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Deaths 1882-1900
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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
KAESMIRE (KOESMIRE) William 36 03-Aug-1889 at home effiesion of brain? m Koesmire, Fred Old County Gerick?, Sophia Old Country farmer America
KAHLER Arthur W 2 26-Sep-1899 Lynn Twp entro-colitis   Kahler, Jones Ohio Fowler, Anna Illinois   Indiana
KAHLER William A 19 23-May-1899 Posey County ulcee of left kidney   Kahlar, Jonas Posey County Sturghis, Martha E Posey County   Posey County
KAHYN Charlotte 48 11-Jan-1895 Mt Vernon cerebral apploxy and albummina m - - - - housewife Indiana
KAISER Alfred C 6 mo 26-Sep-1899 Lynn Twp acute enteritis   Kaier, Joseph William Evansville Jann, Theaidore M Shawneetown, Ill   Mt Vernon
KAISER George A 9 mo 29-Aug-1895 Mt Vernon gastric iirritation   Kaier, Charles Mt Vernon DeMuth, Theresa Huston, Tx   Mt Vernon
KAISER Josie T 6 21-Dec-1894 Mt Vernon diptheria   Kaiser, Charles Mt Vernon Demuth, Tracy Houston, Tx   Mt Vernon
KEATH Susan 3 13-Dec-1882 Robb Twp pneumonia   - - - - housewife Indiana
KEBLER George 1 05-Dec-1884 Marrs Twp pneumonia   Kebler, William Germany Erhardt, Ellen Germany   Marrs Twp
KEELING Elizabeth 73 11-May-1883 Lynn Twp consumption   Byrd, John         NorthCarolina
KEISER Josephine 56 08-Feb-1898 Mt Vernon fibroid phthisus m Joseph, France Germany Joseph, Josephine Germany housewife Germany
KELFINGER (KALFINGER) Andreas 78 01-Aug-1884 Point Twp catherer fever m - - - - farmer Germany
KELLER Lelia 9 mo 14-Dec-1882 Mt Vernon largngites   Keller, James   Keller, Nancy G   Posey County  
KELLY JAMES Ann 33 27-Mar-1891 Point Twp gangerna oris widow Bennett, James W Nashville, Tenn Humphreys, Mary A Virginia   Crittenden Co., Ky
KELLY NAN 49 16-Sep-1891 Mt Vernon goiter and opium - says duration years widow - - - -    
KELLY Warren 2 mo 13-Oct-1884 Indiana thrush   Kelly, Jerry Michigan Bunnett, Jin Anne Kentucky   Indiana
KEMPF Emmer Stillborn 12-Dec-1884 Mt Vernon Stillborn   Kempf,Anton Kentucky Talliefeir, Mary Kentucky   Mt Vernon
KEMPF Fannie 7 mo 01-Jan-1884 Mt Vernon neumoni croopfus   Kempf,Anton Louisville, Ky Talliefero, Mollie Kentucky   Mt Vernon
KENKADE Male Stillborn 31-Jul-1891 Blk Twp diptheria of mother previous to birth   Kenkade, J W Illinois Botimer, Barbara Indian   Blk Twp
KETCHUM Emma D 49 30-Nov-1896 New Harmony dysentery widow         farmers widow Illinois
KICHELOW Elias 76 18-Feb-1899 Harmony Twp cancer of jaw m Kinchelow, William Kentucky Lynn, Margaret Kentucky farmer Posey County
KIDWELL Female Stillborn 21-Dec-1894 Lynn Twp Stillborn   Kidwell, H Illinois Winemiller, Sally Lynn Twp   Lynn Twp
KIEHL Margaret 52 02-Sep-1891 Marrs Twp anemia m Rheimheimer, Peter Germany Philipena   housewife Germany
KIGHT Artimarsa 78 17-Nov-1898 Harmony Twp ingestion widow Williams, Urbane English Descent   Irish Decent   Kentucky
KIGHT Charles Albert 7 mo 02-Jan-1884 Stewartsville bronchial cataruh   Kight, E K   Kight, M. E.     Stewartsville
KIGHT Elizabeth A 58 01-Jun-1884 Poseyville carcireoma widow Cavitt, Andrew Penn Cavitt, Nancy Kentucky housewife Wadesville
KIGHT Silas C 43 21-Nov-1895 Robb Twp tuberculosis m Kight, Jesse   Boils, Malinda Posey County   Robb Twp
KILROY C T (male) 1 11-Feb-1891   gastritis   Kilroy, James Foxford, Ire Trainer, Carrie Posey County    
KILTZ Lizzie 28 08-Sep-1899 Farmersville tyhoid fever   Kiltz, Jacob Indiana Hileman, Margaret Indiana teacher Evansville
KIMBALL Phyllis 85 28-Feb-1882 Gibson County old age m Low, William   Low, Leadichia     Lemticlu
KIMBALL Susan 46 16-Dec-1884 Cynthiana over worked,exhaustion,general debility   Shelton, John       housewife Vanderburg Co
KIMBERLAIN Chas Mrs 35 17-Sep-1897 Harmony Twp tuberculosis m Price, Romelia Indiana     housewife Posey County
KIMBERLING Catherine 2 09-Jul-1890 Harmony Twp entero-colitis   Kimberling, Jacob Indiana Mann Indiana   Indiana
KINCHLOE Rosa 3 1⁄2 07-Oct-1884 Harmony Twp croup   Kinchloe, Zachariah Indiana Bradley, Martha Indiana   Harmony Twp
KING Cora 1 07-Aug-1883 West Franklin gangrene mouth   King, Jerry M Poey County Hay Indiana   West Franklin
KING Eliza J 54 16-May-1895 Point Twp yellow jaundice widow Adams, Doc Kentucky Gardiner, Pesseta Kentucky housewife Kentucky
KING Erney 6 mo 26-Jul-1894 Bethel Twp brain fever   King, Oscar   Phillipps, Florance     Bethel Twp
KING Gertrude 26 29-May-1896 Mt Vernon typhoid fever m Allender, James   Young, Elizabeth Pa housewife Mt Vernon
KING JAMES 62 26-Feb-1895 Point Twp pneumonia m King, Francis Ireland Finch, Bridget Ireland farmer Indiana
KING Mack 27 07-Mar-1882 Blk Twp effects of pistol shot inflicted by the deceased   - - - - farmer Kentucky
KINNEY Louisa 2 mo 08-Apr-1882 Marrs Twp congestion of lungs and brain   Kinney, John   Kinney, Aletha     Marrs Twp
KIOMANZINE? FRED 7 12-Sep-1882 Point Twp malerial fever   Kiomanzine,Martin   Kiomanzine, Mary     Point Twp
KITCHEL Jacob 62 03-Mar-1884 Point Twp laborer   Kitchel, Fritz Germany     laborer Butler Co., Ohio
KITCHEL Male 13 da 17-Sep-1883 Point Twp malaria   Kitchel, John Indiana Greathouse, Cam Indiana    
KITCHELL Male 1 hr 08-Mar-1895 Point Twp dificent vitality   Kitchel, Louis Posey County Allen, Martha J Tenn   Point Twp
KITCHELL Rich S 1 da 26-May-1888 Posey County none listed   Kitchell, John M Posey County Greathouse, Caroli8ne M Posey County    
KIVETT George C 16 28-Dec-1884 Lynn Twp typhoid fever   Kivett, Noah   Wilkey     Indiana
KIVETT(KNOTT?) Mary 79 17-Nov-1897 Mt Vernon tuberculosis   Barter, Edward England Beedle, Ann England   Plymouth, England
KLINER Herman - 06-May-1894 Poor Asylum whiskey   - - - - barkeeper Germany
KLOTZ Etta 19 03-Oct-1893 Point Twp miasmatic aneamia?   Ramsey, John Indiana Oliver Indiana housewife Indiana
KLOTZ Male none given 12-Oct-1893 Point Twp inanition   Klotz, William Point Twp Ramsey, Etta Posey Co    
KLUTZ Nick poss 73 09-Jul-1899 Posey County inflamatory rheumatizm   Klutz, Fred Indiana Morgan, Maggie Indiana farmer Indiana
KNAEMER Robert 58 03-Apr-1896 Marrs Twp tubercular m Knaemer, Henry Old County Holsappel, Caroline Old Country farmer Old Country
KNOFFIMEIER Henry 54 28-Jan-1899 Marrs Twp pneumonia fever m - - - - farmer Germany
KNOLIMAN Chaarles 22 25-Apr-1898 near Wadesville pneumonia and tuberculosis s Knolman, Chris Germany     farmer Center Twp
KNOLLMAN Christian 39 02-Apr-1884 Center Twp typhoid m Knollman, William Germany Mary Germany farmer Germany
KNOPMEIER Mena 10 28-Jan-1899 Marrs Twp pneumonia fever   Knoffmeier, Henry Germany Boberg, Mina Germany   Marrs Twp
KNOTTS Luize Mrs 27 05-Feb-1884 Mt Vernon pneumonia m Parson, James Virginia     housewife Point Twp
KNOWLES Male 4 da 18-Jul-1890 Mt Vernon none listed   Knowles, John T Blk Twp Lance, Alice Posey County    
KNOWLES Martha A 33 12-Feb-1886 Mt Vernon typhoid fever m Powell       housewife Indiana
KNOWLS Alonao 9 14-Jan-1884 Blk Twp inflamation bowels   Knowlls. John T   Powell, Martha     Indiana
KNOWLS W S (male) 36 07-Apr-1886 Stewartsville phthisis pulmonalia m Knowlls, David Indiana Smith Kentucky farmer Indiana
KNOX Early D 2 24-Mar-1896 Mt Vernon la grippe   Knox, George Kentucky Smith Kentucky   Mt Vernon
KNOX William 4 07-Nov-1895 Mt Vernon minngitis   Knox, George Kentucky Smith, Ella Kentucky   Mt Vernon
KOERNER Male Stillborn 07-Jan-1894 Robinson Twp Stillborn   Koerner, Will Robinson Twp Aylesworth, Mary Marrs Twp    
KOFFERE Ursela 83 05-Sep-1895 Mt Vernon heart trouble widow Totten Prussia     housewife Prussia
KOPPEN Englebret 72 02-Dec-1884 Mt Vernon heart disease m - - - - laborer Prussia
KORNER Gottleib 70 05-Jan-1884 Mt Vernon pneumonia   - - - - wgon maker Wertenburg, Germany
KRAMER Alex 48 29-Apr-1887 Robinton Twp pneumonia   - - - - laborer Germany
KRAMER August 53 07-Nov-1893 Marrs Twp cancer of the stomach m Kramer, H Germany     farmer Germany
KRAMER Henry 3 07-Oct-1882 Blk Twp langagiitis croup   Kramer, Gottlieb   Heil, Mary     Marrs Twp
KRIEPKE Anna M 85 24-Mar-1896 Robinson Twp lagrippe widow - - - - - Germany
KRIETENSTEIN Henry Herman 3 08-Feb-1883 Robinson Twp typhoid fever   Krietenstein, August         Indiana
KRIETENSTEIN Sophia 5 14-Feb-1883 Robinson Twp none listed   Krietenstein, August   Krietenstein, Caroline     Robinson Twp
KUHN Frank 10 08-Sep-1889 Farmersville tuberculosis   Kuhn, John Ohio Pfisters, Mary Germany   Posey county
KUHN Henry 54 16-Apr-1883 Second St Between Mulberry and Canal - Mt Vernon pneumonitis widower Kuhn, George   Kuhn, Rebecca   blacksmith Pennsylvania
KUHN John 56 26-Jul-1896 Mt Vernon dysentery m Kuhn, Wendel Germany Schaffer, Margaret Germany farmer Cincinnati, Ohio
KUMP Clara 6 25-Jan-1899 Mt Vernon scarletena   Kump(Kemp), Anda Louisville Taifaro,Mary Kentucky   Mt Vernon
KUNHLEHOETHER? Fredwick 16 11-Aug-1897 Marrs Twp -   Kunhehoether?, Henderson, Ky Wirener, Carolina German Twp   Evansville
KUTTENSTEIN Sophia 20 03-Oct-1894 Robinson Twp typhoid pneumonia m Erhardt, Jacob Germany Dolta?, Louiza Vanderburg County housewife Posey County
LA DUKE Erby 13 mo 23-Jun-1896 Posey County nephritis   La Duke, Emery Ireland Blunk, Kate Indiana   Posey County
LA DUKE Lizzie Leona 1 22-Jul-1898 Blk Twp phthisis pulmonalis   La Duke, Emery S Harrison County, In Blunt, Mary Jane Harrison County, In   Blk Twp
LA DUKE Male Stillborn 26-Apr-1896 Blk Twp Stillborn   La Duke, Elliott Indiana Aldredge, Mary Posey County    
LACIFIELD, Ed 15 25-Oct-1894 Griffin typhoid fever   Lacifield, Ed Indiana Norris, Mary Bethel Twp farmer Bethel Twp
LADLICK (FADLICK?) Jonathan 55 16-Dec-1895 Mt Vernon haimpopliss? m - - - - day laborer Harden Co., Illlinois
LAFFOORE? Peter 72 05-Jan-1896 Poor Infirmary mitral stewasis? s - - - -   France
LAINE John 18 mo 06-Jan-1889 Cynthiana measles   Laine, Jos Germany Godd Germany   Cynthiana
LAMBATH Sarah - 02-Dec-1894 Point Twp pneumonia widow - - - - housekeeper Simpson County, Ky
LAND Male Stillborn 19-May-1896 Mt Vernon Stillborn   Land, S. F. Illinois Hollings, Aliner Ohio    
LANE Florance 31 01-Apr-1899 New Harmony septreamina m Gallert, Ed Indiana Gallert, Florence Indiana housewife Griffin
LANE Male Stillborn 25-Jul-1896 Mt Vernon Stillborn   Lane, Frank Indiana Fisher Indiana    
LANE Moses 65 07-Dec-1890   phthisis pulmonalis widower - - - - farmer none given
LANG Charles F 17 mo 21-Oct-1895 Posey County convulsions   Lang, Joseph Posey County Jones, Lou Carroll Co, Missouri   Posey County
LANG Christina Margaret 35 09-May-1886 Mt Vernon gunshot wound   - - - - hosewife Germany
LANG George F 15 23-Apr-1894 Posey County extensive bunrt   Lang, Charles F Germany Ries, Marge   grocery clerk Posey County
LANG Margaret 35 07-Aug-1887 Posey County cholera marbus m Reis, George Germany Catharine Germany   Germany
LANGFORD Amelia 45 12-Nov-1893 Mt Vernon cancer of stomach m Bass, Jordon Gibson County, In Skelton, Mary A Gibson Co, In housewife Indiana
LANHAIN John 67 02-Feb-1899 New Harmony pneumonia m Lanhain, John   Martha T   laborer Illinois
LANTEN Male Stillborn 05-Jul-1894 St Wendel Stillborn   Lanten, Thomas Densekland? Peternelli, Shovel Densekland?    
LAOHR unknown Stillborn 25-Aug-1896 near Mt Vernon Stillborn   Loehr, Martin Germany Brass, Francis Posey County    
LARGE Arthur 6 03-Feb-1884 Mt Vernon otitis   Large, William J Indiana Williams, Isabell Kentucky   Mt. Vernon
LARKEY Sam 1 1⁄2 03-Feb-1895 Marrs Twp pneumonia   Larkey, John Marrs Twp Wildt Marrs Twp   Marrs Twp
LASLIE Opel (male) 2 19-Aug-1895 Wadesville remittent fever   Laslie, T. A. H Kentucky Davis, Sarah J Kentucky   Oakland City
LAWRENCE David L 7 30-Mar-1882 Blk Twp loencocythemia?   Lawrence, Issac   Lawrence, Orilla J     Mt Vernon
LAWRENCE Edward K 45 05-May-1895 Mt Vernon peritonitis m - - - - forman hominy mill none listed
LAWRENCE Elizabeth 58 03-Mar-1882 Marrs Twp phthisis pulmonalis   Lewis, John   Lewis, Susan   housewife Posey County
LAWRENCE Francis A (male) 6 mo 30-Jun-1884 Marrs Twp cholera infantum   Lawrence, Andrew J Indiana Caldwell, Susie Indiana   Marrs Twp
LAWRENCE Rachel 8 mo 31-Aug-1884 Blk Twp malaria   Lawrence, Issac T Indiana Lewis, Aurilla Indiana   Blk Twp
LAWS John M 75 10-May-1898 Mt Vernon congetion bowels m Laws, Meshach North Carolina     farmer Kentucky
LAYER Ida 11 17-Jul-1894 Posey Co dysentery   Layer, John G Germany Harrison, Lodemia E Posey Co   Posey Co
LEAVENWORTH Lola 4 09-Oct-1895 Mt. Vernon diptheria   Leavenworth, S M Mt. Vernon Cornelius, Lula Indiana   Mt. Vernon
LEE Azra (Male)   13-Jan-1898 Springfield inflamation of bowels   Lee, Armhurst Vermont Chowan, Margaret Posey County   Springfield
LEFFEL Barabara 79 04-Feb-1894 Mt Vernon lagripe widow Reichenbacher         Karlsrhue, Baden
LEFTWICH Jesse (female) 3 13-Nov-1894 Mt Vernon pneumonia   Leftwich, George         Mt Vernon
LEIPOLD Catharine 46 01-Aug-1882 Wadesville congestive chill   Uffleman, Conrad   Uffleman, Elizabeth   housewife Germany, Prussia
LEMIPRER? Margaretha 72 22-Jan-1899 Robinson Twp pneumonia widow     Maregaretha Clare   houseworker Germany
LEONARD Charles F 78 31-Mar-1884 Mt Vernon apoplexy m Leonard, David P Rhode Island Pearse, Mary Rhode Island retired merchant Bristol Rhode Island
LESTENBERGER Milt G 51 13-Oct-1890 Mt Vernon hemmorrhage of stomach m Listenberger, Adam Penn Graff, Sarah Penn carriage trimmer Posey County
LESTER Job A 22 11-Feb-1896   drowned   - - - - laborer  
LEVY Rose 33 03-Jun-1894 Mt Vernon peritonitis m Hartung, Levi Germany Rosenbaum, Hannah Germany housewife Mt Vernon
LEWIS Agnes 3 03-Dec-1893 Marrs Twp bronchitis   Lewis, John Posey County Zeigler, Mary Posey County   Marrs Twp
LEWIS Arthur 13 18-Jan-1894 Mt Vernon meningitis   Lewis, Allen Union Co, Ky Carrol, Lou Carrol County, Ky   Shawneetown, Ill
LEWIS Emma 24 16-Jul-1895 Mt Vernon Consumption   Horton, Elias       housewife Indiana
LEWIS Female 20 min 10-Oct-1898 Marrs Twp cyanosis   Lewis,John Posey County Zeigler, Mary E Posey County    
LEWIS George abt 35 04-May-1895 Loudens Island murdered   - - - - farmer  
LEWIS Male 2 31-Oct-1882 West Franklin gas enteritis   Louis         Kentucky
LEWIS Robert Jr 16 10-Aug-1883 Blk Twp accidental drowning   Lewis, Robert   Lewis, Lien   laborer Posey County
LEWIS S (female) 30 02-Feb-1889 Stewartsville consumption   Aldridge, Thomas         Posey County
LICHTENBERGER Aaron 76 28-Jul-1890 Mt Vernon slight concussion of brain from a fall m - - - -   Penn
LINDSAR Female Stillborn 23-Sep-1896 Mt Vernon Stillborn   Lindsar, Ben   Davis, Clara Illinois    
LITCHTENBERGER Sadie 16 18-Sep-1887 New Harmony cerebro-spinal meningitis   Lichtenberger, Peter Indiana Smith Indiana   Indiana
LITTLE Preston 38 08-Jun-1894 Poor Infirmary gornorrheal nephitis?   - - - - pauper  
LIVINGS Anna B 1 03-Sep-1883 Poseyville cholera infantum   Livings, John D   Livings, F S     Kentucky
LOCKEY (LACKY) Caroline 56 30-Jun-1888 Mt Vernon heart disease widow Fifer(Pfifer), Jacob Germany       Germany
LOEHR Female Stillborn 25-Aug-1896 Blk Twp Stillborn   Loehr, Martin Germany Brass, Francis Posey County    
LOERCH Gottleib 55 14-Jun-1899 Mt Vernon hemiplegia?   Gottleig, Loerch Germany Frielbergner?, Catherine Germany stonecutter Germany
LONG Arthur 1 31-Oct-1895 New Harmony congestion of brain   Long, George Illinois Mann, Etta Posey County   New Harmony
LONG Ida May 21 01-Feb-1884 Cynthiana consumption   Long, James H Gibson County Mc Connell, Mary Cynthiana school teacher Pike County, Illinois
LONG Marie 16 19-Aug-1898 Mt Vernon diabetis   Long Kentucky Bolen Indiana   Indiana
LONG(possibly LANG) Levi 51 23-Jul-1884 Cynthiana consumption   Long, Thomas   Peters, Sally      
LOVELAND Grace Edna 1 13-May-1886 Mt Vernon scrofula   Prestonp Mississippi Warfield, Minna A Kentucky   Mt Vernon
LOVELAND Philander Cook 80 17-Nov-1894 Mt Vernon epithelioned of face?   Loveland, Ohio   Fox, Ester Ohio or Mass physician Hartford, Conn
LOVELL John Coslett 1 22-Aug-1895 Harmony Twp inanition   Lovell F J Indiana Oxley, Etta Spencer County   Harmony Twp
LOVERS? Igantis 35 21-Sep-1897 near Wadesville typho-malerial fever   Lovers, Alexander Germany Elizabeth Penn   St Wendle
LOWE Andrew 24 30-May-1898 Robb Twp acute brights disease   Lowe, Thomas Posey County McReynolds Posey County   Gibson County
LOWE Eliza Jane 63 25-Sep-1899 Robb Twp anarmia? widow Mc Reynolds, Joseph Tenn Boodsworth(Bloodsworth), Elizabeth Tenn   Posey County
LOWE Ida 9 mo 12-Aug-1887 Cynthiana meningitis   Lowe, Silas Posey County Medows, Lizzie Posey County   Cynthiana
LOWE William F 73 17-Dec-1893 Cynthiana influenza and old age married Lowe, G W Kentucky Endicott, Susan Kentucky farming Posey County
LUDLOW L Charles 1 23-Aug-1899 near Mt Vernon summer complaint   Ludlow, Aba Indiana Rodes, Laura Indiana   Mt Vernon
LUDLOW Sarah 42 02-Feb-1883 Blk Twp congestive chill   Ratcliff, Abram   Ratcliff, Hannah     England
LUIS Mary 31 18-May-1896 Bethel Twp typhoid fever m Osburn, Peter Vanderburg Co Osburn, Sallie Vanderburg County housewife Vanderburg Co
LUTTERMAN Gotleib 7 mo 11-May-1888 Robinson Twp rubeola   Frank Germany Henrietty     Robinson Twp
LUTZ Louis 2 1⁄2 03-Oct-1888 Blk Twp typhoid fever   Lutz, George Indiana Williamson, Georgine Indiana   Illinois
LUTZ Roscoe 6 03-Jan-1895 Blk Twp typho-malerial fever   Lutz, George Indiana Williamson, Geo. Ann Indiana   Illinois
LYKENBILL Louis A 3 mo 06-May-1894 Mt Vernon marasmuc (it's food never agreed)   Lykenbill, Joe Illinois Wolf, Mary St Louis   Mt Vernon
LYON James 74 27-Apr-1894 Robb Twp cistiitis widower Lyon, John US       U S