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Deaths 1882-1900

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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
HAAS Sophia A   18-Feb-1899 Mt Vernon organic heart disease   Haas, Anton German Baumann, Caroline Posey County   Mt Vernon
HACKETT Julia 29 07-Mar-1894 Lynn Twp consumption m Taylor, Jermiah   Hume, Amanda Posey County   Posey County
HAFFNER Sophia 68 16-Nov-1894 Blk Twp not known widow Strertberger Rosenberg, Germany       Rosenberg, Germany
HAHN Charles 2 01-Dec-1884   exhaustion   Hahn, John A Posey County Hahn, Carrie Posey County    
HAHN George 41 17-Mar-1886 Marrs Twp ulcers m Hahn, John Germany Ebel, Magdalene Germany farmer Marrs Twp
HAHN Israr? 2 yr 11 mo 26-Jun-1895 Marrs Twp enteritis   Hohn, John P Marrs Twp Lourn?, Francis Perry Twp, Vanderburg Co   Marrs Twp
HAINES Martha Ann 30 25-Jul-1882 Blk Twp theumatic fever   Gerton, William   Gerton, Parthena   housewife Posey County
HALL Fred 10 mo 04-Sep-1895 New Harmony entro-colitis   Hall, George Kentucky Culpepper, Elizabeth Indiana   Indiana
HALL Joseph 6 14-Jan-1896 Point Twp diptheria   Hall, William Posey County Duly, Rebecca Indiana   Illinois
HALL Ruth G 1 07-Aug-1899 Point Twp infectious entro-colotis   Hall, William Indiana Duly,Rebecca Indiana   Point Twp
HALL Victor 8 02-Nov-1884 Poseyville typho malerial fever   Hall, James England   England   England
HAMEL Berbert 6 wk 07-Aug-1899 Blk Twp entero-colitis   Hamel, William Posey County Mc Pherson, Orilla Posey County   Blk Twp
HAMEL Homer 3 wk 31-Jul-1899 Blk Twp entro-colitis   Hamel, William Blk Twp Mc Pherson, Orilla Posey County   Blk Twp
HAMILTON George 20 15-Sep-1882 Bethel Twp runover by car(train)   Hamilton, James   Hamilton, Mary Ann   farmer Kentucky
HAMILTON Male   09-Mar-1886 New Harmony premature birth   Hamilton, Lewis Indiana Schnee Illinois   New Harmony
HAMILTON Mary Ann 45 18-Sep-1882 Bethel Twp sudden exertion of blood vessel   Overton, George   Overton, Nancy   housewife Posey County
HAMMONDS Charles 4 mo 31-Dec-1893 Poorhouse meningitis   Hammonds, Richard Kentucky Holland, Sara Posey County   Posey County
HAMMONS Mary E 9 mo 29-Jul-1896 Mt Vernon phreuitis   Hammons, James Ky Hammons, Eliza Kentucky   Mt Vernon
HAMMONS Orlina 78 08-Feb-1894 Blk Twp pneumonia widow Arminstead, Willis Tenn Seals, Pheba Tenn   Tenn
HANCOCK Female 1 mo 01-Mar-1886 New Harmony ersipelas   Hancock, Samuel Indiana Stillwell Indiana   New Harmony
HANCOCK Mollie J 69 16-Jul-1914 Harrisburg Il accident - fracture of skull              
HANCOCK Robert 9 mo 15-Nov-1898 Harmony Twp membrannoes croup   Handcock, Steven Indiana Williams, Mary Indiana   Harmony Twp
HANDEL Elizabeth 46 30-Jul-1887 Marrs Twp typhoid fever widow Steinmetz Germany     housekeeper Germany
HANER Albert 12 25-Jul-1883 Robinson Twp rheumatic pericarditis   Haner, Henry Germany Lutterman     Robinson Twp
HANES Charles 61 07-Feb-1894 Posey County bronchitis and lagrippe             Tennessee
HANES James W 81 15-Jul-1897 St Wendel debility from old age m Hanes, James         Kentucky
HARBER Philo 20 23-Nov-1895 Marrs Twp suicide   Harber, Albert   Huston Indiana   Marrs Twp
HARBERT Albert 2 yr 9 da 21-Jan-1894 Marrs Twp diphtheria   Harbert, Albert Green Co, Ohio Hutson, Lottie Posey County   Marrs Twp
HARBERT Olivia C 8 1⁄2 mo 22-Feb-1889 St Wendel measles   Haarbert, Daniel St Wendel Hish, Mary H St Wendel   St Wendel
HARDIN Male 9 hr 10-Jun-1885 New Harmony premature birth   Hardin, George   Giles, Tabitha Illinois   New Harmony
HARDWICK James 52 10-May-1898 Harmny Twp measles m Hardwick, William South Carolina Hill, Francis South Carolina laborer South Carolina
HARDY Ann 67 29-Apr-1899 Harmony Twp bronchitis m Pride, William Tenn     housewife Tenn
HARDY Thomas 95 01-Feb-1883 Harmony Twp old age             North Carolina
HARGAN T J (male) 56 25-Nov-1898 St Wendel fatty heart m Hargan, Daniel Hardin county, Ky Crandell, Susan Hardin County, Ky physician Hardin County, Ky
HARLAN Samuel F 28 02-Feb-1889 Posey Co struck by R.R. train           laborer Todd County, Ky
HARLEM Rachel   11-Dec-1884 Mt Vernon no age - inflamatory rheumatism m Rosenbaum Germany     housewife Hessen Germany
HARLOW Robert E 43 17-Feb-1895 Mt Vernon consumption widower            
HARMON Joel 77 28-Jun-1889 Cynthiana fibroma posterior to stomach m Harmon, William South Carolina Williams, Polley   laborer Posey County
HARPER Hazel 2   Cynthiana - no date but May 5 scarlet fever   Harper, Ed   Cleveland, Daisey Posey County   Posey County
HARPER Henry 19 08-Mar-1895 Wabash River drowned   - - - - laborer  
HARPER Louisa 11 1⁄2 mo 02-Mar-1898 Mt Vernon pestussus   Harper, Andrew Union County, Ky Hollerman, Anna Hopkins county, Ky   Mt Vernon
HARPER Male 12 hr 12-Aug-1899 Cynthiana infancy   Harper, Edward Gibson County Cleveland, Dalie Posey County   Cynthiana
HARRINGTON Annie 24 17-Oct-1894 West Franklin consumption m QUANDER (GUANDER) Mo Huey, Josie Indiana domestic work Blairsville
HARRINGTON Annie 6 wk 20-Nov-1894 West Franklin tuberculosis   Harrington, Dave Kentucky Quander, Anne Blairsville   West Franklin
HARRIS Ema 17 24-Aug-1895 Mt Vernon consumption   Harris, Rolland   Jones Posey County   Posey County
HARRIS Ida May 14 20-Apr-1894 Posey County pulmonary philthisis   Harris, Rolland Posey County Jones, Nancy A Posey County   Posey County
HARRIS Mary A 54 05-Feb-1892 Mt Vernon grippe widow - - - - housework Stewart Co., Tn
HARRIS Nancy 44 22-Apr-1894 Cynthiana consumption   Boren, J. D. Gibson County Hughes, Artemesa Gibson County housewife Gibson County
HARRISON L M DEWITT 5 mo 05-Mar-1894   bronchitis   Harrison, B Murray, Ky Woods, Sallie H Marion, Ky   Fulton, Ky
HARTENG Harry 18 24-Sep-1896 Mt Vernon double pneumonia   Hartung, Levi       clerk Indiana
HARTMAN Joseph 52 30-Apr-1883 Caborn Station run over by locomotiive and train of cars on Louisville and Nashville Rail Road m - - - - farmer Germany
HARTY (HARDY0 Virginia 24 23-May-1888 May 23 1888 plumary bronchitis m Williams, William Posey County Cox, Mary Posey County housewife Posey County
HAST John 33 06-Dec-1882 Blk Twp pneumonia croup   Hast, Conrad   Hast, Elizabeth   farmer Germany
HASTINGS Thoms Jefferson 26 20-Feb-1886 Mt Vernon no cause listed m Hastings, William Delaware Booth, Sarah Point Twp farmer Point Twp
HATCHETT Female Stillbirth 01-Jan-1894 LynnTwp Stillborn   Hatchett, Perry   Shirley, Martha Illinois   Lynn Twp
HATFIELD Emanuel 40 30-May-1899 Posey County appendicitis m Hatfield, Ale Virginia Record, Amanda Kentucky farmer Green County, In
HATTICH Adam 65 05-Oct-1893 - consumption m - - - - dealer of marble and brass monuments Germany
HAUCKS? Mary E 43 15-Nov-1895 New Harmony chronic malaria s Robinson, Henry Petersburg Va Evans, W New Harmony housewife New Harmony
HAUSER? Sara J E 48 02-Nov-1894 Posey County tuberculosis widow Boren, Lewis Indiana Johnson, Mary Indiana housewife Indiana
HAUSMAN Philip 77 21-Mar-1895 Marrs Twp manismus senilis? m - - - - farmer Germany
HAWKINS Female 5 mo 11-Oct-1895   cholera infantum   Hawkins, F Kentucky Boren, Hattie New Harmony    
HAWKINSA Elizabeth K A 4 1⁄2 29-Aug-1883 Posey County cholorea infantum   Hawkins, A B Mt Vernon Cater, Rebecca Gibson County   Posey County
HAYDEN Male Stillborn 18-Oct-1890 New Harmony Stillborn   Hayden, Henry Indiana Saltzman Indiana   New Harmony
HAYES Ann E 54 16-Apr-1896 Mt Vernon cancer of omeutum widow Musselman, Michael Lancaster Co, Pa Bymaster, Elizabeth Lancaster Co., Pa housewife Lancaster Co, Pa
HAYES Capius 33 23-Jan-1883 West Franklin pneumonia   Hays, William   Hays, Annie   laborer Marrs Twp
HAYES Edward S 58 31-Dec-1893 Mt Vernon fatty heart m         merchant  
HAYES Sarah C 45 23-Sep-1883 Lynn Twp typhoid fever m Elliot, Squire Kentucky Eliot, Sarah C Monroe County, In housewife Monroe County, In
HAYWOOD Ella 39 29-Apr-1896 Robb Twp euremic poisoning m New, Seth Tenn Delaney, Mariah Indian hosewife Posey County
HEARD Catherine 72 04-Mar-1882 Farmersville heart disease   Putman       housekeeper Illinois
HEATH Elizabeth 50 19-Mar-1899 Marrs Twp pneumonia m Cormony, William Ohio Williams, Nancy Ohio housewife Miami Co, Ohio
HEBRON Elenor 3 09-Apr-1896 Mt Vernon croup   Hebron, Thomas Cincinnati, Ohio Wild, Sarah Germany   Evansville District
HECK Alvin 16 mo 12-Aug-1890 Lynn Twp entero colitis   Heck, Henry Illinois Marshall, Mary Illinois   Lynn Twp
HECK Edward 71 29-Sep-1890 Posey Co congestive chill m - - - - farmer  
HEDGE Daniel M 21 31-Jan-1895 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis   Hedge, James Illinois Dilbeck Kentucky marble cutter Illinois
HEDGE Hixey 35 13-Jun-1894 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis m Delashmit, David Tennessee Black, Amelia Bethel Twp housewife Bethel Twp
HEEDICK? Alexander 30 11-Jun-1898 Posey County railroad accident m - - - - brick mason Evansville
HEIL Jacob 19 10 mo 11-Feb-1899 Marrs Twp cebera spinal meningitis   Heil, John Marrs Twp Hahn, Lizzie Perry Twp, Vanderburg County farmer Perry Twp, Vanderburg County
HEIL Margaret 61 23-Aug-1893 Posey County dilitation of heart m Kerth, Thomas Germany Brey, Catherine Germany housewife Germany
HELLENBURG H C (male) 11 mo 12-Jul-1890 Posey County cholera infantum   Hellenburg, Henry Germany Udhe, Minnie Germany   Posey County
HELLINBERG William Louis 2 yr 4 mo 19-Dec-1882 Blk Twp croup   Hellenberg, Henry   Hellenberg, Wahelmina      
HELMES Herman 84 08-Mar-1884 Smith Twp general debility and old age             Germany
HEMPKE Lena 12yr 6 mo 13-May-1883 Marrs Twp pernicious remittent fever   Hempke, Andrew         Posey County
HEMPLE Charles A 51 03-Sep-1891 Harmony Twp abcess of liver m Hemple, A C Germany Kisick Germany farmer Germany
HENDERLITER Male 3 mo 22-Dec-1898 New Harmony pneumonia   Hinderlighter, Charles Illinois Baily, Ella Indiana   Harmony Twp
HENDERSON Daisy Jane 16 01-Oct-1893 Posey County consumption   Henderson, James B Posey County Todd, Kate Posey County   Posey County
HENDERSON F M (female) 53 08-May-1899 New Harmony spinal meningitis m Shupport, Fredric Germany Sumpter, Elizabeth Virginia farmers wife Shelby County, In
HENDERSON Male Stillborn 03-Aug-1886 Bethel Twp Stillborn   Henderson, Alonzo   Shupert     Bethel Twp
HENDERSON Mary K - 06-Jul-1883 Blk Twp typho malarial fever m Todd, William Blk Twp Todd, Martha Tenn housewife Blk Twpl
HENDERSON Nellie 24 25-Apr-1897 New Harmony meningitis   Henderson, Alonzo Shelby County, Indiana Henderson, Francis Shelby County, In domestic Butts County, California
HENDRECKS William 74 13-Jun-1894 Mt Vernon old age m Hendricks, Peter Kentucky Mc Fadin, Mary Mt Vernon   Mt Vernon
HENDRICKS Sarah 75 07-Mar-1895 Mt Vernon la grippe widow Showers New York     housekeeper New York
HENDRIX Fred 55 30-Apr-1884 Posey County typhilitis m Hendrix, Henry Germany     farmer Germany
HENGSTENBERG Alvina 5 22-Sep-1887 Marrs Twp malaria   Hengstenberg, Charles Germany Pfeffer, Carrie Mt Vernon   Marrs Twp
HENSERT Otto 32 da 05-Mar-1883 Mt Vernon inflam brain   Henset, Martin   Henset, Minnie     Mt Vernon
HENSLER Frank John 2 14-Aug-1884 Marrs Twp cataruhus intestim   Heusler, Ernest Zandstine?,Germany Pfeffer, Carrie Mt Vernon    
HENSLEY William 19 11-Jul-1898 Robb Twp septicemia   Hensley, John Indiana Nottingham, Ella   laborer Robb Twp
HENSON Ida 8 31-Aug-1891 New Harmony tubercular menigitis   Henson, James Indiana Wilson Indiana blacksmiths daughter Indiana
HERBERHOLD Female Stillborn 22-Aug-1886 New Harmony Stillborn   Herberhold, Fritz Germany Pane Lawrence County, Ohio    
HERBERHOLD? Female 1 hr 01-Jun-1883   none listed   Herberhold?,Fredrick Indiana mary Indiana   New Harmony
HERMAN Henry 7 wk 25-Oct-1893 Marrs Twp cholorea infantum   Herman, Henry Vanderburg Miller, Anna Vanderburg County   Marrs Twp
HERMANN Joseph 7 wk 14-Oct-1888 Marrs Twp pneumonia   Herman, Henry Indiana Miller, Annie Indiana   Marrs Twp
HERPEL HANK 11 26-Jul-1897   diptheria   Herpel, J L Posey County        
HERPELE John 2   Point Twp inflammatory diorheoa   Herple, James L Germany Yeida, Mary Posey County   White County, Il
HERRELL Charles 18 29-Feb-1884 New Harmony pneumonia   Herrell, William Indiana Axton Indiana laborer Indiana
HERRENBRUECK Henry 76 16-Jul-1888 at residence Robinson Twp marbus boiightu?   - - - - farmer Dusddoff?, Germany
HERRING Alexander 72 19-Mar-1899 Posey County la grippe   Herring, Squire Alabama Avery, Katherine Alabama   Georgia
HERRMAN Josephine 3 1⁄2 21-Jul-1887   pertsis?   Herrman, Henry Indiana Miller, Lizzie Indiana    
HERRMAN Lizzie 11 mo 25-Jul-1887   pertussis?   Herrman, Henry Indiana Miller, Lizzie Indiana    
HERSCHELMAN Andrew 50 14-Aug-1899 Marrs Twp typhoid fever   Herschelman, Andrew Germany Leipold, Sophia Germany   Vanderburg County
HETTICK Eliza 41 26-Sep-1884 Mt Vernon pernivios fever? m Booth, David       housewife Tenn
HEUBNER Ida 6 20-Jun-1898   none listed   Heubner, Wesley Indiana Bradley      
HEURING Joanna 85 04-Sep-1895 New Harmony old age and dysentery   - - - - etired lady Germany
HEUSLER Herbert Hans Ludwig 5 mo 28-Sep-1890   meningitis   Heusler Ernest H C Landstune?, Bavaria Pfiffer, Carrie Mt Vernon    
HEYWOOD James 25 01-Mar-1886 Posey County pneumonia       Phillips, Mary   farmer Posey County
HIATT Elizabeth 55 27-Feb-1894 Harmony Twp cerebral hemmorage m Axton, Enoch North Carolina     farmers wife Indiana
HICKS Albert 62 21-Jan-1889 Poor Asylum pernicious anemia   - - - -   Indiana
HICKS Alice C 44 04-Feb-1899 Caborn gastro enteritis m Thurman, Elijah Highland County, Ky Spencer, Mellissa M Wood(Hood) County, Va   Henderson County, Ky
HICKS Male Stillborn 13-Jan-1884 Marrs Twp Stillborn   Hicks, C Kentucky thurman, Alice Ky    
HICKS Male 1 day 13-Jul-1897   premature birth   Hicks, Charles Indiana Hamilton, Mollie New Harmony    
HIDBRADER Homer 5   Center Twp no death date - stomatitis   Hidbrader, Asa Posey County Lizzie     Center Twp
HIGHMAN Helen 24 mo 30-Apr-1895 Mt Vernon none listed   Highman E E Indiana Schnee, Kate Indiana   Mt Vernon
HIGHMAN Mary Ann 78 28-Nov-1893 Lynn Twp rheumatism   Wilson, Robert Penn Wilson Penn   Penn
HIGHMAN Sarah 70 22-Mar-1894 Wadesville general debility m Highman?, Alexander Penn Sarah Penn housekeeper Posey County
HILBURN Male 20 da 26-Mar-1883 Mr Vernon abces   Hilburn, Thomas J   Hilburn, Martha      
HILL Female 15 min 12-Jan-1895 Mt Vernon none listed   Markey, John Crittendon County, Ky Hill, Mary ColwellCounty, Ky    
HILL Henrietta 10 mo 12-Jan-1895 Harmony Twp entero colitis   Hill, Chalres Germany Hobby, Elizabeth Indiana   Indiana
HILL Patsy 52 02-Jan-1894 Harmony Twp pneumonia s Hill, David Virginia Stallings New York   Posey County
HILLDINGER Casper 72 23-Feb-1898 Blairsville cirraciss? Of liver m -   - - farmer  
HINDERLITER Male 4 mo 23-Apr-1897 New Harmony measles   unknown   Hinderliter, Myrtle Indiana   Harmony Twp
HINDERLITER Male 14 mo 16-Aug-1898 Harmony Twp entero colitis   Hinderliter,Charles Illinois Bailey, Etta Indiana   Harmony Twp
HINDMAN Patsy 62 26-Aug-1896 Posey County consumption m Forrester, Ben   Neal, Nancy North Carolina housewife Posey County
HIRONIMUS Etna 8 18-Apr-1895 Blk Twp meningiitis   Hironimus, Phillip C Germany Beste, Lottie Germany   Mt Vernon
HIRONIMUS Female 1⁄2 hr   Cynthiana premature birth   Hironimus, John Germany Rich, Matild Germany   Cynthiana
HOBBY Male Stillborn 18-Jul-1887 Harmony Twp Stillborn   Hobby, Hartwell Indiana Baker, Amanda Arkansas   Indiana
HOBBY Randolph? 4 24-Nov-1888   measles and epeleptic convulsion   Hobby, Hartwell Indiana Baker, Amanda Arkansas    
HOCKMAN Jonnie 6 29-May-1896 Mt Vernon drowned   Hockman, B F Indiana Carson Indiana   Kentucky
HOEHN Timothy 49 25-Nov-1897 Posey County malarial hemmorage   - - - - farmer Germany
HOENERT Herman 13 09-Sep-1890 Robinson Twp dysentery   Hoenert Germany Lutterman Germany   Robinson Twp
HOFFMAN Caroline 27 13-Nov-1894 Point Twp typhoid malaria m Wickhardt, William Germany Wrap?, Louisa Germany housewife Illinois
HOFFMAN Lorenz E 7 mo 18-Jun-1896 Marrs Twp cholera infantum   Hoffman, Martin Posey County Renschler, Katharine Posey County   Marrs Twp
HOFINAM? Adam 2 mo 16-Aug-1891   catarrh-ventriuli-intestin?   Hofinam, Martin Marrs Twp Renshler, Catherine Mars Twp    
HOLDEN Sarah Jane 14 yr 2 mo 28-Apr-1883 Marrs Twp cerebral meningitis   Holden   Holden, Martha     Marrs Twp
HOLDERLY C Ceantha 11 mo 28-Aug-1886 Blk Twp gastro intestinal catarrh   Holderly, Sylvester D Carmi, Illinois Asher(Absher), Sophronia Illinois   Carmi, Illinois
HOLEMAN Male 3 hr 02-Dec-1884   unknown   Holeman, William Green County, In Eakes, Nancy Indiana    
HOLEMAN Ralph 10 mo 10-Mar-1884 Poseyville conjextion of bowels   Holeman, William Indiana Eakes, Eliza Tenn   Poseyville
HOLEMS George 27 02-Nov-1884 Bethel Twp tiphe maleria   Holems, Elias   Johnson Wain County, Ill   Wayne co., Ill
HOLLAND Braxton 46 10-Jan-1898 New Harmony erycipelas   Holland, Bast Indiana Flick, Palina Indiana   Indiana
HOLLAND George 42 11-Apr-1899 New Harmony pneumonia   Holland, John Indiana Rooks Indiana   Indiana
HOLLAND Henry 7 mo 13-Jan-1894 New Harmony pneumonia   Holland, George Posey County Melton, Mary Posey County   New Harmony
HOLLAND Male 7 mo 01-Sep-1895   typhoid fever   Holland, Henry Indiana Ruminer, Nora Posey County    
HOLLAND Nora Myrtle 1 yr 9 mo 14-Jul-1884 Harmony Twp     Holland, George   Sellers, Belle     Indiana
HOLLAND Robbie 10 mo 18-Nov-1898 Mt Veron cholera infantum   Holland, Henry Posey County Ruminer, Nora Marrs Twp   Mt Vernon
HOLLAND Sadie 5 mo 20-Nov-1893 Harmony Twp enter-colitis   Holland, Charles Indiana Willie Illinois   Indiana
HOLLEMAN Walter V 29 25-Aug-1914 Sandusky Ohio                
HOLLIS John 38 09-May-1896 Bethel Twp le grippe and abcess lung   Hollis, John Tennessee Weekely, Eliza Tenn   Cheatham Co, Tn
HOLMES Albert 4 05-Sep-1895   diptheria   Holmes, George Wheeling, W Va Berry, Dora Jeffersonville, In   Sellersburg, In
HOLMES John A 3 mo 08-Mar-1884 Bethel Twp whooping cough and cold   Holmes, George W Wayne Co, Ill Brooks, Mary Bethel twp   Bethel Twp
HOLT Alex 17 07-Nov-1895 Blk Twp consumption   Holt, Courtney Kentucky Smith, Ella Kentucky laborer Blk Twp
HOLTZMIER Peter 43 13-Mar-1883 Mt Vernon congestion of stomach   - - - - shoemaker Germany
HOMER J P (male) 8 mo 09-Oct-1895 Posey County entero colitis   Homer, J Vernon Illinois Aldredge, Annie Posey county   Posey County
HOOF Fred 24 13-Aug-1896 Robb Twp paralyris   Hoof, Fred Old Country     farmer America
HOOSIER Leona 3 29-Apr-1894 Harmony Twp Croup   Hoosier, henry Illinois Hardwick Illinois   Indiana
HORHORNBUCKLE Eva 5 mo 07-Jul-1883 Caborn cholera infantum   Hornbuckle, Allen Sialva County, Ohio Mann, Lucy Hardin County, Illinois   Johnson County, Ill
HORTLEY(HARTLEY) Orval 7 wk 26-Oct-1895 Point Twp cholera infantum   Hortley, Robert Spencer Co Indiana Mackey, Luin Point Twp   Point Twp
HORTON Elizabeth 77 17-Feb-1895 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis widow Anderson       housewife Tenn
HORTON Theodor 26 25-Aug-1888 Marrs Twp ruptura ventviculi   - - - - hand of John Deig Kentucky?
HOSKINS Charles 30 23-Dec-1893 Poor House malariel poisoning   - - - - laborer Indiana
HOSTADT Fredric L 74   Posey County pneumonia   - - - - farmer Germany
HOVETER William 39 01-Aug-1898 Mt Vernon acute phthisis   - - - - bar keeper Pa
HOVEY Charles 41 10-Dec-1888 Mt Vernon dysentry and syphilis widower Hovey, Charles Middlebury, Vermont Nesler, Lucinda Mt Vernon brick layer Mt Vernon
HOWARD Louisa E 60 27-Oct-1893 Mt Vernon cancer of uterus, stomach and bladder widow Raden, James R       housewife Ky
HOWAREL Aden 9 02-Jul-1895 Posey County spinel disease   Hwarel, R D Dubois County, In Kelloms, M. A. Dubois County, In   Dubois County, In
HUBER Barbara 69 22-Jul-1899 Marrs Twp pharaylois?   Seifert, Nicklos Old Country Barbara Old Country   Old Country
HUBER Charles Louis 1 06-Aug-1884 Blk Twp cholera infantum   Huber, John Louis   Huber, Fannie     America
HUBERT Daniel 4 13-Jul-1884 Robinson Twp meningitis   Hurbert, George Robinson Twp Mann, Barbara Posey County   Robinson Twp
HUCK Magdelena 68   Wadesville - no date pausin guenalis?   Brown, John Germany Lintchburg?, Nancy Germany    
HUDSON William 48 16-Jun-1896 Harmony Twp organic heart disease   Hudson, James Indiana     farmer Indiana
HUEBER Cassandra 28 12-Sep-1884 Robb Twp phthisis m Holleman, James   Thomas   farmers wife Posey County
HUEBNER William W 39 20-Nov-1893 Robb Twp peritonitis m Huebner, Peter Germany Inwood, I Indiana farmer Indiana
HUFF Henderson 40 13-Jan-1895 Bethel Twp brain fever m - - - - farming Perry County Indiana
HUFF John 47 15-May-1882 Robinson Twp accidentally falling our of agon and breaking his neck   - - - - farmer Germany
HUFF Leslie - 14-Mar-1898 Lynn Twp cyanosis?   Huff, Edward Indiana Thomas, Ida Indiana   Indiana
HUFF Male 2 mo 09-Jun-1899 Parker Settlement inauration?   Huff, Pete Parker Settlement Graulic Parker Settlement   Parker Settlement
HUFF Mary 5 min 03-Sep-1884 Robinson Twp asphixiated - this child dieve minutes after birth d Huff, George Germany Granlich, Mary Germany   Robinson Twp
HUFFNAGLE L (female) 35 27-Mar-1894 Posey county consumption m Galoch, John Germany     housewife Vanderburg County
HUGHS Martha J 18 21-Sep-1896 Posey County puerperal exclampsia m - - - - housewife Ky
HUGO J R CAPT 78 29-Sep-1891 New Harmony valuculor disease of heart   Hugo, William England Read, Amy England mechanic England
HUMINGCAMP? Walter 5 16-Jul-1883   dysentery   ---Henry Germany Zurckel, Christina Germany   Point Twp
HUMMEL John 19 01-Oct-1898 Marrs Twp tuberculosis of bowels   Hummel, Christtofer Germany Denzer, Mary Vanderburg County   Vanderburg County
HUNGATE Armstead 68 29-Jan-1886 New Harmony dilutation of heart widower - - - - - Kentucky
HUNGATE Elmer 11 27-Nov-1894 Blk Twp typhoid fever   Hungate, Charles Indiana Bundy, Martha Indiana   Indiana
HUNGET Suffona 10 16-Jul-1895 Blk Twp congestive chill   Hungat, William Posey County Mc Entier Posey County   Posey County
HUNTER Amy 9mo 13-Aug-1887 Harmony Twp congestion of lungs   Hunter, Henry Harmony Twp Hunget, Mary Indiana   Harmony Twp
HUNTER Belle 26 23-Jun-1895 Harmony Twp pericarditis   Hunter, John Harmony Twp Wade, Lucinda Posey Co housekeeper Harmony Twp
HUNTER James 72 09-Aug-1890 Harmony Twp metril disease of heart widower Hunter, James Penn Nash   farmer Harmony Twp
HUNTER James S 6 mo 08-Jul-1882 near New Harmony enter-colitis   Hunter, Franklin P   Hunter, Elizabeth R     near near New Harmony
HUNTSINGER Allen K 6 mo 03-Mar-1889 Center Twp tubercular meningtis   Huntsinger, George A White County, Illinois Lamman, Alice Scott County, Indiana   Knoxville, Tn
HUNUN? Male Stillborn 28-Jan-1894 Mt Vernon Stillborn   Henun?, W Cincinatti, Ohio Hemper? Mt Vernon    
HURD Sarah 73 14-Sep-1882 Cynthiana paralysis of heart   Meyers, John   Stiles, Anna Virginia domestic  
HURD Ella Mrs 26 09-Nov-1893 Harmony Twp pneumonia m Crosser, James Illinois Crosser, Nancy Illinois   Illinois
HURD Female 6 wk 15-Dec-1898 New Harmony pneumonia   Hurd, Charles Indiana Bundy, Maggie Indiana   New Harmony
HURD Female 2 hr 19-Nov-1893 Harmony Twp premature   Hurd, William Posey County Crosser, Ella Illinois    
HURD Joshua 65 18-Mar-1891 Harmony Twp peritonitis   - - - - farmer Ohio
HURD Male - 12-Dec-1895   premature birth   Hurd, David Indiana Walton, Kate Indiana   New Harmony
HURD Male 2 wk 02-Apr-1897   inanition   Hurd, Charles Posey County Bundy, Margaret Posey County   Posey County
HURD Male 2 hr 09-Nov-1893 Harmony Twp premature   Hurd, William Posey County Crosser, Ella Illinois    
HURD William Larry 4 mo 17-Apr-1897   measles   Hurd, William Indiana Nickens, Lucy Posey county    
HURST Elizabeth 37 03-Apr-1882 Lynn Twp supposed to be from the effects of provoked abortions           housekeeper Tenn
HURST Susannah 85 04-Jul-1887 Lynn Twp dysentery widow - - - - housewife Virginia
HUSBAND George 60 13-Aug-1886 New Harmony cancer m Husband, Richard England     retired pork merchant Illinois
HUSBANDS Emma 54 21-Jul-1891 New Harmony mauneory cancer m Read, Thomas England     housewife England
HUST Effa 9 mo 06-Sep-1889 Lynn Twp malaria   Hust, Leonard E Posey County Alldredge, Margaret C Posey County   Posey County
HUSTON Charles 43 21-Feb-1899   death unknown(probably poisoning)   - - - - teamster  
HUSTON Lousia 13 16-Aug-1883 Lynn Twp permicious rem fever   Huston, Francis M Rising Sun, Ind Bundy, Caroline Posey County   Posey county
HUTCHINSON Female few hrs 15-Apr-1894 Posey County premature birth   Hutchinson, Joseph Illinois Wargel, Rosa Posey County   Posey County
HUTCHINSON Jessie 18 mo 07-Mar-1884 Mt Vernon bronco pneumonia   Hutchison, Philo A Marrs Twp Watkins, Martha Blk Twp   Mt Vernon
HUTCHSON Mary Ann 57 08-Jan-1898 Marrs Twp burn widow Lacy, William          
HYATT Lizzie 6 mo 26-Jul-1896 Harmony Twp entero colitis   Hyatt, Frank Indiana Crosser, Mary Indiana   Harmony twp
HYATT Philip 12 03-Feb-1895 Harmony twp pneumonia   Hyatt, Edward Indiana Hurst, Emaline Illinois   Illinois
HYNE George 65 08-Mar-1888 Stewartsville consumption   Hyne, Wolf Germany     Germany farmer