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Deaths 1882-1900

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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
TADLOCK Moses Daniel 5 1⁄2 02-Nov-1894 Mt Vernon diptheria   Tadlock, Jonathan Cave in Rock, Illinois Escue, George Ann Rose Claire, Illinois   Mt. Vernon
TALLIFERRO Marshall 67 19-Oct-1895 Mt Vernon phthisis m Talliferro, Lawrence Virginia Gowen, Lettie A South Carolina bricklayer Kentucky
TAYLOR Female 4 19-Mar-1884 Mt Vernon catarrhal pneumonia   Taylor, William Henry Union County, Ky Powell, Henrietta Union Co., Ky   Henderson Co, Ky
TAYLOR Lowry 72 10-May-1896 Mt Vernon consumption m Taylor, Solomon Kentucky Langley, Patsy Kentucky laborer Kentucky
TAYLOR Mollie 33 05-Nov-1898 Mt Vernon hemorrhage of uterus m Powell, Henry Ky Martin, Sallie Henderson, Ky   Smith Mills, Ky
TEMPLETON Gale 7 22-Oct-1895 Mt Vernon memberous croup   Templeton, Fred Mt. Vernon Caborn, Maggie     Mt Vernon
TENBARGE John 1 18-May-1884 Robinson Twp whoop cough   Tenbarge, Henry   Tenbarge, Margaret     Robinson Twp
TENBARGE Philomena 84 21-Jun-1883 St Wendell cancer   - - - - housewife Holland
TENISON Chester 5 wk 14-Mar-1895 Center Twp lagrippe   Tenyson, John Center Twp Hust, Susie Lynn Twp    
TENISON Nola 17 20-Nov-1884 Blk Twp typhoid fever   Tenison, William Lawrence Co, Illinois Venable, Kiziah Posey County doing housework Blk Twp
TENISON Sarah 21 07-Dec-1882 Center Twp- about 4 mi from Millers Church malariel fever-doctor says that patient died of exhaustion for want of food & stimulates which she would not take m Cox, A   Cox, Nancy   keeping house Center Twp
TENNISON James F 27 22-Oct-1884 Blk Twp typho-malariel fever widower Tennison, William Richland Co., Ill Venables, Keziah Posey County farmer Lynn Twp
TENNISON Mary Jane 42 07-Apr-1882 Blk Twp hemmorage of stomach   Thomas, Daniel       housewife Bowling Green Ky
THEILMAN John 8 da 22-Jul-1888 Posey County convulsions   Therlman, John Posey County Menekehem, Carris Posey County   Posey County
THEUERKAUF Jacob 33 20-Nov-1884 Morris Twp?Marrs typho-malerial fever m Theurekauf, Nicholas Germany Haner?, Fredricka Germany farmer Indiana
THEURKORF? George 42 03-May-1897 Blairsville cardiac dropsy m Theukorf, Fredrich Germany Mitz, Catherine Germany farmer Robinson Twp
THIENES Amelia 3 08-Jan-1883 Marrs Twp largnagitis with exhaustion of lymph   Thienes, Christian   Thienes, Elizabeth     German Twp - Vanderburg Co
THIENES Harry 5 wk 10-Jan-1884 Caborn umbilical ulcer   Thienes, Christ Germany Keile, Elizabeth Germany   near Caborn
THOMAS Armand 3 da 11-Jun-1899 Oliver hives   Thomas, John Harrison County, In Thomas, Ida A Posey County    
THOMAS Female Stillborn 19-Dec-1895 Blk Twp Stillborn   Thomas, John M Lynn Twp Weisinger, Rilla Blk Twp    
THOMAS George M (female) 10 mo 17-Oct-1882 Lynn Twp dysentery   Thomas, George   Thomas, Maggie      
THOMAS Hattie C 27 02-Apr-1898 Mt Vernon organic heart disease   Thomas, John Virginia Graham, Elsie Ky house servant Union County, Ky
THOMAS Howard 15 25-Jul-2890 Mt Vernon typhoid fever   Thomas, Lon Indiana Fuhrer, Mary Indiana   Mt Vernon
THOMAS Ida A 28 18-Jun-1889 Oliver septicarmia? m Rowe, John Posey County Rowe, Susan Posey County   Posey County
THOMAS James E 75 20-Mar-1895 Lynn Twp senility widower Thomas, David NC Houston   farmer Tenn
THOMAS James H 79 03-Feb-1898 Lynn Twp senility gangrene widower Thomas, James NC Eblin, Mary NC farmer Lynn Twp
THOMAS Jesse Agnes 1 21-Jun-1898 Blk twp convulsions   Thomas, John M Lynn Twp Weissinger, Billie Blk Twp   Blk Twp
THOMAS John 2 20-Aug-1897 Blk Twp summer complaint   Thomas, Fielding N Blk Twp Harris, Clara Bedford, Missouri   Blk Twp
THOMAS Lucinda 76 28-Nov-1896 Mt Vernon heart trouble m Robinson   Duncan, Kate   housewife Bourbon County, Ky
THOMAS Maud 11 20-Sep-1895 Robinson Twp congestive chill   Thomas, Isaac indiana Jones, Harriet Indiana   Illinois
THOMAS Mollie 4 13-Jan-1894 near Mt. Vernon Meningitis   Thomas, S. L. Posey County Hinkly, Della Posey County   Posey County
THOMAS Mrs 22 11-Feb-1882 2 1⁄2 mi s.w. of Farmersville epilepsy and abcess of breast m Breeze, James         Blk Twp
THOMAS Richard G 74 17-Jan-1896 Mt Vernon consumption m Thomas, Isaac       carpenter Indiana
THOMAS Stella 11mo 03-Aug-1884 Blk Twp inflammed Brain   Thomas, Luther Posey County Hinkly, Della Posey County   Blk Twp
THOMAS Thomas E 1 14-Sep-1896 Posey County plumitis   Thomas, William Kentucky       Posey County
THOMAS William 41 13-Dec-1895 Mt Vernon cerebro-spinal mengitis m Thomas, J O Germany Jenkins, Mary Ann   laborer Tenn
THOMPSON Agnes C 4 mo 05-Jul-1883 Farmersville cholera infantum   Thompson, George Posey County Gregory, Eva Putman Co, In   Farmersville
THOMPSON Anna L 28 11-Mar-1895 Poseyville consumption m Davis, E. Rev   Davis, Myra E Posey County housewife Poseyville
THOMPSON Earnest 14 mo 19-Sep-1883 Bethel Twp inflamation of bowerls   Thompson, Robert H Barren Co., Ky Miller, Dolly Baren Co., Ky   Bethel Twp
THOMPSON Edward Seth 8 mo 22-Jan-1883 Mt Vernon none listed   Thompson, Handy   Thompson, Mary      
THOMPSON Lillian 9 07-Mar-1883 Bethel Twp inflamation of brain   Thompson, Robert H   Thompson, Dolly M     Metcalf Co, Ky
THOMPSON Nora L 11 mo 21-Mar-1895 Lynn Twp mausasmus?   Thompson, Clifford   Goodwin, Ovella M Smith Co, Va   Lynn Twp
THORNTON Joshua 17 08-May-1884 Blk Twp heart trouble   Thornton, David Blk Twp Jacquess, Ellen Posey Co laborer Blk Twp
THRALL Eugene S 46 09-Jan-1889 New Harmony neuralgia of bowels   Thrall, Newton Conn Cox, Sarah J Virginia druggist New Harmony
THRALL Sarah J 78 16-Oct-1894 New Harmony old age widow Cox, Edward Virginia       Virginia
TIEMAN? Claus 65 28-May-1886 Blk Twp croup?   - - - - farmer Germany
TILER Female none 01-May-1894 Lynn Twp consumption m - - - - housewife  
TIRUMONS? Annie 39 05-Sep-1896 Mt Vernon phthisis pulmonalis m Caurion   Bridge Ireland   New Albany
TODD Herbert 2 31-Oct-1882 Posey Co diptheria   Tood, Joseph H   Tood, Mary     Posey County
TODD Joseph 56 21-Feb-1899 Blk Twp lagrippe m - - - - farmer Blk Twp
TODD Mary H 50 28-Feb-1889 Blk Twp lagrippe widow Johnson, Levi   Knight, Pymiller Tenn housewife Blk Twp
TODD William 82 01-Feb-1898 Mt Vernon cerebral apoplexey widower Todd, William NC Alldredge, Cynthiana   carpenter Mt Vernon
TODD William 58 25-Mar-1895 Lynn Twp chronic lung disease   Good, Samuel   Wilson, Serilda   farmer Indiana
TODD William H 2 26-Oct-1895 Lynn Twp infantil diarrhea   Tood, William   Brookins, Rhuhama M     Lynn Twp
TOMPKINS Delina 56 13-Aug-1896 Mt Vernon cancer of womb m     Smith, Mary Kentucky housewife Kentucky
TOOD Bell 7 13-Apr-1884 Mt Vernon typhoid pneumonia   Tood, Robert R Kentucky Weed, Mary Kentucky   Kentucky
TOOPS Euginia 6 05-Nov-1893 Mt Vernon rheumatism   Toops, William Floyd Co, In Delameter, Anna Clay City, Ill   Owensville
TORANCE Eugene 13 01-Jul-1883 Point Twp drowned   Torance, James W   Rowe, Harriet     Indiana
TORANCE(LORANCE)? James W 38 21-Jan-1883 Point Twp gunshot wound in army 20 years ago producing abcess of left lung   Lorance, David N   Torance, Mary     Indiana
TOTTEN Female Stillborn 08-Aug-1886 Lynn Twp Stillborn   Totten, Homer Elworth Spencer Co Trafford, Mary Lynn Twp    
TOWNS Jasper 52 27-May-1896 Mt Vernon dropsey   -- - - -   Kentucky
TOWNSEND Madege 4 22-Feb-1896 Robb Twp diptheria   Townsend, Sam Indiana Sutton, Ida Indiana   Posey Co
TRAINOR Algenum 26 02-May-1882 Poseyville phthisis pulmonalis   Trainor, G K   Trainor, S W   farmer Poseyville
TRAINOR W A (Male) 4 da 05-Jul-1883 Poseyville none listed   Trainor, William   Ramsey, Edith      
TRAVIS Female Stillborn 31-May-1897 New Harmony Stillborn   Travis, William J Ky George, Mary A Illinois    
TRAVIS Mary A 39 24-Nov-1898 Mt Vernon brights disease m George, Francis NC Gillison, Louisana White co, Illinois housewife Fairfield, Ill
TRAVIS Sally 68 07-Dec-1895 Center Twp none listed   Rodgers, Alex       housekeeper Posey Co
TRETHEWAY William 16 21-Aug-1887 New Harmony meningitis   Tretheway, John England French England carpenters son England
TRONT? Christina 55 12-Jun-1898 Mt Vernon malaria   Barmuth, Adam Germany Elizabeth Germany housewife Germany
TRUSCOTT Katharine 57 04-May-1894 New Harmony cancer m Wilson, Robert Penn Wilson, Mary Elizabeth Penn housewife Posey County
TWIGG Charlie 20 mo 07-Aug-1895 Poseyville entero-colitis       Shelton Posey County   New Harmony
TWIGG Percy P 4 mo 30-Mar-1898 New Harmony pneumonia   Twigg, Robert D Indiana Shelton, Lamira Indiana   New Harmony
TYLER Adie 22 mo 24-Oct-1894 Posey County phthisis   Tyler, Gabe Virginia Wilson, Fannie Posey Co   Posey Co