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HOLMAN Cemetery

Brown twp.

The HOLMAN Cemetery is on the old HOLMAN farm owned by John Rocca in the 1930's. It is located two and one-half miles south of Versailles Ind. on the west side of State Highway 421 (The Old Plank Road/US 29). This was once a public cemetery. There is a large space with many unmarked graves and in such a condition that it is not possible to count them accurately.

Jim & Lu Mahoney, of Florida, for typing these interments for me to use here.

Holman Cemetery Ripley IN 390113N 0851522W 942 ft above sea level

BOOKWALTER John 1807 1880 ~
BOOKWALTER Cynthia Ann Laswell 1827 1872 Second marker erected by their son Alfred Bookwalter of Kansas when he visited Old Ripley in 1927.
BOSWELL Calvin ~ 20Apr1853 aged 7y 20d
DAY George ~ ~ infant s/o Thomas G.
(unmarked grave)
DAY Clara ~ ~ infant d/o Thomas G.
(unmarked grave)
DEMAREE Jacob ~ 23Jun1865 aged 37y
A Mason
FALL Michael ~ 27Nov1856 He built the Hankins house. He fell from a steamboat on the Ohio River and drowned.
FALL Amanda ~ 1Jul1842 w/o Michael
aged 34y 10m 13d
FLINT William Henry II 1805 1882 b. England
Info from the Flint Family Bible
FLINT Elizabeth Rowe 1803 1857 w/o William H.
Info from the Flint Family Bible
HOLMAN William ~ ~ aged 96y
HOLMAN Mary ~ 27Dec1859 w/o William Holman Sr.
aged 80y 4m 9d
2 slaves' unmarked graves `OLD BOB' & `OLD MILLY'
HOLMAN Nancy ~ 20May1852 w/o George W.
aged 31y 1m 17d
HOLMAN Infant ~ 4May1852 s/o George Washington & Nancy
aged 25d
HOLMAN Walter S. 20Oct1850 3Jul1851 s/o George W. & Nancy
HOLMAN Indiana ~ ~ d/o Wm. Holman
HOSTUTLER James ~ 21Sep1864 s/o Dan. & Nancy A.
aged 1y 7m
HYATT Amanda ~ 2Apr1853 w/o Fielding
aged 37y 17d
HYATT Saveline 28Nov1847 17Apr1854 ~
HYATT Reuben ~ 6Oct1874 aged 49y 5m 10d
MAHONEY Sarah J. 15Jan1818 8Jul1872 w/o T. D.
MAHONEY John Oscar ~ 29Jun1860 s/o Wm. H. & L. J.
aged 8m 5d
MAHONEY Lavina J. ~ 14Jan1861 w/o Wm. H.
aged 29y 8m
MAHONEY Delphia ~ 22Apr1854 d/o Dr. Fielding & Rebecca
aged 23y 2m 8 d
MAHONEY Marticia E. 9Dec1836 27Dec1837 d/o Dr. Fielding & Rebecca
MAHONEY Fielding ~ 16Jun1853 Doctor
aged 67y 1m 1d
MAHONEY Rebecca ~ 21Jun1876 w/o Dr. Fielding
aged 72y 5m 22d
MAHONEY Caroline E. 24Dec1849 29Jan1851 d/o Turner & Sarah J.
MATHENY Emerine ~ 12Aug1853 d/o Dr. Fielding & Rebecca
aged 25y 15d
MATHENY Bailey ~ 12Jul1854 s/o John & Emerine
aged 1y
SHOOK Martha E. Jane ~ 10Feb1856 w/o Calvin
aged 21y 2m 25d
Foot marker initials: M.E.J.S.
WOOLEY Daniel ~ 17Apr1845 died in 64th yr.
WOOLEY Nancy ~ 23Aug? w/o Daniel
died in 72nd yr
(Daniel & Nancy were the grandparents of Alfred M. Wooley.)
WOOLEY Cary A. ~ 11Feb1870 aged 57y 8m 4d
WOOLEY Pheama ~ 5Feb1879 d/o C. A. & Pheama
aged 26y 8m 28d
WOOLEY Pheama ~ 10May1866 w/o Cary A.
aged 48y 4m 27d
WOOLEY Henry ~ 16Apr1869 ~
WOOLEY Belinda ~ 1883 w/o Henry
(Henry & Belinda Wooley were the parents of Alfred M. Wooley.)
W? Amanda ~ ~ ~
S - J.W. - P.W.
Z.E.D. - D.W. - A.H.
M.H. - J.M.H.
~~initials only on stones.

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