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Blair or Old Turkey Creek Cemetery

Located about 4 miles south east of Versailles, Indiana on Laughery Creek in Brown twp.

map of Ripley County
Blair Cemetery Ripley IN 390015N0851139W 682 ft above sea level

BAILEY, Hiram L21Feb18157March1867Death date wrong - found in 1880 Census
BAILEY, Mary A16April1819-w/o Hiram L
BAILEY, Marshall H-7Nov1861age 18y 5d
s/o HL & MA
BLAIR, Richard E-20March1863age 23y 1m 6d
Co. E 83Reg Ind Vols
BLAIR, Robert C26Jan18144Feb1888Mason
BLAIR, Elizabeth F22March182016Oct1886w/o Robert C.
BLAIR, Charley-17July1857age 1y 6m
s/o RV & Sabra
BLAIR, Agnes S-2Feb1855age 8m 12d
d/o RV & Sabra
BLAIR, NancyIreland11Oct1864age 76y
w/o Richard
to US 1811
BLAIR, RichardIreland8March1862age 73y
to US 1811
BLAIR, John11June18163Sept1841-
BLOOM, Robert F24Feb18671Jan1897-
BLOOM, John G24June182529Oct1898-
BLOOM, Mollie A20July182815Jan1883w/o John
CAVENDER, Viola Bailey-6Nov1886age 30y 8m 22d
CONN, Jane-7July1885-
HALLFORTH, Teresia-26Aug1856d/o TB & CH
HALLFORTH, Clara Margarett C15Jan188821Jan1888d/o Henry & Elizabeth
HALLFORTH, Moritz-30Jan1869age 8y 5m 4d
s/o TB & CH
HALLFORTH, Emilia KreegerSaxony2Jan1877age 44y 13d
w/o F
HALLFORTH, Aaron4Dec18951Feb1899s/o L & Lydia
HEIDRICH, John CSaxony22Nov1877age 72y 9m 10d
HEIDRICH, Christiana FSaxony21Aug1873w/o John F
HILLIG, Ernst19SEpt182221Sept1897-
HILLIG, Charlotte2April181712Sept1904w/o E.F.
HILLIG, Charles M14Sept182018June1892-
HILLIG, Mary18June182719April1912w/o Charles
HILLIG, Kate Wilson3July186012Aug1894w/o Charles
HILLIG, Herman D-15March1875age 21y 8m 17d
s/o A. & A.
HILLIG, Maria A-25Feb1875age 17y 7m 1d
d/o A. & A.
PARKER, Sarah H10Oct184725Dec1879-
PARKER, Hattie V15Sept184512Dec1907-
PENDERGAST, Marshall3Nov186829Nov1869s/o H & EB
PENDERGAST, Eliza B16Dec18484March1894w/o Hiram
PENDERGAST, Hiram30Oct1839-Co. A 37Ind Inf
RAND, Lydia17May181122Sept1885w/o Thomas
RAND, James-23July1844age 5y
s/o Thomas & Cynthia
RAND, Ohio C7March185027June1869-
RAND, Iris A6Oct185410March1867-
RAND, Thomas4April17982Nov1864-
RAND, Catherine Lewis4March181624Sept1908w/o Thomas
RAND, Elizabeth27Nov184015April1864-
RAND, Carder8Sept184816April1864-
RAND, John28March18579Aug1896w/o Thomas & Catherine
ROBERTS, Emma A-20Dec1877age 3y 1m 17d
s/o C & A
ROBERTS, John B28Oct181131May1885A Mason
ROBERTS, Anna Creath-11Sept1885age 72y
w/o JohnB
ROBERTS, Charles29Oct188529Sept1886-
ROBERTS, Sarah A-7Aug1890age 40y 4m 20d
w/o Finley
ROBERTS, Caroline-16Jan1867age 28y 4m 14d
w/o James I d-Iowa
ROBERTS, Eva-18Feb1869age 2y 2m 9d
d/o JamesI & Caroline
ROBERTS, J W-21Nov1863age 19y 10d
Co.E 83Reg Ind Vol
ROBERTS, Ann-30Jan1844age 1y 3m 24d
d/o JB & Ann
ROBERTS, George M-10Sept1841age 1y 10d
s/o JB & Ann
ROBERTS, Mary-22Aug1838age 2y 4m 5d
d/o JB & Ann
ROBERTS, George-10April1846age 63y 9m 28d
ROBERTS, Mary31March17885May1857w/o George
ROBERTS, Matilda-6Nov1843age 32y
w/o RJ
SMITH, Mary-31July1898age 18y 1m 29d
d/o Henry & Fanny
STEWART, Infant-17July1892s/o W & AB
STEWART, Addie B14Oct185921Sept1899-
THEIS, John H23March181023Sept1870-
THEIS, Caroline4July182530Sept1898w/o John H.
THEIS, Louise P10Feb18618April1890-
WEBSTER, Laura E-10June1861age 10m10d
d/o S.S. & Isabel
WEBSTER, Joseph-23Sept1864age 19y 8m 3d
ZCHOCKA, C-4Sept1863age 44y
ZCHOCKA, Moritz H11March186129Sept1878s/o G & C

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