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Deaths 1882-1900

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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
NALL Ida 6 17-Mar-1883 Poor Asylum variola confluent, never vaccinated until 5 days before contraction of disease and failed   - - - -   Indiana
NASH Marsha Ann 38 04-Jul-1891 Posey County none listed   Nash, Andrew Butler County, Penn Smith, Julia An Posey County   Posey County
NASH Rosa 22 08-Feb-1886 - consumption   Nash, Clement   Nash, Margerena      
NATIONS Male Stillborn 12-Jan-1896 Mt Vernon Stillborn   Nations, Sherman Illinois Roedes, Fanny Illinois    
NATIONS Delpha 2 1⁄2 07-Apr-1894 Mt Vernon none listed   Nation, Sherman Illinois Reeder, Fannie Illinois   Mt Vernon
NEAL Aline 1 mo 13-Sep-1895 New Harmony inanition   Neal, B F Indiana Conrad, Carry Indiana   New Harmony
NEAL Elizabeth 72 29-Jan-1898 Vanderburg Co influenza widow - - - - domestic  
NEAL Jessie (male) 2 12-Sep-1895 New Harmony cholera infantum   Neal, B F Indiana Conrad, Carry Indiana   New harmony
NEAL Thornton W 78 11-Jan-1896 -Mt Vernon parapelgia m Neal, Thomas Virginia Margaret Virginia farmer Virginia
NEBES Charles Mrs 40 20-May-1897 Mt Vernon tuberculosis m Deietz, Pliase       housewife none listed
NEDDSICH? Lena 43 17-Nov-1893   cancer of peritoneirne? m - - - - housewife Germany
NEEL Harry 7 18-Nov-1894 Mt Vernon diptheria   Neel, Henry C Mt Vernon Gronemier     Mt Vernon
NEIHOUSE Female 72 18-Nov-1884 Marrs Twp pneumonia m - - - - housewife Germany
NELSON J W` 22 16-Mar-1882 Poseyville typhoid fever   Nelson, J W   Nelson, Mary G   farmer Richland County, Illinois
NELSON Jef 87 04-Mar-1898 Oliver la grippe widower Nelson North Carolina Butler North Carolina farmer Posey County
NESLER Carroll 20 02-Aug-1882 Blk Twp typhoid fever   Nesler, Gillison   Nesler, Parmelia   farm hand Blk Twp
NESLER Henry 51 24-May-1899 Posey County Infirmary Brights disease widower - - - - farmer Posey County
NESLER Joseph 60 02-Apr-1889 Blk Twp consumption m Nesler, John Indiana Byrd, Polly Indiana farmer Indiana
NESLER Male 6 da 15-Jul-1883 Blk Twp none listed   Nesler, Joseph   Rose, Catharine      
NEUHAUS Annie 10 05-Feb-1884 Marrs Twp none listed   Neuhaus, Henry Nettesheim, Germany Boehe, Josephine Germany   Marrs Twp
NEUHAUS Clemens 2 13-Jul-1887 Marrs Twp dysenteria   Neuhaus Germany Boehme, Josephina German Twp   Marrs Twp
NEUSCHAFER John Sr 74 25-Apr-1884 Mt Vernon suicide   Neuschafer, Andreas   Neuschafer, Willhelmeina   carpenter Oberichhieme, Bavaria, Germany
NEW Houghton 1 1⁄2 09-Jul-1897 New Harmony cholera infantum   New, Bert Indiana` Thomas, Hatie Indiana    
NEW Male Stillborn 02-Aug-1886 New Harmony cholera infantum   New, Bert New Harmony Thomas      
NEWMAN Annie 8 02-Jan-1896 Mt Vernon diptheria   Newman, William A         Mt Vernon
NEWMAN F (male) 21 05-Apr-1894 Mt Vernon diptheria   Newman, A W Evansville Hoffman Indiana merchant Mt Vernon
NEWMAN Male 5 mo   no year date Sep 7- Cynthiana - - Newman, Will Gibson County Catter Gibson County   Cynthiana
NEWMAN(NEUMAN) Conrad 73 12-Sep-1898 Mt Vernon heart disease m - - - - shoemaker -
NICHOLSON Jos 30 16-Jul-1897 Mt Vernon inflamation of bowels m Nicholson, Jacob   Owens, Mary   farmer Kentucky
NICKEN J W - 23-Mar-1888 Blk Twp     Nickens, John Posey County York, Elizabeth Posey County   Blk Twp
NICKENS James 67 30-Sep-1890 Lynn Twp chronic diarrhea m - - - - farmer  
NIEDEMIER Louisa 61 10-Aug-1896 Robinson Twp drowned m - - - - farmers wife  
NIEHAUS Male Stillborn 21-May-1883 Parker Settlement Stillborn   Niehaus, Fritz?   Niehaus, Caitny?      
NIEHAUS(HEIHAUS) John 61 14-Jan-1882 Marrs Twp heart disease widower - - - - laborer Germany
NIENHAUS Rosa 1 mo 10 da 21-Jul-1883   cholera infantum   - - - -   St Wendell
NIENHAUSE Maria 22 18-Jul-1883 St Wendell typhus (intestinal)   - - - - housewife German Twp, Vanderburg Co
NILL Miles 53 25-Sep-1883 Poor Asylum - Robb Twp uraemic poisoning and lack of attention   - - - - laborer Indiana
NIXSON Mary 32 12-Aug-1886 Mt Vernon septinenia from retained placenta and featus after an abortion attempt m - - - -   North Carolina
NO NAME   2 31-Oct-1882 West Franklin gastro enteritis   Louis         Kentucky
NOEL Female 1 da 21-Jun-1898 Lynn twp inatition   Noel, David J Lynn Twp Thomas, Margaret Lynn wp    
NOEL John L 32 06-Nov-1895 Lynn Twp typhoid pneumonia m Noel, John L Lynn Twp Reeves, Mary Ohio farmer Lynn Twp
NOLTE Fred W 52 26-Aug-1899 Mt Vernon paralysis m - - - - farmer Germany
NONE GIVEN   68 28-Feb-1897 Posey Co   m Zenrannan Germany     housewife Germany
NORRIS Della 24 03-Nov-1895 Robb Twp burns m Cox, Harris Indiana Marvel, Eliza Indiana   Indiana
NORRIS Lionel Hughes 27 24-Mar-1883 Robb Twp pneumonia widower Norris, James Harvey   Norris, Esther   farmer Posey County
NORRIS Mollie 20 25-Mar-1891 Harmony Twp consumption s Norris, Josh Posey County Gortney(Gwaltney) Poawy County   Harmony Twp
NORRIS William 48 02-Aug-1895 Bethel Twp gastrites   Norris, Thomas Indiana Boyle, Phillis Kentucky farmer Illinois
NOT GIVEN Female 1 yr 8 mo 09-Nov-1884 Blk Twp malarial fever             Blk Twp
NOT GIVEN Male abt 45 23-May-1882 Robinson Twp                
NOT GIVEN Male   10-May-1883   ran over cars of L and N RR              
NOT GIVEN Male 22 16-Oct-1882   fractured skull           supposed laborer  
NOT GIVEN Male 1 mo 27-Dec-1895 Cynthiana drowning             Mt Vernon
NOT GIVEN Not Given   24-Jul-1882 Robinson Twp congestive fever widow?       engineer    
NOT GIVEN Not given abt 40 14-Feb-1883   ran over cars of L and N RR              
NOT GIVEN Not Given                      
NOTTER Bettie 19 02-Aug-1899 Mt Vernon phthisis m Pickles, Oscar Blk Twp Brawley, Parthena Blk Twp housewife Blk Twp
NYNN? Female 8 mo 25-Aug-1898 Mt Vernon cholera infantum   Wynn, Willie         Mt Vernon