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Deaths 1882-1900

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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
FAIRCHILD Anderson E 24 08-Jun-1886 Poseyville death lightening m Fairchild, Henry Indiana Linxwiler Evanville farmer Posey Co
FAIRCHILD Clara M 2 25-Apr-1890 Poseyville none listd   Fairchild, E E Posey County Wallace Posey County   Poseyville
FAIRCHILD John (female) 11 20-Jul-1887 Robb Twp cholerhea infantum   Fairchild, John Indiana Montgomery, Sally Indiana   Robb Twp
FAIRCHILD Lola D 1 06-Apr-1884 Poseyville pertriisis   Fairchild, Ed E   Fairchild, Susan S     Poseyville
FAIRCHILD Walter 4 09-Aug-1887 Posey County scarletina   Fairchild, T E Indiana Fairchild, Delilah Posey County   Posey County
FAIRCHILD Zelma Arden 11 mo 30-Sep-1882 Poseyville pertusis   Fairchild, Fred W   Fairchild, Kate B     Poseyville
FAIRCHILDS Henry L 47 13-Apr-1883   spinal congestion   - - - - farmer Vanderburg Co
FAIRCHILDS male⁄female? 7 mo 11-Aug-1896       Fairchild, Minor Robb Twp Kennerly, Nellie Vanderburg Co   Robb Twp
FALLAMEADE Anna B 71 03-Feb-1889 Mt Vernon dropsey m Schweikert, Jacob Germany Juliana Germany   Germany
FARMER Male 2 mo 02-Apr-1888 Posey County whooping cough   Farmer, Jacob Warrick Co, In Hebner, Emma Warrick County   Cynthiana
FARRIS Welborn 1 1⁄2 26-Jan-1896 Cynthiana gastritis   Farris, Andrew Posey Co Farris, Alice gibson Co   Cynthiana
FAUL Caroline 55 21-Apr-1896 Stewartsville heart failure m Mann, Adam Germany     housewife Indiana
FAUL Louis 21 05-Feb-1882 Robb Twp biliary calcul continued fever superviing?   Faul, Jacob   Faul, Caroline nee Mann   farmer Stewartsville
FAUL Male Stillborn 25-Jul-1889   stillborn   Faul, George Stewartsville Waller, Mary Stewartsville   Stewartsville
FELDMAN Charles Peter 23 03-Jun-1896 Mt Vernon phthises pulmonalis   Feldman, George Antone Rhinish Barvia,Germany Beuge, Regina Baden, Germany   Mt Vernon
FELLAMENDT Elizabeth 29 17-Jun-1889 Posey County complication pregnancy m Wagner Germany Reinitz     Posey County
FENNELL Emma 6 24-Jun-1899 Center Twp none listed   Fennell, Charles Posey Co Barton, Lucy Posey Co   Center Twp
FENTRUP Franz 61 17-Jun-1883 - at residence of Buckwinkee of Schmitt Twp Suicide - hung self widower - - - - tailor Holland
FERGUSON Asberry 68 08-Aug-1883 New Harmony cystitis m - - - - farmer Kentucky
FERGUSON Bertha 18 mo 28-May-1891 Posey County cholera infantum   Ferguson, J R Illinois Tieman, Martha Spencer Co   Posey County
FERST John 54 29-Feb-1896 Lynn Twp pneumonia m Ferst, Joseph Germany Naas, Eva Germany farmer Germany
FICKIN Thomas 25 03-Dec-1895 Harmony Twp spinal meningitis   Ficken, Frank Illinois Dolley, Elizabeth Illinois laborer White Co, Ill
FIELDMANN George T 51 14-May-1914 Chicago, Il                
FIFCUS Jenny 21 23-Jul-1899 Stewartsville labes mensenterica m Bonnson, Daniel Illinois     housewife Illinois
FIFER Female Stillborn 21-Jul-1895 Bethel Twp Stillborn   Fiffer, Clarance Gibson County Lewis, Ella Posey County   Bethel Twp
FIFER Jason 2 27-Apr-1883 Bethel Twp consumption   Fifer, Jesse F   Fifer, Fanny     Wabash Twp, Gibson County
FILLINGIM Grac -male 75 29-Apr-1894 Center Twp jaundice m Fillingim, Enoch Virginia Campbell, Hester Virginia farmer Virginia
FILLINGIM Sophia 89 08-Feb-1899 New Harmony pneumonia widow Vandiver, John North Carolina Vaneten, Julia North Carolina housewife North Caroline
FINAN J T 40 05-Apr-1894   consumption   Finan, John Ireland        
FINCH V C 48 23-Sep-1886   albuninus widower - - - -    
FINCH(TINEH?) Henry 79 15-Mar-1886 Parker Settlement on his farm old age widower Finch?, Aac? Germany     farmer Germany
FINLEY Susan 23 04-Mar-1883 Poor Asylum - Robb Twp variola confluent - never vaccinate   - - - -   Kentucky
FINNELL Female stillborn 01-Jul-1896 Lynn Twp stillborn   Finnell, Walter Posey County Aldrich, Eva O Lynn Twp   Lynn Twp
FINNELL Male 4 hr 14-Aug-1897 New Harmony premature birth   Finnell, Warren Posey County Hamilton, Millie New Harmoy   New Harmony
FINNEY Daniel 45 26-Jan-1896 Mt Vernon pneumonia m Finney, Doc Union Co., Ky     teamster Union Co., Ky
FISCHER Frederic 25 20-Sep-1882 Marrs Twp malarial fever   Fischer, Frederic   Fischer, Martha   farmer Posey County
FISCHER Frederick 77 08-Jul-1898 Marrs Twp heart trouble   - - - - farmer Germany
FISCHER Maggie 16 mo 02-Oct-1898 Marrs Twp summer complaint   Fisher, William Vanderburg Kueber, Elizabeth M Posey Co    
FISCHER Orilla 13 mo 03-Nov-1893 Blk Twp cholera infantum   Fischer, George Posey County Lawrence, Martha Posey County   Posey County
FISHER Daniel 58 27-Jun-1889 Cynthiana albuninura? m - - - - blacksmith  
FISHER Ellic 22 23-Dec-1893 Griffin gunshot   Fisher, Joseph   Mobley Indiana common labor Posey Co
FISHER G W JR 2 mos 11-Aug-1887 Cynthiana inflamation of bowels   Fisher G W Cynthiana Kimball, Sophronia Gibson County   Cynthiana
FISHER George W 30 09-Nov-1893 Blk Twp typhoid pneumonia m Fisher, Valentine Vanderburg County Mc Intosh, Lizzie Posey County farmer Posey County
FISHER Jacob 43 12-Apr-1882   pneuonitis m - - - -   Kentucky
FISHER Male 14 da 05-Aug-1883 Cynthiana general anemia   Fisher, George W   Fisher, Fronia      
FITZGERALD Nancy 69 15-Jan-1888 Robb Twp cirrhosis of liver m Chism, John       housewife White Co., Ill
FLETCHALL Cynthia 79 01-Jul-1895 Posey County dysentery widow Gwaltney         Posey County
FLETCHALL Rufus 16 17-Oct-1882 Center Twp typho-malarial fever   Fletchall, Amariah   Fletchell, Martha A   farmer Indiana
FLOYD Hanna 39 25-Apr-1899 Mt Vernon gastritis m Weiss, Henry Indiana     domestic Indiana
FLOYD Male 6 da 07-Jun-1891 Posey Co none listed   Floyd, William Indiana       Posey Conty
FOGAN N (male) 67 06-Nov-1893 Poor Infirmary paralisis widower - - - - riverman Ohio
FOLZ Peter 46   Marrs Twp phthisis and dysentery m Folz, George Germany Folz, Elizabeth Germany farmer Germany
FORD Allie 22 07-Mar-1884 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis   Ford, William P Virginia     dentist daughter Kentucky
FORD Charles H? 36 09-Sep-1884 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis   Ford, William P       jeweler Virginia
FORD Katie Rosa 2 08-Jan-1884 New Harmony pneumonia   Ford, Thomas S Virginia Walz, Josie Indiana   Virginia
FORD Male Stillborn 15-Sep-1896 Hawmony Twp Stillborn   Ford, Charles Posey County Wiley,Mary Posey County   Harmony Twp
FORD Roy 1 1⁄2 27-Feb-1886 New Harmony pneumonia   Ford, Thomas Virginia Walz, Josie Indiana   New Harmony
FORD Thomas 39 16-Dec-1890 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis m Ford, William Penn Meauer?, Cath. Virginia saloon keeper Virginia
FORKIM Eliza Jane 65 04-Jun-1896 New Harmony heart disease m Twigg, William A England Dupalias, Virginia P Cuba housewife Indiana
FORLEY G W 32 11-May-1883 Poseyville double pneumonia   Farley, George   Farley, Martha   laborer Edwards Co, Il
FORRESTER Jennie abt 45 13-Aug-1889 Mt Vernon sun stroke m Baker       housework Kentucky
FOSHE L (female) 6 12-Nov-1893 Mt Vernon diphtheria   Foshe, William Indiana Sesver?, Emma Indiana   Mt Vernon
FOSLER Gladys 18 mo 01-Feb-1895 Mt Vernon Lagrippe   Foster, Joseph         Mt Vernon
FOSTER Margaret A 27 30-Dec-1888 near Mt Vernon typhoid fever m Schenk, Everheart P Germany Deig, Margaret Germany   Mt Vernon
FOWLER Nancy J 55 14-May-1898 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis widow Garris, Amos Indiana Walston Indiana farmers widow Indiana
FOX Elizabeth 33 27-Jul-1883 Caborn thpho-malerial fever m Son_eider, Nicholas Germany     housewife Vanderburg
FOX John L 1 22-Apr-1891   tubercular meningitis   Fox, Joseph Mt Carmel, Illinois Harrison?, Mary A Evansville    
FOX Martha 37 28-Aug-1891 Center Twp miscarriage m Hunter, Jesse Posey County Hunter, Caroline Posey County housekeeper Posey Co
FRANMAN(FREMAN) Emery 28 08-May-1887 Poseyville none listed   Framan, James         Poseyville
FREEMAN Elizabeth 71 30-Sep-1899 Harmony Twp chronic rheumatism s Freeman, Daniel Tenn     gardner Tenn
FREEMAN Sarah A 56 25-May-1899 Mt Vernon convulsions m Jackson, Ed England Shaw, Hannah England housewife Posey County
FRENCH Elizabeth 47 27-Jun-1883 Beach Grove, Black Twp enterilitis   Kivett, Henry   Goad, Agnes East Tenn housewife Beach Grove, Blk Twp
FRENCH Frank - 28-Sep-1884 Mt Vernon malignant malarial fever m - - - - laborer Kentucky
FRENCH Harriett - 26-Aug-1883 Lynn Twp vomiting in pregnancy m Osborn, Anson Conn Green, Sarah   housewife BlkTwp
FRENCH Myrtle 7 mo 18-Mar-1883 Lynn Twp none listed   French, Aaron   French, Evaline      
FRENCH Ralph 66 20-Jun-1899 Lynn Twp chronic nephriitis widower French, Doris North Carolina Thomas, Sallie     Lynn Twp
FRENCH Zadok 65 16-Nov-1884 Lynn Twp obstructed bowels m French, Doras Kentucky Thomas, Sarah   farmer Posey County
FRICK Eva G 1 19-Jan-1891 Wadesville croup   Frick, George Posey County Moore, Emma Posey County   Wadesville
FRICK female 2 wk 20-Jan-1895 Wadesville croup   Frick, George Blairsville Moore, Emma Mt Vernon    
FRICK Jul (male) 3 23-Feb-1895 Wadesville none listed   Frick, George Blairsville Moore, Emma Mt Vernon   Wadesville
FRICK Louise E 13 25-Feb-1894 Mt Vernon diptheria   Frick, Fred Indiana       Indiana
FRIELINGHAUSEN Emma 34 23-Jun-1894 Mt Vernon peritonitis m Schwinger, Richard Germany     domestic Tell City
FRILLINGHAUSEN Thedore 11 mo 21-Jun-1890 Robinson Twp none listed   Frillinghausen, Henry Pose County Schweikh?, Lena(Bena) Pose County   Robinson Twp
FUCHS Frank 68 05-May-1889 Blairsville disease of brain m - - - - carpenter Germany
FUCKS Clara 1 18-Oct-1882 St Wendell meningitis   Fucks, Carl   Fucks, Maria     St Wendell
FULZ Andrew 53 09-Dec-1898 Posey County double pneumonia m Fulz, Daniel Kentucky Pressley, Rebecca Kentucky fisherman Kentucky
FURGESON Harry 30 24-Aug-80 New Harmony disease of brain   Furgeson, James Gibson County Baldwin, Hester New Harmony laborer New Harmony
FURST Lizzie 67 19-Feb-1899 Posey County lagrippe   - - - -   Germany