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Deaths 1882-1900
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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
INGLES Charles   26-Mar-1884 Blk Twp consumption m Ingles, William   Conover, Jane New Jersey farming Blk Twp
INGLES Charles Clarance 2 wk 20-Aug-1884 Blk Twp none listed   Ingles, Charles Indiana Kuykendall, Della Blk Twp   Blk Twp
INGLES Della 17 06-Aug-1884 Blk Twp puerperal convulsions m Kuykendall, Jesse White Co., Ill Combs, Lucinda Blk Twp keeping house Blk twp
INGLES Jane   08-Jun-1883 Blk Twp at home consumption widow Conyer, David New Jersey Wright, Sarah C New Jersey   New Jersey
INOLDER Columbus T   26-May-1893 Point Twp consumption   - - - -   Point Twp
INWOOD Thomas R 53 02-Mar-1898 New Harmony pnuemonia m - - - - butcher Indiana
IRELAND Lucinda 57 30-Sep-1891 Griffin septicemia and abcess of liver   - - - - housewife Indiana
JACK Eva 5 07-Nov-1884 Springfield croup   Jack, W H Kentucky Stoker, Eliza Harrison County, In   Harrison County Indiana
JACKSON Joseph O 1 yr 11 mo 07-Aug-1882   doctor says supposed to be pernicious fever I never saw the cas until after death   Jackson, Joseph   Jackson, Sarah C     Marrs Twp
JACKSON Laura 11 mo 15-Oct-1882 Wabash Twp, Gibson county dysentary   Jackson, A. W.   Jackson, Sarah   Gibson County  
JACKSON Patsey 65 07-Nov-1890 Harmony Twp phthisis pulmonalis m Garrison       housewife Indiana
JACKSON Sarah 27 22-May-1884 Black Twp consuption   Benthahall, Cornelius North Carolina Rowe, Rachel   housewife Indiana
JACKSON Thomas 48 06-Mar-1884 Caborn abcess of right lung m Jackson, George England Shaw, Hannah England farmer Posey Co
JAMES Abraham 76 13-Dec-1895 Mt Vernon senile debility widower - - - -   Dayton, Ohio
JAMES George 14 mo 27-Mar-1896 Mt Vernon marasuens?   James, John   Jenn, Ella Indiana   Mt Vernon
JAMES Myrtle 8mo 21-Jan-1894 Stewartsville cerebral hemmorhage   James, John Indiana Jones, Fanny Indiana   Stewartsville
JAMES Rosa 5 mo 15-Sep-1896 Posey County cholera infantum   James, Robert R Posey County Lambeth, Julia Posey County   Posey County
JANUARY Kittie67 67 06-Mar-1884 Mt Vernon general debility   Boswell, Elliot   Moore, Mary     Harrison County, Ky
JAQUESS Asberry C 82 1⁄2 31-Mar-1895 Poseyville euthanasia widower Jaquess, Jonathan New Jersey Frazier, Rebecca Maryland   Kentcky
JEFFERIES Ina Grace 6 mo 21-Jan-1896 Blk twp none listed   Jefferies, William S Blk Twp Rowe, Mary C Point Twp   Blk Twp
JEFFERSON John Taylor 54 10-Nov-1894 Mt. Vernon pneumonia widower Jefferson, Nathan Nelson County, Ky Stone, Angeline Nelson Co., Ky farmer Nelson Co, Ky
JEFFRIES Mattie 20 29-May-1897 Blk Twp congestive chilld   Jefferies, James C Blk Twp Templeton, Martha C Mt Vernon housewifery Blk Twp
JENIFER James 24 18-Apr-1893 Point Twp lightning   - - - - laborer Mt Vernon
JENKINS Albert Woods 14 07-Aug-1884 Blk Twp intestinal hemorage   Jenkins, George H Posey County Topper, Mary J Posey County   Blk Twp
JENKINS G R (female)   17-Aug-1887 Posey County flux   Jenkins, G H Posey County Topper, Mary J Posey County   Posey County
JOEST Elizabeth 59 22-Jun-1896 Mt Vernon cancer widow Effinger Germany       Germany
JOHNSON Bessie 2 17-Jul-1889 Harmony Twp dysentery   Johnson, Edward Indiana Taylor Indiana   Indiana
JOHNSON Camma R 84 02-May-1899 Harmony Twp bronchitis widower Johnson, Richard North Carolina Swayer North Carolina farmer North Carolina
JOHNSON Catharine 70 30-Nov-1894 Harmony Twp enteritis widow Staley       farmers widow Indiana
JOHNSON Clarance 17 01-Jul-1897 Poseyville heart failure   Johnson, William Gibson County Davis, Flora Gibson County laborer Montgomery Twp, Gibson County
JOHNSON Courtland 19 mo 29-Jul-1896 Harmony Twp entero colitis   Johnson Cama Posey County Cisne, Josephine Indiana   Posey County
JOHNSON Elizabeth 61 19-Dec-1893   cancer of stomach widow - - - - housekeeper  
JOHNSON Female Stillborn 09-Dec-1882 not listed Stillborn   Johnson, Benjamin F   Johnson, Sarah E     not listed
JOHNSON Female 5 da 02-Apr-1883 Poseyville inflammation of brain   Johnson, Adalaska   Johnson, Esther   Poseyville  
JOHNSON George 58 da 21-Sep-1884 Bethel Twp congetion stomach   Johnson, George Indianapolis, In Waller, M. L Bethel Twp   Bethel Twp
JOHNSON Henry 42 19-Jan-1896 Stewartsville 1 1⁄2 mi n.e. suicide m - - - - day laborer Posey County
JOHNSON Julia 52 21-Jan-1896 Harmony Twp pneumonia m Gentry Indiana Coleman   housewife Indiana
JOHNSON Male 3 mo 15-Mar-1898 Harmony Twp membranous croup   Johnson, Cam Indiana Cisne, Josie Illinois   Harmony Twp
JOHNSON Male 11 da 16-Jan-1895 Harmony Twp inanition   Johnson, William Indiana Johnson, Mary Indiana   Harmony Twp
JOHNSON Mark J 35 17-Jun-1884 Stewartsville atrophy of liver   - - - -   Illinois
JOHNSON Mary 33 26-Aug-1888 New Harmony neuralgia of stomach and bowels   Davis, John       housewife Mt Vernon
JOHNSON Nicholas 72 10-Oct-1895 Mt Vernon pulmonary pthisis widower - - - - laborer Hesse, Darstadt
JOHNSON Rachel 63 31-May-1884 Harmony Twp chronic gastritis       Staley   housewife Pennsylvania
JOHNSON Rosa 90 19-Jul-1890 Mt Vernon consumption widow - - - - keeping house Henderson Co, Ky
JOHNSON Sib 61 20-Oct-1898 Mt Vernon typhoid fever m - - - - laborer Morganfield, Ky
JOHNSON Sophronia 24 01-Jan-1896 Point Twp pneumonia m Seals, William       housewife Indiana
JOHNSON Walter 18 mo 12-Aug-1890 Harmony Twp accidental drowning   Johnson, William   Randolph, Cassie Indiana   Harmony Twp
JOHNSON William Levi 22 mo 18-Jul-1895 Blk Twp cholera infantum   Johnson George C Spencer county Lupton, Sarah Blk Twp   Blk twp
JOHNSON Wyatt 9 mo 16-Jul-1896 Lynn Twp congestion of brain   Johnson, Reese Indiana Cross, Melvina Indiana   Posey County
JOINER Female Stillborn 16-Feb-1882 Blk Twp Stillborn due to general debility of mother, says child about 8 months full size and natural   Joiner, Andrew J   Joiner, Mary A     Blk Twp
JONES Bessie 5 mo 06-Jan-1894 Mt Vernon arachnitis   Jones, Samuel A Smithland, Ky Sanders, Mamie Smithland, Ky   Mt Vernon
JONES Cora 12 14-Nov-1892 Mt Vernon typhoid fever   Jones, Jon T Posey County West, Rachel Posey County   Mt Vernon
JONES Cornelius 10 12-May-1883 Mt Vernon run over by a wagon   Jones, Ezekiel   Jones, Ceilla     Blk Twp
JONES Elizabeth 69 20-Oct-1894 Blk Twp hemiplegia? widow - - - - farmer Indiana
JONES James 18 16-Aug-1883 Mt Vernon pernicious fever   - - - - hostler Kentucky
JONES John 47 11-Jun-1896 Mt Vernon none listed widower - - - - laborer Kentucky
JONES John T 40 21-Mar-1895 Mt Vernon consumption m Jones, John D Posey County Green, Elizabeth W Indiana saloonist Blk Twp
JONES John Weever 17 02-Mar-1883   cerebrispinal meningites   Jones, Ezekiel   Jones, Priscilla   farmer Blk Twp
JONES Leonard Leroy 5 mo 03-Mar-1895 Mt Vernon arachmitis   Jones, Samuel A Smithland, Ky Sanders, Mamie Smithland, Ky   Mt Vernon
JONES Male Stillborn 25-Apr-1886 New Harmony Stillborn   Jones, Walter Indiana Hilliard Illinois   New Harmony
JONES Male 38 da 25-Sep-1891 Lynn Twp dysentery   Jones,Frank Perry County, Illinois Lee, Lula Lynn Twp   Lynn Twp
JONES Male Stillborn 17-Sep-1888 Mt Vernon syphliisis       Jones, Ella Indiana    
JONES Maria J 39 13-Aug-1891 Posey County poisoned with mercunibichloride? widow Bell, James W Tenn Lamb, E J Rockport, In housekeeper Posey County
JONES Martha G 60 27-Feb-1896 Mt Vernon cancer widow Frentriss Tennessee       Tenn
JONES Rachel C 37 20-Jan-1896 Mt Vernon consumption widow West, Josiah Indiana Phillips, Ninevah Indiana housewife Indiana
JONES Tilla 5 25-Jul-1882 Robb Twp relaperine fever?   Jones, William   Jones, Matilda     Indiana
JORDON Maud Stillborn 02-Jul-1882 Bethel Twp Stillborn   Jordon, Eleby   Jordon, Mary J (nee Browning)      
JORDON(JOURDON) Mary 32 10-Feb-1895 Marrs Twp febris pucopervalis? m Helinke, John Germany Vse?, Mary Germany   Marrs Twp
JOURDAN Jacob 34 24-Jul-1893 Posey County consumption   Jourdon, Jacob Germany Jourdon, Margaret Germany farmer Posey County
JOURDAN(JORDON) Lizzie 14 26-Jan-1883 Marrs Twp meningitis tuberculer?   Jordon, Jacob   Jordon, Margaret     Indiana
JOURDON Gotfried 65 21-Jul-1895 Marrs Twp valoular disese heart widower Jourdon, Jacob Germany     farmer Germany
JOURDON(JORDON) Mary - 05-Oct-1882 Bethel Twp childbed fever m - - - - farmers wife Posey County
JUMPER George 72 25-Nov-1893 Poor House pneumonia widower - - - - trapper France
JUNCKER Margaret 68 26-Sep-1898 Marrs Twp cancer of bowels m Mardens, Conrod Germany Oeth Germany houssewife Germany
JUST Eva 3 24-Dec-1893 Mt Vernon catarrah fever   Just, Frank Illinois Statts, Paulina Germany   Mt Vernon
JUSTICE Charles 28 17-Feb-1894 Harmony Twp typhoid fever m Justice, James       laborer Indiana