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Friendship or Akers Cemetery

Between Friendship and Elrod on the hill.

Akers Cemetery Ripley IN 385832N 0850834W 715 ft above sea level

AKERS, Robert H15April185623Feb1884-
AKERS, Lindsey22May181829Sept1880A Mason
AKERS, William D11Sept185329Aug1871s/o Lindsey & Eliza
AKERS, Eliza-22OCt1863age 35y 5m13d
AKERS, Annabella21June186814July1869d/o L & E
AKERS, Emmazetta20Nov183824May1879w/o Lindsey
AKERS, William Lindsay12March180516Feb1908s/o Howard & Kate
ALLEN, Wilford-29Oct1867age 58y 8d
a Mason
BELL, Bess-19Jan1875age 24y
BERNER, Victor9June189621July1896s/o Charles & Aggie
BERNER, Herman H5May181112Sept1885-
BERNER, Anna E17Aug18096Feb1891w/o Herman H
BERNER, Charles12June187010July1897Knight of Pythias
COLE, Nancy A27Aug183929Jan1875w/o JD
CONNELL, Joseph15July18096Sept1893-
CONNELL, Mahala-24Aug1883age 64y 11m 24d
w/o Joseph
CONNELL, Cynthia-15Jan1879age 23y 10m 3d
d/o J & M
CONNELL, Willie B4Sept187511Oct1875s/o William & Mary
CONNELL, Joseph C10Feb18727Feb1875s/o Wm & Mary
EBEL, Ida Amalia Obendorf12March184324Aug1878age 36y 5m 12d
w/o JPhillip
EBEL, Gustave G-20Nov1876age 9y 5m 6d m
s/o LA & JP
ESSE, Heinrich29Dec181921Sept1880-
FAYAN, William H18541914Father
FAYAN, Mary C18521930w/o Wm H
FISK, Bessie Bell-19Jan1875age 2y 7m 3d
d/o BJ & LAC
GEISLER, Martin H-16Nov1883age 4y 2m 1d
s/o FL & CM
HAMSCHER, John E-25Aug1880age 26y 11m 26d
HAMSCHER, Christian13Feb18236July1891age 68y 4m 23d
b. Hasse Darmstadt
HAMSCHER, Anna Maria22May181515Sept1898 w/o Christian
b. Hesse Darmstadt
HAMSCHER, 2 children--ch/o Christian & Anna
HAND, Gladys M19211923b. Deerflanark,Scotland
HEADLEY, Benjamin B27Jan181829Jan1894A Mason
HEITMEYER, Infant1Aug18981Aug1898s/o HF & EP
HEITMEYER, Henry F14Sept187415Nov1918-
HERTZOG, Martha J25Nov18508June1873w/o F
JOHNSON, Eliza19Dec186211June1868d/o NP & M
KELSEY, Allen-20Sept1876age 7y 7m 23d
s/o S & M
KELSEY, Mahala-20July1874age 33y 2m 23d
w/o Scott
KOLKMIRE, Elizabeth J-30Dec1875age 36y 5m 22d
w/o Frederick
KOLKMIRE, Fred-28May1868age 35y 1m 10d
A Mason
KOLKMIRE, Sarah18061871-
KRAMER, Caroline Heitmeyer9may18371June1911-
KRAMER, Mina180524June1889-
LIGGETT, Etta5Feb187519Feb1911-
LIGGETT, Harley E29Dec19026March1904-
LIVINGSTON, Joseph C8May182920Feb1910-
LIVINGSTON, Mary J13April18314April1914w/o JosephC
LIVINGSTON, Emma E24Dec190323Aug1904d/o Elmer & Lena
LIVINGSTON, Jasper19May185727Dec1880age 23y 7m 8d
McCLAIN, Tilford-5July1887age 52
37 B Ind Inf
NIBERT, Sarah-14April1874age 29y 8m 14d
w/o Lincy
NOOLAN, Tilford--Co.B 37 Reg Ind Vol
OTTO, Mary A28Dec18497June1918Mother
OTTO, Franz Edward11May18353Oct1901-
OTTO, Maria29Dec183717July1891age 53y 6m 18d
w/o Frank E
PATE, Sarah P6Oct186026Nov1915?-
PATE, Baby10June19019Aug1902s/o George B & Maria T
PATE, Baby4Jan19074Jan1907s/o George B & Maria T
PATE, Lawrence Otto2Jan189525Dec1920s/o George B & Maria T
ROSS, David-14May1864age 64y 23d
A Mason
ROSS, Samuel---
ROSS, Elizabeth18071847w/o James
ROSS, James1803--
ROSS, Samuel-26Dec1866-
ROSS, David-1854age 5y
ROST, Louis18331922-
ROST, Pauline C183514Sept1886age 50y 10m 5d
w/o Louis
ROST, Agnes-19June1863age 2y 9m 27d
d/o Louis & Pauline
ROST, Fannie-26June1867age 4m 1d
d/o Louis & Pauline
ROST, Louis E-18Nov1862age 6m 24d
s/o Louis & Pauline
ROST, Otto-5Jan1863age 4y 8m 7d
s/o Louis & Pauline
ROUNDTREE, Dorothy--w/o Gordon
ROW, Kittie-27July1876age 7m
d/o F & E
RUMP, Friedrich W29Sept181515Sept1882b. Burr Hanover Germany
SMITH, Anna Maria2Feb181710March1891d/o F H Schmidt
SNYDER, Samuel H-26Oct1866age 8y 5m 2d
STEINGRUBER, Amalie C20Oct18252Feb1904-
STEINGRUBER, Anna Elizabeth6Dec185926Feb1899age 39y 2m 20d
STUTE, Eliza D7Aug185031March1885w/o Henry
TAKEMIRE, Mollie26Sept188324Sept1884d/o Josiah & Emma
TAUL, Wilbur16March192322July1923s/o Hunter & Lois
TAUL, Edward22June19245June1925s/o Hunter & Lois
TAYLOR, Hattie W-18April1852age 25y
w/o JE
TEBBING, Carl-1896-
TEBBING, Hilda-1896-
VOGEL, Ernst Herman30June18775May1898-
VOGEL, Oskar Heinrich-17Jan1885age 9d
s/o Reinhard & Auguste
VOGEL, Pauline Maria5Oct187124July1884d/o A
WRASSMAN, Anna Margaretha F24Aug18328April1900w/o Friedrich H
WRASSMAN, Friedrich H3Jan18285April1900-
WRASSMAN, Henriette C-8Feb1887age 25y 6m 10d
d/o Fred & Mary
WRASSMAN, John E5March18705July1925b. Friendship
Resided Cincinnati

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