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Deaths 1882-1900

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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
CABELL Georgie May 13 21-Jun-1899 Mt Vernon arachnitiis?   Cabell, Richard R Henderson Co, Ky Williams, Louisa C Hardin Co., Il   Walnut Bottom, Henderson Co., Ky
CABORN James L 58 01-Jun-1897 Mt Vernon heart failure m Caborn,John L England Bryant, Hannah England farmer Vicksburg, Miss
CALDWELL Charly 20 20-Jul-1884 Posey County acess of liver   Caldwell, Issac H Posey Co Wilkins, Dora Posey County - Posey County
CALDWELL Isaac James Marquis Arron 15 27-Jun-1882 Mt Vernon accidental drowning   Caldwell, Issac   Caldwell, Martha J     United States
CALVIN James 70 04-Sep-1897 Poor Infirmary apoplexy widower -- - - -    
CAMPBELL Carrie 2 03-Sep-1884 Mt Vrnon malariel fever   Campbell, Thomas Illinois Vincint,Amelia Illinois   Mt Vernon
CAMPBELL Hellen 68 23-Jan-1896   Lagrippe widow James D Kentucky Pascal Va housekeeper Ky
CAMPBELL Lavisa 27 27-Apr-1898 Mt Vernon gastro-intestinal catarrh m Lowry, William Illinois Aevalt?, Sarah Illinois housewife Illinois
CAMPBELL W O 3 11-Mar-1896 Mt Vernon diptheeoretic croup   Campbell, Linsy Illinois Moit, A Indiana   Mt Vernon
CAMPBELL W T 50 05-Jul-1895 Mt Vernon morphine poisoning m - - - - brick mason  
CAMPBELL William A 15 mo 11-Apr-1894 Mt Vernon scrofula   Campbell, W Linsey Hamilton Co, Illinois Campbell, Minnie Henderson County, Ky   Mt Vernon
CAMY Jacquis 77 30-Jul-1895 New Harmony old age m - - - - farmer France
CARABOUGH Horace 14 mo 12-Nov-1884 Bethel Twp chronic dysentary   Carabaough, Alexander Edwards Co, Illinois White, Mary F Posey County   Bethel Twp
CARGILL Archie 13 mo 08-Aug-1890 Bethel Twp -   Cargil, J L Posey County Mobley, Florence E Gibson County   BethelTwp
CARMAN Female stillborn 25-May-1896 Black Twp stillborn   Carniens, Elijah Kentucky Mc Farlin, Katie West Virginia   Blk Twp
CARNAHAN David R 28 27-May-1884 Soliture typhoid fever m Carnahan, James H Penn Duckworth, Electra Posey County farmer Blk Twp
CARNELL, CURNELL James - 03-May-1883 Lynn Twp pnuemonia   Curnell, James P   Curnell, Olive     Indiana
CARNEY Emaline 27 12-May-1896 Bethel Twp congestive chill m Decker, John Gibson County Hudgpeth, Mary Gibson Co, Ind housewife Gibson County
CARNEY Male 9 da 10-Nov-1888 Posey County premature   Carney,Gsioe? (Illeg)         Posey Co
CARNEY Mary Luella 8 22-Feb-1884 Center Twp cerebro-spinal meningitis   Carnel, William N Carolina Givens, Ann Posey County   Center Twp
CARNEY Pearcy 75 14-Mar-1895 William Pitchers lagrippe widow - - - -   Craven Co, N.C.
CARNEY William 77+ 02-Apr-1894 Center Twp dropsey m Carney, Fredric North Carolina Pollard, Lucillia North Carolina farmer North Carolina
CARR Cosa 7 18-Apr-1894 Mt Vernon diptheria   Carr, Samuel Mt Vernon Bray, Nancy J Posey Co   Mt Vernon
CARR Elsie Mae 4 3 mos 13-Apr-1894 Mt Vernon capillary bronchites   Carr, Sam Posey County Bray, Nancy J Posey county   Mt Vernon
CARR Geneva 3 wk 13-Aug-1897 New Harmony dermatitiis ppemphigosa   Carr, Edward Indiana Thomas, Grace Indiana   New Harmony
CARR Joseph E 2 mo 22-May-1895 Black Twp bronchitis   Carr James Blk Twp Eckels, Mary Lynn Twp   Blk Twp
CARR Mirrel 1 21-Jun-1897 New Harmony entro-colitis   Carr, Edward Indiana Thomas, Grace Indiana   Indiana
CARR William 65 31-Oct-1893 New Harmony pneumonia m - - - -   Posey County
CARROLL Willie 1 15-Nov-1882 near Millers Church Blk Twp entro-colitis   Carroll, thomas   Carroll, Mary a     Blk Twp
CARSON Carry   20-Jun-1896 Posey County aploepsy   Carson, Criss Posey County Hioel?, Lizzie Posey County seamstress Posey Co
CARTER Guy 4 26-Feb-1898 Point Twp malaria   Carter, Abe Kentucky Johnson, Bettie Kentucky   Point Twp
CARTER Jacob 35 12-Apr-1897 Mt Vernon scirshosis of liver?   Carter, Jacob   Manlvel?, Manivra Mason Co, Ky laborer Mobile Alabama
CARTER Marion G (male) 7 wk 02-Sep-1895 Cynthiana none listed   Carter, J Y Gibson County Sketlon Gibson County   Cynthiana
CARTWRIGHT J W 58 27-Feb-1897 Mt Vernon myco carditis m Cartwright, Presley Virginia Moy North Carolina farmer Posey County
CARTWRIGHT William D 29 19-Sep-1884   consumption widower Cartwright, Samuel M   Cartwright, Sarah     Posey County
CARYLE Female 9 da 01-Jul-1897 Harmony Twp premature   Caryle, Fred indiana Whitaker, Maude Indiana   Harmony Twp
CASE Margaret 74 15-Jul-1896 Blk Twp bilious colic widow - - - - housekeeper  
CASEY Lucinda 83 12-Sep-1886 Poseyville old age   Casey, William Virginia Frasier, Elizabeth Kentucky   Harrison Co., Ky
CASTELLER James 46 02-Sep-1883 Blk Twp fractured skull widower Casteller, Samuel Tn Reeves, Sarah Tn farmer Blk Two
CATER John 37 06-Jun-1887 Cynthiana philthisis   Cater, Daniel Vanderburg Williams Vanderburg County laborer Vanderburgh Co
CAUSEY Nancy 38 17-Jul-1887 Center Twp paralysis m     McReynolds, Sarah Ky laborer Center Twp
CAVITT Female 2 wk 18-Feb-1895 Center Twp pneumonia   Cavitt, George Posey Co Cooper, Martha Tenn   Center Twp
CELL? Marie Z 5 da 26-Aug-1890       Cell, George Z Germany Metz, Gertrude Parker Settlement    
CHADWICK Mary F 73 10-Aug-1889 New Harmony carabral apoplexy widow Piper, Luke Mass Cole, Betsy Mass housewife Roylston, Mass
CHAFFIN Mrs 84 22-Jun-1884 Mt Vernon senility   Wolf       housewife  
CHASE Robert R 36 01-May-1896 Mt Vernon typhoid pnuemonia m Chase, Charles Salem, In Clark, Elizabeth Ky section foreman Salem, Indiana
CHILDERS William F 9   Poseyville cholera infantum - age may be 7 mo very hard to read   Childers, George   Love, Martha     Mary Co, Tenn
CHRISTY Molly 14 04-Aug-1883 Robb Twp infirmation of brain   Christy, John Virginia Kirby, Elizabeth Illinois   Robb Twp
CHURCH Robbie F 27 17-Jan-1894 Mt Vernon cerebritis? m - - - -    
CLARK Abbigah 81 05-Apr-1897 Second St. Mr. Vernon dropsy widow Clarke         Posey Co
CLARK Emalie 23 23-May-1891 Robb Twp acute enteritis m Baker Indiana Baker Indiana hosewife Indiana
CLARK Martha 47 18-Jul-1894 Mt Vernon brights disease m Alldridge, Eli North Carolina Kivit, Lavina North Carolina housewife Blk Twp
CLEE Henry 30 03-May-1884 Smith Twp accident riding a mule m Clee, Henry Germany     farmer Evansville
CLEMENTS Willis 75 10-Apr-1894 Mt Vernon senile debility m - - - - laborer Union Co, Ky
CLEVELAND Hattie 39 15-Dec-1884 Cynthiana puerperal spasms m - - - - housewife Evansville
CLEVELAND Irene 9 da 16-Apr-1888 Cynthiana croup   Cleveland A J Posey County Martin, Neoma Vanderburgh   Cynthiana
CLEVELAND Maria G 33 29-Aug-1896 Cynthiana typhoid fever m Craig, D E   Cleveland Jane Ann   housewife Posey Co
COATS Silas 23` 29-Jan-1884 Mt Vernon pneumonia   Coats, Solomon Illinois       Illinois
COKER W H 3 29-Aug-1883 Lynn Twp extensive scale   Coker, William Posey County Cully, Nancy Indiana   Posey Co
COLBERT Louis W 18 mo 11-Apr-1884 Mt Vernon pneumonia   Colbert, George W North Carolina Thomson, Mary A Wheeling W Va   Rickport, Ky
COLEMAN Bessie 18 mo 20-Jul-1886 New Harmony pertussis   Coleman, Robert E Indiana Orman, Elizabeth Indiana   New harmony
COLLIER Rosemond 2 mo 12-Mar-1896 Mt Vernon congestion of brain   Collier, William Tenn Curtis, Julia Mt Vernon   Mt Vernon
COLLIER Sadi 4 01-Mar-1895 Mt Vernon croup   Collier, William K Tennessee Curtis, Julia Posey County   Mt Vernon
COLLIER Zachariah 49 28-Apr-1884 Mt Vernon typhoid pneumonia m Collier,James Tennessee     carpenter Tennessee
COLLINS George R 40 14-Dec-1884 Lynn Twp consumption   - - - - laborer Illinois
COLVER Oscar 18mo 20-Feb-1884 Mt Vernon cerebro-spinal meningitis   Colver, Nick Kentucky Miles, Bell Kentucky   Indiana
COLWELL Charley 3 wks 01-Jun-1890 Mt Vernon     Colwell, Ellic Mt Vernon Cheatam, Selia Henderson County, Ky   Mt Vernon
COLWELL Mattie 2 24-Jul-1896 Mt Vernon cholera infantum   Coldwell, Pleas Hardin Co, Illinois Lipsie, Mary Waverly, Ky   Mt Vernon
COMBS Earl 3 05-Oct-1893 Mt Vernon diptheria   Combs, J.T. Fulco Co, Ky Duncan, Nancy E Tenn   Mt Vernon
COMPTON Cora 2 01-Sep-1882 Gibson Co     Compton, Jesse   Compton, Martha      
CONLIN Charles 41 06-May-1897 Point Twp septhieaemia? m Conlin, Thomas Indiana Towe Indiana   Indian
CONLIN Female Stillborn 06-Mar-1895 Blk Twp stillborn   Conlin, John Indiana Spencer, Jessie Indiana    
CONNER James 63 17-May-1899 Point Twp pulmonary tuberculosis m - - - - farmer Ohio
CONNER Jane 36 29-Feb-1896 Bethel Twp puerperal fever m Carney, Nathan North Carolina Morris, Mary Indiana housewife Robb Twp
CONNER Minerva 45 29-Feb-1896 Bethel Twp puerperal fever m Carney, N Posey Co     housewife Bethel Twp
CONNERS Lena 11 mo 24-Jul-1883 Point Twp -   Conners, James W   Henchel, Esther     Posey County
CONWAY Louisa J 69 16-Aug-1895 near Farmersville probably disese of heart widow Durham, Joseph North Caroline Morgan, Elizabeth North Carolina housekeeper Scottsville, Ky
COOK Charles 18 mo 17-Jul-1884 Stewartsville cholera infantum   Cook, Adam Indiana Alexander, Emma Indiana   Stewartsville
COOK Eliza 60 04-Mar-1898 Blk Twp lagrippe widow Powell, James         Spencer Co, In
COOK Hannah 90 09-Oct-1884 Harmony Twp old age widow - - - - housekeeper Germany
COOK Mary 6 18-Sep-1886 Harmony Twp entero-colitis   Cook, William Indiana Taylor, Nerve Indiana   Harmony Twp
COOK Oscar 11 mo 12-Jul-1887 Stewartsville cholera infantum   Cook, Charles Wisconsin Ireland, Mary Indiana   Stewartsville
COON Francis 46 04-Mar-1899 Point Twp pneumonia following lagrippe m - - - -   Indiana
COONROD Pearl 8 12-Jun-1888 Center Twp typhoid fever   Coonrod, Ruben Indiana Nash, Rebeca Indiana   Center Twp
COONTZ John Lewis 7 05-Apr-1883 Mt Vernon     Coontz, William D   Coontz, Mary G     Indiana
COOPER Gus H 17 01-Sep-1888 New Harmony typhoid fever   Cooper, James A New Harmony New Harmony Stewart, Emma Jeffersonville, In student New Harmony
COPIN Alice 64 11-Mar-1883 Harmony Twp pneumonia m         housewife England
COPPER George J abt 68 21-Sep-1883 Harmony Twp alcholism   - - - - plaster England
CORMICK William T 36 25-Jun-1883 Harmony Twp consumption widower Cornick, John W   Cornick, Mary J   farmer Harmony Twp
CORNICK Mary D 18 24-Feb-1884 Harmony Twp     Cornick, John W Kentucky Beeson, Mary J Indiana   Harmony Twp
COSBY Francis V 31 28-Jun-1883 Cynthiana puerperal septicemia m Hurt, John Ohio Johnson Ohio housekeeper Ohio
COTTNER Arley H 2 09-Sep-1898 Blk Twp malerial fever   Cottner, William Harrison Co., Ind Rice, Maggie Harrison Co., In   Black Twp
COUESSELL(corressell) Henry 60 10-Dec-1884 Marrs Twp chronic congestion liver m Corressell, Henry Germany Folc?, Elizabeth Germany farmer Germany
COULTER Elizabeth Ann 42 21-Jul-1882 Cynthiana tuberculosis of lunge m Yancy, John   Nancy     Kentucky
COX Chauncey 1 04-Jul-1882 Bethel Twp spinal meinigitis   Cox, Mathew   Cox, Mary     White County, Illinoiw
COX Child - 31-Mar-1889 Center Twp -   Cox, Rmeli         Center Twp
COX Eliza 53 29-Jan-1883 New Harmony malignet disease of stomach m Sampson, James   Eliza   housewife Indiana
COX Elizabeth 44 01-Mar-1899 Robb Twp unknown widow Cox, Elijah Posey County       Posey County
COX Elma M 5 1⁄2 19-Jul-1898 Poseyville traumatic tetanus   Cox, Azberry Vanderburg County Smiley, Mary Posey County   Posey County
COX Fanny 84 03-Mar-1894 Robb Twp paralyteic stroke widow Gwaltney, John NC Murphy, Anna NC   NC
COX Female 16 mo 14-Jul-1895 Posey Co intestional catarrh   Cocks, William Posey Co Zackelble Posey Co   Posey County
COX Female 72 21-Oct-1893 Posey County tuberculosis widow Price   Price, Mary   housewife Posey County
COX Fronia 16 13-Mar-1894 Center Twp congestion of stomach and bowels   Cox, John T Posey County Cox, Nancy Posey County servant Center Twp
COX George E 2 mo 25 days 14-Dec-1884 Harmony Twp pneumonia   Cox, David C   Cox, Ester M     Harmony Twp
COX Girl Stillborn 25-Jan-1889 Center Twp Stillborn   Cox, John P Posey Co Hanes, Eliza J Pose Co    
COX Hamilton 78 08-Jun-1896 Stewartsville senility widower Cox, James Virginia       Indiana
COX James N 10 mo 30-Nov-1884 Robb Twp peritonitis   Cox, James N   Murphy, Mary A Indiana   Robb Twp
COX Joseph W 63 22-Jun-1883 Center Twp brights disease of kidneys m - - - - farmer Indiana
COX Leo 30 17-Jun-1895 Harmony Twp consumption m Cox, Elijah NC     farmer Indiana
COX Lizzie 44 11-May-1888 Robb Twp himiphlegia? m - - - - housewife Robb Twp
COX Lourania 46 03-Oct-1890 Center Twp dropsy   Cox, David Ky Fillingim, Deeni South Carolina housekeeper Posey Co
COX Mail 1 mo 29-Sep-1889 Center Twp cholera infantum   Cox, Calvery Posey Co Kitchens, Mary Posey Co   Center Twp
COX Male 6 da 29-Sep-1898 Wadesville toismus nicetrum?   Cox, Elemer Wadesville Shephard New Harmony   Wadesville
COX Mary A 52 15-Nov-1884 Robb Twp paralysis m Murphy, Aaron Indiana Williams,Polly Indiana housewife Indiana
COX Minerva 58 08-May-1898 Bethel Twp cancer widow Rice, Andrew Ky     housekeeper Kentucky
COX Nancy Alice 27 07-Oct-1894 Center Twp consumption m Cox, Thomas Posey County Hunter, Caroline Posey County housewife Posey County
COX Nelly 3 03-Jun-1897 Wadesville pneumonia   Cox, Romelia Wadesville McReynolds Wadesville   White Co., Ill
COX Robert Henry 13 25-Jan-1883 Stewartsville accidental lazuation of brain by an ax in hands of step brother Logan Kelton   Cox, Jonathan   Cox, Jane     Kansas
COX Sophia Mrs 26 10-Feb-1898 near Oliver Station croupous pneumonia m Tennisom, Marion         Center Twp
COX Stinson 73 05-Jun-1896 Center Twp lagrippe m Cox, Joseph South Carolina Hunsaker, Elizabeth Penn farmer Robb Twp
COZART Bessie 14 mo 07-Jul-1888 Harmony Twp cholera infantum   Cozart, Samuel Illinois Keathy? Illinois   Illinois
CRABTREE Walter 1 1⁄2 01-Apr-00 Robb Twp pertussis   Crabtree, Elmer Indiana Cox, Sallie Indiana   Indiana
CRAFT Edward C 11 mo 21-Sep-1889 New Harony entero-colitis   Craft, William Illinois Waldon Illinois   Illinois
CRAFTON William 38 03-May-1895 Poor Infirmary tuberculososis   - - - - - -
CRAWFORD John C 30 23-Mar-1896 Harmony Twp typhoid fever   - - - - laborer Indiana
CRAWLEY Alonzo Claud 2 18-Jul-1883 Mt Vernon whooping cough   Crawley, Alonzo E Mt Vernon Murphy, Eliza Farmersville   Mt Vernon
CREEK Andrew 57 17-Oct-1895 Robb Twp nephritis m - - - - farmer Indiana
CREEK Auretta 1 mo 24-Jul-1883 Robb Twp erysipelas and mal nutration   Creek,Andrew   Creek, Ella     Robb Twp
CREEK Ella 38   Row Twp illeg. m         housewife Indiana
CREEK Female prem 21-Jun-1896 Hawmony twp Premature birth   Creek, William C Indiana Moutry, Minnie Indiana   Harmony Twp
CREEK Gillison 24 31-Aug-1889 Robb Twp typhoid fever   Creek, Andrew Arkansas     farmer Indiana
CREEK James 1 mo 24-Mar-1882 Robb Twp capillary bronchitis   Creek, Andrew Arkansas Creek, Ella      
CRENSHAW Morris - 01-Sep-1891 Mt Vernon typhoid fever m - - - - laborer  
CRITENTEIN Caroline 57 19-Jul-1897 Robinson Twp cancer of liver and rectum m Duvgard?,Herman Germany Althoff, Louisa Germany housewife Germany
CRITSER Celia F 56 26-Sep-1898 Harmony Twp valvular disease of heart widow Kinman Indiana     housewife Indiana
CRITSER John 14 mo 07-Mar-1886 New Harmony pneumonitis   Crister, William L Indiana Kinmon, Celia F Indiana   New Harmony
CROSS Elizabeth 52 27-Jul-1895 Posey Co congestion of brain widow Chasian Tenn Feare, Malisie Tenn domestic Hardin Co, Tenn
CROSS Louiza 30 08-Sep-1895 Hawmony Twp obstruction and rupture of gall duct m Eaton, Robert Gibson County Smith, Mary Gibson County housewife Posey County
CROSS Margaret 23 29-Jul-1882 Center Twp phthisis pulmonalis   Cross, Levi       servant Indiana
CROSSER Charles 21   Harmony Twp homicide-bullet wound of lung and kidney followed by peritonitis   Crosser, James   Crosser, Mary   farmer Illinois
CROSSER Male 7 da 17-Feb-1883 Harmony Twp premature birth       Crosser, Ellen     Indiana
CROSSER Margie 2 06-Jul-1896 Harmony Twp meningitis   Crosser, John   Walker     Harmony Twp
CROSSER Murrel 5 08-Sep-1896 New Harmony whooping cough   Crosser, John Illinois Baker, Darl Indiana   Indiana
CROSSER Sam 39 23-Sep-1899 Lynn Twp meningitis m Crosser, John       laborer Indiana
CROUER? John 22 25-Feb-2898 West Franklin pneumonia   Crouser, Paul Germany   Germany farmer Spencer Co
CROWLEY Franklin 15 mo 27-Jul-1891 Bethel Twp entero-colitis   Crowley, Franklin Indiana Shelby Indiana   Bethel Twp
CRUNK Charles M 23 3 mo 01-Apr-1899 Mt Vernon meningitis   Crunk, John Marrs Twp Weare, Matilda Kentucky laborer Blk Twp
CRUNK Edna 8 12-Oct-1894 Mt Vernon meningitis   Crunk, Aaron Indiana Lafford Indiana   Kentucky
CRUNK Rachel 30 21-Jun-1883 Marrs Twp consumption m Cully, David Posey County Duckworth, Mary Posey Co housewife Posey County
CULIVER Charles 29 30-Jul-1896 Poor Infirmary sun   Culliver, William         Posey County
CULLY Dalmer D 7 mo 02-Jun-1895 Blk Twp not given   Cully, W. E.   Conover, Eva Indiana   Blk Twp
CULLY Eva 20 14-Apr-1895 Blk Twp consumption m Conover, David Vanderburg Co Tarrell, Clara Posey County housewife Blk Twp
CULLY Frank 29 01-Jun-1884 Blk Twp blood poisoning   Cully, Issac Indiana Bell, Hannah Indiana ditcher Indiana
CULLY Male 1 day 01-Oct-1895 New Harmony premature birth   Cully, Alfred Indiana Gill, Jennie Indiana   New Harmony
CULLY Ora 11 mo 02-Jan-1884 Blk Twp general debility   Cully, Phelix Posey County Cash, Sarah E Posey County   Blak Twp
CULLY Thomas T 74 01-Jun-1896 Posey Co old age m Cully, Samuel North Carolina Thomas, Nancy North Carolina farmer Posey County
CUNNINGHAM Aboline 38 13-Dec-1893 Blk Twp peritonitis of bowels m Phillips, Barnet Posey County Duckworth, Rebecca Posey County domestic Missouri
CURNELL Henry T 42 28-Sep-1893 Lynn Twp congestive chill widower - - - - farmer Tennessee
CURRY Ada 21 15-Feb-1888 Mt Vernon small pox m - - - - housewife Kentucky
CURRY Henry 80 22-Jan-1896 Mt Vernon senile debility m Curry, Edmon   Proe, Susan   laborer Kentucky
CURRY Male 3 mo 04-Oct-1893 Marrs Twp spasms   Curry, D.R. Illinois Heath, Laura Lawrence Co., Ill   Marrs Twp
CURTIS Ellen 27 30-Sep-1893 Posey County consumption   Curtis, Merritt Posey County Harrison, Jane England   Posey County
CURTIS Margaret E 64 26-Dec-1888 near Mt Vernon inflam brain widow Jones, Wilson   Downen, Elizabeth     Wayne Co., Ill
CURTIS Ollie 9 03-Sep-1883 Mt Vernon perniicious fever   Curtis, George W Indiana Greathouse, Ruth Indiana   Mt Vernon
CURTIS William L 54 18-Nov-1884 Blk Twp congestive chill m Curtis, Joshua North Carolina Alldridge, Sarah North Carolina   Indiana