McLaughlin Cem.
This Cemetery is located in Ripley Co., but very near to the border with Jefferson Co. (if not actually in Jefferson Co.) It was not transcribed by Violet Toph. One typewritten version of her work lists the McLaughlin Cem. and says she was unable to reach it because of flooding in a creek.
This cemetery is south and west of the Buchanan family cemetery in Brown Township, which itself is opposite the re-creation of Buchanan Station. Among those buried there are William McLaughlin's wife, Sarah Spurgeon. The McLaughlins lived 1850 and 1860 in Jefferson Co., but William's estate was probated 1868 in Ripley Co. George McLaughlin owned land in the SW1/4 Sec. 34 Twp. 6N Range 11E, but also owned in neighboring Sec. 5 in Jefferson Co.
I personally visited the cemetery in 1972 and transcribed some stones. The cemetery was in a grove of trees and had been trodden by cattle. When I visited again in March 1984, these stones (and one I had missed) had been moved to the Buchanan family Cemetery. This took place before the Ripley Co. Historical Society issued its compilation of Brown Township Cemetery inscriptions.
McLaughlin Cem. Inscriptions
Buchanan, George, unmarked grave. According to a 1910 interview with his grandson, George W. Buchanan, 1828-1911, Rev. War soldier George Buchanan is buried here. The Madison Courier version of this interview calls it the McLeuthlin Cem.
Buckhanan, J.W. Co. A 37th Ind. Infantry.
Kaye, Henry d. 13 April 1843, age 8 days, son of Henry &Melinda Kaye
McLaughlin, George. Born 29 Dec. 1773 Died 5 April 1846, 72 years 3 mos.
McLaughlin, Martha, wife of George. Died November 16, 1833 in her 53rd year (Editor's note. Martha was daughter of Rev. War Soldier George Buchanan)
McLaughlin, Sarah, wife of William died 18 June 1863 (age 61 years 9 mos)
McLaughlin, William . In 1972, there was the top of a stone for William with his name, no dates. This was not removed to the Buchanan Cemetery.
Buchanan Family Plot
This plot is southwest of the Buchanan Family Cemetery in Brown Twp. by several hundred feet. Two stones were in their original positions in 1972. These were removed to the Buchanan family cemetery by March 1984 and before the compilation of Brown Township transcriptions. They were transcribed by Violet Toph but not included in the 1984 Ripley Co. Historial Society's publication of Brown Twp. Cemetery transcriptions.
Buchanan, William. Died Feb. 1845 (age 73 years 11 months) (Editor's note: son of Rev. War soldier George Buchanan)
Shepherd, Elizabeth, died 13 May 1843, age 8 years.

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Robert Scott then posted:

"This provides documentation about why no one has ever seen a transcription of the McLaughlin Cemetery before and how I know about when the stones were moved. I'd put my question mark for McLaughlin Cem. on the map just next to the Jefferson Co. line in Brown twp. and just west of Barbersville road. The two-stone Buchanan plot is (as I recall it) just southwest of the Buchanan family cemetery and off the curve of Barbersville Road. I only visited them in site in 1972 so my memory is a little tricky without any surveyor's tools handy.

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