The Old Middlefork, Lincolnville, Benham Methodist Cemetery.

This cemetery is about halfway between Cross Plains and Versailles, Indiana, on Benham Rd., at Benham.

map of Ripley County

SAILOR, Mary F2Feb184724May1871-
SANDEFUR, Charles Hall5Aug18952May1917-
SHADDY, Alfred18511915-
SHADDY, Emsley2Aug18364Jan1888Co.H 6Reg Ind Vol
SHOOK, Abraham21Feb183814May1875-
SHOOK, Leone12Jan18701Jan1875d/o A & E
SHOOK, Caroline18591907-
SHOOK, Clarence11June188431March1923-
SHOOK, William3April185325June1924-
SHREVE, Malinda J29July184725Sept1884d/o William Robinson
SMOCK, Kenan18951914-
SMOCK, Dora18931906-
SMOCK, Claude18991806-
SNEDAKER, Samuel22Oct179417April1866-
SNEDAKER, Rebecca2Dec18097Sept1895w/o Samuel
SNEDAKER, Thomas M-12June1888age 41y
s/o Samue l& Rebecca
SPARKS, J S18581901-
STEELE, Cora V12June189127Sept1893-
STEELE, Omer18801919-
STRONG, Benjamin1Feb18638Sept1867s/o J&F
STRONG, Jacob--Co.K 35Ill Reg
TENNISON, Thomas17March182730June1901Co. D18 Ind Inf
TENNISON, Emily15Oct18466May1909-
TENNISON, Johnnie21Sept18873Nov1898s/o Thomas & Emily
TENNISON, Jennie M11Aug187521May1897-
TOLLE, Alta C Jarvis18931920-
VANANTWERP, Willie W-11May1871age 6y 7m 10d
VANANTWERP, Alice A11Aug181711Aug1871d/o S E
WARD, Nancy J11April185622Nov1885w/o Wm A
WATTS, Eliza10nov18558Sept1893w/o Joseph
WEBSTER, Charles M-16May1873age 8y
s/o Thomas & Nancy
WHITAKER, John-23Sept1859age 1y
s/o Alexander & Sarah
WHITAKER, Rosanna-12Nov1860age 1y
d/o Alexander & Sarah
WHITAKER, Samuel-14Nov1866age 17y 11m 14d
s/o Alexander&Sarah
WHITAKER, Alexander15Jan18248Sept1913-
WHITAKER, Sarah16March182727Dec1883w/o Alexander
WHITAKER, John19Oct182119April186237 Reg Ind Vols
WHITAKER, George W29Oct185729May185?s/o John & Sarah
WHITAKER, George W6April186326Dec1891-
WHITAKER, Mary-11March1865age 24y 7m 16d
w/o Louis
WHITAKER, Caroline F11Nov184313July1920-
WHITAKER, Agnes3Aug185222July1910w/o Jesse
WILLIAMS, Eleanor20Aug18604April1910-
WILLIAMS, George P23Oct189029march1907s/o Eleanor
WRIGHT, Mary M12Dec184226May1917-
WRIGHT, Ruby M9mar190019June1900d/o Charles M & Pearl E
WRIGHT, Charles M16July187619April1900-
WRIGHT, Ora7Dec186927Aug1892-
WRIGHT, James M16Sept18373Oct1900-
WRIGHT, Mary-8March1884age46y 2m 8d
w/o James
WRIGHT, James-24June1862age2y 5m 21d s/o JM & Mary
WRIGHT, Roy21Aug188830nov1890s/o Grant & Victoria
WRIGHT, Opal3Sept189918Feb1901-
YOUNG, Amaziah19April182127Sept1906-
YOUNG, Ellen2June18567Jan1897w/o Amaziah

A Benham Cemetery Addition
is across the road from the main cemetery & contains unmarked graves and 1 marked grave.

ELLIS, Roger29July17821859-

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