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Mud Pike Cemetery

in Delaware Twp is appx 2 M NW if Delaware, IN.

Roland & Betsy Shook for typing these interments for me to use here.

ASHMEAD, Sarah~11Jun1878Aged 60y
ALLEE, Levi A.18561926~
ALTWATER, Maggie09May183810Mar1912~
ANDERSON, John15Jan182729Apr1870~
ANDERSON, Harry P.10Apr189112Jan1892~
ANDERSON, Walter20Jun189109Feb1905~
BATEMAN, Charles J. Sr.1849~~
BATEMAN, Anna18481924w/o Charles J. Bateman Sr.
BEAN, Kathrine18651928~
BEAN, Andrew14Jul182904Dec1908~
BLACKMORE, John~08Apr1860Aged 43y11m20d
BLACKMORE, Alice~20Oct1877w/o John Blackmore
Aged 19(29?)y7m6d
BLACKMORE, Charles13Oct1818~~
BLACKMORE, Zillah F.18611901~
BOWERS, Electa~18Feb1865Aged 82y5m5d
BOWERS, John H.~15Sep1865s/o P. & E. Bowers
Aged 16y5m5d
BOWERS, James W.14Jul185311Mar1873s/o Peter & Electa Bowers
BODE, Henry185819?~
BODE, Ella18581924w/o Henry Bode
BROWN, Robert F.~23Jan1858s/o G.W. & S. Brown
Aged 6y7m27d
BROWN, George W.15Dec180823Aug1858~
BROWN, Sarah10Dec181218Sep1896w/o George W. Brown
BROWN, G.W.05Jan184628Aug1876~
BROWN, James W.27Mar187812Oct1882s/o Ranzil & Alice Brown
BROWN, Ranzil06Jan185417Apr1916~
BROWN, Alice08Mar185717Apr1916w/o Ranzil Brown
BROWN, Winslow18541907~
BROWN, George E.18511896~
BURCHFIELD, Robert25Aug180407Nov1885~
BURCHFIELD, Elizabeth~31Oct1878w/o Robert Burchfield
Aged 67y7m6d
BUSTEED, Robert18371920~
BUSTEED, Barbara18441910w/o Robert Busteed
BUSTEED, Anna18701902~
BUTT, Carrie29Apr186023Oct1898~
CHURCHILL, Rev. Alvah~15May1867Aged 73y
CLARK, Albert05Jan185205Oct1876~
CLARK, Anna08Oct182906Sep1878w/o W.D. Clark
CLARK, Jerome~18Oct1850s/o W. & A. Clark
Aged 4y2m8d
CLARK, Jon W.08Oct185328Apr1856s/o W. & A. Clark
CLARK, Catherine~31May1844Aged 84y
CLARK, infant~18Feb1859 s/o F. & S. Clark
CLARK, Charlie~28Dec1886Aged 6m14d
CLARK, Eddie~23Nov1889Aged 10y6m14d
CLARK, Reidy~03Jan1893Aged 4m22d
CLARK, George L.03Aug188423Dec1889s/o F. & Hattie Clark
CLARK, Freeman C.02Oct185010Jan1905~
CLARK, Hattie E.01Sep185128Feb1925w/o Freeman C. Clark
CLARK, Dr. Freeman28Mar182926Mar1894~
CLARK, Sarah17Aug183414Feb1894w/o Dr. Freeman Clark
CLARK, Wesley18461915~
CLARK, Belle1856~w/o Wesley Clark
CLARK, Grace18821901d/o Wesley & Belle Clark
CLARK, Bessie11Jun187107Sept1873d/o F. & S. Clark
CLARK, David17Mar179803Oct1877~
C~,?~~M.C. on marker
CAMPBELL, John~20Sep1850Aged 61y6m8d
CAMPBELL, Sophronia~06Oct1859w/o John Campbell
Aged 53y8m1d
CAMPBELL, James~31May1882Aged 51y7m30d
CAMPBELL, ~09Aug183413Sep1903~
CAMPBELL, Catherine17Mar183323Mar1914w/o John Campbell
CONNELLY, Elizabeth M.~04May1860d/o James & Rachel Connelly
Aged 5m19d
CONNELLY, Mary Etta~~d/o James and Rachel Connelly
CRUM, Clifford A.21Jul189727Nov1919s/o John & Lizzie Crum
CUMMING, James11Apr183307Jul1896~
CUMMING, Jane25Dec1835~w/o James Cumming
DAIKER, Charley01Jan184226Jun1893~
DAY, Charles Warren19041908~
DAY, Beryl Amelia19081926~
DECKER, Cora09Oct187002Nov1888~
DECKER, Eliza06Aug183230Jun1907~
DECKER, Pearl21Jul187917Oct1897d/o S. & N. Decker
DECKER, Simon08Feb185224Oct1911~
DECKER, Joseph W.21Sep186014Feb1935~
DECKER, Matilda A.18Jun186413Feb1905w/o Joseph Decker
DICKEY, Florence27Mar187131Jul1892w/o E. Dickey
DUNBAR, Margaret J.28Sep187731Jul1909she committed suicide
DUNBAR, John03Aug183916Sep1919~
DUNBAR, Mary E.04Dec184404Oct1914w/o John Dunbar
ECKLEY, Laura17Mar184416Aug1866w/o George Eckley
EHRHARDT, Frederick S.28Jul186623Jun1886s/o Christian & Wilhelmina Ehrhardt
FENNY, Harriett M.~24Nov1854Aged 13y3m
FISH, Alice14Jan185328May1895~
FRANCISCO, Alonzo18371917~
FRANCISCO, Sarah18411917w/o Alonzo Francisco
GASTON, Anna18671922~
GAULT, John A.29Feb185202Jun1918~
GAULT, Delbert J.18791906~
GRAY, William23Jul183105Jun1891~
GRAY, Maria05Apr183705Jun1891w/o William Gray
HENNEGIN, Harry C.~25Jan1890Aged 89y6m25d; A Civil War soldier
HENNEGIN, Mary Chamberlain15Jun180715May1887w/o Harry C. Hennegin
HENNEGIN, Henry30Mar184224Nov1887s/o Harry C. & Mary Hennegin
HENNEGIN, Susan05Sep183717Feb1912d/o Harry C. & Mary Hennegin
HUKILL, Mary A.06Nov183304Nov1890~
HUKILL, M.07May187105Apr1872~
HUNTINGTON, Isaac13Feb183504Sep1902~
HUNTINGTON, Grace~16Aug?d/o J. & H. Huntington
Aged 10d
HUNTINGTON, Joseph W.18591906~
HUNTINGTON, Hattie H.18621906w/o Joseph Huntington
HUNTINGTON, Nancy26Jul182523Oct1904w/o Gard Huntington
H~,?~~G.H. on marker
KELLY, Hobson13Jul186310Sep1863~
KELLY, Thomas J.31Jan180504Mar1873~
KELLY, Nancy G.08Oct180513Jul1889w/o Thomas J. Kelly
KELLY, Fred C.10Aug186516May1894~
KNAUBER, George04Nov184605Nov1902~
LAFARY, Morton19Aug1866~~
LAFARY, Sophia A.03Sep187304Jul1930w/o Morton Lafary
LAFARY, infant08Mar186909Mar1869s/o R. & C. Lafary
LANG, F.19May182627Apr1896~
LOWE, Alexander B.~18Jan1854Aged 34y27d
LOWE, Judson W.29Jul185215Jun1869~
MANN, Harriett18531903w/o J.W. Mann
MARSH, Esther Loter09Jun179423Jan1856d/o S. & E. Marsh
MARSH (Philips), Polly~17Sep1848consort of Samuel (J.R.) Marsh
MARTIN, Nellie15Jun185726Jan1928~
MEYER, Cort A.13Jan182609Mar1908~
MEYER, Adaline15Sep183717Aug1909w/o Cort A. Meyer
MEYER, George25Apr186222Mar1888~
MORGAN, Lafayette18461926~
MORGAN, Mary R.184619?w/o Lafayette Morgan
MULFORD, B.F. "Buffalo"~~unmarked grave and his first wife nee Shively maybe buried beside him
MICHEL, William F.18731903~
MUIR, Luella~~d/o J.J. & S.J. Muir
MUIR, Thomas~~s/o J.J. & S.J. Muir
MUIR, Sarah J.~07Jan1873w/o James J. Muir; age 32y8m26d
MUIR, James J.12Jan184021Nov1898~
MUIR, Permelia E.01Oct1854~w/o James J. Muir
M?, ?~~2 markers -Alice & James
probably Muir children
MURRAY, Edward~09Jul1855Aged 62y6m9d
MURRAY, Elizabeth~16Oct1862w/o Edward Murray
Aged 63y7m11d
MURRAY, Rezin18351920~
MURRAY, Clara18421919w/o Rezin Murray
MURRAY, Mary L.16Feb186714Oct1892d/o R. & C. Murray
MURRAY, Elnora25Apr187122Apr1895d/o R. & C. Murray
MURRAY, Mark15Jan183020Aug1913~
MURRAY, Terrissa09Oct184324Mar1893w/o Mark Murray
NIEMAN, John H.18321912~
NIEMAN, Anna G.C.18381902w/o John H. Nieman
ORR, John19Jun181902Feb1877~
ORR, Maria10Oct183616Jan1918w/o John Orr
PARSONS, Laura~20Oct1890w/o Harry M. Parsons
Aged 25y5m24d
RIMSTIDT, Bruney18551922~
RIMSTIDT, Ellen185319?w/o Bruney Rimstidt
RIMSTIDT, Jesse A.06Apr189101Jan1914~
RIMSTIDT, Jacob18441923~
RIMSTIDT, Sallie18531935w/o Jacob Rimstidt
RISINGER, Ruth Ashmead22Mar180302Feb1872w/o H. Risinger
RISINGER, Henry10Sep180322Jul1885~
RISINGER, Amy Ann~07Aug1865d/o C. & N. Risinger
Aged 25y4m18d
RISINGER, Jacob~13Apr1863Private Co. A. 83rd Reg Ind Vols died in St. Louis, MO
Aged 25y4m9d
RISINGER, Conrad30Dec180912Apr1885~
RISINGER, Nancy~14Mar1863w/o Conrad Risinger
Aged 49y9m23d
RISINGER, Nancy Melvin29Jun184824Feb1853d/o Conrad Risinger
RISINGER, Samuel19Dec180620Dec1890~
RISINGER, Mary P.~26Oct1866w/o Samuel Risinger
RISINGER, Nathaniel B.27Jul185814Feb1881~
RISINGER, Rev. Lewis18321918~
RISINGER, Maria L.1835~w/o Rev. Lewis Risinger
RISINGER, Ora L.25Dec186619Feb1931~
ROBERTS, Henry O.~26Apr1889Aged 67y11m16d
ROBERTS, Malinda~08Nov1869w/o Henry O. Roberts
Aged 43y3m20d
ROBERTS, Mary Etta25Jan181706Sep1869~
ROBERTS, Hiram27Jun187706Jul1878s/o John M. and Elizabeth M. Roberts
ROBERTS, George B.M.~07Jan 1864s/o J.M. & Mary Roberts
Aged 2y5m1d
ROBERTS, John M.14May183217Sep1914Co. F. 83rd Reg Ind Vols
ROBERTS, Mary J.~23Oct1866w/o John M. Roberts
Aged 28y10m12d
ROBERTS, Elizabeth A.~21Jun1883w/o John M. Roberts
Aged 39y1m3d
ROBERTS, Mary E.09Dec185816May1872d/o N.L. & Ruth Roberts
ROBERTS, Clara23Apr185902Nov1910~
ROBERTS, Ethel Burroughs03May188504Jun1914w/o A.M. Roberts
ROBBINS, Alta M.24Feb187011Dec1880d/o J.B. & Eva Robbins
ROWND, Sarah Ann06Apr182203Oct1884w/o Asa Rownd
ROWND, Asa24Jan182004Mar1916~
ROWND, Edith M.~30Apr1891d/o E.R. & E.A. Rownd
Aged 3y3m
ROWND, Charlotte17Feb184619Mar1919~
ROSS, Sebastian17Jan1916~~
ROSS, Susanna28Jun184125May1905w/o Sebastian Ross
ROSS, John H.186619?~
ROSS, Amelia18721921w/o John H. Ross
SADLER, William12Mar182929Aug1890soldier in Co. D.
SAGE, Nancy04Mar184704Feb1872w/o David Sage
SAGE, David17May1848~~
SAGE, George H.~28May1862s/o R. & A. Sage
Aged 15y28d
SAGE, Jessie06Aug188405Sep1884~
SCHUTTE, Norman01-Apr-1426Jan1917~
SHORTEN, James18631924~
SHORTEN, Ida L.186419?w/o James Shorten
SHORTEN, John19051927~
SHORTEN, James W.18321905~
SHORTEN, Catherine18381902w/o James W. Shorten
SHORTEN, Pearl21Jul189913Nov1918~
SMITH, John L.18571930~
SMITH, Dena185719?w/o John L. Smith
SMITH, Lula~08Jun1901d/o H.B. & Mary Smith
Aged 15y4m24d
SMITH, Henry B.16Aug182901Oct1909~
SMITH, Elsey B.25Oct183809Oct1918w/o Henry B. Smith
SMITH, Russell E.31Jan190314Jan1904~
SMITH, Elmore22Apr1859~~
SMITH, Mary P.03Feb185626Dec1904w/o Elmore Smith
STEVENSON, Andrew C.23May184730Jan1911~
STEVENSON, Mary E.09Oct184710Feb1913w/o Andrew C. Stevenson
STONEKING, Andrew J.22Jan184206Feb1907~
STONEKING, Andrew~~Co. F. 83rd Reg Ind Inf
STONEKING, Emily18411895~
SUTTON, Lavina09Mar184119Jan1909Murdered
TAGUE, Mary E.15May185011May1869w/o David Tague
d/o William and Eliza Wise
TILTON, Samuel R.~28Sep1862s/o W.W. & N.J. Tilton
Aged 26d
TILTON, Nancy J.~05Sep1862w/o W.W.Tilton
Aged 23y4m20d
TROKE, Martin~15Oct1847Aged 63y
a native of England
TRUITT, Peter~13Jun1868Aged 68y5m11d
TRUITT, Alexander21May185405Mar1908~
TRUITT, William18Oct188110Apr1896~
WAGER, Leroy25May184026Apr1896a soldier
WAGER, Elizabeth26Dec184321Sep1910w/o Leroy Wager
WHISMAN, Rosetta M.14May192514May1948d/o > & Mary
WINTERS, Mary E.185519?w/o Herman Winters
WOOD, Jesse08Sep187402Dec1875s/o W. & M. Wood
WOOD, Peleg~18Apr1874Aged 68y6m19d
WOOD, Rebecca~07Mar1862w/o Peleg Wood
Aged 52y6m24d
WOOD, Nathaniel L.03Nov183301Apr1918Corporal Co. F No. 35

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