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in FranklinTownship is located about 1/2 mile west of Moores Hill.

There are 21 unmarked graves here.

ABBOTT, Charlie D.05Oct186014Feb1863s/o G.S. & M.
ASCHE, Matilda21Oct185530Sep1875d/o F. & M.
ASCHE, J.D.P.H.about 18151868-
ASCHE, Anna M.-23Aug1880aged 29y 3m
w/o F.D.
BARKLAY, Thomas-14Sep1886aged 47y
BARKLAY, Mary--d/o Thomas
BARKLAY, infant18Jun188218Jun1882daughter
BLUM, Anson16Feb180801Apr1894-
BROWN, Frederick30Dec187003Nov1875s/o T. & E.
DEAN, William C.11Oct183614Sep1894-
DEAN, Susan02Dec1843-w/o William C.
ELSBURY, Frederick N.20Jan180630Nov1845~
FLETCHER, Charles W.18171896-
FLETCHER, Elizabeth18171897w/o Charles
GERMAN, John W.25Oct183529Oct1901~
GERMAN, Stephen24Aug188718Mar1888son
ISGRIGG, Alice Jane-24Oct1858d/o N.L. & M.E.
aged 5d
ISGRIGG,Thomas J.-11May1849aged 40y
ISGRIGG, Daniel01May175517Jul1854consort of Rachel
ISGRIGG, Rachel22Feb176016Aug1854consort of Daniel
ISGRIGG, Enoch-26Jun1831consort of Ann
LINDSAY, Marion D.-06Aug1850aged 1y 8m 3d
s/o E. & A.K.
LINDSAY, Lorenzo D.-09Mar1852aged 4m 18d
s/o Antony W. & Mary Ann
LINDSAY, Leonora R.-05Jul1853aged 3m 13d
d/o Antony W. & Mary Ann
LINDSAY, Viola Ann-01Jun1857aged 2m 7d
d/o Antony W. & Mary Ann
MILLS, Elizabeth17Jan181822Oct1886w/o Benjamin
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MILLS, George W.09Jan184607May1890-
MILLS, John E.11Oct184316Nov1890-
MILLS, Francis Marion12Feb185413Jan1891-
RICHARDSON, John-03Apr1839aged 1y1m 8d
s/o J.H. & K.
RICHARDSON, George W-01May1849aged 17y 9m 4d
s/o J.H. & K.
RICHARDSON, Harrison E.-05Sep1855aged 7y 3d
s/o J.B. & ?
RICHARDSON, Kitturah01Aug180420Nov1861w/o James
RICHARDSON, James H.-13Aug179602Feb1858~
RICHARDSON, William F.-01Feb1862s/o J. & K.
Aged 21y 10m 17d
22nd Reg. KY Vols.
RICHARDSON, Malissa J.-11Jul1862aged 17y 7m 5d
d/o J. & K.
RICHARDSON, Francis M.-11Jun1863aged 15y 9m
s/o J. & K.
SHOCKLEY, Charles W.-19Feb1854aged 12y 5m 13d
s/o T. & Eliza
SHOCKLEY, Stephen---
SHOCKLEY, William N.18May180013Jul1883-
SHOCKLEY, Elizabeth29Jul180420Jun1891w/o William N.
SHOCKLEY, Stephen-25Aug1843aged 8m 4d
s/o William N. & E.
SHOCKLEY, John W.-01Sep1851aged 8m 17d
s/o George & Permelia
SHOCKLEY, Benjamin J.-29Nov1840aged 17y 28d
s/o William N. & E.
SHOCKLEY, Mary H.-28Oct1847aged 4y 5m 1d
d/o George W. & Eliza A.
SHOCKLEY, Joshua-11Dec1837aged 3m
s/o George W. & Eliza A.
SHOCKLEY, Alphonso J.-05Sep1859aged 3y 9m
s/o H.J. & H.M.
SHOCKLEY, George H.-06Feb1854aged 2y 11m 6d
s/o H.J. & H.M.
SHOCKLEY, Howard-15Feb1870aged 11y 7m
s/o C.M.
SHOCKLEY, Norman-19Mar1879aged 8y 4m 17d
s/o C.M.
SHOCKLEY, Maranda S.-16Sep1878aged 29y 1m
w/o Calvin
SHOCKLEY, Calvin-10Jul1883aged 46y 9md
SHOCKLEY, Eliza A.20Mar181326May1894w/o G.W.
SHOCKLEY, George W.17Feb181317Sep1884-
SHOCKLEY, Ann25Feb184106Mar1892d/o George W. & Eliza A.
SHOCKLEY, William H.-22Feb1888aged 40y 8m 21d
SHOCKLEY, Mianda (Miranda?)15Jul186815Feb1870~
SHOCKLEY, Ellen Maria~20Aug1859d/o G.W. & E.A.
SHOCKLEY, Mary24Dec178709Feb1843~
SHOCKLEY, Mary04Jan176319Feb1818~
TRUITT, James H.27Apr1825 26Jan1899-
TRUITT, Jane S.27Apr182726Jan1883~
VINSON, James K.19Dec184108Apr1915-
VINSON, Ester C.27Aug184329Dec1924w/o James
WIMBER, Julian-16Jun1847aged 8y 9m 11d
WOOD, Winslow J.-02Jun1868aged 73y 10m 22d
WOOD, Mercy29Jan179519Aug1872~
WOOD, Sareta29Sep183720Feb1875~

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