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Old Methodist Cemetery

in Delaware Twp. is appx 1/4 M west of Delaware and has about 100 unmarked graves in the cemetery including a soldier's unmarked grave at the extreme west end of the cemetery near a cedar tree. (Mrs. Vayhinger said it was that of Hobbs John, a member of the 83rd Regiment)

Roland & Betsy Shook for typing these interments for me to use here.

BENTZ, Hannah A.18361930w/o James Bentz
BOWER, Isaiah P.~08Oct1868Aged 38y18d
BOWER, Jacob~~s/o J.R. & E.A. Bower
BOWER(S), Joel~~Unmarked grave
BOWER(S), Amy ~~Unmarked grave
BOWER(S), George~~Unmarked grave
BRISBIN, Deborah Ann19Sep185416Apr1856d/o Arthur & Mary Ann Brisbin
BURTON, Hiram (J.?)02Jan180203Jun1886~
BURTON, Sibbyl D.23Oct188505Feb1890~
CARSWELL, William~18May1876Aged 62y10m4d
CARSWELL, Ida A. Johnson16Feb186523Apr1896w/o W.G. Carswell
CASTETTER, Bella L.18521889w/o William M. Castetter
C?~~~Initials L.C.
C?~~~Initials W.C.
CASE, Emma F.~28Jun1884w/o D.C. Case
Aged 24y4m,15d
CHANCE, A. Jackson18341901A Mason & Civil War soldier
CHANCE, Rhoda A.18361908w/o A. Jackson Chance
CLEPHANE, Emeline~27Jun1876w/o David L. Clephane
Only d/o William & Matilda Carswell
Aged 43y3m4d
COCHRAN, William17Oct184615Dec1910~
COCHRAN, James~05Apr1891Aged 71y3m18d
COCHRAN, Ann~18Jan1894w/o James Cochran
Aged 63y9m2d
CRANE, Lester F.25Apr181906Sep1898~
CRANE, Catherine H.S.27Jan182831Dec1887w/o Lester Crane
CRANE, Nathan H.22May185725Jan1897~
DALE, James W.13Apr184112Dec1904~
DOLE, Lewis F.~11Dec1881s/o L.B. & M.J. Dole
Aged 20y4m11d
DOLE, Ida~13May1868Aged 7m5d
DOLE, John W.~1Jul1859Aged 3y3m24d
DOLE, Rachel R.~23Jul1858Aged 5y6m7d
D~~~Initials E.D.
D~~~Initials R.R.D.
D~~~Initials J.W.D.
DOLE, Elisha S.28Feb186419Apr1928~
DOLE, Learner R.B.31Mar181228Dec1887~
DOLE, May J.22May 1827~w/o L.B. Dole
EDWARDS, Elmer J.2Oct18686Jun1901~
E~~~Initials N.E.
ENGEL, George A.~18Aug1889s/o A. & L. Engel
Aged 4w1d
ENGEL, August Sr.29Sep183322Aug1912~
ENGEL, Hannah13Oct183515Apr1914w/o August Engel
EWING, Nancy~29Sep1876Aged 79y11m27d
EWING, Matthew T.~4Mar1874Aged 89y4m25d
EWING, Nancy13Dec18008Dec1889w/o Matthew Ewing
FRANCISCO, O.~~Co. D. 37th Reg. Ind Inf
Civil War soldier
GROW, Ethel M.~9Sep1881d/o J.W. & E.M. Grow
Aged 1y8m24d
HARMON, Nora~28Oct1879d/o J.L. & E.R. Harmon
Aged 2y2m
HASTINGS, James D.~5Dec1861s/o Simon & Olive Hastings
Aged 26y2m11d
HASTINGS, Celia~25May1859age25y6m13d
HASTINGS, Simmion~14Apr1877Aged 86y1m
HASTINGS, Olive~30Jan1873w/o Simmion Hastings
Aged 75y7m
HASTINGS, Susan E.~9Dec1886w/o H.D. Hastings
Aged 56y2d
HASTINGS, William~9Jun1863 Aged 32y9m14d
Co. I. 83rd Reg Ind Vol
HENDERSON, Lewis~21Jul1883s/o H.A. & H.E. Henderson
HINGHOUSE, John C.7Nov186120Aug1924~
HINGHOUSE, Emma D.11May186020Oct1928w/o John C. Hinghouse
HINGHOUSE, J.F.W.4Nov181919Jul1892~
HINGHOUSE, M.J.2Jul18246Feb1895w/o J.F.W. Hinghouse
HINNERS, Vera L.5Jul189101Jun1893d/o J.L. & M.L. Hinners
HINNERS, Sophie M.1Jun183310Feb1896w/o H. Hinners
H?, Hubert H.~~~
HUCKINSOlive~11Jun1864w/o Calvin Huckins
Aged 58y3m6d
JACKSON, Belle18511927~
JACKSON, Caroline9Apr186327Jul1901~
JOHNSON, Emma S.27Feb183011Mar1905~
JOHNSON, Ferman13Dec185810May1909~
JOHNSON, Lizzie27Dec1859~w/o Ferman Johnson
JOHNSON, Thomas W.22Oct1832~~
KAHLE, Henry~2Mar1895Aged 72y5m18d
KAHLE, Anna~18Nov 19?w/o Henry Kahle
Aged 78y10m5d
KNAPP, William~17Oct1860Aged 18 (28?)y5m2d
KNAPP, Isabella4Apr182416Feb1873w/o William Knapp
LAUBER, Frederick F.08May179216Apr1865~
MECHAM, Lovina C.25Jan184601Nov1910w/o A.C. Mecham
MEYER, Emma~22Mar1866d/o J.E. & C.M. Meyer
MEYER, Martin D.~11Aug1864s/o J.E.G. & C.N. Meyer
Aged 11m26d
MEYER, Catherine21Mar184330Jan1911~
MEYER, John E.G.04Oct183617Nov1893~
MOORE, Louis A.~12Dec1858Aged 11y4m28d
MOORE, Charles10May185502May1856s/o Ruben & Mary Moore
MOORE, W.H.~31Dec1928Aged 77y
?,?~~Broken monument left of Moore monument
MOORE, Ester~1932No marker yet
MOORE, John Wesley~01Jul1859s/o Leonard & Mary Moore
Aged 3y3m21d
MOORE, Rachel Rebecca~23Jul1859d/o Leonard & Mary Moore
Aged 5y6m
MOORE, Abraham05May183618Feb1849s/o Abraham & Catherine Moore
MULLAN, William Harry~09Nov1890Aged 22y5m17d
MULLAN, Rizpah A. Allee16Dec184806Sep1901w/o E.D. Mullan
MULLAN, Stella B. Johnson28Jun187310Nov1896w/o C.F. Mullen
MULLAN, Minnie~06Dec1876Aged 1 day
RICHARDSON, Surlina E.15Feb183914Feb1871~
RICHARDSON, Julia E.11Dec186124Oct1871~
RICHARDSON, Edith~07Dec1889d/o Oscar & Mary Richardson
Aged 5y3m
RICHARDSON, Oscar18411909a Civil War soldier
RICHARDSON, Mary18401925w/o Oscar Richardson
R?,~~~Initials C.J.R. on it
RICHARDSON, Herman G.29Jun181007Jan1877~
RICHARDSON, Nancy03Jan181025Jun1878w/o Herman Richardson
RICHARDSON, Sarah P.~28Sep1846d/o H. & N. Richardson
Aged 1y2m24d
RICHARDSON, Sally F.11Jun187917Jul1886~
ROBERTS, R.J.B.~12Dec1885Aged 78y9m17d
ROBERTS, Rachel~~w/o R.J.B. Roberts
ROBERTS, Rachel27Feb18557Aug1855d/o R.J.B. & Rachel Roberts
ROBERTS, Matilda01Sep182816Jul1849~
ROBERTS, William P.01Sep182816Jul1849s/o R.J.B. & M. Roberts
ROBERTS, James11Sept183618Jan1856s/o R.J.B. & Matilda Roberts
ROBERTS, Joseph12Nov183816Feb1856s/o R.J.B. & Matilda Roberts
ROBERTS, George W.19Sep181510Jun1864s/o R.J.B. & Rachel Roberts
ROBERTS, Jefferson M.~06Apr1860Aged 17y5m
ROBERTS, S. Parker~09Dec1861Aged 21y11m23d
5th Reg O.V.I.
R,~~~Initials I.S.R.
ROBINSON, Benjamin P.~20Mar1847Aged 35y1d
ROSS, May Bell06May186907May1870d/o G.W. & E.M. Ross
ROUNDS, Elijah12Aug181614Oct1881 Oddfellow
ROUNDS, Ruth A.06Mar182507Apr1890w/o Elijah Rounds
mar. 13Jun1843
ROUSE, Inez Mable20Apr191131Jan1931~
ROUSE, William L.28Dec1857~~
ROUSE, Elizabeth06Nov184912Sep1907w/o William Rouse
RUDESYL, Mary Elizabeth~10Nov1860d/o S. & C. Rudesyl
adopted d/o J.W. & M.E.Harbin
Aged 4y7m7d
RUTLEDGE, George W.18May187216Feb1884s/o Rev E.R. & Fannie Rutledge
RUTLEDGE, Elias R.~21Jul1880Aged 59y3m9d
RUTLEDGE, Eliza J.~20Nov1870w/o E.R. Rutledge
Aged 74y1m10d
RUTLEDGE, Ella Loranna~18Apr1860d/o E.R. & E.J. Rutledge
Aged 5y
SHELDON, Mary J.05Aug183010Dec1865w/o A.L. Sheldon
SHELDON, Amy L.22Nov180821Jul1854w/o Rev R.F. Sheldon
SMITH, Harold J.18Jan192706Aug1928~
SMITH, Edna23Sep189125Nov1903~
SMITH, Margaret12Aug184113Feb1896~
STRENGE, August11Jan186123Jun1911~
TAYLOR, Betty18751926~
TAYLOR, Sarah Ann~24Aug1848d/o John & Rachel Taylor
Aged 18y
TRUITT, Henry~18Jan1873s/o R. & L. Truitt
Aged 1y5d
VAYHINGER, David18441931~
VAYHINGER, Augusta03Mar186428Apr1868~
VAYHINGER, John04Jun184204May1844s/o Gustavus & Margaret Vayhinger
VAYHINGER, Mary04May184822Aug1849d/o Gustavus & Margaret Vayhinger
VAYHINGER, LouiseApr184817Aug1849d/o Gustavus & Margaret Vayhinger
VAYHINGER, Elnora~27Oct1891d/o A. & M.J.Vayhinger
Aged 23y1m5d
VAYHINGER, Albert18381924Co A 83rd Ind Inf
VAYHINGER, Mary J.18451933w/o Albert Vayhinger
VALENTINER, William18381910~
WEBSTER, Ralph16Aug187629Apr1898~
WILLIAMS, Ella18581921~
WILLER, John~~Co M Ohio Cav
WILSON, Mary A.~07Sep1898Aged 62y10m2d
WILSON, Benjamin~22Apr1866Aged 26y
WOOD, Lee E.~08 Apr1894Aged 15y8m12d
WOOD, Anna W.~12Oct1894w/o J.G. Wood
Aged 37y9m
WYATT, Anna C.17Jun185404Jun1878d/o James & Elmyra Wyatt
WYATT, Eliza E.31May183510Feb1882~

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