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Salem Church Cemetery

in Brown Twp.
This cemetery is about 2 miles south of and a little west of Cross Plains, not far from the Switzerland County line. The data was collected by Minnie Wycoff & Emma Stevenson in 1924 and Violet Toph in 1933, and newer stones were listed in 1971.

Salem Cemetery Ripley IN 391313N 0851700W 971 ft above sea level

Bryce Stevens, of Tennessee, for typing these interments for me to use here.

ABDON, Sarah Rebecca13Jun187115Oct1893nee Skeen
ABDON, Pearlie B.~~died at birth
bur. in grave with mother
ALLEY, Jackson M.~~Doctor. Unmarked grave. Died of cholera while visiting wife's parents, Mr & Mrs John Harman. Wife also in unmarked grave. Father of Ross Alley
ANDREW, Edward18741957~
ANDREW, Julia E.185719--~
BAILEY, Blanche A.12Aug188113Jul1906d/o James & Sarah Smock
BAXTER, George W.18471916Aged about 70y
Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
BAXTER, Ethel (Whitham)18901925w/o Orb Baxter
d/o Jonathon & Lucetta
Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
BAXTER, Orb B.18871958s/o George W.
Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
BAXTER, Lafayette13Apr187702Feb1951s/o George W.
Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
BAXTER, Minnie28May187513Oct1953w/o Lafayette
Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
BAXTER, Gale06Sep190104Jun1976s/o Lafayette & Minnie
Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
BAXTER, Eldan19Mar192616May1993Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
BEEBE, James Dudley27Feb185317Jan1917~
BEEBE, Alice14Apr1862after 1924w/o James D. Beebe
BEEBE, Infant~~d/o Roy & Imogene Beebe
Unmarked grave
BRINSON, Anna6Jan186517Oct1906w/o Frank Brinson
BRINSON, Frank13Jul186617Jun1936~
BRINSON, Jonathan27Apr183229Aug1910~
BRINSON, Betheny (Bettina)15Nov183029Mar1871nee Jackson.
w/o Jonathan Brinson
BRINSON, William K.18261903~
BRINSON, Mary Ann (Miller)18211900 w/o William K. Brinson
BRINSON, John F.186919--~
BRINSON, Carrie E.11Jan188125Feb1900d/o A. & J. Brinson
BRINSON, Anthony1Apr184410Mar1899~
BRINSON, Josina (Runner)18441925 w/o Anthony Brinson
BRINSON, Clarence A.23Aug187722Feb1878s/o Anthony & Josina (Runner) Brinson
BRINSON, Anthony K.18051877~
BRINSON, Nancy (Safley)18051888 w/o Anthony K. Brinson
BRINSON, Delilah Elizabeth~20Nov1844d/o Anthony K. & Nancy (Safley) Brinson
Aged 2y10m2d
BRINSON, William J.~8Mar1851s/o Joseph & Rebecca Brinson
Aged 1m3d
BRINSON, Elizabeth (Buchanan)~18Aug1869 w/o Thomas Brinson
Aged 22y
BRINSON, twin daughtersDied at birth.Mar1900d/o Corydon & Pearl Brinson
Unmarked grave.
BRINSON, Susan (Harrell)~~ w/o Newton Brinson.
Aged about 40y
Unmarked grave.
BRINSON, Cassius~~s/o William & Mary Brinson.
Aged about 20y
Unmarked grave.
BROOKS, James E.18901952~
BROOKS, Carrie17Apr186810Aug1949~
BROOKS, William E.11Oct186231Jul1943~
BROOKS, Joseph Leslie16Nov18999Oct1969~
BROWN, Donald Wayne22Dec19473Jan1969~
BUCHANAN, James~2Apr1871s/o Wm. W. & Margaret Buchanan.
Aged 30y11m18d
Father of 2 sons and 1 dau.
BUCHANAN, Sarah M.~5Jun1873 (1878?) d/o Wm. W. & Margaret Buchanan.
Aged 19y10m8d
BUCHANAN, David~23Mar1875s/o Wm. W. & Margaret Buchanan.
Aged 29y5m19d
BUCHANAN, William W.12Jun18161Oct1882s/o David Buchanan
BUCHANAN, Margaret B. McKinster4Jan181924Feb1898w/o William W. Buchanan
BUCHANAN, John A.4Nov18426May1916s/o Wm. W. & Margaret Buchanan
Civil War soldier.
BUCHANAN, David~21Mar1863s/o Henry Buchanan.
Aged 26y9m
BUCHANAN, Henry~~Civil War soldier
Co. D, 93rd Ind. Inf.
BUCHANAN, Harriet A.6Aug18519Jun1876nee Satchel
w/o John Buchanan
BUCHANAN, Elizabeth~26Sep1877w/o John Buchanan
Aged 69y1m20d
BUCHANAN, John~27Nov1878Aged 75y
BUCHANAN, George W.26Nov182811Feb1911~
BUCHANAN, Harriett (Thornton)4Apr182822Nov1908 w/o George W. Buchanan
BUCHANAN, Henry~11Feb1853Aged 54y
f/o Mary Buchanan Sedam
BUCHANAN, Elijah24Nov18163Oct1875~
BUCHANAN, George M.~1918Aged about 67y
Unmarked grave
BUCHANAN, Sophia Susanna (Harrell)1Jan18465Jan1913~
BUCHANAN, Infant~~c/o Allen & Nannie Paugh Buchanan
Unmarked grave
BUCHANAN, three children~~c/o Oliver & Vina Buchanan
grandch of Thomas & Talitha McCreary
Unmarked grave
BUCHANAN, Nannie16Jan18768Apr1958~
BUCHANAN, J. Allen15Jun187827Jun1949~
BUCKHANNON, Rachle~7Jan1872Aged 60y7m17d
BUNTAIN, Hugh~10Aug1865 (1866?) Aged 74y9m16d
Soldier, War of 1812
BUNTAIN, Henry Clay~24Mar1863Aged 20y4m21d.
s/o Samuel & Penelope Burk Buntain
g-son of Hugh Buntain
Co. K, 22nd Reg. Ind. Vols.
Died of fever contracted during service
BUNTAIN, Willie T. S.~10Aug1866s/o James H. & Jane Buntain
Aged 16m
BUNTAIN, Mary V.~13Aug1866d/o J.H. & J.Buntain
Aged 10y
BURGESS, William M.~27Sep1863Aged 28y3m21d
originally in Cliff Hill Cemetery
BURGESS, Wilson~2Jan1875s/o Wm. & Elizabeth Burgess
Aged 16y4m13d
BURGESS, Jennie B.~20Nov1877Aged 16y4m
BURRESS, Mollie Agnes(Ayres)~Mar1914 w/o George Burress
unmarked grave
BURRESS, Evan Lanham~about 1904Aged about 25
Unmarked grave
BURRESS, Daniel~1922Aged about 45
Unmarked grave
BURRESS, Lucinda~25Dec1927Aged 88y2m2d
Undertaker's marker
BURRESS, Della27Jan18781Mar1953~
BURRESS, Everett28Jan18951965~
BURRESS, George12Jul1877~~
BURRESS, Maude19001964~
BURRESS, Sam H.19051959~
BURRESS, Edith P.19161967~
BURRESS, Fletcher18631947~
BURRESS, Mary18651939~
BURRESS, William A.1893~~
BURRESS, Nelle18921963~
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth (Skeen)8Jul186628Feb1904 w/o James W. Campbell
CAMPBELL, Infant19411941s/o Jesse & Gertie Campbell
CAMREN, Jesse A.186519--~
CAMREN, Anna (Skeen) 18691928w/o Jesse Camren
CARNINE, Emma E.13Jan189131Jul1891d/o Samuel & M.J. Carnine
CARNINE, Samuel W.30Jun184514Oct1914~
CARNINE, Martha J.14Dec185311Apr1920w/o Samuel Carnine
CARNINE, Opal21Jan189414Jul1898~
CLARK, Hannah Shreve18331926(?)nee Jackson
COOPER, Michael25Sep18359Feb1908Civil War soldier
COOPER, Amanda Renner16Jun183429May1924w/o Michael Cooper
COOPER, Allen18691935~
COOPER, Edith R.18711938~
COOPER, Sarah C.21Sep187123Jun1949~
COOPER, Eliza E.18851969~
COPHER, Jesse9Sep183412Mar1895Co. E, 13th Ind. Inf.
COPHER, Mary1Apr18341Apr1918w/o Jesse Copher
COPHER, Nancy (Brinson) 1April 18341Apr1918dates as copied by transcriber
COPHER, Anthony~2Apr1873s/o Jesse & Mary Copher
Aged 13y3m28d
COPHER, Sarah E.~4Dec1860Aged 3y
COPHER, Melvina~10Jun1861Aged 5y6m
COPHER, Frank10Jan187112Jun1807(1907?)dates as given on stone
COPHER, Oliver M.18641926~
COPHER, Sarah A.1866~w/o Oliver Copher
COPHER, Florence18931930d/o Oliver & Sarah A. Copher
COPHER, Anthony~4Feb1847s/o Joel & M.A. Copher
Aged 6 weeks
COPHER, Infant~~Unmarked grave
COPHER, Infant~~Unmarked grave
DEMAREE, Danielabout 1848Apr1918Unmarked grave.
DEMAREE, Frances (McKay) ~9Jan1918w/o Daniel Demaree
Aged 67y
Unmarked grave
E, I~~Soldier's grave, initials only
E, M~~initials only
EADS, Thomas22Oct186720Jun1949~
ELSTON, Infant~~c/o Molie Harrell Elston
Unmarked grave
ELSTON, Infant~~s/o Thomas & Molie Harrell Elston
ELSTON, Malinda (Rogers) ~1916w/o Isaiah Elston
Aged about 60y
s/o Mrs James Kelly.
Unmarked grave
ELSTON, Ardenna Ann~17Nov1940d/o Freddie & Lola Elston
ELSTON, Isiah18871950~
ELSTON, Grace18821966~
ELSTON, Mamie1914~~
ELSTON, Roscoe19101965~
ELSTON, Gerald05Jan193807Mar1986Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
ELSTON, Gertrude15Apr190422May1993Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
FOSTER, Laura~Apr1914Aged 71y
Unmarked grave
FRY, Ella Niles18701909~
GLAZE, ?~~2 c/o William & Martha Glaze
Unmarked graves
GLAZE, ?~~6 children in unmarked graves.
GLAZE, Martha McCullough~About 1875w/o William Glaze
Unmarked grave
GLAZE, Charlie~~a young boy
Unmarked grave.
GLAZE, Tom~About 1882Aged about 17y
Tuberculosis affected the Glaze family
GORDON, John B.~~~
GORDON, Laura B (?)~~w/o John B. Gordon. Died old. Unmarked graves.
GORDON, Infant~~c/o Clarence & Vada Gordon
Unmarked grave
GORDON, George Allen7Oct189626 Sep1918s/o George & Lucinda Buchanan Gordon
Co. E, 2nd Reg. Tr U.S. Navy, Great Lakes, Illinois
GORDON, Mary W.~17Sep1862Aged 20y
only c/o Andrew & Sarah C. Jackson
adopted d/o John & Laura Gordon
GRIMES, Mary Ellen (Buchanan)19Mar185627Apr1892 w/o Samuel Grimes
GRIMES, Martha Lurena Jane~25Mar1878Aged 26y2m21d
d/o Thomas S. & Mary Hess Grimes
GRIMES, Rev. Thomas S.~12May1886Aged 69y5m12d
GRIMES, Mary Hess19Dec18211918(?)w/o Thomas S. Grimes
GRIMES, Mary Zurissa7Jan188711Feb1889d/o John E. & Jennie (Jane) Grimes
GRIMES (?), Martha~~marker says "Martha" with no surname
In Grimes lots.
GRIMES, John~~f/o Mary Zurissa Grimes
Unmarked grave
GRIMES, Jennie18661948w/o John E. Grimes
HALLGARTH, Emory3Jun18776Jul1900s/o M. & M. Hallgarth
HALLGARTH, Moses27Oct183818Oct1911~
HALLGARTH, Melvina5Sep18471Mar1900w/o Moses Hallgarth
HALLGARTH, Harry19Jan18756Oct1904~
HALLGARTH, Mary E.18561928~
HALLGARTH, Richard18331916Civil War veteran
HALLGARTH, Nancy Banta18331908w/o Richard Hallgarth
HALLGARTH, Sarah Penelope Stevenson~1919w/o Oliver Perry Morton Hallgarth
Unmarked grave
HALLGARTH, Infant~~s/o Mort & Sallie Hallgarth
Unmarked grave
HALLGARTH, Joseph28Mar18677Jun1886~
HALLGARTH, Ann30Jun18278Jul1900nee Ellis. w/o Nimrod Hallgarth
HALLGARTH, Lue R.23Oct190219Feb1938~
HALLGARTH, Ernest Lee14Sep19354Aug1944~
HAMMANN, Pearl J.18831928~
HANKINS, Mabel29Aug1883~~
HANKINS, Wilbert5May188710Aug1957~
HANKINS, Lulu A.10Jun188326Jul1959~
HANKINS, Clyde F.7Nov1883~~
HANKINS, James E.19051965~
HARMAN, John~1Oct1848Aged 76y
HARMAN, ?~~m/o Marinda Gordon
Unmarked grave
HARMAN, Bettina~~w/o John Harman, d/o Zebulon Brinson
HARPER, William~~Lieut., Co. I, 4th New York Cav., Civil War
HARPER, Sarah~1923Unmarked grave
Aged about 75y
HARRELL, Sophia S.1Jan18455Jun1913d/o John F. & Mary Harrell
HAYES, James E.18541890~
HAYES, Maria18551930w/o James E. Hayes
HAYES, James~~Unmarked grave
HAYES, Infant~~c/o James & Elizabeth Kennett Hayes
Unmarked grave
HAYES, Elizabeth Kinnett~after 1924Unmarked grave
HEATH, Patricia19431948~
HOLT, Marvin L.18Mar1890~~
HOLT, Grace E.16Apr188829Dec1958~
HORTON, John M.1Nov18365Oct1898Civil War soldier
HORTON, Mariah A.10May18397Sep1925w/o John M. Horton
HORTON, Nettie31Jan18756Dec1902d/o John M. & Mariah Horton
HORTON, Infant sons~~Two s/o John M. & Mariah Horton
HOUSE, Helen Margaret~1924d/o Franklin & Ota Burress House
Aged 3 weeks
HUDSON, Infants~~two graves with c/o
George & Rosie Robbins Hudson
INNIS, Joseph Henry10May183723Jul1916~
INNIS, Lucinda23Apr184030Jan1930w/o Joseph Innis
JACKSON, Anthony18451932~
JACKSON, Mary D.18521931w/o Anthony Jackson
JACKSON, Hugh29Sep187219Feb1901s/o Anthony & Mary Drusilla Jackson
JACKSON, William Aaron~11Feb1892s/o George & Jane Jackson
Aged 39y3m20d
JACKSON, Phebe E.10May185116Jan1873d/o George W. & Jane P. Jackson
JACKSON, George W.4Feb182717Dec1877~
JACKSON, William28Mar17994Sep1877A Baptist minister
JACKSON, Elizabeth (Harman) 23Apr18011May1892w/o Rev. William Jackson
JACKSON, John18Jul182317Jul1903~
JACKSON, Elizabeth (Brinson) 29Sep18253Sep1885w/o John Jackson
JACKSON, Mary E.15Oct185719Oct1860d/o John H. & Elizabeth Jackson
JACKSON, Melissa A.4Apr18665Apr1866 (1868?) d/o John H. & Elizabeth Jackson
JACKSON, Betheny J.~26Feb1850d/o John H. & Elizabeth Jackson
Aged 9y9m1d
JACKSON, Nancy~12May1853d/o John & Elizabeth Brinson Jackson
Aged 5y4m2d
JACKSON, Elizabeth R.15Jul186923Nov1901~
JACKSON, Helen19Aug190716Feb1908~
JACKSON, Mayme8Nov190523Oct1906(or 28Oct1906)
JACKSON, William H.5Mar184614Feb1940~
JACKSON, Sarah A. (Voris)12Jan18463Dec1911 w/o William Jackson
JACKSON, Mary W.~17Sep1862d/o Andrew & Sarah Jackson, adopted by John B. & Laura Gordon
Aged 20y
JACKSON, John Hugh22Jul187419Oct1903~
JACKSON, Lucinda Brinson12Jul183625Aug1894~
JACKSON, ?~~Great-grandmother
m/o Willaim Jackson - Migrated KY with son & family c1825
Unmarked grave
JACKSON, Opal I8Nov18935Jul1894d/o Rolla & Lizzie Horton Jackson
JACKSON, Jane Osborn~1910w/o George W. Jackson
Aged over 70y
JACKSON, William T.18651947~
JACKSON, Mary J.18681949w/o Willam T. Jackson
JACKSON, Rhoda E.18561938w/o Willam A. Jackson
JONES, Clofus Wayne~22Feb1950~
KELLY, Kate (Rogers)~abt1900 w/o James Kelly
Aged about 60y
Unmarked grave
KINNETT, JamesNov18115Feb1891~
KINNETT, Maria (Myers)~3Apr1871 w/o James Kinnett, d/o Lewis Myers
Aged 62y6m3d
KINNETT, Jonathan18351897~
KINNETT, Rachel18371897(Jackson) w/o Jonathan Kinnett
KINNETT, Florence E.9Mar188720Nov1897d/o George & Sarah (Cole) Kinnett
KINNETT, John S.185819--~
KINNETT, Mary M. (Horton)18581917 w/o John Samuel Kinnett
KINNETT, Infant~~c/o Jonathan & Rachel Jackson Kinnett
Unmarked grave
LANHAM, Infant19121912stillborn infant of Charles Lanham
LANHAM, Julia~~Aged 60y
Unmarked grave
LANHAM, David~~unmarked grave
A Civil War Veteran
LANHAM, Nancy~~m/o Sarah, Julia & David Lanham
Unmarked grave
LANHAM, Rev. Charles~~Aged 90y
Unmarked grave
LANHAM, Jesse~1922s/o William Lanham
Aged 20y
Unmarked grave
LANHAM, Jennie~1923w/o William Lanham
Aged 60 or 70y
Unmarked grave
LANHAM, Infant~1923s/o William & Jennie Lanham
d. diphtheria
Unmarked grave
LANHAM, George S.7Jul185917Jul1937~
LANHAM, Charles W.21Jul188326Jun1955~
LANHAM, Warren J.19081971~
LANHAM, Eleanor S.1916~w/o Warren Lanham
Married 1940
LANHAM, Carl (Mink)4Oct19138Sep1969~
LANHAM, Naomi S.12Nov1913~w/o Carl Lanham
LEWIS, William H.18641904s/o Levi & Dicey Grimes Lewis
LEWIS, Ella Niles1866~w/o William H. Lewis
LEWIS, Levi18411929~
LEWIS, Almyra (Thornton)16Apr18084Jun1893~
LEWIS, Dicey (Grimes) 16Aug184413Aug1899w/o Levi Lewis
LUBBE, Martha J. (Hallgarth)~5Dec1892 w/o Charles H. Lubbe
Aged 34y6d
MCCREARY, Oliver13Dec18484Nov1908~
MCCREARY, Thomas12Jul18254July1908~
MCCREARY, Talitha (Buchanan) 11May182817Sep1913w/o Thomas McCreary
MCGEE, Roy H.18931971~
MCKAY, Evelyn & Edna3Apr19093Apr1909twins
MCKAY, Lucy18521907~
MCKAY, Lafayette~1920Aged about 55y
Unmarked grave
MCMILLAN, ~~~m/o Dan & Charlie McMillan,
grandmother of Belle Sedam
MELTON, Harold15Nov190113Jan1968~
MELTON, Mae20May1908~~
MELTON, Cecil26Jan19134May1959~
MELTON, Susie Elston1Nov188113Aug1953~
MELTON, Emorey3Sep187416Oct1946~
MILLER, Gladys~1917d/o Charles & Rose (Kelly) Miller
Aged 20y
Unmarked grave
MILLER, Infant~~d/o Charles & Rose (Kelly) Miller
Unmarked grave
MOFFIT, Della (Francis) (Horton)18781920~
MOODY, Infant~~c/o Albert & Cindy Moody
Unmarked grave
MOODY, Infant~~c/o Albert & Cindy Moody
Unmarked grave
MOODY, Infant~~c/o Albert & Cindy Moody
Unmarked grave
NAY, Emma18661940nee Thornton
NELSON, Nathan~11Jun1838Aged 72y
father of Nathan Nelson
NELSON, Nathan~22Oct1864Aged 55y21d
NELSON, Eliza9Mar181424Jul1896(Buchanan)
NELSON, ~~~w/o Nathan Nelson
Unmarked grave
NEWKIRK, ~~~c/o Rachel Newkirk
Unmarked grave
NILES, William B.~14Sep1872b in New Hampshire
Aged 69y5m
NILES, Letitia (Scull)5Jun180810Oct1906w/o William B. Niles
b. in Cape May, New Jersey
NILES, Emily18741881~
NILES, Florence18771882~
NILES, Willie18841885~
NILES, Mary18791903~
NILES, Albert G.18401893~
NILES, Janettie H. (Harper)18421916 ( d 1917?) w/o Albert G. Niles
NILES, Harriet L. "Hattie"7Aug187213Sep1911~
NILES, Arthur18681944~
NILES, Florence18821967~
NILES, Herbert1905~~
NILES, Frances19121964w/o Herbert Niles
PAUGH, Earl Kresney~31Jul1882s/o Leonard & Margaret Stevenson Paugh
Aged 7m29d
PAUGH, Margaret Frances Stevenson~3Sep1883Aged 21y3m23d
PAUGH, Lucinda Maria Stevenson23Apr185629Jun1900w/o Leonard Paugh
PAUGH, Harry Raymond~13Dec1889s/o L.E. & Lucinda Paugh
Aged 1y10m8d
PAUGH, Nancy Jackson1Feb18228Feb1865w/o John Paugh
PAUGH, John25Apr181825Jun1912~
PAUGH, Elizabeth Scothorn18May183811Mar1912w/o John Paugh & formerly of Wm. Burgess
PAUGH, Lucinda~26Feb1874d/o John & Nancy Paugh
Aged 15y10m17d
PAUGH, Isaac Newton30Nov18523Jun1920~
PAUGH, Adah~14Dec1881d/o Newton & Etta Vanosdol Paugh
Aged 1y24d
PAUGH, Mary Etta Vanosdol25Feb185530Mar1937w/o Isaac Paugh and later of William Chrisman
PELSOR, Mildred Irene27Feb19143Aug1916d/o Chester & Addie Beebe Pelsor
PELSOR, Forest W.30May19067Jan1929~
PELSOR, Charles S.18691939~
PELSOR, Malinda S.18761966~
PELSOR, Sue Ellen29Jun194829Mar1956~
PITMAN, Rachel Buchanan~7Jan1872w/o Miles Pitman
Aged 60y7m7d
RALSTON, William25Dec184220Feb1900~
RALSTON, Eliza J. (Harper) 28Jun184521Oct1938w/o William Ralston
RALSTON, Edgar E.18771917~
REED, Newton18541932~
REED, Maggie185819--w/o Newton Reed
REED, Bessie15Jan1880~~
REED, Lewis15May187430Sep1962~
REED, Earl18971956~
REED, Dessie1903~~
REED, Harry18911967~
REED, Nellie4Dec1895~~
REED, Hershell1Aug188822Sep1954~
RISK, John W.18451935~
RISK, Mary Ann (McKay) 18411911w/o John W. Risk
RISK, James Franklin25Sep187326Jun1901~
RISK, Emma Malinda15Feb187619Mar1906~
RISK, Susie (Whitham)28Apr188012Apr1909 w/o Joseph Harrison Risk
RISK, Evelin & Edna8Apr19098Apr1909d's/o Joseph & Susie Risk
RYKER, Mabel27Jan189430Oct1967~
RYKER, Wilbur C.18721949~
RYKER, Clyde15Mar190017Jun1969~
RYKER, Edith29Jan189021Nov1951~
RYKER, Paul15Oct189120Dec1966~
SCULL, Rachel2Nov177831May1867w/o Enoch Scull
b Cape May County, New Jersey
SEDAM, Rachel Lurena24Nov188321Sep1891d/o N.H. & Rebecca Sedam
SEDAM, Nicholas H.11Oct1849~~
SEDAM, Rachel Rebecca (Grimes)5Apr18495Oct1920 w/o Nicholas H. Sedam
SEDAM, Robert~~Civil War soldier. Co. C, 54th Ind. Inf.
SEDAM, Mary A. (Buchanan) 25Dec182418Nov1893 w/o Robert Sedam
SEDAM, Thomas~1920Aged 65 or 70y
Unmarked grave
SEDAM, ~~~two unmarked graves
SEDAM, Henry M.18861966~
SEDAM, Lillie Cordellia23Nov188916Aug1964~
SELLERS, John Franklin18781928~
SELLERS, Frank~16Oct1928Ind. Private 15th U.S. Inf, World War
SELLERS, Evert O.19Feb190125Feb1901~
SELLERS, Bertha Leota (Skeen)25Apr18816Aug1904 w/o J. F. Sellers
SELLERS, John B.14Apr185420Jun1936~
SELLERS, Margaret Jarvis~6May1928Aged 76y
SELLERS, ~19Feb190-25Feb1901(Zeller)
SHELDON, Zachariah T.4Jul184427Sep1909A Civil War veteran
SHELDON, Hannah Plume (Grimes)6Mar18551935~
SHREVE, Jonah18241892~
SHREVE, Hannah Clark18331929w/o Jonah Shreve
SKEEN, James A.~5Apr1865s/o J.P. & N.J. Skeen
Aged 2y7m4d
SKEEN, David D.~About 1870Aged 5y11m16d
SKEEN, Mary E.~3Apr1878d/o J.P. & N.J. Skeen
Aged 9m10d
SKEEN, Jonathan Priestley~15May1878Aged 42y6m23d
SKEEN, Nancy J.~23Apr1880w/o Jonathan Skeen
Aged 40y5m9d
SKEEN, Margaret~27Jun1882Aged 17y7m15d
SKEEN, William~30Jan1890Aged 31y11m16d
SKEEN, Mary Elizabeth25Feb18842Apr1884d/o William & Jane Cooper Skeen
SMOCK, Infant sons~~Two s/o J.C. & S.J. Smock (one marker, no dates)
SMOCK, Don Carl18931926A World War Soldier
SMOCK, Sarah J.18611928~
SMOCK, James C.18591936~
STEVENSON, Lenora Elizabeth21Jan187927Jun1898d/o Samuel & Hester A. Stevenson
STEVENSON, Samuel H.5Nov1850~~
STEVENSON, Hester Ann (Ellis) ~11Aug1892w/o Samuel H. Stevenson. Newborn boy buried in her arms
Aged 35y3m23d
STEVENSON, Lucinda M.23Apr185629Jun1900d/o James & Lany J. Stevenson
STEVENSON, Rev. James22May182413Oct1879~
STEVENSON, Mary J. (Lany Jane) Demaree26Nov182730Dec1878w/o Rev. James Stevenson
STEVENSON, Eva Jane14Oct187322Aug1874d/o R.W. & L.A. Stevenson
STEVENSON, Letitia23Apr186628Feb1884d/o George & Lucinda Stevenson
STEVENSON, George25Mar183314Mar1918~
STEVENSON, Lucinda McLaughlin15Oct183125Mar1884~
STEVENSON, Lucinda Ann (Wright)~Apr1911 w/o Robert W. Stevenson
Aged 58y
Unmarked grave
STEVENSON, James Lorain3May187122May1879s/o R.W. & L.A. Stevenson
STEVENSON, James W.1866~~
STEVENSON, Emma J.18671943~
STEWART, Elizabeth (Alfrey-Myers)~21Oct1843 w/o David Stewart
Aged 51y2m15d
widow of Daniel Myers
STEWART, David~8Jan1873Aged 79y7m13d
STEWART, John A.22Jul184630Sep1899~
STEWART, Mary A.14Jul1852~w/o John Stewart
STEWART, Sarah Catherine16Feb187618Feb1889d/o John & Mary Stewart
STEWART, Levi~~s/o David Stewart
Unmarked grave
STEWART, Elizabeth~~d/o David Stewart
Unmarked grave
STEWART, George F.19091981Tec 3 US Army WW2
Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
STEWART, Edith (Baxter)22Jan190604Feb1972w/o George F.
d/o Lafeyette & Minnie
Update courtesy of Deb Phelps
TAGUE, Hannah (Buchanan)~19Mar1855 w/o Simeon Tague
Aged 36y3m23d
THORNTON, Infant~~d/o O.P.M. & M.J. Thornton
THORNTON, Elliot J.3Nov184321Oct1911A Civil War soldier
THORNTON, Infants~~two s/o and one d/o Mort & Mary Buchanan Thornton
Unmarked graves
THORNTON, Morton18641944~
THORNTON, Mary18661947~
UHLMAN, Susie1902~~
UHLMAN, Henry K.18891951~
VANOSDOL, Leonard E.~23Nov1883s/o John & Lucinda Harmon Vanosdol
Aged 24y10m23d
VANOSDOL, Mary Eugenia Stevenson~13Sep1882w/o Leonard E. Vanosdol
Aged 19y10m17d
VANOSDOL, Corda18801964~
VANOSDOL, Peter18701948~
WHITHAM, Jonathan L.18481929~
WHITHAM, Lucetta E.18501927w/o Jonathan Whitham
WHITHAM, Mrs. Silas~~b in Illinois, d in childbirth
Unmarked grave
Aged about 25y
WHITHAM, Infant~~c/o Silas Whitham
Unmarked grave
WHITHAM, Albert18741941~
WHITHAM, Rena1875~~
WHITHAM, Myrtle31Dec18971962(Rae)
WILSON, Esther18871949~
WILSON, Wesley18811956~
WILSON, Harold O.20Jun19109Mar1968~
WILSON, Adeline18621944~
WILSON, Milleard A.18571947~
WILSON, Walter18911941~
WYCOFF, Oliver Perry Morton28Feb1863~~
WYCOFF, Alma L. Horton8Jan186418Jan1910w/o Oliver Perry Morton Wycoff
WYCOFF, Mary E.~13Aug1863d/o Harvey & Poly Ann Wycoff
Aged 26d
WYCOFF, Poly Ann Jackson~24Jul1863w/o Harvey Wycoff
Aged 20y7m2d
WYCOFF, Infant13Dec190120Dec1901s/o O.P.M. & Alma Wycoff
WYCOFF, O.P.M.28Feb186321Nov1951~
ZELLER, Nancy Ann Jackson4Mar18544Oct1907w/o George Zeller
ZELLER (SELLERS), Catherine Haas14Jan183130Mar1897w/o Michael Zeller
ZELLER (SELLERS), Michael~1Jan1892Aged 68y8m23d

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