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Deaths 1882-1900

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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
WADE Ada 34 10-Jun-1896 New Harmony gun shot - suicide (insanity)   Hugo, William Indiana VanWay Ann housewife Indiana
WADE Braxton 66 30-Apr-1884 Center Twp retro phaargngeal abcess m Wade, Caleb NC Barker, Rachel NC farmer Kentucky
WADE Effie 24 05-Jun-1898 New Harmony phthisis   Wade, Thomas Indiana Wade, Mary Indiana seamstress Posey Co
WADE Elizabeth A 36 03-Oct-1884 Center Twp pistol shot in head m Grant, Joseph       wash woman  
WADE Emma L 7 22-Aug-1888 Mt Vernon cholra infantum   Wade, Edwin Indiana Rosenkranz, Natlaie C Mt Vernon   Mt Vernon
WADE Freelove 24 26-Jun-1897 New Harmony consumption   Wade, Thomas Posey County Overton, Mary Posey County   Posey County
WADE Issas J 40 08-Aug-1882 Wadesville bursting of a grindstone, struck him in head, completely crushed his skull   Wade, Carter   Wade, Polly   farmer  
WADE J C 73 15-Jul-1889 Wadesville cystitis m Wade, Joshua SC Conner, Polly SC laborer Indiana
WADE J George Sr 75 05-Aug-1899 Center Twp jupers? m Wade, Zac Kentucky Underwood, Harriet Kentucky farmer Posey Co
WADE Jane 56 22-Apr-1882 New Harmony typhoid fever   - - - - housewife Indiana
WADE Janeve 2 12-Aug-1899 Center Twp malarial flux   Wade, Joe Posey Co Defur, Ella Posey Co   Center Twp
WADE John 27 28-Jun-1886 Mt Vernon diabetes militus   Cohorn?, John   Wade, Harriett   laborer Kentucky
WADE John T 42 27-Mar-1899 Wadesville cerebro spinal fever m Wade, J B   Wilson Posey County farmer Posey County
WADE Josh E 72 19-May-1891 New Harmony erysipelas m Wade, Zachariah NC Underwood, Harriett Wales farmer Cener Twp
WADE Joshua F 71 16-Mar-1882 Center Twp consumption   Wade, Caleb Barker, Rachel        
WADE M Mrs 49 16-Aug-1891 Harmony Twp consumption m Ovreton Harmony Twp     housewife Harmony Twp
WADE Olla 2 wks 17-Feb-1896 Wadesville cholera infantum   Wade, William L Posey Co Taylor, Josephine Posey Co   Wadesville
WADE Tillie 7 27-Jun-1891 Center Twp cholera infantum   Wade, William L Posey County Taylor, Josephine Posey County   Center Twp
WADE William Albert 35 21-Mar-1895 Center Twp brain fever   Wades, Thomas S Center Twp Overton, Martha W Harmony Twp farmer Harmony Twp
WADKINS Charles 28 23-May-1884 Mt Vernon pneumonia m Wadkins, Robert Virginia Wilson, Harriett Virginia laborer Virginia
WAGNER Cary 3 mo 20-Oct-1895 Wadesville croup   Wagner, J R Germany Shallman, Barbara J Germany   Illinois
WAGNER Henry 3 1⁄2 26-Oct-1898 Mt Vernon none listed   Wagner, Andrew Germany Biedenbender, Louisa Germany   Mt Vernon
WAGNER John N 3 mo 03-Jul-1896 Posey Co convulsions   Wagner, George Posey Co Sailer, Katherine Posey Co   Posey County
WAGNER Male 3 wk 13-Mar-1898 Posey Co uraemia - dr says doesn't know duration of illness only saw the case a few hours before death   Wagner, George Indiana Sailer, Kate Indiana   Posey Co
WALES John 3 25-Jul-1896 Mt Vernon dysenteria   Jack Wales Marrs Twp Kagles, maid Mt Vernon   MtVernon
WALES Male 3 1⁄2 hr 07-Sep-1896 Mt Vernon premature birth   Wales, John Illinois Kagle, Hattie Posey Co   Mt Vernon
WALKER Alice B 2 mo 31-Aug-1883 Posey Co dysentery   Walker, Julies Mt Vernon William Alice b White co, Ill   Posey Co
WALKER Ervin 1 18-Apr-1898 New Harmony measler   Walker, George Illinois Browwning Illinois   Indiana
WALKER George 10 20-Oct-1890 Indiana typhoid fever   Walker, John Indiana Biglow, Kate Indiana   Indiana
WALKER Margaret J 41 16-Mar-1883 Blk Twp erisipelas of face and scalp affect the brain   Lytle, John   Lyttle, Margaret   housewife Blk Twp
WALKER Mrs 26 16-Mar-1882 Blk Twp debility from miscarriage   - - - -   Kentucky
WALKER Myrtle 8 15-May-1899 New Harmony cerebro-spinal meningitis   Walker, George W Illinois Browning, Ida Illinois   Illinois
WALKER Vincenses 74 18-Aug-1896 Lynn Twp fatty liver widower Walker, John NC Corkin NC farmer NC
WALKER Wesley 3 hr 28-May-1898 Poor Infirmary cyanosis?   Walker,Jake Wayne Co., Ill Stieneker, Rosa Summerville, Ind    
WALL Verse 1 14-Jan-1895 Lynn Twp pneumonia   Hall, Charney NC Daniels, Lenora Ill   Lynn Twp
WALLACE Male 1 day 12-Oct-1882 Robb Twp blue disease   Wallace, JA   Wallace, Melissia      
WALLING Florence E 17 18-Nov-1898 Blk Twp puerperal fever m Lopp, T R Harrison Co., In Jones, Elizabeth Harrison Co., In housewife Harrison Co, In
WALLING William 21 04-Nov-1898 Posey Co pistol shot- suicide   Walling, Felix G Tennessee Waldon, Sarah V Illinois farmer Tenn
WALLS Alvin 18 05-Apr-1884 Blk Twp congestion of lungs   Walls, John Indiana Robb, Mary Indiana farmer Indiana
WALLS Eliza 26 18-Jan-1884 Point Twp pneumonia   Walls, William Ohio Moulder, Ellen Indiana farmer Indiana
WALLS Frank 4 15-Apr-1884 Blk Twp pneumonia   Walls, John Indiana Robb, Mary Indiana   Indiana
WALLS James none given 06-Nov-1882 Point Twp double pneumonia   - - - - farmer Ohio
WALLS Willie 6 03-Sep-1895 Mt Vernon diptheria   Walls, James Memthis Tenn Young, Annie Union Co, ky   Union County, Ky
WALTERS Female 14 wks 04-May-1897 Blk Twp double pneumonia   Walters, Herman Indiana Hancock Indiana   Indiana
WALTERS Male 1 wk 07-Sep-1896 none listed inauntion?   Walters, Charles T Posey Co Rannie Williams Posey County    
WALTZ John 55 19-Nov-1884 Posey County typhoid pneumonia m Waltz, John Germany     farmer Germany
WALZ A G (male) 4 mo 15-Sep-1897   cholera infantum   Walz, Fred W Posey County Moore, Annie Posey county    
WALZ Female - 09-May-1897   prolapse of cord   Walz, John H Posey County Hartman, Tillie M Posey County    
WARD Charles 27 14-Jun-1889 New Harmony acute pulmonary tuberculosis   Ward, Joseph England Mc Munn Indiana laborer Indiana
WARD Francis 82 26-Jan-1884 New Harmony old age widow Twelves, (Lweves?), Robert England     housekeeper Englandi
WARD Mary A 47 07-Mar-1883 Wabash Twp, Gibson Co., In pneumonia   Grubbs, Eli   Grubbs, Jane     Jefferson County, Tenn
WARD Ruth Ann 46 21-May-1886 New Harmony paralysis of heart m Mc Munn       shoemakers wife Missouri
WARDELMAN Fredric 62 07-Aug-1886 Robb Twp pneumonia   - - - - farmer Germany
WARNICK Male 9 mo 12-Feb-1889 Mt Vernon measles   Meew? Warnick         Mt Vernon
WARPENBURG John 1 07-Jul-1891 Bethel Twp entero-colitis   Warpenburg, Charles Indiana Garett Indiana   Indiana
WARRICK Female Bord Dead 29-Aug-1897 Harmony Twp compressed cord - born dead   Warrick, William Tenn Patterson, Malinda Tenn    
WASEM Elida (female) 4 wk 02-Sep-1883 Mt Vernon catarrhal fever   Wadem, Louis Germany Schneider Germany   Mt Vernon
WASEM Oscar 15 25-May-1895 Mt Vernon chronic nephritis   Wasem, Andrew Germany Leuhring?, Bertha Indiana   Indiana
WASON Phillip Charley 4 20-Feb-1882 Marrs Twp convulsions   Wason, Phillip   Wason, Julia     America
WASSEM Wendel 79 29-Jul-1888 Marrs Twp mavasmus senilis? widower - - - -   Oberingetheim, Hassia
WASSON J L (male) no age 01-Jul-1899 Cynthiana paralysis m Wasson, Newton Tenn Maddox, Polly Indiana farming Gibson county
WATKINS John 55 10-Aug-1889 Mt Vernon diabetes mellitis m Watkins, George Ky     laborer Henderson, Ky
WATSON George P 41 10-Apr-1883 Mt Vernon pneumonia   Watson, Washington   Watson, Catherine   laborer Perry Co, In
WATSON Idesa 9 mo 13-Feb-1884 Center Twp pneumonia   Watson, James Indiana Cornie, M J Indiana   Center Twp
WATSON James 56 21-Apr-1899 Posey Co phthisis m - - - - farmer Posey Co
WATT Ida 41 15-Sep-1896 Mt Vernon ceberal shock from heat m Fauntleroy, R W Virginia Homer, Rachel England housewife Indiana
WATTS Docas a 61 18-Dec-1893 Mt Vernon lagrippe m Ray, Samuel   Llamar     Spencer Co
WEARE John 14 mo 29-Mar-1887 Mt Vernon bronchitis following measles   Weare, John Germany Mann, Caroline Germany   Mt Vernon
WEARE Wilford Stillborn 29-Jun-1886 Blk Twp Stillborn   Weare, William Walter Posey County Mackey, Susan A Posey County    
WEARE?, Nellie 8 01-Oct-1893 Blk Twp diptheria   Weare, Charles K Posey Co Brown, R Posey County   Posey County
WEATGHERFORD Louisa 5 mo 30-Jul-896 Point Twp cholera infantum   Weatherford, John Jr Mt Vernon Richter, Katie F Point Twp   Point
WEATHERFORD Catherine Francis 1 15-Jan-1883 Blk Twp gastroenteriistes   Weatherford, John S   Weatherford, Anna M     Posey Co
WEATHERFORD Lucinda 5 mo 26-Jul-1896 Point Twp cholera infantum   Weatherford, John Jr Mt. Vernon Richter, Katie F Point Twp   Point
WEATHERFORD Roy 2 03-Apr-1896 Point Twp congestive chill   Weatherford, John Jr Mt Vernon Richter, Katie F Point Twp   Point Twp
WEBBEE John George 85 04-Aug-1895 near Poseyville tumor of bowels widower Weber, John Nicholas Darmstadt, Germany Keil, Kate Darmstadt Germany tailor Darmstadt, Germany
WEBER Apalona 37 07-Apr-1889 New Harmony phthisis pulmonalis m Emge Germany     tailors wife Indiana
WEBER Leonard 30 31-Jan-1889 New Hamrony pulmonary tuberculosis   Weber, George Germany     tailor Germany
WEBER Peter 46 09-May-1895 New Harmony pelvic abscess widower Weber, George Germany     tailor Germany
WEDEKING Fredrika 60 24-Aug-1882 Robinson Twp phthisis pulmonalis   - - - - housewife Lipi Detmolt, Germany
WEEVER Mary T 71 23-Jan-1884 Mt Vernon pneumonia widow Trafton, John Main Tucker Main   Maine
WEEVRE? Female Stillborn 02-May-1884 Mulberry Stp? Stillborn   Weevre, John B Maine Slocumb, Emma J Illinois    
WEILBRENNER George M 74 01-Oct-1898 Mt Vernon bronchitis and rheumatizm widower Weilbrenner, Andrew Germany Nerner Germany grocer Baden Germany
WEILBRENNER Katie 16 mo 14-Aug-187 Mt Vernon not listed   Weilbrenner, Frefrick Indiana Mensinger, Lizzie Ind   Mt Vernon
WEINIGOR William Jr 14 22-Mar-1894 Blk Twp heart failure   Wenegar?, William Germany       Blk Twp
WEIR Gilbert E 4 16-Mar-1896 Lynn Twp cerebro spinal meningitis   Weir, James Lynn Twp Aldrich, Nellie Lynn twp   Lynn Twp
WEIR Hugh M 3 1⁄2 mo 22-Jul-1886 Mt Vernon congestion brain   Weir, David T Indiana Reders, Anna Indiana   Mt Vernon
WEIR Katy Maud 3 14-Nov-1895 Mt Vernon membranus croup   Weir, Andrew Clark Co Bryant, Anna Clark Co   Clark Co, In
WEIR Mary J 20 01-Feb-1884 Mt Vernon phthisis pulmonalis   Weir, James Mt Vernon Jolly, Melissa Ann Covington, Co, Miss school teacher Mt Vernon
WEISS Andrew 8 14-Aug-1897 Posey Co cirrhoisis of liver   Weiss, George Posey Co Morlock, Lou Mt Vernon   Posey County
WEISS George Levis 22 mo 30-Oct-1893   cholrea colitis   Weis, George J Posey Co Morlock, Louisa Posey Co   Posey Co
WEISS Geroge 64 27-Apr-1886 Smith Twp pneumonia   - - - - farmer Frankrcuit?
WELBORN Nancy 76 07-May-1896 Mt Vernon pernicous fever m Mills, David North Carolina Summer, Mary Virginia housewife Posey Co
WELBORN William 52 17-Apr-1883 none listed traumatic pneumonia   Welborn, John   Welborn, Barbara     Posey County
WELCH Elisa 30 16-Sep-1896 Posey County pernicious malarial fever   Welch, Mikel Ireland Durnen?, Catharine Ireland   Illinois
WELCHANCE Don 9 mo 14-Aug-1898 Lynn Twp gastritis   Welchance, Chester Kentucky Ida Lynn Twp   Lynn Twp
WELCHANCE Male Stillborn 06-Feb-1896 Springfield Stillborn   Welchance, A C Henderson, Ky Lee, Ida B Posey County    
WELDON Enoch 90 28-Aug-1887 RobbTwp senility widower - - - - jeweler N C
WELKER Frank Neal 14 mo 06-Jun-1886 Mt Vernon malarial congestion   Welker, Geroge H Harrison Co, In Neal, Olive Posey County   Kentland, In
WELKER(WALKER) John 65 22-Jun-1886 Poseyville not listed m - - - - miller Cheshire, England
WELLCHANCE John S 8 mo 09-Aug-1898 Sringfield cholera infantum   Wellchance, Chester Ky Lee Indiana   Springfield
WELLS Sarah 71 29-Sep-1899 none listed obstruction of bowerls farmers widow Downs, Howell Indiana Lewis   farmerswidow  
WERIRREHAM? Esoisey? 18 05-Apr-1887 Harmony Twp pneumonia   Werrelham, Marion Tenn Smith, Rachel Tenn laborer Indiana
WERKENNER John 12mo 31-Jul-1887 Mt. Vernon dysentery   Weerkener?, Vincennt Germany Rickert, Catherine Germany   Mt. Vernon
WERTS Grace D 4 09-May-1898 Lynn Twp pneumonia   Werts, Ralph Indiana Robinson, Amanda Illinois   Illinois
WESh May 4 22-Oct-1893 Mt Vernon diptheria   Wesh, Adam Germany Hardcups?, Rosa Germany   Mt Venon
WESTFALL Harold 2 28-Dec-1894 Robb Twp diptheria   Westfall, Henry Robb Twp Young, Sally Robb Twp   Robb Twp
WESTFALL Jessie 2 26-Nov-1894 Robb Twp malignant tonsilitis   Westfall, Robert Robb Twp Cox, Anna Smith Twp   Robb Twp
WESTFALL Loen 4 26-Dec-1894 Robb Twp diptheria   Westfall, Henry RobbTwp Young, Sally Robb Twp   Robb Twp
WESTOFF Male 5 19-May-1895 Blk Twp croup   Westhoff, Nicholas M Posey County Alexanders, Fanny Posey County   Blk Twp
WETHEN Burnett 38 21-Feb-1884 Mt Vernon pneumonia widower Wethen, Marcus Kentucky David, Pollie Illinois laborer Kentucky
WEYER Anna 19 28-Oct-1884 Indiana permicious intermittent fever   Weyer, Henry Germany Hardt, Margaret Germany house girl Indiana
WEYER Henry 73 29-Feb-1896 Blairsville paralysis m Phillips, George Germany Catherine Germany farmer Germany
WHALEN Elizabeth 67 05-Oct-1898 Mt Vernon railroad accident m - - - -   none listed
WHATAN Gilbert 10 mo 07-Jan-1899 Mt Vernon pneumonia   Whatam, Geore         Evansville
WHEATCRAFT Edith 26 31-Oct-1884 New Harmony consumption m Miller, Julius C Penn Grant, Phoebe New Harmony housewife New Harmony
WHEELING Austin 13 mo 20-May-1895 Robb Twp anemia   Wheeling, William Indiana Waterman, Margaret Indiana   Robb Twp
WHELAN John 17 22-Feb-1891 Robb Twp acute meningetis   Whelan, William Penn     help on farm Penn
WHIPPLE Female Stillborn 20-Sep-1887 Blk Twp Stillborn   Whipple, Samuel B Posey Co Rotand, Martha A Kentucky    
WHIPPLE James P 13 01-Mar-1895 Blk Twp typhiod fever   Whipple, Marion Indiana Hall, Mary Indiana   Blk Twp
WHIPPLE Lemuel 4 mo 24-Apr-1899 Blk Twp erysiflis   Whipple, Williard Posey Co Dunn, Aora Posey County   Blk Twp
WHIPPLE Louella? 18 02-Mar-1884 Blk Twp influenza   Whipple, William Indiana Redman, Elizabeth Maryland   Blk Twp
WHIPPLE Marion 43 10-Jan-1895 Blk Twp typhoid fever   - - - - farmer Indiana
WHIPPLE Raymnd 4 wk 23-Nov-1894 Blk Twp manasnus?   Whipple, Marion Indiana Hall, Mary Indiana   Blk Twp
WHITAKER James 12 04-Feb-1894 Bethel Twp meningitis   Whitaker, Guy Illinois Mills, Jane Posey County   Posey County
WHITAKER Male 2 hr 01-Oct-1894 New Harmony premature   Whitaker, Michael Illinois Moore Indiana    
WHITE George 27 13-Jan-1883   phthisis pulmonalis   White, John   White, America   laborer none listed
WHITE Henry 66 16-Nov-1894 Mt Vernon supposed to be heart attack m White, Andy       laborer Posey Co
WHITE John Wesley 1 mo 10 da 10-May-1882 Poor Infirmary - Asylum inherited syphilis   White, James A   White, Nancy     Poor Asylum
WHITE Katherine 53 25-Jun-1895 Poseyville anemia and flux,exhaustion   Orman, Mathew Tenn Saltzman, Celia Ind housewife {pseu Cp
WHITE Louis E 17 mo 06-Jul-1887 Lynn Twp cholera infantum   White, John Indiana Allison Indiana   Indiana
WHITE Rhoda 73 19-Feb-1894 Poor Infirmary - Asylum exhaustion m Robitson, Jerry Kentcky     housewife Kentucky
WHITEHEAD Earl 5 23-Apr-1899 Harmony Twp cerebo spinal meningitis   Whitehead, James W Posey Co Williams, Iva Posey Co   Hamrony Twp
WHITING D E (male) 31 12-Nov-1893 Cynthiana typhoid fever m Whiting, William Posey Co Nesbet, Marilda Posey Co hotel keeper Posey Co
WHITING Sarah 5 mo 30-Jul-1886 Cynthiana cholera infantum   Whiting, James Eldorado, Il Allen, Amanda M Evansville   Mt Vernon
WHITMAN Tice Mrs 38 24-Feb-1898 Mt Vernon rhumeatic? m Mc Hernry American     housewife Indiana
WHITSON Kate 46 05-Feb-1895 Mt Vernon pulmonary tuberculosis widow Pitcher, John Conn     housewife Indiana
WHITSON Myrtle C 12 25-Jan-1896 Harmony Twp rupture of gall bladder   Whitson, Rufus K Indiana Jefferies, Ann Illinois fisherman's dau Illinoiw
WHITTAKER Mollie 18 mo 25-May-1894 Robb Twp tuberculosis   Whittaker, George Illinois Compton Posey County   Robb Twp
WIEBER John 1 yr 8 mo 06-Dec-1882 Smith Twp pneumonia   Wieber, Alexander   Wieber, Elizabeth     Evansville
WIEHL Lizzie 40 18-Jun-1899 St. Wendel phthisis m Niehaus?, Ben Holland, Germany Tenbarge Holland, Germany wife St. Wendel
WIESINGER Watt Stillborn 20-Jul-1895 Mt Vernon Stillborn   Wiesinger, David Posey County Lee, Mary J Posey County    
WIGGINS Emily May 26 10-Feb-1894 Smith Twp tubes mensenterica?   Wiggins, John M Kentucky Indicut, Emma Illinois   Smith Twp
WIGGINS William 10 mo 15-Sep-1888 Smith Twp dinentary?   Wiggins, John Indiana Waganer Indiana   Smith Twp
WILBET H B (Male) 76 17-Apr-1895 Mt Vernon apopleaia? widower - - - - merchant Indiana
WILBINN(WELBORN) Mary 20 29-Jun-1882 Point Twp heamoriage from uterus   Wilbinn, Murphy   Wilbinn, Mary     Point Twp
WILDS Lena Ellen 5 mo 18-Mar-1895 Point Twp teething   Wilds, George Posey County Hickman, Hattie Posey County   Point Twp
WILEY Female 3 mo 18-Aug-1884 Harmony Twp enter-colitis   Bolderjack, William   Thomas, Eliza     Indiana
WILEY Female 1 mo 28-Dec-1894 Harmony Twp catharhal pneumonia     Wiley, James Harmony Twp Penfold, Hannah Harmony Twp Harmony Twp
WILEY John   24-Dec-1898 Lynn Twp tuberculosis of bowel m Wiley, Litle Posey Co     farmer Lynn Twp
WILEY William 2 yr 22-Jan-1899 Robb Twp la grippe   Wiley, Frank Indiana Bruce, Mary Ellen Indiana   Gibson Co
WILHELM Madge 2 08-Sep-1886 New Harmony spinal meningitis   Wilhelm, John A Indiana Ford Virginia   Indiana
WILKERSON Carrie 17 05-Feb-1895 Blk Twp congestion of liver   Downen, David Robinson Twp Allen, Martha Blk Twp   Blk Twp
WILKERSON Mary 78 02-Apr-1897 Harmony Twp bronchitis   Jackson Vermont     housewife Vermont
WILKEY Female Stillborn 21-Feb-1884 Marrs Twp Stillborn   Wilkey, William H Illinois Hart, Margaret E Illinois    
WILKEY Margaret E 29 21-Feb-1884 Caborn phthisis pulmonalis, miscarriage m Ahart, Alex Penn Hiter, Ellen Tenn housewife Indiana
WILKINSON Essie 29 26-Oct-1895 Cynthiana consumption   Montgomery, S N Gibson Co Redman, Malicie Posey Co housewife Gibson Co
WILKINSON Muriel (Female) 4 06-Jul-1895 Posey Co diptheria   Wilkinson, Eliza Posey County Mc Reynold, Eva Posey County   Posey Co
WILLET Louisa 6 wk 06-May-1899 Poor Infirmary constitutional syphilis   Willet, Louis   Maud     Indiana
WILLIAM Tamer 25 24-May-1884 Lynn Twp chronic diarihoea m Creek, Sylvester Indiana Damond, Leona Indiana housewife Indiana
WILLIAMS 2 da 2 da 26-May-1884 none listed premature birth   Williams, John Indiana Creek, Tamer Indiana    
WILLIAMS Abner 10 31-Jul-1882 Marrs Twp primary caries of the dorsal veterbra, immediate inflamitory softening of brain and spinal cord   Williams, William   Williams, Feriby     Marrs Twp
WILLIAMS Bailey 55 23-Nov-1895 Robb Twp pneumonia   Williams, Simon Posey Co Share?, Lavine Gibson co   Vanderburg Co
WILLIAMS Bennett 58 10-Sep-1891 Posey Co typhoid fever   Williams, John Posey Co Allen, Elizabeth Ky farmer  
WILLIAMS Cassie 88 11-Jan-1896 Bethel Twp dropsy widow Harris, Richard NC       NC
WILLIAMS Catherine 80 10-Aug-1896 Marrs Twp sunstroke   - - - -    
WILLIAMS Della 42 08-Sep-1899 Griffin cancer of liver m Price, Isaac Indiana       Indiana
WILLIAMS Earnest 8 mo 05-Sep-1888 New Harmony entero-colitis   illegitimate   Williams Indiana   Indiana
WILLIAMS Entis 14 25-Sep-1891 Cynthiana typhoid fever   Williams, Bennett Posey Co Allen, Zarlda Posey Co   Posey Co
WILLIAMS Ethel Stillborn 16-Aug-1883   Stillborn   William, John Posey Co Monrl?, Martha E Indiana    
WILLIAMS Fayette M 16 mo 07-Aug-1886 Cynthiana malarial fever   Williams, J B Vanderburg Co Barton, Lucille G New Harmony   Wadesville
WILLIAMS Floral B 3 1⁄2 07-Sep-1886 Grafton malarial fever   Williams, J B Vanderburg Co Barton, Lucille G New Harmony    
WILLIAMS Franklin 2 1⁄2 24-Aug-1884 - convulsions   Williams, Jermiah Indiana Defue Indiana   Harmony Twp
WILLIAMS Gertrude 18 11-Nov-1894 Center Twp puerperal fever m Wilsey, Walter Posey Co Saltzman, Kate Posey Co housewife Posey Co
WILLIAMS James A 21 04-Dec-1884 Robb Twp typho-malarial fever m Williams, James Gibson County Vanway, Sarah New Jersey farmer Robb Twp
WILLIAMS Jane   05-Dec-1893 Poor Infirmaty Poor House Lived only 36 hours after admittance, to low to give any pertient record of self. Husband left her alone and without food or means   - - - -    
WILLIAMS Jennie W 24 25-Aug-1890 New Harmony phthisis   Williams, John D In Hobby, Emma In   Posey Co
WILLIAMS Jermiah 40 24-Mar-1886 New Harmony consumption m Williams, William Posey Co     farmer Posey Co
WILLIAMS Joseph 1 1⁄2 06-May-1895 Mt Vernon general scrofula   Williams, George Mead Co., Ky Osborn, Lizzie Mead Co., Ky   Mt Vernon
WILLIAMS Lawrence 1 wk 12-Jul-1895 Mt Vernon convulsions   Williams, George Ky Williams, Mary   Ky Mt Vernon
WILLIAMS Livey L 2 27-Jul-1883 Poseyville inflamation of stomach   Williams, L R Vanderburgh Co Fletchell, Eliza E Poseyville   Poseyville
WILLIAMS Male 8 da 29-Jun-1882 Center Twp nne listed   Williams, S Jett   Williams, Jennie     Center Twp
WILLIAMS Mary 21 01-Jan-1886 New Harmony consumption   Williams, John D Ky Hobby Indiana   Indiana
WILLIAMS Maude 3 16-Nov-1894 Cynthiana bronchitis   Williams, George H   Scott, Fannie Vanderburg   Haubstadt
WILLIAMS Mildred 7 06-Oct-1898 Oliver none listed   Williams, Daniel Posey Co Williams, Ura Posey County   Posey Co
WILLIAMS Mrs 43 13-Feb-1891 Harmony Twp consumption   Overton, James Indiana Reeves Indiana   Harmony Twp
WILLIAMS R H (male) 62 30-Apr-1898 Posey Co pneumonia m Williams, Joseph NC Carney, Sarah NC farmer Posey
WILLIAMS Rena 4 29-Nov-1884 Bethel Twp pneumonia   Williams, I saac   Sturgis   Indiana  
WILLIAMS Sarah Florence 82 24-Aug-1882 Center Twp ascites?   Carney, Fredrick   Carney, Lucinda   housewife NC
WILLIAMSON Della 37 12-Jan-1898 Bethel Twp pneumonia and labor m Johnson, Richard Indiana Gentry Indiana housewife Indiana
WILLIAMSON Male 2 da 12-Jan-1898 Bethel Twp premature birth   Williamson William   Johnson Indiana    
WILLIAMSON May 2 23-Jul-1886 Harmony Twp dysentery   Williamson, William C Indiana Johnson Indiana   Indiana
WILLIAMSON Walter 22 13-Jan-1889 Blk Two blood poisoning   Williamson, Richard Indiana Alldridge, Martha Indiana farmer Blk Twp
WILLIAMSON(WILLIAMS) Epsey Jane 19 09-Sep-1883 Center Two congestive chill   Hanes, James D Indiana Mc Elroy, M Indiana housewife Indiana
WILLIS Allie L 34 08-Jun-1899 Mt Vernon psosalpsix? m Rowe, Jacob Harrison Co In Evans, Lucinda In housewife Harrison Co, In
WILLIS Emily 64 13-Nov-1884 Posey Co heplatic conspation m Reno, Elijah       housewife Durbin Co, Indiana
WILLIS Luther S 3 mo 15-Sep-1898 Posey Co malerial fever   Willis, Daniel Illinois Passmore, Sarah J Indiana   Posey Co
WILLIS William 73 31-Dec-1898 Mt Vernon congestion of bowels m Willis, Armstead Tenn     laborer Tenn
WILLMANN Ida 1 22-Aug-1897 Blk Twp cholera infantum   Willmann, Henry Posey Co Klinck, Rosa Germany    
WILSON Caroline 44 16-Mar-1899 Mt Vernon tuberculosis   Wilson, William         Indiana
WILSON Earl 17 mo 11-May-1896 Poseyville cholera infantum     Mt Vernon Il Graham, Nora Griffin   Poseyville
WILSON Eina 8 mo 10-Sep-1899 Cynthiana indigestion   Wilson, Elmer Gibson Co Reed, Eva     Cynthina
WILSON Elizabeth 72 12-Feb-1896 Lynn Twp entertis   Rogers   Stallings   housewife Indiana
WILSON Female 15 mo 06-Nov-1894 Mt Vernon gastritis   Willson, William   Conway Posey Co   Illinois
WILSON Female 2 mo 28-Sep-1889 New Harmony whooping cough   Wilson, Perry G Virginia Palmer, Mary Illinois   New Harmony
WILSON Harry C 14 08-Dec-1884 Lynn Twp congestion of bowels   Wilson, Alic   Stallings     Indiana
WILSON Henry C 2 mo 15-Aug-1883 Lynn Twp entero colitis   Wilson, Christopher C Posey Co Stevens, Anna P Posey Co   Lynn Twp
WILSON Ina 4 14-Jun-1895 Poseyville dysentery   Wilson, Leroy Posey Co Marvel, Eliza Gibson Co   Posey Co
WILSON Katie 1 1⁄2 01-Nov-1898 Mt Vernon pneumonilis   Wilson, William V Fayette Co Ky Wells, Emma J Wayne Co, Ill   Mt Vernon
WILSON Male 8 mo 29-Jun-1897 Cynthiana cholory infatm   Wilson, Elmer Gibson Co Reed, Eva Posey Co   Cynthiana
WILSON Mary 43 27-May-1896 Lynn Twp pneumonia m Egler, Adam Germany   Virginia housewife Indiana
WILSON Mary 77 01-Jun-1897 Posey Co billious fever m     Johnson, Mary     Posey Co
WILSON none given STILLBORN 11-May-1897 Stewartsville Stillborn   Wilson, J B Dr Gibson Co French?, Nellie Posey Co    
WILSON Nora 29 26-Apr-1899 New Harmony pneumonia m Graham, John Ky Barrett, Abbie Ky plasters wife Indiana
WILSON Velma 4 mo 16-Sep-1899 New Harmony cholra infantum   Wilson, William J Indiana Savage, Anna Indiana   New Harmony
WILSONHOME Stella 9 mo 23-Aug-1895 Mt Vernon dysentery   Willsonhome   Mc Kann, Mary Indiana   Cincinnati, Ohio
WIMPLEBERG John 88 07-Apr-1894 Marrs Twp cirrhosis of liver m - - - - shoemaker Germany
WIMPLEBERG Josephine E 8 mo 20-Mar-1883 Mt Vernon cerebro spinal meningites   Wimpleberg, William   Wimpleberg, Sarah E   Mt Vernon  
WIMPLEBERG Louis 33 12-Feb-1882 Marrs Twp cerebro-miningitis m Wimpleberg, John   Wimpleberg, Margaret     Posey Co
WIMPLEBERG Margaret E 6 11-Feb-1882   cerbro-spinal meningitis   Wimpleberg, Louis   Wimplebert, Kate      
WINEMILLER Angelo 21 23-Sep-1882 Mt Vernon typhoid fever   Winemiller, John   Winemiller, Midy   farmer Marrs Twp
WINGO Russell 57 16-Oct-1884 Lynn Twp pneumonia   - - - - laborer Ohio
WINRUEN? Frank D 22 15-Aug-1886 Mt Vernon gastro enteritis m Winruen, David Illinois Zook, Barbee Penn lawyer Indiana
WOLF Alfrida J 3 29-Mar-1897 Blairsville meningitis   Wolf, Henry Robinson Twp Voss, Louisa Evansville   Blairsville
WOLF Female 2 hr 19-Mar-1898 Marrs Twp - - Wolf, Henry Marrs Twp Hoursmann, Josephina Marrs Twp    
WOLF Female   18-Aug-1882   hydrocephalus congenitus   Wolf, John   Wolf, Minnie      
WOLF George T 24 28-May-1898 Mt Vernon consumption   Wolf, Henry Germany Eberle, Elizabeth Germany cooper Mt Vernon
WOLF Mary Caroline 5 mo 15-Jul-1884 Marrs Twp diarrhea   Wolf, John Marrs Twp Sammet, Cynthia Marrs Twp   Marrs Twp
WOLF Wilhelmina 29 20-Sep-1894 Blairsville typhoid fever, abortion m Schmitt, Peter Germany Braun, Margaret Germany housewife Blairsville
WOLF William 41 07-Aug-1884 Blk Twp enteritis m Wolf, Jacobin?   Wolf, Sophia   farmer Holdstein, Germany
WOLFE Melvin 10 mo 09-Sep-1886 Mt Vernon convulsions   Wolfe, Henry G Vienna Aust. Uri, Emma Ky   Mt. Vernon
WOLLZ Robert J 27 28-Sep-1888 Mt Vernon acute tuberculosis   Wollz, Andrew Germany not known   clerk Germany
WOODALL Robert 10 mo 02-Nov-1889 Harmony Twp meningitis   Eaton   Eaton, Victoria Posey Co   Indiana
WOODHAM Katherine 82 09-Feb-1895 New Harmony pneumonia widow Dwinger Germany     housewife Germany
WOODKINS Mrs unk   Harmony Twp consumption m - - - -    
WOODS Etta 18 12-Dec-1894 none listed puerperal fever m Hobb, Benjamin Virginia, Ohio Mosier, Mary Brown County, In housewife Brown Co, In
WOODS Florence 17 23-Apr-1894 New Harmony uraemic poisoning   Woods, W W Illinois Heck, Mary Illinois servant girl Posey Co
WOODSON Abe 35 23-Aug-1895 Poor Infirmary pulmonary tuberculosis   - - - -    
WOODY Amelia 37 26-Jun-1883 Poseyville phthiisis and pregnancy m Wilson, Louis Indiana Shelton, Sarah Indiana housekeeper Indiana
WORSKEY Frank 36 07-Sep-1899 Mt Vernon typhoid fever m Worskey, august Germany       Mt Vernon
WORTH C F (Male) 47 18-Sep-1884 Robinston Twp typho-malarial fever - - - - - preacher Germany
WORTH Paul 21 30-Jul-1886 Mt Vernon consumption   Worth, C F Germany Mente, Pauline Germany Student Michigan
WRIGHT Ora T 12 da 26-Mar-1883 Mt Vernon catarrhal pneumonia   Wright, Peter   Wright, Mary     Mt. Vernon
WRIGHT W A (male) 68 14-Aug-1897 Mt. Vernon consumption m - - - - laborer Ohio
WULF Emma 2 03-Nov-1884 Marrs Twp scarlatina anginosa?   Wulf, John H Blk Twp Schreiber, Margaret C Marrs Twp   Marrs Twp
WYETTS Augustine 83 13-Jul-1895 Robison Twp rhheumatism   - - - -   Germany
WYKOFF Lucy 5 11-Jan-1895 Poseyville croup   Wykoff, Joseph Ky O'dell, Emaline Indiana   Indiana
WYSINGER Mary 34 18-Mar-1896 Mt Vernon gallstones   Wysinger, Godfrey Germany Robinson, Lauretta Ky domestic Posey Co