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Old Friendship or Hart's Mill Cemetery

located about 1 mile west of Friendship

Friendship Cemetery Ripley IN 385954N 0851647W 932 ft above sea level

ALLEN, Mary Ann-26June1833age 17y 11d
w/o Woolford Allen
BENSON, Iris Ann-17Aug1852age 1y 4m 27d
d/o Thomas & Martha
CONNELL, Elenora12Jan177228Sept18?9w/o William
b. in Baltimore Co. MD
CONNELL, William2Feb17648Aug1825b. in Berekley Co. Va
CONNELL, James B-30Sept1851age 11m
s/o Joseph & Mahala
CONNELL, Eva-26July1863age 2y 9m 2d
d/o J & M
CONNELL, Clarissa-31July1834age 33y 3m 13d
w/o William L
CONNELL, James Abel-13Oct1834age 7y 2m 13d
s/o William & Clarissa
CONNELL, Mary Ann24July183631May1847d/o Joseph & Mahala
CRAIG, Jospeh-9July1834age 23y 7m 11d
d/o Joseph & Hannah
CRAIG, Samuel R-24Feb1859age 1y 11m 4d
s/o W & Elizabeth
DODD, Elizabeth-3Aug1833age 21y
w/o Hazelett Dodd
DURBIN, Mary-14March1874age 84y 11m 11d
HART, Jacob-25Jan1825age 6y 1m 8d
s/o Wm & Annabell
HART, Lydia Ann-6March1829age 1y 18d
d/oWm & Annabell
HART, Benjamin-5Aug1822age2y7d
s/o Wm & Annabell
HART, William-27Sept1858age 69y 2m 23d
HART, Annabell--w/o William
KOLKMIRE, John H-11Aug1863age 4y 9m 19d
s/o F & E
LIVINGSTON, Marion25June18545March1856s/o JC & MA
LIVINGSTON, Elizabeth11Sept18529Dec1853d/o JA & MA
LIVINGSTON, Mary A-22May1865age 2y 5m 3d
McHENRY, Margaret--age 19y
d/o Wm & Annabell Hart

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