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Deaths 1882-1900
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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
OBERDOFER Sampson 65 27-Oct-1895 Mt Vernon pneumonia grass widower - - - - jockey Germany
OBLINIS Ruthia 18 25-Mar-1883 Blk Twp spinal meningitis   Oblenis, Henry Ohio Wright, Emilya Ohio housemaid Indiana
ODELL Cicia - 13-Aug-1889 Harmony Twp consumption m - - - -    
ODELL Clarance 21 06-Jan-1894 Robb Twp phthisis pulmonalis   Odell, John Posey County Jolly, Nancy Posey County farmer Posey County
ODELL John 15 04-Apr-1882 New Harmony typhoid fever   - - - -   White County, Illinois
ODELL Lavina 19 10-Feb-1896 Lynn Twp puerperal fever m Cawhorn, Mitchel       housewife  
ODELL Mary 5 19-Jun-1896 Lynn Twp malarial fever   Odell, George Illinois Canthorn, Mary Illinois   Indiana
ODELL William 55 01-Feb-1894 Bethel Twp la grippe m - - - - laborer Indiana
ODUM William C 19 10-Jul-1897 Harmony Twp enercolitis   Odum, William Illinois Maddox, Annie Illinois   Illinois
OETH Raymond 4 mo 14-Apr-1899 Mt Vernon gasti-enteritis   Oeth, William Posey County Benner, Anna Posey County   Mt Vernon
OLLER Mattie 19 07-Nov-1895 Poseyville eclampsia m Wykoff, Joseph Kentucky Phillips Kentucky housewife Poseyville
O'NEAL Charlott 50 08-Aug-1886 New Harmony emphysema widow McMunn       washer woman Kentucky
ONGETT Sarah M 38 13-Oct-1895 Poseyville cerebro spinal meningitis m Mc Intire, William   Estes, Sarah   housewife Posey County
ONIOT Henry 46 23-Dec-1884 Blk Twp pneumonia m Oniot, William England     farmer Indiana
ORMAN Celia 62 06-Aug-1887 Lynn Twp abdomenal tumor m Saltzman, Andrew Penn   Virginia   Lynn Twp
ORMAN Celia 31 26-Mar-1896 Lynn Twp peritinits m Savage, John Indiana Hays, Narcissa Illinois housewife Indiana
ORMAN Edgar (female) 12 da 26-Sep-1889 Lynn Twp whooping cough   Orman, Robert Indiana Huff Indiana   Lynn Twp
ORMAN Female Stillborn 25-Sep-1888 Lynn Twp Stillborn   Orman, John Lynn Twp Ashworth, Amanda Blk Twp    
ORMAN Wilson 15 09-Feb-1895 Lynn Twp congestion of lungs   Orman, John Indiana Ashworth, Amanda Lynn Typ   Lynn Twp
ORTH Charles 79 22-Oct-1894 Marrs Twp disease of heart m Orth, John Germany Weitzer, Charlot Germany farmer Germany
ORTH Conrod 42 25-Aug-1891 Lynn Twp peritinits m Savage, John Indiana Hays, Narcissa Illinois housewife Indiana
ORTH Hulda 40 07-Sep-1888 Marrs Twp peritonitis m Hengstenberg, Wilheim Germany       Germany
ORTH Rachel Christina 31 19-Jan-1886 Marrs Twp gun shot wound suicide   Able, Valentine       housewife Marrs Twp
ORTH Tina 1 26-Nov-1893 Marrs Twp croup   Orth, Jacob Marrs Twp Baro, Margaret Aelengronan?, Germany   Marrs Twp
OSBORN Annie G 31 04-Jan-1894 Posey County pneumonilis   Gill, William   Alldrich, Ester E Posey County housewife Posey County
OSBORN Anson S 81 18-Oct-1895 Blk Twp pneumonia widower Osborn, Lemuel   Andrews, Julia   farmer Bethel, Conn
OSEY William 47 27-Aug-1882 Marrs Twp consumption   - - - - farmer  
OSHMAMANN August 22 29-Nov-1884 Robinson Twp epilepsy     Germany   Germany   Robinson Twp
OTTMANN Maria 84 29-Mar-1886 Robinson Twp old age widow Demminger, O Germany       Robinson Twp
OVERBEE Lizzie 23 26-Jul-1896 Poor Infirmary syphilis   - - - - domestic Posey County
OVERSTREET Ada 2 mo 25-Feb-1883 West Franklin bronchitis   Overstreet, George   Overstreet, Caroline     West Franklin
OVERSTREET Male Stillborn 16-Oct-1884 West Franklin Stillborn from grief of mother   Overstreet, Judson C   Overstreet, Caroline      
OVERTON Harry 27 14-Dec-1888 Robb Twp pneumonia   Overton, William Indiana Grigsby, Elizabeth Indiana farmer Indiana
OVERTON Josephine 54 07-Mar-1899 New Harmony brigfhts disease m Cox, Joseph Kentucky Cox, Nancy   housewife Indiana
OVERTON Katharine 83 12-Oct-1884 Harmony Twp intermittant fever widow Reeves, William       housewife Posey County
OVERTON Kelly 23 06-May-1898 Robb Twp phthisis pulmonallis   Overton, Wesley Indiana Norris, Cassey Indiana farmer Indiana
OVERTON Male 24 hr 24-Feb-1898 Robb Twp chronic bronchitis m - - - -   Robb Twp
OVERTON Mia 12 25-Aug-1896 Point Twp consumption   Overton, L Kentucky Jones, Mary Kentucky   Point Twp
OVERTON Nancy 55 27-Feb-1899 New Harmony la grippe widow - - - - housewife Posey County
OVERTON Permelia 47 07-May-1882 Posey County consumption m Mourtrey, William   Moutrey, Lucy Johnston   farmers wife Posey County
OVERTON S E (male) 52 11-Aug-1890 Harmony Twp rheumatism   - - - - farmer Indiana
OVERTON William 32 14-Aug-1898 Bethel Twp not listed m Overton, John H Alabama Percell, Hauria? Alabama farmer Posey County
OVERTON (OVTON,ORTON) Mathew 80 15-Mar-1898 Posey County apoplexy widower - - - - farmer England
OWEN Adam 12 20-Jan-1891 Poseyville typhoid fever   Owens, Joseph Posey County Zurgable Posey County   Posey County
OWEN Anne E 76 23-Dec-1895 New Harmony paralysis widow Neef, Joseph France Buss?, Elisa Alsace housewife Kentucky
OWEN John 25 06-Mar-1888 Lynn Twp pneumonia   Owen, Montervill   Mathuse     Illinois
PADGETT Male 5 mo 18-May-1882 Cynthiana croup   Padgett, Price   Padgett, Belle     Posey County
PAPERS John 6 mo 30-Jun-1897 Posey County cholery infantum   Papers, Nickolas Posey County Seibert, Mary Posey County   Posey County
PAPERS Lou(Eugile?) 28 17-Jan-1897 Smith Twp uramia m Papers, Henry Germany Salvietor, Katherine Germany housewife not listed
PARDEE Howard 3 02-Jan-1884 New Harmony cerebro-spinal meningitis   Parder, William New York Dransfield Indiana   Indiana
PARKER Charles 52 11-Sep-1883 Mt Vernon abcess of liver m         cooper Illinois
PARKHURST A W (male) 65 28-May-1894 Harmony Twp organic heart disease widower - - - - fisherman New Jersey
PARTRIE John G 46 14-Aug-1886 Robinson Twp typhoid fever m Patrie, George Germany Miller, Barbara Germany farmer Germany
PASCHAL Ada 1 mo 05-Nov-1893 Harmony Twp entero-colitis   Paschal, Francis Indiana Overton Illinois   Harmony Twp
PASCHAL Francis 23 15-Dec-1893 Harmony Twp typhoid fever m Paschal, William Indiana     laborer Indiana
PATMORE Charles 28 21-Dec-1894 Mt Vernon consumption widower Patmore, John L Mt Vernon Watson, Mary A Kentucky painter Mt Vernon
PATRICK Allen 14 da 08-Jul-1896 Mt Vernon enteritis   Patrick, Luke Indiana   Illinois   Mt Vernon
PATRICK Helen 33 da 26-Sep-1894 Mt Vernon inarasmus?   Patrick, Luke Carmi, Illinois Miller, Fannie Carmi, Illinoi   Mt Vernon
PATRICK Roy not listed 17-May-1894 Mt Vernon pertussis following measles   Patrick, William Carmi, Illinois Derrington, Alice Evansville, Indiana   Mt Vernon
PATTERSON John 6 da 08-Mar-1884 Mt Vernon unknown   Patterson, Ephriam Kentucky Roberts, Eliza Kentucky   Mt Vernon
PEARMAN James 48 05-Sep-1884 Black Twp diabetis m Pearman, James Tennessee Lacklinder, Matilda Tennessee farmer Tennessee
PEARMAN Julis E 3 05-Jun-1882 Blk Twp croup   Pearman, Issac H   Pearman, Rebecca A     Blk Twp
PEARMAN Margaret 53 06-Dec-1884 Blk Twp pneumonia m Wallace, John Kentucky Bishop, Ann Kentucky housewife Kentucky
PEARSE William W (possibly Milton) 42 22-Apr-1884 Mt Vernon typhoid fever   Pearse, Benjamin H Mass Heath, Mary New Hamphsire lawyer New York
PEARSON Stella 9 mo 14-Jul-1883 Farmersville overdose of morphine   Pierson, Joseph Posey County Gregory, Mary Mt Vernon   Farmersville
PECKINPAUGH Male Stillborn 12-Jul-1886 Mt Vernon Stillborn   Peckinpaugh, W T Indiana Everston, Lule Mt Vernon   Indiana
PEELER Margaret 49 27-Jan-1889 Poor Asylum - Robb Twp phthisis   - - - -    
PEERMAN Laura E 20 08-Mar-1883 Blk Twp cerebro spinal meningitis m Nesler, Bryant       housewife Posey County
PEISON(possibly PERSON) Edith 14 mo 08-Aug-1896 Poseyville cerebro-spinal meningitis   Pierson, Gus W Posey County Dreunon, Mattie Illinois   Poseyville
PENDELL Harrison M 72 21-Dec-1884 Posey Co congestion of lungs widower Pendell, Mathias       farmer Alabama
PENDLE Elma J 6 wk 03-Jan-1898 Caborn lagrippe   Pendel, James Indiana Harrison, S J Indiana   Caborn
PENDLETON James 72 12-Jan-1895 Bethel Twp pneumonia   - - - - farming Kentucky
PENTECOST Aaron 21 1⁄2 30-Aug-1891 Mt Vernon typhoid fever   Penticost, Archy Mt Vernon Thomas, Jenny Lynn Twp clerk on steamboat Mt Vernon
PERCELL Mary 37 19-Jul-1896   malaria m - - - - housewife  
PERCHMAN Frank 62 02-Jan-1896 Mt Vernon unknown m - - - - laborer Mt Vernon
PERINE(PERUE) Thomas 54 05-Jul-1896 New Harmony alcoholism m Perine, James Kentucky     porter Kentucky
PERKEY Elizabeth 77 05-Sep-1895 New Harmony old age widow Lyon Vermont - -   Vermont
PERKINS James E 16 mo 13-Sep-1887 Lynn Twp convulsion   Perkins, James Kentucky York, Mary Indiana   Lynn Twp
PERKINS Mary A 42 09-May-1889 Lynn Twp peritonitis m York, David Indiana Nestler(Nessler), Rachel Indiana housewife Indiana
PERRMAN Charles W 23 09-Sep-1884 Blk Twp peritonitis with perfeeration of abdominal wall m Perrman, Samuel B Tenn Waller, Margaret Kentucky farmer Indiana
PERRY Robert 2 05-Nov-1882 Stewartsville labes mesentiniu?   Perry, G Ireland   Illinois   Stewartsville
PERUE Joseph 2 30-Aug-1882 Bethel Twp entero-colitis   Perue, Lewis   Perue, Mary   farmer boy America
PESSER Male 1 da 20-Sep-1896 Parker Settlement premature labor, 6 mo babe   Pesser, George Fulda, Indiana Marse, Louise? St Phillips   Parker Settlemetn
PETER George 14 02-Sep-1886 Mt Vernon heart disease   Peter, Phillip Germany Schmidt, Sarah Ohio   Mt Vernon
PETER Thomas R not listed 26-Jul-1883 Bethel Twp inflamation of bowels   Peter, Andrew Baty, Germany Ward, Sarah C Gibson County   Bethel Twp
PETERS Sarah C 33 19-Mar-1883 Bethel Twp none listed m Ward, Eweing   Ward, Bitha   housewife Montgomery Twp, Gibson County
PEVUE (PERUE) Male 4 mo 23-Jun-1896 Bethel Twp spinal meningitis   Pevue, Joseph Indiana Daily, Carrie Bethel Twp   Bethel Twp
PFEFFER John Sr 72 12-Sep-198 Mt Vernon chronic nephritis widower - - - - retired Germany
PFISTER Carl H 3 1⁄2 01-Dec-1893 Mt Vernon meningitis   Pfister, Joseph Harmony Twp Baro, Katherine Germany   Lynn Twp
PFISTER Joseph 31 20-Dec-1894 Mt Vernon cnsumption m Pfister, Frank Germany Wholhicter?, Catherine Germany butcher Indiana
PFISTER Martin 38 26-Jun-1884 Harmony Twp injury to spine caused from a fall m Pfiester, Martin M Germany Spade, Mary Ann Germany farmer Harmony Twp
PFISTER Wilhelme Lena 38 05-Jun-1898 Mt Vernon acute pertum hemmorhage. Had been hemmorhaging for 3 months also childbirth m Siuefler(Ginefler) Amon Germany Walls, Josephine Bade, Baden, Germany   Indiana
PHEIFFER Elizabeth 73 03-Jun-1898 Marrs Twp heart trouble m Muller, Jacob Germany     housewife Alsac, Germany
PHILIPS Mary 23 18-May-1883 Harmony Twp phthisis pulmonalis m Watson, Nathan       housewife Indiana
PHILLIPS Albret 7 mo 07-Jul-1896 Posey County entero-colitis   Phillips, Elisha H Posey County Dunn, Anna Posey County   Posey County
PHILLIPS Alvin 24 10-Apr-1889 Posey County suicide   Phillips, Moses Posey County Finch Posey County   Posey County
PHILLIPS Andson O 50 11-Feb-1884 Blak Twp pneumonia   Phillips, Ransom   Burton, Daisy East Tenn farmer Black Twp
PHILLIPS Belden 73 12-Jan-1895 Poor Infirmary - widower         pauper  
PHILLIPS Clarance E 16 18-Jul-1895 Lynn Twp entero colitis   Phillips, Nath E Indiana Moutry, Ida Indiana   Posey County
PHILLIPS Henry L 52 03-Feb-1894 Lynn Twp lagrippe m - - - - farme  
PHILLIPS John S 33 30-Aug-1882 Blk Twp dysentery   Philips, Ransom   Phillips, Mary   farmer Blk Twp
PHILLIPS Male 2 1⁄2 18-Oct-1895 Farmersville croup   Phillips, Charles Farmersville Carroll, Victoria Illinois   Farmersville
PHILLIPS Manford E 7 mo 20-Apr-1898 Blk Twp pneumnia   Phillips, Elisha Indiana Wallace, Colarce Indiana   Blk Twp
PHILLIPS Rebecca 54 12-Jul-1892 Blk Twp consumption widow Duckworth, John Blk Twp Phillip, Abilina New York   Blk Twp
PHILLIPS Thomas 51 26-Aug-1896 Stewartsville dysentery widower - - - - laborer Indiana
PHILLIPS William 3 30-Jun-1896 Posey County dysentery   Phillips, Elisha H Posey County Dunn, Anna Posey County   Posey County
PHIPPS Female 5 1⁄2 mo 06-Jul-1895 Lynn Twp cholerea infantum   Phipps, James Indiana Moore, Mary Indiana   Lynn Twp
PIASTER Male 11 mo 14-Sep-1888   acute hydrocephalus?   Pister, Mike         Robb Twp
PICKLES George 45 23-Dec-1895 Harmony Twp phthiisis pulmonalis m - - - - fisherman Indiana
PICKLES Oscar 1 19-Jul-1894 Posey County meningiitis   Pickles, Oscar Posey County Downen, Leueresia Posey County   Posey County
PIERCE Martha 41 25-Jul-1897 Oliver uterine m Pierce?, F Kentucky     housework Oliver
PISELY Thomas 49 12-Feb-1894 New Harmony goiter m Pisley, Joseph England     laborer England
PISLEY Jane - 14-Jun-1883 New Harmony cerebral hemmorrhage m - - - - housewife England
PISLEY Joseph 73 06-Mar-1886 New Harmony acute bronchitis widower - - - -   England
PITCHER Harvey E 44 1⁄2 15-Jul-1887 Mt Vernon pulmonary phthisis   - - - - lawyer Indiana
PITCHER William 49 29-Jul-1899 Center Twp lightening m Pitcher, Charley   Underwod, Nancy   farmer Posey County
PITTS Mattie 20 28-Dec-1894 New Harmony consumption   Pitts, Joseph Posey County Johnson, Delia Harmony Twp   Harmony Twp
PITTS William C 73 20-Sep-1889 Lynn Twp ulceration of bowels m Pitts, Jeddy Tenn Kelton, Elizabeth South Carolina farmer Tenn
PLANKEYHORN? Rosa 88 24-Aug-1883 Mt Vernon malarial fever widow Libly       housekeeper Penn
PLOCK Henry 73 15-Apr-1895   general debility widower Plock, Henry Germany Schneider, Margaret Germany   Darmstadt, Germany
PNEUMAN? Annie 2 1⁄2 16-Dec-1890 Robinson Twp remittent fever   Pneuman, Henry Poawy Xounry Grease, Carrie Posey County   Robinson Twp
POGGENKLES Henry 85 19-Aug-1896 New Harmony old age m - - - - retired farmer Prutia?
POHL Herman J E 1 21-Sep-1886 Robinson Twp diptheria   Pohl, John JE Holland Bennen, Maria Holland   Robinson Twp
POOL Daniel 15 da 25-Sep-1883 Harmony Twp premature birth   Pool, Sidney Illinois Bundy Indiana   Harmony Twp
PORSO Mary Mrs 63 01-Mar-1884   congestive chill widow - - - -   Virginia, West?
PORTH Caroes? (Charles) 36 14-Oct-1882 Blk Twp     Porth, Charles   Porth, Charlotte      
PORTH Charlotte margaret 60 04-Jul-1883 Blk Twp heart trouble widow Dexheimer, Christian?         Rhein_pfalz_Bavaria, Germany
PORTH Lizzette 21 25-Nov-1882 Blk Twp enteritis   Scherer, George Karl   Scherer, Christina   housekeeper Posey County
PORTUS Ellen 69 25-Jan-1884 Mt Vernon bronchitis widow Earle, Robert Ireland     housewife Ireland
POWELL George 30 22-Jul-1894   fracture of skull m - - - - laborer Kentucky
POWELL Hannah 64 01-Feb-1899 Mt Vernon hyster epilepsy widow Powell?, Anthony Kentucky     wash woman Union County, Ky
POWELL Male Stillborn 29-Aug-1886 Mt Vernon Stillborn     Powell, Jennie   Kentucky    
PRESTON Mary E 44 19-Jan-1895 Mt Vernon consumption m May, Johnson   Doyle, Vineia Kentucky   Kentucky
PRETSCH Sophia 62 19-Aug-1888 New Harmony obscure disease of brain m Holzscheider Germany       Germany
PRICE Annie F 5 mo 21-Jan-1884 Griffin whooping cough   Price, Romelia Robb Twp Utley, Rachel Blk Twp   Griffin
PRICE Charles F 14 mo 09-Apr-1889 Harmony Twp meningitis   Price, Romelia F Indiana Harget Indiana   Indiana
PRICE Mrs 47 31-Dec-1890 Bethel Twp uterine cancer m Utley Bethel Twp     housekeeper Bethel Twp
PRICE Sarah 69 29-Sep-1884 Robb Twp fever remittent m   Risley     housewife  
PRICHARD Marthey 69 11-Aug-1886 New Harmony cerebral hemmorhage widow     Brooks   lawyers widow Mass
PRITCHARD Florence 76 09-Aug-1896 New Harmony cerebral hemorrhage widow Mc Donald, John England Dorothory England housewife England
PRUITT Laura 6 mo 31-Mar-1896   pneumonia       Eggler, Ida Indiana   Illinois
PULLIAM Male 12 mo 25-Dec-1889 Stewartsville measles   Pulliam, W Z   Wells Posey County   Stewartsville
PULLIAM Mary 37 30-Sep-1894 Stewartsville peritonitis m Knowles, David Indiana Robets, Nancy Indiana housewife Indiana
PULLIAM Minnie 3 23-Jan-1894 Griffin lagrippe   Pulliam, W. Z. Posey County Wells, S. E. Posey County   Poseyville
PURCELL Ester C 74 18-Mar-1898 Mt Vernon apolexia m Pitts, Jedy Kentucky Kelton, Elizabeth Kentucky housewife Lynn Twp
PUTTY Sidney 41 20-Nov-1898 Mt Vernon hemmorhage of stomach m Putty, John Tenn Hanley, Eliza Tenn laborer Tenn
QUICK Duke 48 17-Nov-1898 Mt Vernon cirrhosis and nepheritis m - - - - dept marshal Indiana
QUINN Cynthian 89 20-Apr-1889 Harmony Twp old age m Ausley       farmers wife North Carolina
QUINZER Adam 65 12-Feb-1896 Mt Vernon none listed m - - - - carpenter Germany
QUINZER Alice 7 mo 10-Aug-1887 Mt Vernon chronic acute intero catarh   Quinzer, Henry Indiana Boink, Annie Indiana   Mt. Vernon
QUINZER Lena 2 mo 01-Aug-1886 Mt Vernon infantile convulsions   Quinzer, John Mt Vernon Muir, Betty Indiana   Mt Vernon