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Deaths 1882-1900
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Last Name Given
Age DOD Place Cause of
Spouse Father Father's
Mother Mother's
Occupation Nativity
XANDERS Male 2 da 03-Jan-1898 Lynn twp inaniitian   Xanders Illinois Clayton Indiana    
XANDERS Male 23 da 25-Jan-1898 Lynn Twp inanitian   Xanders, Frank Illinois Clayton, I ndiana      
YATES Clay 18 26-Apr-1897 William Ferry on Wabash drowned accidentally   - - - -    
YONKER Phillip 46 24-Sep-1886 Mt Vernon heart disease m Younker, Jacob Bavaria     saloon Bavaria
YORK Alice 19 29-Oct-1898 Posey Co typhoid   York, Emery Posey Co Alldridge, M J Posey Co   Posey Co
YORK Alvin 16 07-May-1884 Blk Twp congestion stomach and bowels   York, Rubin Indiana Parkinson, Nancy Indiana farmer Blk Twp
YORK Eliza no age 06-Jan-1896 Posey Co pneumonia widow Cleveland, Lee       housewife  
YOUNG Richard 70 07-May-1883 Cynthiana typho-malaria           grocer Philadelphia Pa
YOUNG Roda 22 17-Sep-1882 Smith Twp cerebro-spinal meningitis   Young, R   Young, Sarah     Cynthiana
YOUNG Thomas 46 16-Feb-1882 Smith Twp acute nephritis   Young, William   Young, Mary   farmer Smith Twp
YOUNGER Leo Marshal 2 28-Sep-1884 Mt Vernon malarial fever   Younger, George W Bullet co, Ky lived Mt Vernon      
YOUNKER Louisa 33 18-Nov-1884 Blk Twp post partum hemmorhage m Wilman       housewife Germany
ZANOR Henry 80   Posey Co typhoid pneumonia   - - - - farmer  
ZENNER Elizabeth 31 25-Sep-1890 Marrs Twp tuberculosis m Roth?, John Germany Maysheim, Anna Barbara Germany   Germany
ZENOR Prisilla 74 24-May-1884 Point Twp senile gangrine m Dunn?, Thomas Ireland Sarah Maryland housewife Kentucky
ZIEGLER Catherine B 62 23-Jul-1884 Posey Co dysentery widow Grossman Germany Grossman, C B Germany   Germany
ZIEGLER Edward 15 16-Mar-1894 Marrs Twp perionitis   Ziegler, Mike Germany Haevich?, Carolina Germany farmer Marrs Twp
ZIEGLER Louisa 35 13-Feb-1898 Marrs Twp pneumonia m Vorff?, Henry Germany       Evansville
ZIGLER Charles 9 mo 20-Sep-1886 Posey Co entro colitis   Zigler, John Indiana Stien Posey Co   Posey Co
ZIGLER Female 4 mo 24-Apr-1888 Marrs Twp inanition   Ziegler, John In Steiner Indiana   Marrs Twp
ZIMMERMAN Arthur 12 23-Sep-1894 Mt Vernon cerebral hemorrhage caused from an injury   Zimmerman, John Germany Seifert, Elizabeth Posey Co   Mt Vernon
ZIMMERMAN Jacob 67 07-Jul-1882 Robinson Twp typh-malerial fever widower - - - - carpenter and farmer Wirtenberg, Germany