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Old Hopewell Cemetery

Old Hopewell Cemetery Ripley IN 390547N 0851751W 958 ft above sea level

Bryce Stevens, of Tennessee, for typing these interments for me to use here.
Data in red Submitted by Sharon McClure

AIKINS, Leigh 1876 1919 s/o Marshall & Mary E. Aikens
AIKINS, Alta 1881 1961 w/o Leigh Aikins
AIKINS, Georgie 1903 1903 s/o L. & A. Aikins
AIKINS, Abbie Lorena 19Nov1888 22Aug1904 d/o Marshall & Mary Ellen Aikins
BAKER, Clara B. 19Apr1861 17Apr1899 w/o J.D.F. Baker
BAKER, Catherine A. ~ 17Oct1870 aged 35y7m20d
BARRICKLOW, Abe 1871 1938 ~
BARRICKLOW, Maude 1875 1951 ~
BONEY, Mary C. 04Aug1851 09Sep1852 d/o John & Patty Boney
BOSTIC, J. Orin 08Aug1884 30Oct1886 s/o H.G. & P.A. Bostic
BOSTIC, Mahala B. 20Sep1819 17Jul1897 ~
BOSTIC, Henry 19Aug1844 08Jul1906 Co. E 83rd Reg. Ind. Inf.
Civil War
BOSTIC, Pheoba A. Bradshaw Sep1850 04Sep1930 w/o Henry
BOSWELL, Garrison H. 07Apr1840 (?) 09May1864 aged 24y1m2d
BOSWELL, Garrison 30Aug1801 13Oct1861 ~
BRADSHAW, Z. L. 24Dec1848 Mar1932 Zachariah
BRADSHAW, Rhoda A. 11June1850 15Jan1916 d/o A.J. & C.M.J. Williams
w/o Z.T. [sic] Bradshaw
BROWN, Kasena 11Feb1845 19Apr1875 d/o S. & K. McClure
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
BRUCE, Samuel ~ 01Jul1857 s/o J. & E.J. Bruce.
aged 2y3m10d
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
BRUCE, Cassie, Sammie, Father John, Mother Elizabeth J. McClure ~ ~ one stone, no dates
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
BRUCE, Lucinda ~ 29Sep1853 d/o J. & E.J. Bruce
BRUCE, Gray ~ ~ no dates
BRUCE, Stephen W. 30Oct1832 10Apr1905 ~
BRUCE, Stephen 20Jan1858 03Aug1928 ~
BRUCE, Olive 03Aug1861 21May1940 w/o Stephen
BRUCE, Amanda 25Dec1836 25Jun1905 w/o Stephen [W] Bruce
BRUCE, Amon 1854 31Jul1929 ~
BRUCE, Mary E. 1855 1914 w/o Amon
CHAILLE, Seth S. ~ 03Nov1874 aged 36y5m17d
CONOVER, Charles E. ~ 21Nov1886 s/o T.J. & A.L. Conover.
Aged 11y1m1d
CUMINS, Gideon ~ 22July1858 aged 78y4m11d
DAUGHERTY, Edna 1864 1944 ~
DAUGHERTY, Sylvester 1856 1926 ~
DAUGHERTY, Marion Leroy 14Jun1915 15Jun1915 a twin
DORRELL, Joseph 09Dec1805 11Jun1896 aged 90y6m3d
DORRELL, Margaret 03Feb1803 02Dec1869 w/o Joseph.
Aged 66y10m1d
DORRELL, Sarah ~ 18Mar1854 d/o J. & M. Dorrell.
Aged 14y11m24d
DORRELL, Joseph ~ 01April1855 aged 95y
DOWNEY, Alice 15Feb1865 31Aug1889 w/o Ira Downey
DOWNEY, Clydie C. 1881 1911 ~
DOWNEY, Sarah E. 1859 1943 ~
DOWNEY, Robert J. 1857 1940 ~
DOWNEY, Estell 1879 1896 ~
EDENS, Joseph ~ 08Jan1853 aged 23y11m6d
EDENS, Morton 28Apr1867 06May1900 ~
EDENS, William S. ~ 23Aug1869 ~
EDENS, Thomas 1827 1907 ~
EDENS, Letitia 1833 1909 ~
EDENS, Pearl ~ 16Jan1908 s/o Elias Edens.
Aged 26y
Grandson of Joseph
ENSMINGER, M. 1864 1943 ~
ENSMINGER, E. 1864 1934 ~
ENSMINGER, Z. 1889 1895 ~
FLINT, William 20Mar1862 01Feb189- ~
FITE, Josephus 28Aug1818 23Sep1872 ~
HESS, Elizabeth 16Oct1768 18Jan1853 ~
HESS, William 02Jun1837 12Feb1880 ~
JEFFRIES, Mary J. ~ 01Nov1837 d/o J.E. & G. Jeffries.
Aged 1y7m8d
JEFFRIES, Willie & Ella 24Mar1886 07Apr1886 Infants of D.T. & F.J. Jeffries
JENKINS, Susan J. ~ 13Nov1856 d/o C. & C. Jenkins.
Aged 6m25d
JENKINS, Cephas 1823 1895 ~
JENKINS, Caroline 1825 1916 w/o Cephas Jenkins
JENKINS, Stephen B. 1865 1916 ~
LABOLTS, John 24May1811 08Aug1869 Born in Germany
LABOLTS, Emeline 28Feb1826 07Apr1891 w/o John
LANE, John ~ 09May1879 aged 74y1m8d
LANE, Susanna 1807 1890 w/o John
LANE, Martha 1837 1916 ~
LAUBER, Clark 03Sep1880 03Nov1886 s/o Valentine & Cynthia
MCCLAFLIN, Collins ~ ~ Co. A Ind. Inf.
MCCLURE, Emma M. 04Feb1858 17Jan1862 d/o G. & A. McClure
MCCLURE, Josephus ~ ~ s/o Samuel & Kasena (Kasiah) McClure
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Elizabeth J. ~ ~ d/o Samuel & Kasena (Kasiah) McClure
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, William ~ ~ s/o Samuel & Kasena (Kasiah) McClure
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Nancy A. ~ ~ d/o Samuel & Kasena (Kasiah) McClure
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Thomas R. 12Dec1840 09Sep1864 s/o Samuel & Kasena (Kasiah) McClure
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Susannah ~ ~ large McClure monument
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Kasena ~ ~ large McClure monument
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Sarah ~ ~ large McClure monument
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Samuel ~ ~ large McClure monument
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, James B. ~ ~ large McClure monument
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Infant son ~ ~ large McClure monument
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Mary Ellen ~ 17Nov1864 d/o S.M. & K. McClure.
Aged 10y15d
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Samuel 08Jan1810 19Feb1898 Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Kasiah 16Sep1819 03Oct1883 w/o Samuel
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Samuel 1853 1872 ~
MCCLURE, Cassian ~ ~ w/o Samuel
MCCLURE, Clifton ~ ~ Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MCCLURE, Maud ~ ~ Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
MARTIN, Sarah ~ 06Sep1902 aged 68y
MCINTIER, Louise 1832 1859 ~
MCINTIER, Thomas ~ ~ no dates
MCINTIER, Infant 29May1856 29May1856 s/o J. & S.
MCINTIER, Sarah E. 06Aug1866 24May1869 d/o J. & S.
MCINTIER, Mariah F. 23Feb1861 30Jun1865 d/o J. & S.
MCINTIER, Zachariah ~ 15Sep1865 s/o J. & S.
Aged 17y
MCNEW, John B. 29Aug1812 05Jun1876 ~
MCNEW, Marion F. 13Apr1858 30Jun1889 ~
MCNEW, Little Josie ~ 09Jun1860 s/o Scott McNew.
Aged 2y11d
MCNEW, Eleanor 27Jul1833 02Mar1909 ~
MCNEW, Henry ~ 10Sep1894 aged 61y8m
MONROE, Louiza ~ 26Aug1849 w/o James.
Aged 17y7d
MONROE, Infant of James & Mary ~ 08Sep1851 ~
NEEL, Susannah 13Feb1843 04Dec1872 w/o J.M. Neel
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
NEEL, Martha ~ 26Feb1872 aged 4y1m15d
OSBORN, Sarah Ann 28Mar1844 22Jul1860 d/o Noah & Mary
OSBORN, Taylor ~ 17Jul1849 s/o N. & M.A. Osborn.
aged 4m
RAYBURN, Forest G. ~ 17Mar1879 s/o William A. & M.E.
Aged 1y1m17d
RAYBURN, Freddie E. ~ 15Nov1875 s/o William A. & M. E.
Aged 2m5d
RAYBURN, William 11Dec1807 28Jul1891 ~
RAYBURN, Ann 14May1810 02May1888 w/o William
RAYNER, Jane 1808 1889 w/o Moses
b.Ramsgill, Yorkshire, England
RAYNER, Moses 1808 1889 b.Ramsgill, Yorkshire, England
RAYNER, Evaline 29Dec1882 01Dec1899 d/o M. & M. Rayner
RAYNER, Mary 12Mar1840 18Sep1892 w/o Mark Rayner
RAYNER, Lutetia 19Apr1873 24Dec1894 d/o M.D. & M. Rayner
RAYNER, Gracie 22Aug1891 09Jan1893 ~
RAYNER, Roscoe 08May1901 31Aug1918 s/o E.M. & Ida Rayner
RAYNER, Laura 07Dec1897 09Dec1897 Infant of E.M. & Ida Rayner
RAYNER, Walter L. 1898 1898 ~
RAYNER, William 1869 1920 ~
RAYNER, Estella 1879 1938 w/o William
RAYNER, Ezra M. 1866 1945 ~
REESE, Elizabeth 1768 1853 ~
REESE, William 1837 1860 ~
RENO, Mary E. 19Mar1836 29July1899 w/o William E. Williams
RENO, John ~ 27Mar1891 aged 85y7m13d
RENO, Margaret M. ~ 10May1892 w/o John.
Aged 76y10m18d
RICHARDSON, Waneta 04Feb1896 09Dec1901 d/o Frank & Nora Richardson
ROBERTS, Sarah ~ 26Feb1872 w/o Dr. J. Roberts.
Aged 24y3m8d
Monument courtesy of Sharon McClure
SALYERS, William L. 02Oct1851 ~ ~
SALYERS, Elizabeth 04May1856 05Feb1918 w/o William
SALYERS, Mary Jane 18Oct1881 28Mar1895 d/o William & Eliz
SALYERS, Ira 27Jan1884 16Jan1890 s/o William
SALYERS, R. L. ~ 06Sep1890 aged 1m24d
SALYERS, Mary J. 1858 1938 Mother
SHOOK, Seymour 16May1868 Mar1945 aged 76y
SHOOK, Patience 1872 1950 w/o Seymour
SHOOK, Alma G. 1908 1909 ~
SWINNEY, Daniel 04Jun1848 01Dec1914 A Civil War Soldier
SWINNEY, Harriet O. 23Aug1844 03Dec1886 w/o Daniel.
Aged 61y1m16d
SWINNEY, Infant ~ 03Dec1886 ~
SWINNEY, Esther A. 16Sep1870 ~ aged 18y9m6d
SLAUGHTER, Isabelle Chandler 1862 1908 w/o William Flint
Wife of Slaughter
TRISLER, Infant ~ 05Mar1853 s/o D. & T.
Aged 5d
TRISLER, Isabella ~ 23Aug1853 d/o D. & M.
Aged 5m2d
TRISLER, David R. ~ 24Jan1858 s/o D. & M.
Aged 5y4m20d
TRISLER, David ~ 30Jul1890 aged 76y6m25d
TRISLER, Mary ~ 01Aug1887 aged 70y5m21d
TRISLER, Zella M. ~ 29Aug1881 d/o J.N. & N.E.
Aged 1y10d
TUCKER, Benjamin 03Feb1873 13Aug1874 s/o N.B. & N.E. Tucker
TUCKER, Nancy E. 30May1855 22May1874 w/o N.B. Tucker
TUCKER, Rev. Benjamin 16Feb1817 22Aug1849 ~
TUCKER, Mary J. 30Jan1821 18Oct1879 w/o Rev. Benjamin Tucker
VANOSDOL, Maude E ~ 31Dec1878 d/o T.L.H. & M.N. Vanosdol.
Aged 3y4m2d
VANOSDOL, Lottie Helen 07May1910 20Jul1910 ~
WATERS, Job ~ 27June1845 s/o Scott & Rebecca Ann Jackson Waters.
Aged 1y3m10d
WATERS, Thomas N. ~ 16Jan1851 s/o Scott & Rebecca.
Aged 3y8m
WATERS, William ~ 18Aug1860 s/o Scott & Rebecca.
Aged 6y4m
WATERS, John ~ 18Nov1858 s/o Scott & Rebecca.
Aged 4m22d
WATERS, Simeon ~ 29Nov1865 s/o Scott & Rebecca.
Aged 13y8m6d
WATERS, Scott 03Jul1814 02Jul1895 ~
WATERS, Rebecca Ann Jackson 05Mar1819 01Nov1885 w/o Scott
WATTS, Alfred B. 29Jun1847 04Jun1849 s/o T. & M. Watts
WATTS, William M. 21Apr1852 04Oct1852 s/o T. & M. Watts
WATTS, Flora 30Apr1872 14Aug1895 d/o Sarah Watts
WATTS, Sarah 1843 1932 ~
WILLIAMS, Andrew J. 1831 1918 ~
WILLIAMS, Content M. 1834 1909 w/o Andrew J. Williams

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