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Deaths 1882-1900

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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
RACHELS John Franklin 5 mo 23-Feb-1895 Griffin not listed   Rachels, John Posey County Booten, Nancy Saline County, Illinois   Posey County
RACHLES Abby(Addy) 27 21-Feb-1895 Bethel Twp pneumonia m Rachles, Lafe Posey County Cox, Aaddy Posey County   Posey County
RADER Mrs 72 18-Nov-1898 Wadesville pneumonia m Numan Germany Schafer Germany farmers wife Germany
RAGSDALE Female 45 da 01-Jul-1896   inanitian   Ragsdale, George Indiana Robinson, Birdie Indiana    
RALLS Edith 17 24-Jul-1898 Mt Vernon premature labor s   Rall, Lou Kentucky Kentucky servant Kentucky
RAMSEY Ananias 73 13-Jul-1883 Robb Twp neuroma?   - - - - farmer  
RAMSEY Girl 5 mo 03-Mar-1886 Center Twp pneumonia   Ramsey, John   Hains, Lola     Center Twp
RAMSEY John Mrs no age 06-Feb-1884 Robb Twp retained placenta m - - - - housewife Illinois
RAMSEY Lee 7 02-Nov-1893 Blk Twp not listed   Ramsey, James   Hendricks     Black Twp
RAMSEY Mary 78 13-Jul-1898 Robb Twp apoplexy widow Cale, Ellison Virginia       Indiana
RAMSEY Polly 66 11-Dec-1894 Center Twp spinal paralysis widow Fletchell, Thomas NC NC Murphy, Sarah NC housekeeper Posey Co
RAMSEY Ruby 11 mo 21-Sep-1884 Mt Vernon pneumonia   Ramsey, Douglas C Illinois Laffin, Letitia     Xenia, Illinoi
RANDLES Annie 64 22-Jun-1897 Mt Vernon cancer of womb widow Slay,(Sly) Jonathan          
RANDOLPH Female no age 20-Mar-1883 Blk Twp accidental hemmorrhage in utero   Randolph, Susan Mary          
RANDOLPH Raymond 8 10-Jun-1899 Blk Twp cerbro-spinal meningitis   Randolph, Charles Blk Twp Collins, Rose Pont Twp   Blk Twp
RANDOLPH Raymond 8mo 04-Apr-1898 Mt Vernon whooping cough   Hardwick, RL   Randolph, Kate     Mt Vernon
RANDOLPH Rebecca 78 27-Apr-1895 Harmony Twp pneumonia widow Bennett Ohio     housekeeper Ohio
RANDOLPH Rosa 26 15-Jan-1894 none listed la grippe m Collins, Thomas   Rowe      
RANDOLPH Wilson 29 30-Sep-1886 Mt Vernon abcess of left lung   - - - - laborer North Carolina
RATCLIFF Allen 77 11-Dec-1893 Mt Vernon senile lagrippe m Thompson, Oliver North Carolina Woods, Btsie North Carolina laborer Crittenden County, Ky
RATCLIFFE Abram 79 27-Aug-1896 Mt Vernon cerebral apooplexy widower - - - - retired farmer England
RAWLINGS Herman 2 29-Apr-1884 New Harmony pneumonia   Rawlings, S O Illinois Younbblood Indiana   New Harmony
RECORD Mary 64 06-Mar-1882 Center Twp heart diseae   Hume, William   Hume, Elizabeth   farmers wife Kentucky
REDMAN James 76 23-Sep-1899 Cynthiana apoplexy widower Redman, William Kentucky Clark,Anna Kentucky farmer Adair County, Ky
REDMAN Jobe B 54 16-Jan-1897 Mt Vernon lagrippe m Redman, Benjamin         Indiana
REDMAN Pearle 11 30-Dec-1894 Marrs Twp brain fever   Redman, Humphrey Kentucky meredith, Jane Madisonville, Ky   Marrs Twp
REDMAN William T 45 17-Aug-1887 Blk Twp pernicious remittent fever m Readman, Jose North Carolina Davis, Elizabeth Tenn farmer Blk Twp
REDMON Evert E 5 24-Sep-1884 Blk Twp congestion of brain   Redman, Taylor Posey County Redmon, Mary A Posey County   Blk Twp
REDMON Katie E 12 09-Oct-1893 Blk Twp malignant rubcola   Redman, George R Point Twp Clarksdon, Mary Illinois   Blk Twp
REED R W 36 04-Jun-1894 Posey County impaction of bowels m Reed, M Indiana Skelton, Rosa Indiana farmer Warrick County
REED Sarah J 19 23-Jul-1883 Point Twp abcess   Reed, John A Ohio Reed, Sara Illinois   Indiana
REEDER Annanias 52 04-Jun-1894 Mt Vernon nephritis m Reeder, Job C   Ramsey, Frankie   carpenter  
REEDER Francis M 45 12-May-1888 Harmony Twp cancer of rectum   - - - - farmer  
REEVES Amelia 42 08-Aug-1895 Poseyville uraimia m Cartwright, Presley Posey County - - housewife Posey County
REEVES Matilda Bee 19 21-Jul-1882 Robb Twp consumption   Reeves, Richard   Reeves, Mary     Posey County
REEVES Myrtle 1 29-Jan-1884 Poseyville double pneumonia   Reeves, John H   Reeves, Mary     Posey County
REEVES Perry 96 08-Jun-1897 Mt Vernon consumption m - - - - fisherman Kentucky
REINHAIMER Peter 65 19-Apr-1884 none listed old age m Reinheimer, John       farmer  
REINHEIMER George 5 da 13-Mar-1889 Parker Settlement none listed   Reinheimer, John Parker Settlement Mitz, Elizabeth Parker Settlement   Parker Settlement
REINITZ Edward 3 1⁄2 11-Apr-1899 Point Twp bronchitis   Reinitz, George Evansville Morelock, Mary Blk Twp   Blk Twp
REINTZ Rudolph 58 14-May-1884 Point Twp pneumonia croup m Reintz, Rudolph Germany     farmer Hanover, Germany
REIR Henry 35 01-Nov-1890 Marrs Twp thphus abdominalis? m - - - - farmer Seifetshausen, Germany
REIS Male Stillborn 28-May-1884 Mt Vernon Stillborn - died in utero possibly by undue pressure on cord during the birth of its mate   - - - -    
REISINGER John 89 13-Apr-1889 Robinson Twp pneumonia m - - - - farmer Germany
REISTER Jane 42 06-Apr-1899 Harmony Twp acute post partum hemmorage m Hunter, James   Williams, Nancy J   housewife Posey County
REISTER Margaret 73 29-Dec-1882 Robb Twp pneumonia and asthemia   Dodge, William   Dodge, Margaret     Posey County
RENCHLER Caroline 20 17-Apr-1882 Marrs Twp double pneumonia   Renchler, John   Renchler, Elizabeth   servant girl Posey County
RENO Cornelius 1 da 17-Jul-1884 none listed unknown   Reno, Cornelius Lynn Twp Allen, Thena Blk Twp    
RENO James L 12 30-May-1896 Mt Vernon drowned   Reno, John Muhlenburg County Cooper, Mary Texas   Lynn Twp
RENO Lurene B 1 mo 23-Oct-1894 Mt Vernon infantil dyspepsia   Illegitamate   Reno, Ethel Caldwell Cunty, Ky    
RENO Male Stillborn 27-May-1897 Mt Vernon Stillborn   no fathers name   Reno, Lizzie Kentucky    
REPAIR John 35 12-Apr-1899 Mt Vernon fibroid phthisis m Repair, J H   Johnson, Laura Kentucky laborer Kentucky
REYNOLDS Clory L 18 mo 25-Jun-1895 Posey County heart disease   Reynolds, Thomas L Kentucky White, Lucinda G Coles County, Illinois   Jasper County, Ill
REYNOLDS Edna 18 mo 23-Jul-1895 Robb Twp entero-colitis   Reynolds, William Indiana Anderson, Mary Indiana   Rpbb Twp
REYNOLDS Olie 18 18-Aug-1896 Stewartsville no listed   Reynolds, Sam Stewartsville Simpson, Sarah Posey County   Stewartsville
REYNOLDS Sam Mrs 37 06-Jun-1888 Robb Twp tubercles of bowels and childbirth m Lowe          
RHEIN Sarah J 29 26-Jun-1894 none listed typhoid fever m Mott, John Germany     housewife New Harmony
RHODES Mary 36 11-Oct-1893 Blk Twp typhoid fever m - - - - housewife Indiana
RIBEYERE John 6 mo 06-Mar-1886 none listed pneumonia   Ribeyere, Alfred Indiana Arnoldly Indiana    
RICE Charle 30   Upton typhoid fever   Rice Illinois     farmer Indiana
RICE Effie 15 mo 02-Nov-1884 Mt Vernon cholera infantum   Rice, J A Illinois Pruitt, Eliza Illinois   Mt Vernon
RICHARDS Male 5 hr 18-Jun-1886 Harmony Twp premature birth   Richards, Charles Indiana Watson, Matilda Indiana   Harmny Twp
RICHARDS Mary 18 02-Feb-1891 Posey County phthisis   Richards, J B Posey County Ausley, Agnes Posey County   Posey County
RICHARDS Mary 64 12-Jun-1888 Harmony Twp heart disease widow Wilkinson N. C.     housewife North Carolina
RICHARDS Wesley 20 22-May-1889 Poor Asylum epillepsy   - - - -   Posey County
RICHARDSON Male 2 01-Aug-1889 New Harmony enter-colitis   Richardson, William Tenn Williams, Annie New Harmony   New Harmony
RICHARDSON Thomas 70 30-Jan-1898 Jan 30 1898 accidental poisoning by morphine widower - - - - farmer England
RICHESON William E 6 18-Dec-1893 Mt Vernon disease of spine   Richason, Jacob M Illinois Cox, Francis Illinois   Illinois
RICHTER Christ 18 25-Apr-1887 Point Twp drowning     Germany     laborer  
RICKEN Albert 67 27-Jul-1891 Robb Twp appendicitis - Report delayed to ascertain informatiion. This case was operated on by Dr. A. A. Glaze on the 26th of Jul, but can not say that he cut anything in cause death". m         farmer Germany
RICKEN Elfreda 6 wks 01-Sep-1898 Blk Twp malarial fever   Ricken, Louis Blk Twp Maggie Schussler Indiana   Blk Twp
RICKEN Magdeline 49 23-Jul-1884 Blk Twp none given m Tihlman, John Germany Sophia Germany housewife Germany
RIDENOUR Oley 4 1⁄2 26-Nov-1893 Posey County diptheria   Ridenour, Henry Posey County Blackburn, Oley Mt Vernon   Posey County
RIDENOUR Sarah 68 15-Apr-1896 Poor Infirmary consumption, senile debility widow Davis, James          
RIDENOUR Susan 2 mo 08-Feb-1895 Center Twp croup   Ridnour, Robert Wadesville Wade, Charlotta Wadesville   Center Twp
RIDLEY Charles T 1 12-Jul-1895   dysentery   Ridley, Lewis J Illinois Grant, Lou Indiana    
RIES Catharine 75 16-Feb-1899 Posey County lagrippe widow Worner Germany     housewife Germany
RIESE William 9 12-Apr-1899 Lynn Twp spinal meningitis   Reese, Gus   Hoehn, Mary Lynn Twp   Nebraska
RISTER Female 10 hr 18-May-1891 Posey County none listed   Rister, J. C. Posey County Hunter Posey County    
RITTY William 27 27-Feb-1889 Poor Asylum phthisis   - - - - laborer  
RITZERT Elizabeth 50 13-Apr-1883 Marrs Twp general dropsy and debility   - - - - housewife Germany
RITZERT Frederick 27 20-Nov-1898 Marrs Twp pneumonia   Ritzert, Henry Germany Krack, Barbara Germany farmer Posey County
RITZERT Henry 12 hr 15-Feb-1899 Marrs Twp inanition   Ritzert, Frank Posey County Horenet, Bertha Vanderburg    
ROBARDS Thomas J 20 08-Mar-1884 Mt Vernon double pneumonia   Robards, Thomas H Butler County, Ky Herny, Nancy Mary Morganfield, Ky farmer Walnut Bend, Ky
ROBB Female 6 hr 09-Apr-1899 New Harmony premature birth   Robb, Winfield W Indiana Wilson, Mollie C Indiana   New Harmony
ROBB Helen 2 02-Feb-1898 Stewartsville oedema of the lungs   Robb, Virgil Stewartsville Warren Stewartsville   Stewartsville
ROBB John 77 11-Apr-1894 Stewartsville chronic diarrhea widower Robb, Thomas Ireland Waller, Lidia Virginia farmer Posey County
ROBB Lucretia 34 05-Feb-1896 Stewartsville paralysis m Defur, theophilus Indiana Wade Indiana housewife Indiana
ROBB Male 1 27-May-1888 Robb Twp whooping cough   Robb, Aaron Robb Twp Defue     Robb Twp
ROBB Sarah 57 12-Apr-1897 New Harmony cancer of breast widow Stinnett, White Kentucky Britton, Nettie Kentucky housewife Kentucky
ROBB Walter 5 mo 13-Oct-1882 Robb Twp summer complaint   Robb, All   Robb, Laura     Robb Twp
ROBBINS Claud 6 mo   Cynthiana scrafula   Robbins, Albert Missouri Vansdol, Cynthia Kentucky   Edwards County, Ill
ROBERSON Aurthur 9 mo 30-Mar-1895 West Franklin tuberculosis meningitis   Robbenson, Ben Kentucky Smith, Lee Kentucky   Kentucky
ROBERTS James L 3 20-Feb-1899 Posey Co pneumonia   Roberts, John Posey County Ingram, Permilia Posey County   Posey County
ROBERTS Loyd 18 mo 03-Jan-1894 Stewartsville marassmus   Roberts, William Indiana Shouse, Clara Indiana   Robb Twp
ROBERTS Male Stillborn 08-Mar-1883 Robb Twp Stillborn   Roberts, Thomas Todd   Roberts, Harriett      
ROBERTS Willis 2 30-Jun-1895 Robb Twp dysentery   Roberts, Warren Indiana Walker, Nora Illinois   Robb Twp
ROBERTSON George 20 mo 24-Nov-1893 Mt Vernon diptheria   Robertson, James Scotland Durvall, Lizzie B West Virginia   Denver Colorado
ROBINSON Oral Vern 5 mo 14-Jun-1897 Lynn Twp cerebral congestion   Robinson, John A Indiana Hurd, Eva Indiana   Lynn Twp
ROBINSON Raymond 14 mo 07-Dec-1884 Lynn Twp meningitis   Robinson, John A Posey County Hurd, Eva Posey County   Lynn Twp
ROBINSON Robby 20 21-May-1898 Vanderburg Co pneumonia   Robbinson, Leroy   Alexander, Cora Spencer County farmer Gibson County
ROBY Elmore 7 04-Sep-1891 Bethel Twp cerebral meningitis   Roby, William Illinois Mc Clure, Belle Illinois   Salem, Illinois
RODGERS John 1 02-Sep-1882 none listed acute dysentery   Rodger, Rode   Rodgers, Margaret      
ROE Nellie 28 05-Dec-1893 Mt Vernon phthisis m Baker, Issac Mt Vernon Hovey, Lizzie Mt. Vernon housewife Mt Vernon
ROESNER Christena 70 14-Jan-1894 Robinson Twp lagrippe and heart failure m - - - -   Germany
ROESNER Magdalina 3 26-Apr-1884 Marrs Twp pneumonia vera greata also meningitis   Roesner, Henry Posey Co Reinkeson?, Cath. Posey Co   Marrs Twp
ROGERS Jula 48 29-Aug-1891 Posey County phthisis pulmonalis m Smith, Z Kentucky Lawson, Fannie Kentucky   Posey County
ROGERS Katharine 69 16-Sep-1896 Harmony Twp heart disease widow Shirley Tenn     housewife Tenn
ROGERS Sarah A 41? 04-Jan-1884 Smith Twp typho-malaria m Rogers, Patrick Posey County Mc Connell, S A Posey County housewife Posey County
ROGERS Unknown 24 hr 25-Jan-1899 none listed hemmorrhage of lungs   Rogers, Owen Indiana Walls, Carrie Indiana    
ROGERS Willie 5 12-Oct-1894 Harmony Twp croup   Rogers, Issac Harmpny Twp Anderson, Angeline Harmony Twp   Harmomy Twp
ROOD Rosa 10 10-Mar-1882 Poor Asylum inanition, idiotic cripple, had no treatment   - - - -    
ROSE Clara 35 25-Jan-1895 Poor Infirmary lagrippe widow - - - -    
ROSEBOROUGH Bell 26 15-Jan-1886 Poseyville consumtion   Roseboraugh, James Indiana Waters, Anne Gibson County school teacher Gibson County
ROSEMEYER Minnie 52 26-Mar-1895 Posey Co apoplexy m Parker Ireland     housewife Virginia
ROWARK Minnie 8 mo 23-Jul-1899 Mt Vernon entero-colitis   Rowark, John Nashville, Tn Brown, Della Mt Vernon   Mt Vernon
ROWE Charles 24 24-Feb-1895 Point Twp congested stomach   - - - - laborer Posey County
ROWE Female 3 mo 20-Nov-1893   leukaemia   Rowe, G L Posey County Williams      
ROWE John 60 08-Nov-1894 Poor Infirmary consumption widower - - - -    
RUCHTI Pleasant 71 25-May-1898 New harmony cerebral hemmorrhage   Ruchti, Jacob Germany Gentry   laborer Indiana
RUMINER Urban none listed 29-May-1883 Marrs Twp outright explosion of a steam portable engine. Hit in head causing instant death m Ruminger, Michael   Ruminger, Martha   carpenter and miller Posey County
RUMMINER Mary 19 05-Oct-1882 Marrs Twp typhoid fever   Rumminer, Micheal          
RUNCHLER(RENSCHLER) Lula C 2 1⁄2 10-May-1898 Posey County pneumonitis   Renchler, William Vanderburg Co Sailer, Margaret Posey County   Posey County
RUSH E. Mrs 27 19-Aug-1889 New Harmony consumption   Ferry         Morgan Co
RUSH Male Stillborn 14-Jan-1884   Stillborn   Rush, Levi L Indiana Perry, Margaret Indiana    
RUSSELL Celia 84 24-Oct-1888 Posey County senility   - - - - helper Virginia
RUSSELL Mary S 24 01-Mar-1896 Point Twp pregnancy   Torantz, Wade       keeping house Point Twp
RUTTER John A 67 23-Aug-1895 Posey County paralysis m Rutter, Alex   Davi   farmer Posey County
RUTTER Magdalina J 72 23-Mar-1897 Posey County consumption widow Carter, B Kentucky Williams, Rachel Kentucky   Posey County
RUTTER Samuel 15 mo 22-Oct-1884 Mt Vernon entero-colitis   Rutter, Charles   Swift, Georgia Smithland, Ky   Mt Vernon