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Prattsburg Cemetery

Franklin Township

located about 2 miles northeast of Delaware and 3 miles north of Pierceville.

prattsburg location map
Pratsburg Cemetery Ripley IN 390937N 0851213W 961 ft above sea level

ALLEE, Joseph ~04Oct1856 ~
ALLEE , George W. ~10Sep1861 aged 15y
s/o J. A.
Civil War soldier
ALLEN , Frona E. ~08Jan1869 aged 22y 1m 28d
consort of James Allen of Cincinnati, OH
d/o Stephen & Eliza Merrill
ANTHONY , Levi ~26?1856 aged 25y 11m
ANTHONY , John W. ~28Nov1858 s/o A.A. & S.E.
ANTHONY , Philip ~17Aug1860 aged 42y 6m 5d
BAGELY , Prudence18381888w/o J. Graves - E. Kerber - J. Stafford
BAILEY , Luther 1822 1899 ~
BAILEY , Anzilla 1834 1910 w/o Luther
BAILEY , Thomas E.~11Nov1875s/o J.T. & B.
Aged 15y
BLACKSTONE, Jaruel R. ~27Nov1839 aged 32y 6m
BLACKSTONE , Alfred ~24Apr1855 s/o James & Rizpah
Aged 22y 26d
BRAM , Ann ~22Sep1861 aged 67y 8m 25d
w/o John
BROWN , Dudley 13Nov1834 20Dec1899 ~
BROWN , Eliza P. 20Jan1832 04May1908 w/o Dudley
BURR , infant 21Mar1848 21Mar1848 s/o A. & R.A.
BURR , Margaret 15Jun1846 08Jan1848 d/o A. & R.A.
BURR , Valeria ~01Dec1852 d/o William & Ruth A.
BUSTEED , Thomas ~31May1895 aged 70y
BUSTEED , Elizabeth ~03Dec1903 aged 85y
w/o Thomas
BUTERFIELD , Armilda E.~15Jan1850 aged 21y 2m 8d
w/o Amos
BUTERFIELD , infant ~13Aug1846 d/o A.K. & R
BUTERFIELD , Asa~06Jul1851Aged 53y4m8d
CALL , James H. 11Apr1816 01May1870 ~
CALL , Sarah W. 04Apr182015Jan1899w/o James H.
CANNON , Armia 10May1840 30Apr1841 d/o H. & E.
CANNON , William D. 17Mar1843 27Oct1843 s/o H. & E.
CANNON , Hughet P. ~26Jan1886 s/o Huet & Ealenor
CASTNER , Mary H. ~28Jul1877 aged 28y 11m 21d
/o Joseph
CHANCE , Edward ~~New, unmarked (1933)
CHIPMAN, Adelaide E.~24Jan1867aged 19y
d/o Samuel & Acasah D.
CHURCHILL , John R. ~12Jul1853 aged 31y 7m 9d
CLARK , L.M. ~~1st Iowa Battallion
Civil War soldier
CUTLER , Henry ~14Nov1861 aged 61y 5m 5d
DARLING , infant ~02Feb? s/o F.R. & R.
DARLING , Alpheus ~18Sep1849 aged 51y 4m
DARLING , O.T.~18Jun1863Aged 38y9m
DARLING , Eliza H.~05Nov1855w/o Oren T.
Aged 28y10m25d
DEHART , Ragan ~~35th Reg
A Civil War soldier
DRANE , John 17Dec1823 13Jul1879 A Civil War soldier
DRANE , Mary ~06Feb1892aged 64y 9m 19d
DULEY, Emily E.~25Dec1872aged 4y 3m 12d
d/o William & Eliza(?)
DULEY, Emily~09Sep1873w/o William(?)
aged 73y 8m 29d
EIGHENLAUB, Mathias25Apr182404Nov1860~
FEHLEISEN, Ursula03May184114Nov1872consort of Edward
FEHLEISEN, Flora~01Aug1875w/o Otho
Aged 27y10m7d
FREEMAN, Fanny B.~08Aug1858aged 3y 4d
d/o E. & P.F.
FREEMAN, Nancy L.~22Dec1856w/o Thomas
GRAVES, Lillie May~20Nov1891d/o J.W. & E.J.
aged 5y 2m 4d
HAGEN, Henry P.03Aug181425May1888~
HAGEN, John05Oct186128Feb1888~
HAGEN, Anna E.~07Nov1882aged 62y 6m
w/o Henry P.
HEALD, Shepard~16Jan1862aged 62y 9m 24d
HENRY, Arndt01Feb185909Sep1862~
HENRY, Elizabeth14Jul186004Aug1860~
HENRY, Margaret18Oct185608Sep1862~
HILL, Philip18601941~
HILL, Catherine18681951~
HOBBS, Eliza~05Dec1879w/o William
aged 57y 5m 20d
HUNTER, Phoebe M.05May181602Feb1895~
HUNTER, Margaret~13Feb1853aged 55y
HUNTER, Nancy J.~09Aug1856aged 7y 9m 25d
HUSTING, John W.~05Sep1885s/o H.M. & E.
Aged 1y6m8d
JACKSON, Mary J.28Feb185017Mar1912~
JACKSON, Clara V.18Aug187003Aug1871d/o Mary
JACKSON, Sarah J.29Feb182427May1870w/o Joseph H.
JONES, Samuel L.~01Feb1862aged 77y 9m 6d
JONES, Margaret~16Sep1858consort S.L.
aged 71y 2m 1d
KANTZ, Elsie~16Sep1886d/o M.N. & Ellen
Aged 4m18d
KING, Elizabeth~27Aug1851aged 52y 4m 28d
w/o Rufus
KOERBER, Fred K.~~Co. H. 10 B Ohio Inf
LITTLE, George W.~03Dec1860s/o J.S. & L.C.
aged 2y 5m
LUDECKER, Charles~~infant s/o C. & C.
MATHIES, ?~~4 burials in unmarked graves
MAXWELL, Abigail~11Dec1855w/o David
aged 90y 9m 26d
MAXWELL, David~04Mar1850aged 45y 7m 26d
MAXWELL, Jeruel R.~18Aug?s/o David
MAXWELL, David~02Aug1861aged 66y 5m 3d
MAXWELL, Nancy L.~22Dec1856w/o Thomas
MAXWELL, Will P.~14Aug1872s/o A.L. & E.
MAYHEW, Andrew W., Rev.~25Jan1856aged 34y 10m
of Thomaston, ME
MAYHEW, William M.25Oct18?212Nov1857~
MAYHEW, James17891873~
MAYHEW, Mira17941871w/o James
MEINDERS, William E.26Sep188114Nov1883s/o J.G. & C.C.
MEINDERS, John G.22Aug184119Aug1891~
MEINDERS, Caroline C.10Aug184115Feb1917w/o John G.
MERRILL, Stephen05Jul181025Aug1864~
MEYER, Ahrend H.~25Dec1876aged 57y
MEYERS, Sherman~~donated $1000 to Prattsburg school
MENZEL, Gustave27Jul1878~s/o C.A. & L.C.
MENZEL, Caroline D.1865~d/o C.A & L.A.
MEYER, Ahrend H.~25Dec1876Aged 57y
MEYERS, Sherman~~~
MUNGER, Everett~21Jul1886s/o A. & L.B.
aged 2m 2d
MUNGER, Freeman~03Feb1863s/o F. & R.
aged 19y 1m
Co. D. 67th Reg
Civil War soldier
MUNGER, Samantha S.~15Sep1865aged 21y 5m 22d
d/o F. & R.A.
MUNGER, Lydia~25May1867aged 47y 10m
w/o Freeman
MUNGER, Rosena~04May1860aged 19y 5m 2d
w/o Freeman
MUNGER, Freeman~10Jul1881Aged 72y5m9d
OLDHAM, Rebecca D.~05Mar1852w/o Archibald
aged 21y 10m 5d
PARKER, George~27Aug1848s/o D. & E.
aged 1y 8m 14d
PARKER, John F.~02Apr1857s/o J. & L.
aged 1y 3m 1d
PARKER, Lucy A.~20Jul1848d/o J. & L.
aged 1y
PRATT, Martin T.12Sep186216Nov1890~
PRATT, Mariah01Jan183005Jul1904~
PRATT, Diah~02Feb1855aged 45y 9m 20d
PRATT, Emah Nancy17Mar184514Aug1849~
PRATT, Roscoe20Feb183823Nov1842~
PRATT, Elizabeth09Mar177513Jun1849w/o Jonathan
PRATT, Jonathan08Mar176413Jan1850A Revolutionary soldier
PRATT, Eben T.15Mar181428Sep1891~
PRATT, Albert W.18661927~
PRATT, Rebecca G.185719?~
REDLON, Ebenezer~08Jan1862aged 27y 10m 22d
REDLON, Albon~11Apr1863aged 37y 6m 16d
83rd Reg. Ind Vols
REDLON, Blanche A.~~~
REDLON, Olive15Jan180124Sep1886w/o Ebenezer
REDLON, Ebenezer15Oct179324Sep1874~
ROSZELL, Elliott~16Apr1871in his 77th year
ROSZELL, Polly~01Nov1856aged about 64y
w/o Elliott
RUBLE, Abraham15Nov182206May1896~
SCHUSTER, John C.18541930~
SCHUSTER, Henrietta18551928w/o John C.
SHEPHARD, Heald~1862Aged 62y9m24d
SMITH, Amity M.~10Apr1863s/o N. & E.
aged 1y 4m 17d
SMITH, Willard G.~03Oct1880s/o H.B. & E.B.
aged 11y 13d
SMITH, Frank W.23Dec187808Nov1882s/o H. & E.
STAFFORD, John24Jun183017Aug1897A Civil War soldier
STOCKMAN, Heinrich02Feb181130Jun1885(German)
SUTTON, Elenor~16Jul1849d/o Joseph & Rebecca
THOMPSON, Ebenezer~26Sep1853aged 73y 4m 14d
TOWER, Rizpah11Aug180727Nov1896w/o Daniel
TOWER, Daniel22Oct179428Mar1885~
TRUITT, Eliza C.~02Feb1859d/o Joseph & Eliza
aged 1y 7m 8d
TRUITT, Luna L.~20Jan1873w/o Peter
aged 19y 10m 29d
WARE, Rhoda E.~28May1889w/o F.M.
aged 39y 3m 20d
WARE, Wilbur D.~05Aug1878s/o F.M. & R.E.
aged 7y 7m 27d
WEEKS, James~~in unmarked grave
WEEKS, ?~~w/o James
in unmarked grave
WHITNEY, Joseph~28Jul1858aged 88 years
WHITNEY, George W.~16Jul1855s/o H.T. & N.A.
aged 3 years
WHITNEY, Electa R.~05Dec1853d/o H.T. & N.A.
aged 3y 8m 6d
WINSLOW, Emily E.14May183804Sep1860d/o James & Emaline
WOOD, James A.~17Oct1857s/o J. & M.
aged 14y 3m 19d
WOOD, Amity20Oct183213Jul1909~
WOOD, Mercy Maxwell15May180910(13)Aug1893w/o Amity
WOOD, Frederick~18Apr1843s/o J. & M.
Aged 2y
WOOD, Sarah~~d/o J. & M.
WOOD, Hannah~~d/o J. & M.

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