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Deaths 1882-1900

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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
SAALWAECHTER Edward 6 mo 22-Sep-1886 Posey County convulsions and remit fever   Saalwaechter, John Posey County Reisinger, Catharine Germany   Posey County
SAALWAECHTER Jacob 50 25-Dec-1895 Center Twp renal asites   Saalwaechter, Jacob Ingelheim, Germany Mitz, Mary Ingelheim, Germany laborer Robinston Twp
SAALWAECHTER Mathias S 41 20-May-1883 Blairsville phthisis pulmonalis m Saalwaechter, Christ   Saalwaechter, Rosina     Ingleheim, Germany
SAFFER, Rickie 41 22-Jul-1890 Mt Vernon cancer of liver widow James?, August Germany Heck, Theodora Germany   Posey County
SAILER Male Stillborn 30-Jul-1890   Stillborn   Sailer, Peter Posey County Haffner, Sophia R Germany    
SAILER Male - 18-Dec-1895   uteri from proplasped cord   Sailer, John Indiana        
SALES Annie - 14-Jun-1896 Poor Infirmary chlorosis   - - - - domestic Ky
SALTZMAN George 58 23-Jan-1894 Lynn Twp pneumonia widower Saltzman, Michael Penn Bitner, Catherine Penn labor or farmer Lynn Twp
SALTZMAN Lelia 1 07-Mar-1888 Lynn Twp pneumonia   Saltzman, George   Baley     Lynn Twp
SALTZMAN Male Stillborn 31-May-1882 Lynn Twp Stillborn   Saltzman, Thomas   Saltzman, Matilda      
SALTZMAN Matilda 61 20-Jun-1897 Lynn Twp chronic malaria widow Saltzman, Soloman North Carolina Orman, Mary North Carolina housekeeping Lynn Twp
SAMPLE Sarah F 34 30-May-1882 Point Twp pneumonia affecting both lungs and colitiis   Rowe, Simon       housewife Posey County
SAMPLE Violee 8 mo 25-May-1884 Mt Vernon innation from scofalas inflamation of glands of throat and neck   Sample, William T Davis Co., Ky Griffin, Mary E Posey County   Point Twp
SANDERS Alfred 63 05-Dec-1894   pneumonia m - - - - gardener not known
SANDERS Allice E 75 07-Jul-1896 Poor Infirmary brights disease widow Doom         Indiana
SANDERS M Mrs 67 05-Jul-1889 Griffin cancer widow - - - -   Robb Twp
SARLLS Edward H 31 19-Mar-1895 Mt Vernon consumption   Sarrls, Richard Kentucky Hinkle, Elizabeth Illinois farmer Unontown, Ky
SAULMAN Minnie 15 23-Sep-1883 Harmony Twp entero colitis   Saulman, W R Indiana Overman, Lucinda Indiana   Harmony wp
SAULTZMAN Mrs 62 12-Dec-1882 Harmony Twp winter fever widow - - - - none listed  
SAVAGE Helen 9 mo 22-Aug-1896 New Harmony entero-colitis   Savage, George R Indiana Powell, Dena Indiana   New Harmony
SAVAGE Male 3 da 01-Jul-1887   inanition   Savage, John Alabama Maples, Mary Jane New Harmony   Harmony wp
SCHAEFER Nicholas 23 12-Nov-1888 Robinson Twp pneumonia   Nicholas? Germany     farm laborer Robinson Twp
SCHAFFER Barbara 81 28-Aug-1890 Harmony Twp cerebral hemmorhage m Ginter Germany     housewife  
SCHAFFER Johannetta 71 29-May-1889 Robinson Twp cancer of liver widow - - - - housekeeper Germany
SCHAFFER Lula 19 27-Jul-1886 Mt Vernon uraema m Harnnomd?, William   Lewis, Mary   housewife Union County, Ky
SCHAFFER Male 10 da 01-Feb-1884   premature birth   Schaffer, Henry Germany Fillingim Indian    
SCHAFFER Male - 14-Jan-1884   premature birth   Schaffer, Henry Germany Filingim Indiana    
SCHAFFER William W 3 da 12-Jul-1886 Mt Vernon inanition   Shaffer, Paul Union County, Ky Shaffer, Lula Union County, Ky    
SCHANBLE(SCHAUBLE) John B 55 08-Nov-1893 Marrs wp consumption widower Schanble, George Germany     farmer Germany
SCHARRER Charles Sr 60 09-Aug-1882 Blk Twp none listed   - - - - farmer Germany
SCHAUFF George 4 11-Apr-1886 Parker Settlement bronchitis   Schauff, John Settlement Mann, Elizabeth Parker Settlement   Parker Settlement
SCHAUFF Phillip 72 17-Oct-1893 Parker Settlement anasarea? m Schauss, Jacob Germany Schlamp, Dora Germany farmer Germany
SCHAULTZ(SCHULTZ) Vera 1 04-May-1886 Mt Vernon enter-colitis   Schultz, O T Germany Pfeffer, Louise New York   Mt Vernon
SCHAUSS Evie 73 18-Aug-1897 Parkers Settlement old age widow Doll, Adam Germany Doll, Eva Germany farmer Enielheim, Germany
SCHAUSS Lena 8 mo 05-Jul-1891 Parker Settlement meningitis   Schauss, Willy Parker Settlement Schafer, Marie Parker Settlement   Parker Settlement
SCHEIDEL Willis 26 05-Jan-1898 Mt Vernon acute articular rheumatism   Scheidel, Michael Baden, Germany Dabes, Annie St Phillips   Mt Vernon
SCHEIRBAUM(SCHIEBAUM) Pealie 3 24-Nov-1884 Blk Twp languties?   Schierbaum, Auguustus   Schierbaum, Mattie     Blk Twp
SCHEIWKERT G S (Male) 11 mo 24-Apr-1896 Robinson Twp peritonitis   Scheiwkert, Fred Posey County Graulich, Lizzie Posey County   Robinson Twp
SCHELHORN Baby 4 mo 29-Jun-1898 Posey County cholera infantum   Schelhorn, Ed Indiana       Posey County
SCHELLER Charley 13 29-May-1899 Mt Vernon cebera spinal meningitis   Scheller, Adam Penn Effinger, Barbary Germany   Lynn Twp
SCHELLER Male Stillborn 05-Jan-1883 St Wendell Stillborn   Scheller, John   Scheller, Maria      
SCHELLER William 18 10-May-1899 Posey County cebro spinal meningitis   Scheller, Adam Shiffinburg, Pa Effinger, Barbara Germany farmer Posey County
SCHELLHORN William 3 25-Mar-1899 at home burn   Schelhorn, John America Kramer, Mary America   at home
SCHENK Ed J 16 18-Aug-1891 Mt Vernon malarial   Schenk, E B Vanderburg Sahlhogfer, Elizabeth Vanderburg clerk Vanderburg County
SCHENK George 58 15-Feb-1894 Marrs Twp languties? m - - - - school teacher Germany
SCHERER George Sr 77 26-May-1897 Robinson Twp inflamatory and softening of brain widower - - - -   Germany
SCHERER Male 4 wk 24-Nov-1893 Posey Co inaintion   Scherer, Charles Germany Levoke Germany   Posey County
SCHERER Nona 13 11-Sep-1899 Posey County malaria   Scherer, Charles Indiana Lurkey Indiana   Posey County
SCHERTZ Barbara 84 26-May-1897 Poor Infirmary unknown   - - - -    
SCHERZINGER Hulda 23 09-Oct-1890 Marrs Twp typhus abdominalis, abortus   Zehner, John Germany Morlock, Louisa Germany   Marrs Twp
SCHICK Jacob 2 10-Mar-1896 Posey County diptheria   Schicks, Peter Germany Werth, Mary Germany   Posey County
SCHICK Peter 15 01-May-1898 Marrs Twp crebrospinal meningitis   Schick, Peter Germany Werth, Mary Germany   Germany
SCHIEBER Gotleb 76 29-Jan-1895 Mt Vernon hemmorrhage of bowels m - - - - mechanic in foundry Germany
SCHIELA Christina 69 02-Aug-1898 Mt Vernon chronic phthisis widow Reidt Germany       Germany
SCHIERBAUM James 11 26-Apr-1886 Blk Twp pneumonia croup   Schierbaum, Amos Indiana Gow, Jennie Indiana   Blk Twp
SCHIERBAUM Mary 75 13-Jul-1889 Blk Twp typhoid fever widow - - - - housekeeper Germany
SCHIFF Rosalie 1 02-Nov-1882 St Wendell typho malaria   Schiff, John   Schiff, Helena     St. Wendell
SCHIFFER Mattie H 3 08-Feb-1899 Marrs Twp pneumonia   Schiffer, William B Carmi, Ill Speicher, Susan S Posey County   Mt Vernon
SCHILLA Lana 15 13-Sep-1884 Mt Vernon malarial poison   Schilla (Schible), John Germany       Posey County
SCHISLER Adam 44 02-Aug-1889 Blairsville chronic gastritis m - - - - saloon keeper Germany
SCHISLEY Caroline 33 31-Aug-1895 Mt Vernon blood poisoning   Schisley, John B Germany Wolffe, Mary M France housewife Mt Vernon
SCHISSLER Tobias 9 mo 13-Feb-1899 Marrs Twp cerebro spinal meningitis   Schissler, John L Marrs Twp Hyman?, Alvina Perry Twp, Vanderburg County   Marrs Twp
SCHISSSLER Nora 1 1⁄2 31-May-1896 Marrs Twp dysenteria   Schisler, John Marrs Twp Stephan, Alvina Perry twp   Marrs Twp
SCHLITTENHARDT Adolph 5 19-Oct-1884 Marrs Twp pneumonia   Schlittenhardt, Jacob Germany Noelle, Alvina Altenen, Germany   Marrs Twp
SCHLITTENHARDT Alvina 35 03-Feb-1889 Marrs Twp typhus abdorniinalis? m Noelle Germany       Germany
SCHMALL Jacob - 28-Jun-1886   old age widower - - - - wagon maker Germany
SCHMITT Adam Jr 9 29-Jul-1882 Robinson Twp enlargement of the heart with mitral regurgitation   Schmitt, Adam Sr   Schmitt, Franciska     Indiana
SCHMITT Male 10 da 08-Sep-1896   premature birth   Schmitt, Lawrence Kentucky Culpeper, Anie Indiana    
SCHMITT Mary 72 13-May-1899 New Harmony nephritis widow Dillman, Phillip Germany - - housewife Germany
SCHMITT Tohan(Johan?) 84 01-Oct-1882 St Wendell comatose, typhoid state and general debilety   - - - - teacher Schoncee in Elscisj, Germany
SCHNARR Charley 9 mo 06-Jul-1894 Bethel Twp inflamation bowels   Schnarr, Fred Bethel Twp Galbert, Mable Bethel Twp   Bethel Twp
SCHNARR Female 3 20-Dec-1893 Bethel Twp Croup   Schnarr, William Bethel Twp Price Bethel Twp   Bethel Twp
SCHNARR Henry 12 da 28-Sep-1897 Marrs Twp none listed   Schnarr, John Germany Mauschund, Carolina Marrs Twp   Marrs Twp
SCHNARR John 40 29-Dec-1886 Marrs Twp pneumonia m Schnarr, Conrad Germany Reader, Elizabeth Germany farmer Marrs Twp
SCHNARR Maril 11 mo 30-Aug-1896 Robb Twp dysentery   Schnarr, Fred Posey County Galbrith Posey County   Posey County
SCHNECK Mary 1 24-Apr-1897 Robb Twp pertussis   Schneck, Henry   Norris, Mary     Robb Twp
SCHNEIDER Anna 14 17-Jul-1897 Blairsville acute phthisis   Schneider, Henry Germany     housework Wadesville
SCHNEIDER Charles 3 24-Oct-1893 Mt Vernon scarlatina   Schneider, John L Mt. Vernon Burns, Agnes L Madison, Indiana   Mt Vernon
SCHNEIDER Ruth none given 23-Jul-1914 Evansville appendicitis              
SCHNEIDER William H Jr 41 26-Mar-1896 St Wendel inflammed bowels widow Schneider, William H Germany Harmany, Catherine Germany farmer St. Wendel
SCHNICK Female 10 da 12-Oct-1888   nascontium?   Schnick, Roy   Norris      
SCHNUR Kate 9 mo 14-Apr-1897 Robinson Twp     Scherer, Jacob America Hernnbruck, Sophia America   Robinson Twp
SCHNUR Louisa 25 28-Dec-1884 Mt Vernon typhoid fever   Schnur, Henry Germany Boadmer, Louisa Germany   Posey County
SCHNUR Louisa 2 08-Apr-1883 Mt Vernon typhoid pnuemonia   Schnur, Henry Jr   Schnur, Louisa     Mt Vernon
SCHOREIDER Elizabeth 28 01-May-1895 Parker Settlement consumption m Zilich?, Frank Germany Rosener, Louisa Germany housekeeper Parker Settlement
SCHORR Henry 27 23-Jun-1882 Marrs twp tuberculosis   - - - -    
SCHOUSS Eva 10 mo 21-Jul-1889 ibedem? cholera infantum   Schouss, John Parker Settlement Mann, Elizabeth Parker Settlement   Parker Settlement
SCHULL John H 72 16-Jun-1898 Posey County malarial fever widower Schull, Phillip Ohio David, Margaret C Tenn trader and farmer Ohio County, Ky
SCHULTZ Charley 55 10-Feb-1899 Posey County la grippe m Schultz, Christ       farmer Germany
SCHULTZ Eugene 1 25-Jan-1884 Robb Twp otitis   Schultz, Lewis Indiana Wilhite Kentucky   Indiana
SCHULTZ Henry 10 mo 13-Sep-1898 Robb Twp acute meningitis   Schutz, Loren Indiana Reckens, Elizabeth Indiana   Indiana
SCHULTZ Male Stillborn 11-Feb-1888 Mt Vernon Stillborn   Schultz, Carl Germany Laur(Faur) Fredericka Germany    
SCHUTTE Wm Frank 75 26-Feb-1895 Marrs Twp paralysis widower - - - - farmer Germany
SCHUTZ Minnie 12 10-Sep-1888 Robb Twp epilepsy   Schutz, Phillip Indiana Robb Indiana   Indiana
SCHWEIGERT Jacob 1 25-Sep-1882 Robenson cholera infantum   Schweigert, Phillip   Schwigeot, Karoline     Robenson
SCHWEIKHARD William 25 11-May-1888 Robinson Twp dysentary   Mathias Germany Wolf, Susana Germany   Posey County
SCHWENZER Julius Richard 59 18-Apr-1888 Blairsville pneumonilis m - - - - school teacher Germany
SEARS Albert 29 30-May-1897 Posey County consumption   Sears, Abraham Gibson County Davies, Casey Posey County farm hand Gibson County
SEARS Thedore V 18 13-May-1898 Griffin phthisis pulmonia   Sears, Abraham Gibson County Davis, Cassie Posey County laborer Gibson County
SEATS , Elisa Ellen 17 03-Jan-1892 Mt Vernon meningitis   Seats, George W Posey County Ramsey, Minnie E White County, Ill   Henderson, Ky
SEIBERT Emma 8 mo 12-Sep-1898 Crab Orchard Blk Twp malaria and entero-colitis   Seibert, Wm Penn Moyt, Nelia Crab Orchard Blk Twp   Crab Orchard, Blk Twp
SEIBERTH Martin 55 01-Apr-1897 Marrs Twp pleutitis? m Seiberth, Phillip J Meckenheim, German Heiberger, Elizabet Meckenheim, Germany minister Mechenheim, Germany
SEIFERD Alfred 4 01-Feb-1894 Marrs Twp anemia and diptheria   Seiferd, Nicholas Marrs Twp Maier, Mary Marrs   Marrs Twp
SEIFERT Charles 16 08-Jan-1894 Marrs Twp diptheria   - - - - husbandman Marrs Twp
SEIKKMANN Gilbert 7 26-Sep-1889 New Harmony cerebro-spinal meningitis   Seikman, Gideon D Indiana Silka Indiana   Indiana
SEIKMANN Frederick 76 13-Feb-1896 Harmony Twp rheumatism m - - - - farmer` Germany
SEPHINS Thorn? no age given 19-Dec-1883 Point Twp pneumonia   - - - - farmer not given
SEPTER Male Stillborn 26-Aug-1882 Point Twp Stillborn   Septer, Francis   Septer, Josephine      
SERVER James L 54 18-Mar-1883 Mt Vernon malarial fever   Server, John       engineer Posey County
SHAFER Fredrick William 7 mo 14-Mar-1891 Marrs Twp meningitis   Schaefer, Charles German Twp Dornbursth, Elizabetha Union Twp, Vanerburg County   Perry Twp, Vanderburg County
SHANE Male Stillborn 28-Sep-1887 Harmony Twp Stillborn   Shane, Levi Ohio White, Celia B Indiana    
SHANE Rosa 5 mo 17-Sep-1891 New Harmony entero-colitis   Shane, Levi Indiana White Indiana   Indiana
SHEEKS Jesse not given 24-Jan-1896 Mt Vernon bronchitis   Sheeks, Halbert Lawrence County, In Fields, Ella Martin Co., In   Mt Vernon
SHEETS Male 8 wk 06-Jul-1894 Mt Vernon pertusses   Sheeks, Halbert Mitchell, Indiana Fields, Ella Martin County, In   Mt Vernon
SHELTON George M 20 23-Oct-1882 Robb Twp typhoid fever   Shelton, Thomas D   Shelton, Keziah     Armstrong Twp, Vanderburg County
SHELTON Lodema 57 13-Oct-1895 Posey County valvular heart disease widow Murphy Posey County     housewife Posey County
SHEPARD John 78 04-Feb-1895 New Harmony dropsy m Shepherd, William England Perry, Mary England farmer England
SHEPHERD Homer 19 08-Sep-1886 New Harmony cerebral meningitis   Shepherd, James Indiana Grant   laborer Indiana
SHEPHERD Jane 61 12-Sep-1894 Harmony Twp uterine cancer m Randolph, Jacob Posey County Conn?, Jennie Illinois housewife Illinois
SHEPHERD Nancy 79 29-Sep-1895 Harmony Twp none listed widow Howell, George North Carolina     housewife North Carolina
SHEPHERD Vila 40 18-Apr-1894 New Harmony consumption m Goodwin, E J, M.D. Virginia     housewife Virginia
SHEPHERDS Thomas 69 16-Oct-1895 Harmony Twp tuberculosis widower Shepherd, William H Virginia     farmer Harmony Twp
SHERER Charles J 5 mo 04-Jun-1882 Robinson Twp iligastriitis? And morphoinama during the last 2 months consumed 8 ounces tinct opium camphratis per wk   Scherer, George   Statz, Katherine     Robinson Twp
SHERRON Charles 21 mo 29-May-1895 Harmony Twp scrofulssis   Sherron, James Illinois Scaggs, Belle Illinois   Bethel Twp
SHIEBER Frederic 63 22-Jul-1896 Point Twp circhosis of liver m - - - - farmer Germany
SHOOK A.R.D. 32 02-Jul-1887 Cynthiana dysentery   Shook, A.R.   Wright, Nancy   laborer Vanderburg Co
SHORE Henry 26 02-Nov-1884 Robb Twp typo-malariel fever   Shore, Henry Illinois     laborer Illinois
SHORR Magareetta 2 da 03-Jul-1882 Marrs Twp death spasm   Shoor, Henry   Shorr, Mary      
SHORT Mary 43 05-Dec-1895 Point Twp double pneumonia m - - - - housewife New York
SHOUSE Male 15 hr 30-Jul-1889 Harmony Twp nne listed   Shouse, Levi Ohio White, Celia B Indiana    
SHOWE(SHAW, SHAUE) Mary 20 22-Jan-1884 Harmony Twp pernicious anemia and pregnancy m Axton, James Indiana Endicott, America Indiana housewife Indiana
SHOWERS A J (male) 58 10-Mar-1888 Cynthiana chronic bastriitis m Showers, Joseph       miller New York
SHOWERS Martha 58 30-Sep-1888 Cynthiana consumption widow Black, William Mt. Vernon        
SHULL Emaline 50 20-Dec-1895 New Harmony tuberculosis m Duclos, Peter France Pierce England housewife Indiana
SHUPRT Elizabeth 61 01-Dec-184 Bethel Twp malarial fever m Sumpter, John Montgomery County, Va Wierman?, Elizabeth Montgomery Co., Va housewife Montgomry Co., Va
SIMMS Joseph 49 21-Sep-1898 Mt Vernon cholera morbus m Simms, Spencer       laborer Springfield, Ohio
SIMPSON Alvin Thomas 2 18-Jan-1884 New Harmony pneumonia   Simpson, Thomas Illinois Riggal, Mary Illinois   Illinois
SIMPSON Martha 59 30-Apr-1899 Ind chronic bronchitis m Roberts, Joshua Indiana     housewife Indiana
SLATER Charles W 68 05-Jan-1894 New Harmony cerebral hemmorrage m - - - - editor England
SLAUGHTER Eliza 12 09-Jun-1897 Harmony Twp cerebral meningitis   Slaughter, Nicholas Kentucky       Kentucky
SLOAT John Jr 2 19-Jan-1895 Mt Vernon diptheria   Sloat, John Ohio Williams, Dora Illinois   Mt Vernon
SMILEY Female Stillborn 07-Mar-1896 Robb Twp Stillborn   Smiley, J M Indiana Alice Illinois    
SMITH Agnes 1 mo 06-Feb-1894 New Harmony inflamation of bowels   Smith, James Indiana Herold, Ida Posey County   Posey Co
SMITH Andrew 45 23-Mar-1882 Matt Williams in Gibson Co can't say found patient dead when I made first visit, from what I could learn congestion of lungs   Smith, Peter       laborer on farm Gibson Co
SMITH Bessie 10 mo 05-May-1891 Stewartsville perrelent oliles?   Smith, Aleck Indiana Alexander, Ruth Indiana   Stewartsville
SMITH Callie Stillborn 16-Mar-1896 Mt. Vernon Stillborn   Smith, Henry W Va Simm?, Lizzie Ky    
SMITH Carrie 3 08-Apr-1897 Robinson Twp pneumonia   Smith, Albert America Stiost?, Cassie America   America
SMITH David D 35 05-Apr-1896 Mt Vernon pistol shot widower - - - - carpenter  
SMITH Della 14 28-Apr-1891 Posey County abcess of liver   Smith, J. R. Posey County Haines, Lizzie Posey County   Posey County
SMITH Elijah 58 06-Aug-1887 Lynn Twp dysentery m - - - - farmer Indiana
SMITH Elwood Jr 9 13-Jul-1891 Mt Vernon complication impaired condition of brain from previous convulsions for past 6 years   Smith, Elwood Winslow, Pike Co., In Barter, Sarah E Mt Vernon   Mt Vernon
SMITH Ema 18 05-Apr-1886 Mt Vernon typhoid fever   Smith, John England Ashworth, Sarah Posey County   Mt Vernon
SMITH Ernest 12 18-Apr-1894 Lynn twp pneumonia   Smith, Lee Lynn Twp       Lynn Twp
SMITH Female 2 30-Oct-1898 Cynthiana diptheria   Smith, Zach Cynthiana   Arkansas   Cynthiana
SMITH Female 19 mo 25-Oct-1893 Grafton diptheria   Smith, William kentucky Taylor Harden Co., Illinois   Posey Co
SMITH Francis 75 23-Nov-1882 Cynthiana pulmonary consumption, old age widow - - - - housewife Ky
SMITH Harold (Arnold?) 4 22-Jan-1898 Mt Vernon bronch-pneumonia   Smith, William Mt Vernon Winn?, Emma Mt Vernon   Mt Vernon
SMITH Henry 24 hr 06-Jan-1886 Blk Twp none listed   Smith, James E Posey Co Jones, Lizzie M Posey County    
SMITH Horace 11 mo 11-Feb-1891 Lynn Twp croup   Smith, Silas Indiana Derling Indiana   Indiana
SMITH Jackson 69 20-Mar-1898 New Harmony pneumonia m Smith, Frederick       plasterer Indiana
SMITH James 35 26-Jan-1894 Harmony Twp pneumonia   Smith, Rob Ireland       Indiana
SMITH James E 37 27-May-1898 Blk Twp brain fever m Smith, James   Redman   farmer Posey Co
SMITH Jessie Wm 1 24-Jun-1883 Mt Vernon cholera infantum   Smith, James W Union Co., Ky Wmskenberg?, Alice Union County, Ky   Mt Vernon
SMITH John 82 20-May-1895 Poor Infirmary heart disease widower - - - - -  
SMITH John E 1 1⁄2 06-Sep-1897 Harmony Twp malariel fever   Smith, James Indiana Brown, Mary Ind   Gibson County
SMITH Joseph 74 10-Apr-1896 Robinson Twp la grippe m Smith, John Germany Stilbe?, Mary A Germany farmer Germany
SMITH Julia 104 23-Jun-1884 Poor Asylum old age widow - - - - housewife  
SMITH Katie 17 01-Jul-1887 Lynn Twp none listed   Smith, Elijah Indiana Patterson Indiana   Indiana
SMITH Lavina 55 13-Aug-1888 Posey Co dysentery m Robb, Paton Posey Co Finch, Susan Masn Co., Ky   Posey Co
SMITH Lizzie 19 15-Feb-1899 Mt Vernon phthisis pulmonalis   Smith, Richard Ky     domestic Indiana
SMITH Male 15 da 10-Jan-1894 Harmony Twp inanition   Smith, James Indiana Herell Indiana    
SMITH Male 2 hr 22-Mar-1884 Blk Twp premature birth   Smith, George A Posey Co Templeton, Jennie Posey County    
SMITH Margaret 72 09-Apr-1889 Posey Co old age widow - - - -   Kentucky
SMITH Mattie 30 22-Apr-1882 Point Twp none listed - - - - - housekeeper  
SMITH Nellie 6 wk 09-Apr-1896 Robinson Twp erysipelas   Smith, Adam Robinson Twp Cook, Mary Posey Co   Robinson Twp
SMITH Robert 44 09-Jan-1894 Harmony Twp pneumonia m Smith, Robert Ireland     farmer Indiana
SMITH Rosa 4 11-Sep-1897 Harmony Twp blood poisoning   Smith, James Indiana Brown, Mary Indiana   Indiana
SMITH Sally V 30 09-May-1898 Mt Vernon phthesis pulmonalis   Nelson, William Virginia Slayton, Sarah Kentucky housewife Kentucky
SMITH Sarah W 77 02-Oct-1895 Lynn Twp applexia of brain widow Graham, George Ireland - - - Illinois
SMITH Susanna 52 14-Oct-1894 Mt Vernon consumption widow Simpson England - - keeping house Caimbridge, Ohio
SMITH William 44 29-Jul-1899 Mt. Vernon brights disease   Smith, Charles Gremany Leicht. Catherine Germany painter Illinois
SMITH William C 46 28-May-1882 Posey County tuberculosis of lungs m Smith, Zacheris T   Smith, Francis   farmer Posey Co
SMOCK Male 8 da 01-Apr-1884 Mt Vernon premature birth   Smock, Harim Illinois Mann, Rebecca Illinois Mt Vernon Mt Vernon
SNELLING Ellen 48 10-Jul-1895 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis m Smith, Robert Ireland Wair, Sarah Ireland carpenters wife Ireland
SNELLING Enoch 71 08-Feb-1899 New Harmony heart disease m Snelling, Ben James       carpenter Levenworth, In
SNYDER Bertha 6 mo 09-Jun-1896 Bethel Twp entero-colitis   Snyder, Hary Indiana Frantzman, Catharine Indiana   Indiana
SNYDER Elijah Elmer 15 or 16 14-Oct-1884 none given summer complaint   Snyder, Noah Perry County, In Thompson, martha E Perry County, In   Blk Twp
SNYDER Male 8 hr 08-Feb-1899 Mt Vernon supposed to be non closure, franen ovale?   Snyder, William H Illinois Nation, Lizzie Illinois   Mt Vernon
SNYDER Ricie E 6 mo 14-Jun-1897 Mt Vernon spinal meningitis   Snyder, W H Illinois   Illinois   Indiana
SNYDER(SNIDER) Mary 35   at home tuberculosis m Holser?, Jacob Old Country Haustin?, Mellie Old Country housekeeper America
SOLMAN Rosa - 11-Sep-1891 Cynthiana phthisis pulmonalis   Lowe, S H Gibson County Meadows, Lizzie Posey County   Posey County
SORKER(ZORKER) Lorenzo George 7 mo 27-Aug-1890 Marrs Twp cholera infantum   Zorker, Lepold Germany Diehl, Margarethia Prussia, Germany   Marrs Twp
SPANGENBURGER Bertha 28 20-Jul-1899 New Harmony phthiisis m Hume, William Posey Co Stallings Posey Co housewife Posey County
SPAULDING Hauley 9 22-Jun-1884 Mt Vernon accidental drowning   Spaulding, Pat   Spaulding, Matilda     Union Co, Ky
SPEICHER Ernest 38 30-Dec-1895 Mt Vernon chronic alcoholism m Speicher, George Prussia Seifert, Susanna Baden farmer Marrs Twp
SPEICHER Phillip 35 03-Nov-1884 none listed typhoid fever m Speicher, George Germany Seifert, Susan Germany   none given
SPENCER John D. R. 47 30-Jan-1883 Caborn typhoid pneumonia   Spencer, William   Spencer, Malinda   mechanic Kentucky
SPILLMAN Carry 46 10-May-1895 Lynn Twp heart failure   Moit, Lev Carolina? Dolleson, Elizabeth Posey County   Posey County
SPILLMAN Levin 24 07-Jul-1887 Poseyville gun shot   Spillman, Sam Indiana Goncu?, Sarah Illinois laborer Poseyville
SPILLMAN Samuel 70 16-Jan-1895 Poseyville old age m Spillman, John S N Carol? Hunter, Rhoda S. Carol?   Evansville
SPRINGER Henry Mrs 34 28-Dec-1895 Mt Vernon pulmonary tuberculosis m Locrch?, Chas       housewife  
STAHT John Francis 34 24-Mar-1886 Mt Vernon cellular erysipelas   Steht, John Germany Auslem, Adeline Germany farmer Evansville
STAIGER John G 65 06-Apr-1886 Blairsville cerebral apoplexy m Staiger, John J Germany Egether, Catharine Germany shoemaker Germany
STALLINGS Aaron L 44 29-Mar-1884 Lynn Twp unknown m Stallings, Alfred Posey County Moore, Sarah Jane Pennsylvania   Posey County
STALLINGS Alberta 1 mo 25-Dec-1898 Harmony Twp bronchitis   Stallings, Milton Indiana Williams, Bertha Indiana   Harmony Twp
STALLINGS Andrew 79 10-Jun-1895 New Harmony nephritis   - - - - farmer Indiana
STALLINGS Calvin 78 09-Feb-1899 New Harmony pneumoniay m Stallings, William NC Wilson, Mary NC farmer Posey County
STALLINGS E Mrs 34 20-Apr-1891 Robb Twp pueperal fever and septiemia m Cavitt Posey County       Harmony Twp
STALLINGS Earney 9 27-Aug-1890 Harmony Twp cerebral hemmorhage   Stallings, Moses Harmony Twp Johnson Harmony Twp   Bethel Twp
STALLINGS Elais 42 22-Nov-1896 New Harmony alcoholism widower Stallings, William   Johnson Indiana saloonist Indiana
STALLINGS Etta 27 19-Apr-1896 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis m Phillips Illinois     housewife White County, Il
STALLINGS Female   19-Jan-1884 Harmony Twp     Stallings, Francis Marion   Stallings, Henrietta      
STALLINGS Harry 3 08-Oct-1894 Harmony Twp subacute gastriities   Stallings, James Posey County Browning, Mollie Illinois   Harmony Twp
STALLINGS Leander 35 29-Jul-1884 Robb Twp remittent fever   Stallings, William Virginia     farmer Indiana
STALLINGS Louella 23 15-May-1891 Harmony Twp consumption   Stallings, Elijah Harmony Twp Homer Harmony Twp   Harmony Twp
STALLINGS Male 6 da 09-Sep-1882 Center Twp croup   Stallings, Leander D   Stallings, Delia Jane      
STALLINGS Mary 33 15-Oct-1882 Center Twp diabetes mellitus   Owens, James G   Owens, Sarah Ann     Posey County
STALLINGS Otis 18 27-Aug-1899 Rapture typhoid fever   Stallings, Francis Rapture Gwaltney Stewartsville farmer Rapture
STALLINGS Proctor 12 12-Oct-1884 Lynn Twp scarlet fever   Stallings, Thomas         Indiana
STALLINGS Roy 4 mo 13-Feb-1891 New Harmony pneumonia   Stallings, John Indiana       Indiana
STALLINGS Sarah 32 29-Sep-1884 Robb Twp peuerperal fever   Murphy - Leander-Stallings   Murphy, Sarah     Indiana
STALLINGS Thomas 35 26-Sep-1883 Lynn Twp complication alcoholism m Stallings, Calvin Posey County Kincheloe, Mary Posey County farmer Lynn Twp
STALLINGS Twins   20-May-1889   premature   Stallings, Elijah Posey County Cavitt Posey County    
STALLINGS Willmetta 58 31-Mar-1899 Poseyville cancer of the womb widow Phillip, John Ky Endicott, America     Ky
STALLMAN Anna S 9 mo 22-Apr-1898 Marrs Twp impossible to read   Stallman, John Posey Co Brune, Ann S Posey Co   Marrs Twp
STALLMAN George S 4 mo 18-Jun-1892 Marrs Twp laveucal steuesis?   Stallman, John Posey Co Brunn?, Annie Posey Co   Mt Vernon
STALLMAN Male Stillbrown 04-Jan-1895 Mt Vernon Stillborn   Stallman, William Mo Dill, Emma Indiana    
STANCAMPT(STEUNCAMPT) Gerhardt 57 09-Feb-1888 near Mt Vernon typhoid pneumonia m - - - - farmer Germany
STANG Female 1 da 10-Apr-1882       Stang, Jacob   Stang, Catharine     Robinson Twp
STANG George 5 26-Jun-1889 "this township" pneumonitis   no information on father Schaefer, Rosina Posey County     "this township"
STANG George 30 30-Apr-1886 Robinson Twp chronic albuminuria m Stang, Simon Germany Oeth, Philopina Germany farmer Posey County
STANINGER Female Stillborn 20-Nov-1893 Poseyville Stillborn   Staninger, S N Illinois Elliott, Ida Indiana    
STANLEY Laura 31 04-Dec-1895 Blk Twp convulsions m Sanders, John   Martha   housewife Illinois
STANLEY Lewis Earl 8 03-Sep-1899 Lynn Twp brain fever   Stanley, Reily Illinois Goad, Mahala Illinois   Lynn Twp
STARNARD Mary A 60 01-Apr-1889 Mt Vernon umbelacel hernia widow Vandenburg       house New York
STATTS Dorris (female) 16 mo 12-Apr-1893 Griffin summer complaint   Statts, Albert D Edwards County, Ill Lagrange, Laura Wabash Co., Ill   Posey Co
STATTS Mrs 38 28-Apr-1896 Upton pertonitis m - - - -   unknown
STEFFAN Charles E 28 07-Jun-1896 Mt Vernon pulmonary phthisis   Steffin, Charles R Russia Schiieldt, Emelie Germany harness maker Mt Vernon
STEFFEN John Harmon 6 mo 21-Jul-1883 Mt Vernon cholera infantum   Steffin, Charles T Poland Scheldt, Emily Germany   Mt. Vernon
STEFFIN Adam Bernhardt 18 13-May-1884 Mt Vernon spasmodic asthma   Steffin, Charles Rodolph Poland Schield, Emily Germany harnessmaker Mt Vernon
STEMLE Mable 11 da 25-Nov-1898 Blk Twp acute bronchitis   Stemle, George Shawneetown, Ill Brown, Myrtle Spencer Co   Blk Twp
STEPHENS Coon 58 19-Nov-1896 Marrs Twp carsanoma m Stephens, Powel Germany     farmer Posey Co
STEPHENS Lizie 18 mo 23-Oct-1884 Posey Co enterocolitis   Stephens, Poll america Grerg?, Lizzie Germany   Posey Co
STEPHENS Lucy 21 21-Jan-1894 Posey Co consumption - - - - -   Posey County
STEPHENS Waller 19 mo 07-Sep-1899 Indiana entero-colitis   Stephens, Joe Indiana Jefferies Indiana   Indiana
STERLS William none listed 07-Jul-1890 Mt Vernon none listed       Brown, Ellen Hopkins Co, Ky laborer Henderson Co., Ky
STERM Jacob 83 22-Oct-1884 New Harmony old age   - - - - farmer Virginia
STEVENS James 83 25-Nov-1884 Posey Co, Smith Twp influenza   - - - - farmer Ky
STEVENS Lacy L 5 mo 26-Jun-1897 Mt Vernon entro-gastis   Stevens, Eugene Posey County Holleman, Lulu Hardin Co, Ill   Mt. Vernon
STEVENS Wesley 50 20-Nov-1884 Griffin typhoid pneumonia   - - - - saloon keeper Illinois
STEWARD Thomas 45 10-Mar-1888 Poor Asylum uremia   - - - - laborer Indiana
STEWART A L (male) 37 15-Jan-1894 Blairsville heart failure m Stewart, J Ireland Bradauy?, C America physician America
STEWART Nancy 42 25-Sep-1895 Harmony Twp pneumonia m Brooks, Aaron Tenn Vina Tenn farmers wife Tenn
STEWART Robert 8 mo 01-Sep-1888 Robb Twp phelgmunos eyrepela?   Stewart, Robert Ky Famhill, Josephine Kansas   Robb Twp
STIERLE Frank 3 02-Aug-1889 Blairsville spasms   Stierle, Frank Germany Wolf, Katharine Posey County   Blairsville
STIGGER Kate 35 13-Mar-1884 Mt Vernon phthisis pulmialis m Talley, Off   Woodson     Tenn
STILLWELL Harold 10 mo 01-Jun-1895 Robb Twp dysentery   Stilwell, J L Indiana Reeves, Jenny Indiana   Robb Twp
STILLWELL Male Stillborn 28-Jul-1891 -Robb Twp Stillborn   Stillwell, James          
STILLWELL Nancy 63 21-Jul-1888 Harmony Twp enteritis m     Miller   farmers wife Indiana
STILLWELL Washington G 77 01-May-1891 Harmony Twp cerebral hemorrhage widower Stillwell, William       farmer North Carolina
STINNETT Netty 74 25-Oct-1894 Stewartsville cancer of bowels and rectum widow Britton, Jesse farmer? Stewart NC   Ky
STINSON Hattie H 22 da 18-Sep-1884 Mt Vernon malarial fever   Stinson, Lewis Indiana Hayes, Cora Indiana   Mt. Vernon
STOHLHOEFFER (STAHLHOEFFER) Christina 72 09-Aug-1896 Mt Vernon malerial fever widow - - - -   Germany
STOKER Fannie 20 mo 18-Oct-1888 New Harmony pneumonia   Stoker, James Indiana Baldwin Indiana   Indiana
STOKER Francis 72 18-Nov-1898 New Harmony cerebral hemmorrhage m Smith, Adam   Mc Kinney   miller wife North Carolina
STOKES, Jefferson 36 05-Apr-1895 Mt. Vernon pneumonia m Stokes, Thomas       laborer  
STONE Bertha 2 11-Dec-1895 Robb Twp cerebral congestion   Stone, Dalton Indiana Miller, Nora Indiana   Indiana
STONECIPHER Male 5 wk 06-May-1894 Blk Twp meningitis   Stonecipher, J C Illinois Curtis, Mollie Indiana   Blk Twp
STONECIPHER Webster 1 21-Jul-1882 Blk Twp cholera infantum   Stonecipher, Joshua   Stonecipher, Mollie     Blk Twp
STONER William 60 19-May-1882 Union Twp, Vanderburg Co drowning           steamboat clerk  
STOOTZ(STAATZ) Fredrick 65 05-Feb-1883 Robinson Twp cirrhosis hepatis m - - - -   Germany
STOUT Harrison C 42 09-Apr-1883 Mt Vernon pthisis pulmonalis   Stout, Absolum   Stout, Tempe Caroline   pension agent Illinois
STRATMANN Steffan 1 31-Jan-1898 Mt Vernon pneumonia   Stratmann, Peter Germany Davis Mt Vernon   near Mt. Vernon
STRAUTMAN Mary 7 20-Oct-1895 near Mt Vernon diptheria   Strautman, Peter         Posey Co
STRICKLAND Male   17-Dec-1895 Lynn Twp premature birth   Strickland, Samuel Indiana Hatchett, Lizzie Indiana   Lynn Twp
STROTMAN Elizabeth 19 08-Oct-1884 Robinson Twp typho malarial   Strotman, Anton Germany     housekeeper Robinson Twp
STURMS Gladys 19 mo 21-Oct-1893 Mt Vernon summer complaint   Thornton, Eugene Indiana Sturms, Sarah     Blk Twp
STURMS Nettie M 2 mo 14-Jul-1882 Blk Twp dysentery   Sturms, Benjamin Harrison Co, In Alldridge, Josephine Posey County   Blk Twp
SULER Huse (female)   27-Jul-1896   convulsions   Huse, John          
SULLIVAN Agnes 1 07-Mar-1898 Mt Vernon whooping cough   Sullivan, Geo Ohio Blochances?, Hannah Ky   Mt Vernon
SULLIVAN Annie 53 13-Apr-1896 Mt. Vernon abcess of cervical glands   Slocomb, Samuel Illinois Hughs,Mary Ky housewife Carmi, Illinois
SULLIVAN Edward T 24 01-May-1883 Lant Allens Blk Twp pneumonia   Sullivan, Edward T   Sullivan, Almira B   teaching Mt Vernon
SUNDERMIER Celia 9 24-May-1897 Harmony Twp pneumonia   Sundermier, Ernest Germany       Harmony Twp
SUTTLE Henry 26 12-Dec-1884 Lynn Twp typhoid fever   - - - - school teacher Ohio
SUTTON Sarah E 53 24-Apr-1889 New Harmony cerebral meningitis   Sturgis, Joseph East Tenn Brooks Indiana housewife  
SUTTON Thomas 10 28-Oct-1884 Robb Twp typhoid fever   Sutton, Allen   Montgomery     Indiana
SWAN Male 1 wk 27-Jul-1895 Harmony Twp premature birth   Swan, Samuel Illinois Gibson, Etta Indiana    
SWIEKHERT Mathias 63 02-Apr-1898 at home pneumonia m Scheikhart, John old country Schweikhert, Mary old county farmer old country