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BOOCHER Cemetery

in Jackson Twp., is about 1 mile north of Napolean, and an eighth of a mile East of US 421

Boocher Cemetery Ripley IN 391328N 0851829W 889 ft above sea level

BOKELMAN, William 12Jun1845 10Aug 1902 s/o Henry and Mary Wedking Bokelman
Per Fran Campbell
BOKELMAN, Amelia 04Oct1846 15May1919 d/o Christian Lewis Pelke
Per Fran Campbell
BARE, Nathan L. 1854 1931 ~
BARE, Ann 1865 23Aug1855 1917 w/o Nathan L.
d/o Peter Wagener
Per Lonny Wagener
BARE, infant ~ 04Aug1887 d/o Nathan L. & Ann
Per Lonny Wagener
BARE, Amanda 29Apr1846 18Dec1873 ~
BOOH, Maria ~ 12Aug1840 ~
CASTOR, Larenzoe 18May1838 25Jul1896 ~
CASTER, James W. 01Jan1874 14Mar1909 s/o Dow & Mary
CASTER, Larenzo D. 02Jun1877 09Jun1878 ~
CASTER, Edward Leroy 1915 1915 ~
CASTER, John Robert 1920 1925 ~
CASTER, Richard M. 17May1886 22Feb1890 s/o L.D. & S.E.
CASTER, Ben 24Jan1797 27Jul1872 ~
CASTOR, Oliver 09Aug1872 20Nov1872 ~
CASTOR, Ellenn 03Nov1850 01Oct1874 ~
EATON, Julius J. 01May1842 17Feb1904 ~
EATON, Mary 07Apr1846 16Feb1907 w/o Julius J.
EATON, Hiram 01Sep1811 11Jan1897 ~
EATON, Mary 28Jun1784 22May1834 w/o James
EATON, James ~ 26May1841 aged 61y3m3d
EATON, Angeline 19Jul1817 06Sep1877 w/o Joseph
EATON, Joseph 22Nov1808 19Jan1853 ~
EATON, Amanda M. ~ ~ d/o J & A
EATON, Ethel ~ 1937 ~
EATON, Jerry ~ 1960 ~
GREEN, Elizabeth 1908 1920 ~
GREEN, infant 1907 1907 s/o J. & J.
GREEN, infant ~ ~ s/o J. & J.
GLASS, Robert Major ~ 11Nov1854 s/o John & Ann
aged 4y5m26d
GLASS, Thomas ~ 29Jan1851 s/o John & Ann
aged 5m
GLASS, Martha Ann ~ 17Aug1842 d/o John & Ann
aged 8m21d
GLASS, Mary ~ 09Nov1839 d/o John & Ann
aged 15y
GLASS, Ann 1814 29Dec1866 w/o John
GLASS, Jane ~ ~ ~
GLASS, infant ~ 26Sep1868 d/o J. & M.
GLASYOU, Julia N. ~ 14Aug1831 d/o Ephjraim & Sarah
aged 13m
HAYS, Thompson 15Dec1823 02Oct1912 ~
HAYS, Sarah 08Sep1849 05Jan1916 w/o Thompson
HINER, John ~ ~ Co. F
68th Ind Inf.
HINER, Lucinda ~ 09May1863 d/o John & Eliza
HAZEN, Charles 22Aug1869 29Mar1901 ~
LAWRENCE, Zephaniah ~ ~ Co. F
52nd Ind Inf
LATHROP, Levi ~ 25Dec1844 s/o John & Delila
aged 1y1d
LEE, Noah ~ ~ Co. I
123rd Ind Inf
LEE, Rachel 1827 1883 ~
LEHMAN, Francis M. 1848 19?1946 Per Lonny Wagener
LEHMAN, Sarah A. 1848 1922 w/o Francis M.
gr/d of Gad Wagener
Per Lonny Wagener
MACE, S.W. 1842 1911 s/o Job
Per Lonny Wagener
MACE, Elizabeth 1843 1913 w/o S.W.
MACE, Job 02Mar1801 27Mar1875 ~
MACE, Sarah A. 16Feb1825 04Oct1886 w/o Job
d/o Gad Wagener
Per Lonny Wagener
MASON , John N. 1840 1915 ~
MASON, Amanda J. 1850 19? w.o John
McGAUGHEY, Lewis ~ ~ Co. E.
Ind Inf
PETTY, Dorothy Fern [Wagener] 04Oct191317Sep2001d/o Jeremiah & Bertha Wagener
Buried at their feet -
Per Lonny Wagener
ROSE, William 19Oct187107Mar1948 unmarked grave
s/o Ferdinand and Fredericka Swebbe Rose
Per Fran Campbell
ROSE, Emma [Bokelman]05Mar187529Jul1929 unmarked grave
d/o William Henry and Amelia Pelke Bokelman
Per Fran Campbell
ROSE, Charles 21May191406Apr1935 unmarked grave
s/o Wm & Emma
Per Fran Campbell
ROHLFING, William 31Oct1856 28Mar1917 ~
ROHLFING, Margaret 08Apr1860 10Apr1931 w/o William
TRINDEL, Alexander 09Jun1807 09Jan1897 ~
TRINDEL, Margaret 04Mar1804 23Aug1893 w/o Alexander
TOY, Ephraim S. 10Oct1837 23May1870 ~
VANKIRK, Anna 11Jul1860 26Oct1895 d/o Robert & Susan
VANKIRK, Robert 12Dec1831 16Dec1915 Co. G. 38th Reg. I V.I
VANKIRK, Susan 08Feb1838 10Nov1927 w/o Robert
VANKIRK, Cora 25Nov1898 11Jul1899 ~
WHITTON, John C. 1853 19? ~
WHITTON, Amanda 1866 1905 w/o John C.
WAGENER, Peter W. 04Feb1822 26Feb1899 s/o Gad Wagener
Per Lonny Wagener
WAGENER, Ethelinda 07Nov1835 01Aug1910 w/o Peter W.
WAGENER, Jeremiah B.22Sep185730Nov1927s/o Peter & Ethelinda
Per Lonny Wagener
WAGENER, Bertha May [Davis] 16Feb188522Jan1968w/o Jeremiah
Per Lonny Wagener
WAGENER, Gad 14Jan1785 09Jan1844 aged 58y11m25d
Per Lonny Wagener
WAGENER, Catharin 10Oct1787 30Nov1856 aged 69y1m20d
w/o Gad
Per Lonny Wagener

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