUTS William 60 28-Feb-1888 near Mt Vernon Heart disease   - - - - farmer Rusia, Poland
BAUTS(BAUTZ) Male   05-Feb-1894 Posey County premature birth   Bauts, Adolph Germany Wiggers, C Evansville   Posey Co
BAUTZ Female Baby 5 days 13-Mar-1898 Posey County insufficiency of live ( 8 mo baby)   Bauts, Adolph Germany Wiggers, C Evansville   Posey Co
BEAL Catherine 54 24-Jun-1896 New Harmony enteritis m Given, John Ireland O Donnel Ireland housewife Ireland
BEAL Henry B 58 13-Nov-1890 New harmony heart disease m     Barton England miller England
BEAL Willie 6 28-Apr-1899 Stewartsville spinal minngitis       Beal, Collie Indiana   Stewartsville
BEALS Male 2 hr 01-Jul-1887 new Harmony premature birth   Beal, Eugene W Indiana Gorham, Mary A Indiana    
BEARD Rebecca 35 05-Feb-1882 Poseyville pueperal septicemia following six days after delivery brought on by cold and rugesta? m Hamilton, Jermiah   Hamilton, Mary     America
BECK Frank 54 21-Aug-1895 Mt Vernon dysentery m - - - - dairyman  
BECKER Clara M 3 da 28-Aug-1893 Posey Co inanition   Becker, Herman Posey Co Waltz?, Rosina M Posey Co   Posey Co
BECKER Henry C 1 25-Jun-1894 Center Twp cholera infantum   Becker, Jacob Center Twp Hanes, Elizabeth Center Twp   Center Twp
BECKER Henry E 5 21-Aug-1884 Marrs Twp dysentery   Becker, Herman Germany Alysworth, Huldy Posey   Marrs Twp
BECKING Lizzie 9 mo 28-Feb-1884 Smith Twp pneumonia   Becking, Herman   Becking, Lizzie     Smith Twp
BELL Ed 27   Posey Co paralysis   - - - - machinest Posey Co
BELLE Julius 2 29-Nov-1894 Mt Vernon croup   Belle, Samuel Illinois Brown, Laura Illinois   Illinois
BENNER John L 19 19-Mar-1886 Blk Twp double pneumonia   Benner, Romelia B Posey Co Oliver, Jane Posey Co farmer Blk Twp
BENNER Romelia 59 08-Sep-1899 Blk Twp cancer of liver m - - - -    
BENSON Female Stillborn 15-May-1889 Robb Twp malopositioned and laying back?   Benson, Abe Indiana Moutrey, Jane Indiana   Robb Twp
BENTE Katie 1 16-Dec-1884 Posey Co hemiphegia   Rheinhardt, Bente Germany Folz, Bernedena Posey Co   Posey Co
BENTHALL William Walter 9 05-Jul-1883 Wadesville congestion of stomach and bowels from eating ice   Benthall, Jacob Blk Two Robertson, Saleta Blk Twp   Blk Twp
BENTLEY Elizabeth 70 01-Apr-1895 Blk Twp none listed widow Whitley, Thomas England Broadhead England   England
BENTLEY Naylor 26 12-May-1895 Blk Twp kicked by a mule m   - -   farmer  
BENTLEY William 76 05-Apr-1895 Blk Twp lagrippe m - - - - farmer England
BENTON Emma 12 01-Oct-1895 New Harmony congestion of brain   Benton, George Harmony Twp Hardy Harmony Twp   New Harmony
BENTON Female     Lynn Twp premature birth   Benton, Charles Indiana Thomas, Permelia Indiana   Lynn Twp
BENTON Horace 30 01-Jun-1888 Robb Twp chronic epilepsy   - - - -   Indiana
BENTON Nancy A 56 30-Apr-1884 Harmony Twp softening of brain widow Tedrow, George Penn     housekeeper Ky
BENTON Sadie 9 mo 26-Mar-1888 New Harmony dysentery   Benton, Benjamin     Hardy   Indiana
BENTON (BURTON?) Louisia 67 15-May-1884 New Harmony chronic brights disease widow Drake, James New Jersey Robinson, Martha South Carolina   Evansville
BERGER Elizabeth 72 18-Sep-1888 Marrs Twp dysenteria widow - - - -   Hensfeld, Hassia, Germany
BERGER Fertrude 1 06-Oct-1884 Marrs Twp cholera infantum   Berger, John Hellenfeld, Hesse, Germany Thurmann, Mary Evansville   -
BERMUTH Phillip 33 13-Jan-1884 Mt Vernon pronchitis m Bermuth, Adam Germany     laborer Germany
BERRY Albert L 31 21-Nov-1895 Mt Vernon Brights disease of kidneys m Berry, Mansfield Kentucky Perry, Mary Jane Kentucky farmer Kentucky
BERRY Hershal 5 26-Nov-1884 Poseyville croup   Berry, John Kentucky Norris, Sophia Kentucky   Owensboro, Ky
BERRY Rosella 73 06-Feb-1899 Mt Vernon pneumonia widow - - - - housewife South
BERTRAN Henry 63 09-Oct-1893 Poor Infirmery dysentery single - - - - laborer Germany
BESSE S A 5 mo 30-Aug-1889 Brewer Hill summer complaint   Bess, George Harrison Co., In Sterms, Ellen Harrison Co, In   Harrison co, In
BESTE J H -male 68 30-Dec-1893 Mt Vernon old age widower - - - - laborer Germany
BETTS Lilly 4 26-Nov-1895 Mt Vernon diptheria   Betts, William Vanderburg Co Carr, Ada Warrick Co   Evansville
BETZ Michael Mrs 74 20-Aug-1886 Robinson Twp septicaemia m - - - - housewife Germany
BETZ Stephen 48 10-Oct-1882 St Wendell phthisis pulmonary   - - - - laborer in flour mill Bavaria
BIC KAW Sam 58 19-Nov-1893 Poor House inflamation of stomach   - - - -   Kentucky
BIGGE Phillip 13 mo 15-Sep-1895   diptheria   Bigge, Phillip Germany Holzoghrger?, Lizzie Posey Co   Mt Vernon
BINERTON? M A- female 75 30-May-1894 Mt Vernon typhoid and exhaustion widow - - - -   Rising Sun, In
BIRCHFIELD Louisa A 55 18-Mar-1882 Cynthiana chronic direhea m Mayhill, James   Mayhall, Lockie   housewife Gibson Co
BIRD Mollie 35 17-Aug-1896 Poor Infirmary peritonitis and syphilis m - - - -    
BIRD Sentha 49 21-Mar-1884 -Blk Twp perniciours intermittent? m Barton, William North Carolina Downen, Sentha     Indiana
BISHOP female 5 mo 23-Jul-1895 Poor Infirmary epilepsy       Bishop, Hester Indiana   Evansville Asylum
BISHOP Herman V abt 20 27-Aug-1915   suffocation in building burned by fire              
BISHOP Rus 5 17-Mar-1884 Mt Vernon malerial fever   Bishop, Percy? Kentucky Thompson, Cora Kentucky   Mt Vernon
BISHOP William 17 06-Jan-1898 Upton peritonitis and spinal disease   Bishop, John Indiana     laborer Upton
BLACK Anna Bell 2 mo 01-Jul-1897 Mt Vernon gastic enteritis   Black, John   Bell, Reno      
BLACK Georgiana 15 mo 12-Dec-1894 Lynn Twp pneumonia   Black, George Black Twp Mattingly, Annie Missouri   Lynn Twp
BLACK James H 3 mo 10-Aug-1895 Mt Vernon summer complaint   Black, John Posey Co Reno, Bell Posey Co   Mt Vernon
BLACK William N 43 27-Apr-1882 Blk Twp phthisis   Black, James   Black, Nancy   farmer Posey Co
BLACKBURN Lavina 54 06-Mar-1899 Mt Vernon pneumonia m Gregory, Henry New York Telfor, Lavina Ohio housewife Indiana
BLACKBURN Lawrence 14 mo 14-Aug-1896 Black Twp intestinal catarah   Blackburn, Lemuel Blk Twp Russell, Mary Blk Twp   Blk Twp
BLACKBURN Male Stillborn 27-Apr-1882 Black Twp stillborn   Blackburn, Reuben Black Twp Hollingsworth, Nellie H Blk Twp   Blk Twp
BLAKE Elizabeth 88 10-Apr-1895 Lynn Twp pneumonia widow Sword, Elijah Pa       Philhdelphia, Ohio
BLAYLOCK Claude 9 mo 08-Feb-1894 Stewartsville lagrippe   Blaylock, Alvin Indiana Gardner, Lizzie Indiana   Stewartsville
BLESCH Frountine 32 16-Jun-1883 Mt Vernon typhoid fever and confinement m Antz, John Germany Hahn, Rachel Germany   Louisiana
BLOCKLEY Clara 26 05-Sep-1896 Mt Vernon pulmonary tuberculosis m Williamson   Curtis     Indiana
BLOCKLEY Russel 70 08-Nov-1888 Blk Twp softening of brain widower - - - - farmer Virginia
BLONT Samuel 27 02-Jan-1884 Posey Co bursting gun m Blont, James Posey Co Plot, Marthay Posey Co   Posey Co
BLOOMER Iva May 4 23-May-1895 Mt Vernon diphtheria   Bloomer, Pleman Mt Vernon Sherbaum, Gertrude Blk Twp   Mt Vernon
BLUEFIELD M L -female 19 16-Jan-1895 Mt Vernon heart disese   - - - -    
BLUFF Minnie 29 31-Jan-1898 New Harmony peritonitis m Java?bosh Indiana Sturgis Indiana housewife Indiana
BLUIT? Mary 1 day 05-Apr-1894 Mt Vernon spasms   Bluit, Marshall Kentucky Johnson,Nan Kentucky   Mt Vernon
BOERNER Julius 5 02-Mar-1884 Marrs Twp croup   Boerner, Adam Germany Burgdorf, Mina Germany   Marrs Twp
BOGGS Stella 18 mo 11-Sep-1884 Blk Twp diorrhea   Boggs, William P North Carolina Carroll, Celia J Tenn   Lynn Twp
BOIL Edna 19 19-Sep-1898 Posey Co typhoid fever   Boil (Boyle), James F Posey Co Endicott, Sarah (Elizabeth) Posey Co   Posey
BOLAR Phil 76 13-Jul-1896 Mt Vernon old age widower Bolar, Dick Kentucky Hederson, Aggy Kentucky laborer Kentucky
BOND Stella 23 22-Apr-1899 Lynn Twp phthisis m Barbee, John Tenn Wilson Tenn housewife Illinois
BONNELL Sarah 72 08-May-1883 Point Twp pneumonia m Quick, John       housewife New Jersey
BOOTON John 40 30-Aug-1884 Mt Vernon tetanus m Booton, John       laborer Illinois
BOREN John D 10 mo 31-Jan-1884 Griffin whooping cough   Booton, John         Griffin
BOSTIE Fern 35 12-Dec-1898 Poor Infirmary excess of opium   - - - - farmer and laborer Indiana
BOTTOMLY Herbert 2 mo 27-Feb-1897 Black Twp pneumonia   Bottomley, James Posey Co Reed, Bettie Posey County   Posey Co
BOUCHER Female 4 08-Oct-1882 West Franklin convulsions   Boucher, Jacob         West Franklin
BOUD(BOND) Male 5mo 18-Sep-1884 Harmony Twp perncious intermittent fever   Bond, Wesley B   Bond, Matilda     Posey County
BOUSANCCORT Roy 18 mo 10-Mar-1894 Mt Vernon gastritis   Bousancort, Jacob St. Louis, Mo Dyer, Mary Cadiz, Ky   Mt Vernon
BOWDS(BONDS,BOWLS) John 54 04-Feb-1886 Harmony Twp dropsey m - - - -   Ohio
BOWERS Caroline 21 09-Feb-1884 Mt Vernon acute bronchitis   Bowers, John Germany Weilbriner, Susannah Germany hired girl Black Twp
BOWLDING Sadie 11 30-Aug-1893 Posey Co -   Bowlding, Henry Indiana Stevens, Annie Posey Co   Posey Co
BOYCE Eliza Ellen 46 06-Mar-1899 Mt Vernon cerbro-spinal meningitis m Bundy, William North Carolina Whaly, Margaret North Carolina housewife New Harmony
BOYCE Georgia 7 05-Jan-1896 Mt Vernon diphtheria   Boyce, George Posey County Isham, Ellen Mt Vernon   Mt Vernon
BOYCE James Wilkinson 28 24-Aug-1896 Mt Vernon typhoid fever   Byce, Washington Posey Co Alldridge, Harriett Posey Co City Marshal Posey Co
BOYD Amanda 34 05-Sep-1897 New Harmony phthisis   Clay, John Kentucky     housewife Kentucky
BOYD Judson A 2 06-Mar-1891 Mt Vernon inanition   Boyd, Julian R Illinois French, Maria Posey Co    
BOYD Leslie 6 06-Mar-1891 Mt Vernon consumption following typhoid fever   Boyd, Charles Kentucky Cheatham, Sarah Kentucky   Henderson Co, Ky
BOYD Male 1 day 13-Jul-1897 New Harmony premature birth   Boyd, Louis Kentucky Clay, Amanda Kentucky    
BOYD Marian - 13-Aug-1897 Poseyville tuberculosis   French, Clark Indiana Wilson, Elizabeth   housewife Posey Co
BOYD Mattie 14 09-Apr-1895 Mt Vernon typhoid fever   Boyd, Charles Kentucky       Kentucky
BOYD Stella - 20-Aug-1887 New Harmony tubercular meningitis   Boyd, Louis Kentucky Clay Kentucky   Indiana
BOYEE(BOYCE) Grace G 13 mo 07-Jul-1897 Mt Vernon bronchitis   Boyce, Thomas W Mt Vernon Thirman, Lena Mt Vernon   Mt Vernon
BOYLE Constance 7 19-Sep-1895 Robb Twp enter-colitis   Boyle, Crumb Indiana Threathaway, Allie Indiana    
BRADEN Patsy 89 22-Feb-1899 Marrs Twp old age widow Price, Thompson Kentucky Jolly, Patsey Kentucky   Kentucky
BRADLEY Eveline 47 06-May-1883 Blk Twp phthiisis   Eastman, Amos   Eastman, Charlotte     New York
BRADLEY Josh 10 09-Feb-1884 Blk Twp pneumonia   Bradley Illinois     laborer Illinois
BRADLY Ametta 1 04-Sep-1883 Blk Twp cholera infantum   Bradly, Samuel Indiana Shaw, Hannah Indiana   Blk Twp
BRADSHAW Male Stillborn 20-Apr-1895 Lynn Twp stillborn   Bradshaw, Frank Kentucky Venwoidy? Indiana   Lynn Twp
BRADY Henry 26 06-Oct-1898 Posey Co tuberculosis of bowels   - - - - laborer Tenn
BRANDENSTEIN Male 11 15-Oct-1899 Blk Twp cerbro-spinal meningitis   Brandenstein, August Vanderburg Co Oschman, Lena Germany   Posey co
BRANDT Anna 2 mo 19-Jul-1887 Robinson Twp -   Brandt, Simon Germany Schroeder, Louisa Posey Co   Robinson Twp
BRANDT Carolina 7 13-Aug-1886 Robinson Twp enteriitis   Brandt, Simon Germany Schroeder, Loisa Posey Co   Robinson Twp
BRANT Emma 1 20-Oct-1884 Robinson Twp acute hgdrocephatus?   Brandt, August Posey Co Huf, Maria Parker Settlement    
BRASS Casper 66 28-Sep-1898 Marrs Twp pneumonia fever m Brass, Joseph Germany Binger, Elizabeth Germany   Germany
BRAU(BROW) Charles 6 mo 30-Aug-1887 Blk Twp typhoid fever   Brau, Casper Germany Koeter?, Berardine Germany   Blk Twp
BRAUSER Mary Elizabeth 22 11-Jan-1884 Point Twp bronchitis   Brauser, Henry Prussia Heid_Enhoff, Mary C Prussia   Floyd Co In
BRAY Female 2 25-Jul-1896 Mt Vernon acute tuberculosis   Bray, William Posey Co Walker Posey County   Mt Vernon
BRAY George P 15 mo 01-Apr-1894 Mt Vernon pneumonia   Bray, William Indiana Walker, Margaret Mt Vernon   Mt Vernon
BREDEN? Female 8 das 07-Jan-1886 Cynthiana -   Breden, Martin Martn Co., In Sulivan, Rosa Fort Branch   Cynthiana
BREECE Elsia 15 mo 29-Aug-1895 Mt Vernon croup   Breece, James C Posey Co Kully (Cully), Northenia Posey County   Mt Vernon
BREECE(BREEZE) Florance 22 18-Dec-1895 Lynn Twp shock from attempted criminal abortion m Bates          
BREEZE Carry 12 22-Apr-1894 Mt Vernon -   Breeze, James C   Cully, Theony Mt Vernon   Mt Vernon
BREEZE Covington 84 23-Jun-1895 Mt Vernon senile debility widower Breeze, John         Kentucky
BREEZE George 28 19-May-1884 Blk Twp consumption m Breeze, Covington   Chamberlain, Louisa Blk wp laborer lBlk Twp
BREEZE Jermiah 52 20-Aug-1896 Posey Co pneumonia   Breeze, David North Carolina Rogers, Jane Posey County farmer Posey County
BREEZE Joseph 30 02-Jul-1882   consumperion widower - - - -    
BREEZE Walter - 01-Mar-1896 Mt Vernon pneumonia   Breeze, James Alex Blk Twp Mills, Julia A Posey Co   Blk Twp
BREEZE(BREECE) David 79 31-Aug-1891 Mt Vernon fracture of hip widower Breeze, James North Caroline Culley, Lucretia North Carolina farmer North Carolina
BRENNER Joseph A 4 mo 07-Mar-1895 Marrs Twp entero-colitis   Brenner, Charles Posey County Sellner, Carrie Posey County   Marrs Twp
BRICKENS Male 36 hr 14-Apr-1898 Poor Infirmary convulsions       Brickens, Ida Indiana   Poor Infirmary Posey County
BRINER Caroline 36 17-Apr-1894 Posey Co cancer of womb m Deig, Steve Germany Miller, Mary Germany housewife Posey Co
BRINKMAN H - female 59 08-Sep-1893 Mt Vernon cancer m Hahn, Henry Germany     housewife Germany
BRITE Catharine 70 05-Feb-1889 Marrs Twp senile m Andreas, Walter Germany       Bavaria Germany
BRITTLEBANK Frank 41 19-Nov-1894 Mt Vernon septicamia     British Guania     managing hominy mill Virginia
BRITTON James S 35 04-Jan-1886 Robb Twp consumption   Britton, Hassel H Kentucky De Fur Indiana   Posey Co
BRITTON Mary Elizabeth 19 30-Dec-1895 Indiana typhoid fever   Britton, Albert Georgia Louisa A Kentucky housekeeper Indiana
BROADHEAD Sarah 66 10-May-1895 Mt Vernon erysipilas m Rich, Sutloff England       England
BROOKINS Angila 42 14-Feb-1886 Point Twp malarial fever m Joiner, Thomas   Moit, Malinda Kentucky   Posey County
BROOKS James 21 21-Jan-1882 Bethel Twp thpha-maleria   Brooks, Romelia Bethel Twp     farmer Bethel Twp
BROOKS L D Dr 69 22-Sep-1883 New Harmony diabetis melitus m - - - - physician New Hampshire
BROOKS Mary A 32 23-Mar-1897 Posey Co congestive chill m Parker, C N Posey County Venable, Martha J Wabash County, Ill farmers wife Posey Co
BROOKS Richard 45 23-Mar-1886 New Harmony paralysis from apoplexy m Brooks, L D New Harmphsire Hatch, Winifred Nelson County, Ky butcher New Harmony
BROOKS Winfred 79 30-Jan-1898 New Harmony pneumonia physicianwidow Hatch, Caleb       phsyicians widow Kentucky
BROWN Ann - 23-Mar-1883 Poor Asylum variola confinement - never vaccinated until 5 days previous to illness which failed           pauper  
BROWN Augustus 4 14-Dec-1898 Black Twp pneumonia m Cook, Dan   Powell, Eliza Spencer Co In housewife Hancock Co, Ky
BROWN Babe 12 08-Jan-1898 New Harmony premature birth   Brown, Henry Germany Adler, Katie Indiana   New Harmony
BROWN Harry 70 04-May-1883 Lynn Twp chronic inflamation of rectum m - - - -   Virginia
BROWN John 67 26-Nov-1888 West Franklin tuberculosis m - - - - farmer Down County, Ireland
BROWN Joseph 48 08-Oct-1882 Marrs Twp typhoid pneumonia m - - - -   America
BROWN Mary Wood 78 19-May-1898 Mt Vernon gastro-intestinal catarrah m Brown Scotland     housewife Mt Vernon
BROWN Phillip 2 mo 03-Oct-1890 Center Twp cholera infantum   Brown, Jacob Posey County Miller, Catharine Posey County   Robb Twp
BROWN Sarah 13 mo 17-Dec-1895 Mt Vernon - - Taylor, Fred   Brown, Emma Kentucky   Mt Vernon
BROWNING Alfred 72 10-May-1895 Poor Asylum chronic rheumatism m - - - -    
BROWNING Alice 13 mo 03-Nov-1898 New harmony inflamation of brain   Browning, Arthur Illinois Odell, Mary Indiana   New Harmony
BROWNING Dow 45 01-Apr-1899 Poor Infirmary consumption   Browning, Afred       farmer Posey County
BRUCE Anna 20 02-May-1895 no place of death listed consumption m Bryant, Henry Posey County Gates, Millie Posey County housewife Illinois
BRUCE James Robert 31 22-Oct-1882 Black Twp dropsy for over two years with but little treatment m Bruce, John   Bruce, Rebecca   farmer Black Twp
BRUNE (BOUNE) William Z 5 wks 08-Apr-1894 Wadesville dysentery   Boune, Clem St Wendel Schneider, Louise St Wendel   St Wendel
BRYANT Alfred 43 19-Oct-1898 Mt Vernon cerebral concuussion? m - - - - grain buyer Illinois
BUCHANON Nele Elfy 7 03-Aug-1896 Black Twp Hemorage of bowels   Buckhanon, William Allen Co, Ky Coleman Allen County Ky   Warren County, Ky
BUCKHANON William 42 10-Aug-1896 Black Twp typhoid fever m Buchann, James Allen Co, Ky Thaxton Kentucky farmer Allen Conty Ky
BUCKLIN Horace M 83 21-Jan-1895 Poseyville congestion of lungs m Bucklin, David R I Wood, Annie     Rhode Island
BUCKNER Albert 28 10-Feb-1886 Mt Vernon sarcoma m - - - - laborer Tenn
BUCKNER Anna B 18 12-Dec-1893 Mt Vernon pulmonary tuberculosis   Buckner, Louis         Indiana
BUCKWINKEL John W 5 mo 29-Sep-1884 - cholera infantum   Buckwinkel, Francis C         Smith Twp
BUNDY Elizabeth 55 21-Feb-1891 Harmny Twp pneumonia m Edmonds, Samuel Tn Goad Tn   Posey County
BUNDY Female 4 mo 24-Jun-1897 Lynn Twp cholera infantum   Bundy, John   Bray, Martha Mt Vernon   Lynn Twp
BUNDY Louisa 68 26-Feb-1882 Blk Twp apoplexy m Weir, James   Weir, Mary   housewife Posey County
BUNDY Male stillborn 22-Apr-1884 Lynn Twp stillborn   Bundy, Beononi D   Bundy, Abigal      
BUNDY William 86 12-Jan-1894 Harmony Twp gastritis widower - - - - farmer Posey County
BUNION Claud 20 28-Oct-1898 Lynn Twp consumption           farmer Harmony Twp
BURLESON Matilda 34 06-May-1895 Point Twp childbirth m Prrosser, Thomas M Kentucky Whip, Margaret Kentucky housewife Mt Vernon
BURLISON Mary A 42 02-Aug-1893 Posey co albumin urine m Bartimer, Jacob Germany Harrison, Nancy Vanderburg County housewife Posey County
BURNELL Rebecca Septer 41 22-Jun-1887 Point Twp complication of illiness premature child birth m Septer, David Penn Coon, Rebecca Penn   Point Twp
BURNETT Edward C 11 30-Jan-1899 Black Twp brights disease of kidneys   Burnett, George Blk Twp Schauberger, Emily Mt Vernon   Blk Twp
BURNETT Urine 3 21-May-1897 Mt Vernon scarlet fever   Burnett, Wesley C Posey County Williams, Fannie Illinois   Mt Vernon
BURRIS James 77 21-Apr-1899 Mt Vernon lagrippe m Burris, Hamilton Nashville, Tn Sutton   restaurant keeper near Bowling Green, Ky
BURROWS Hugh 58 08-Jan-1888 Poor Asylum chronic diarrhea widower - - - - laborer - last 4 yrs at asylum Surry County, England
BURTIS Gertrude 16 02-Jan-1889 Mt Vernon peritonitis   Burtis, William Indiana Barter, Martha Indiana   Mt Vernon
BUSH James 33 30-Sep-1882 Mt Vernon pistol shot wound             White Co, Ill
BUTLER Charles N 16 mo 07-Feb-1884 Bethel Twp congestive chill   Butler, Charles Posey County Martin, Ella Gibson County, In   Bethel Twp
BUTLER Edgar 3 08-May-1884 Griffin pneumonia   Butler, Charles Posey County Martin, Ella Gibson County   Posey County
BUTLER Molly 36 11-Sep-1888 Posey County heart failure m Grady, George Indiana     housewife Posey County
BUTLER Walter James 12 da 30-May-1882 Poseyville -   Butler, Enoch   Butler, Emeline     Poseyville
BUTLER William 37 01-Mar-1895 Water St - Mt Vernon, In typhoid fever m - - - - farmer Kentucky
BYRD Eunice 21 06-May-1894 Mt Vernon tubercular menigitis   Byrd, Larkin   Robb, Cordie Posey Co   Mt Vernon