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Deaths 1882-1900
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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
UBELHACK Edward 1yr 10 mo 20-Sep-1897 Marrs Twp cholera infantum   Ubelhack, Fed Spencer Co Ingelsen?, Louisa Marrs Twp   Marrs Twp
UNDERWOOD Horace B 9 mo 19-Jul-1897 Mt Vernon muco-enterretis   Underwood, W J NC Boyer, Katie L Kentucky   Kentucky
UNRUH Fred 20 21-Aug-1896 Poor Infirmary congested bowels   - - - - laborer  
UPSHAW Male Stillborn 28-Feb-1886 Lynn Twp Stillborn   Upshaw, Andrew New Harmony Hungate, Mary c Posey County    
URANG Jennie 46 26-May-1894 Poor Infirmary syphillis widow - - - -   Indiana
URI Soli 25 13-Oct-1890 Mt Vernon paralysis   Uri, A W Prussia Neuberger, Louisa Prussia merchant lived Mt Vernon
UTLEY Female   25-Sep-1896 Blk Twp premature birth   Utley, Cahrles Blk Twp Carr, Bertha Blk Twp   lived Blk Twp
UTLEY James Perry 67 04-Feb-1899 Lynn Twp pneumonia   Utley, David     farmer farmer Kentucky
UTLEY James Perry 67 04-Feb-1899 Lynn Twp pneumonia   - - - - farmer Kentucky
UTLEY Lovina 42 13-May-1895 Mt Vernon peritonitis m Reeder, Claborn Tenn Trynbo?, Sallie Ann Tenn domestic RobbersonCounty, Tn
UTLEY Lovina 18 23-Dec-1893 Mt Vernon diptheria   Utley Kentucky       Kentucky
UTLEY Male 10 da 09-Feb-1884 Lynn Twp paralysis of lungs   Utley, Harrison Indiana Byrd, Mary Indiana    
UTLEY Mary 25 07-Feb-1884 Lynn Twp shock premature labor   Byrd, Jesse Indiana Henderson, Juliana Indiana housewife Indiana
UTLEY Matilda C 44 17-Apr-1883 Mt Vernon pneumonia   Robinson, James   Robinson, Nancy   housewife Indiana
UTLEY Sally 18 25-Sep-1895 Lynn Twp brain fever m York, Elisha E Lynn Twp Alldredge, Mary J Blk Twp housewife Lynn Twp
VADERBRIFT Lewis 68 22-Jan-1894 New Harmony dropsy and paralysis m     Robb Miss   steam boat captain near Pittsburg, Pa
VANDERGRIFT Catharine 34 22-Aug-1890 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis widow Mathuse Indiana     engineer's widow Indiana
VANDEVER J Walter 28 17-Oct-1894 Lynn Twp congestion m Vandever, Thomas   Bundy, Lucy Posey County laborer  
VANDIEVER Lucy G 47 09-Sep-1893 Grafton typhoid fever widow Bundy, William   Bundy     Posey County
VANWGE(VANWWYE) James 19 17-Aug-1883 near Mt Vernon murdered   - - - -    
VAUGHN Male 20 m 02-Sep-1886 New harmony entero-colitis   Vaughn, James Indiana Rush Indiana   Indiana
VAUGHN Martha 5 03-Apr-1883 Poor Asylum Robb Twp variola confluent - - - - -   Poor Asylum Robb Twp
VAUGHN Swep? (male) 43 11-Jan-1899 Mt Vernon pneumonia m Vaughn, Robert Tenn House, Julia Tenn laborer Murphysboro, Tenn
VEVSSHNESE? Lucy 14 22-Mar-1894 Marrs Twp peritonitis   Vlesthnlse?, William H Robinson Twp Gregory, Ida Evansville   Evansville
VIETS Jane - 28-Apr-1883 Harmony Twp change of life widow - - - -    
VINT David 58 06-Apr-1895 Ky opposite Mt Vernon pneumonia m Vint, James       pilot Pittsburg, Pa
VIRGINS Walter 25 03-Apr-1891 Wadesville abcess lung   - - - - farmer Posey Co
VOEGILE Andrew 3 wk 16-Oct-1894 Marrs Twp inaintio?   Voegile, Charles Germany Martin, Elizabeth St Wendel   Marrs Twp
VOGELE Elizabeth 34 13-Oct-1894 Marrs Twp pneumonia m Martin, BF Germany Vial, Catharina Germany wife St. Wendel, Vanderburhg Co
VOGELE Male 7 mo 14-Sep-1896 Blairsville asnophia infantum   Vogele, Charles Essace, Germany Martin, Lizzie St. Wendel   Blairsville