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Westfork Baptist Cemetery

in Shelby Twp. , sec 31, is 1 mile east of State Road 421 and about 2 miles south of Rexville, and about 2.5 miles southeast of Haneys Corner, Indiana.
Old Westfork Cemetery Ripley IN 385539N 0851607W 958 ft above sea level

Done in memory of our Great Grandparents, Joseph T. & Mary Kirkwood GORDON
by Dotty (Demaree) Mills & Marian (Demaree) Cottrill
Thank You Ladies!

A__, ?~~Marker with "E A"
ADAM, Peter M26Jan18059Oct1874~
ADAM, Mary J3Mar181630Aug1892w/o Peter M Adam
ADKINS, Margaret J26Jan186527Feb1883w/o Charles W Adkins
ADKINS, Edward P18331904~
ADKINS, Sarah A18371920w/o Edward P Adkins
ADKINS, Edward C28Jan186826Jun1898s/o EP & Sarah A Adkins
ADKINS, Asa A31Aug18571Dec1908~
ADKINS, Margaret L19Jun185911Jul1922w/o Asa A Adkins
ADKINS, Effie C28Sep188511Oct1889~
ANDRESS, Charles P18551933~
ANDRESS, Jane F18491920w/o Charles P Andress
ANDRESS, Perry E5Apr189116Aug1955~
BAKER, Davidson18291912~
BAKER, Margaret18311914w/o Davidson Baker
BAXTER, Dorise P18981945~
BAXTER, Clara E17Apr189110Jan1971~
BENHAM, James L18611937~
BENHAM, Maud I18761953w/o James L Benham
BENHAM, Hazel L~~d/o James L & Maud I Benham
BLACK, Mary E27Sep186_9Aug1870~
BROOKS, Kate Christie18Feb184119Jun1883w/o H Brooks
BROWN, Bessie J18Jan188721Mar1890d/o FM & SC Brown
BROWN, Jesse G12Jun18791Mar1900s/o FM & SC Brown
BROWN, Francis M4May184421Sep1915~
BROWN, Sarah C18501936w/o Francis M Brown
BROWN, Hattie~28Mar1873d/o BF & EJ Brown
aged 1m21d
BROWN, Harry07Sep187807Sep1878s/o BF & EJ Brown
BROWN, Samuel D18751940~
BROWN, Louis18871967~
BROWN, Effie A189019__~
CAIN, Hazel,~~d/o Russell & Mabel Cain
infant, unmarked grave
Correction - d/o Earl & Hazel V. Hall, per Helen Neely
CAIN, Russell P18931957~
CAIN, Mabel C1892~w/o Russell P Cain
CAIN, Alvin18Jan192011Oct1941s/o RP & Mabel C Cain
CAIN, Edith Marie~~d/o RP & Mabel C Cain
CAMPBELL, Edith D (Brown)18951911~
CAMPBELL, Willie3Oct18826Nov1956~
CAMPBELL, Myrtle22May1888~~
CAMPBELL, Minta29Nov1914~~
CAMPBELL, William L13Apr1945(?)13Apr1945(?)s/o ME & EL Campbell
CHADWELL, George T14Sep19019Feb1954Father
CHADWELL, Ida M15Oct1903~Mother
CHRISTIE, Charlie4Jul187530Dec1878s/o James H & Belle Christie
CHRISTIE, Infant02Feb187402Feb1874s/o JH & B Christie
CHRISTIE, William C18521902~
CHRISTIE, Linck~~~
CHRISTIE, Bessie~~~
CHRISTIE, Preston~21May1867aged 50y 5m17d
CHRISTIE, Jane~31Jul1888w/o Preston Christie
aged 77y 7m 17d
CHRISTIE, James~2May1865aged 73y11m19d
CHRISTIE, Elizabeth Herring23Oct179522Feb1875w/o James Christie
CHRISTIE, Rose L18541936~
CHRISTIE, Harry P18751944~
CHRISTIE, Alice M18791955~
CLARK, Edwin J~27Jan1893Co. K, 26th Reg. Ind. Vol. Inf.
aged 52y 5m 15d
CLARK, Didama30Jun184030Sep1924~
CRAIG, James H19Jun18811Dec1971~
CRAIG, Maggie26Feb18831Apr1972w/o James H Craig
CUMMINS, Michael S4Oct1830~~
CUMMINS, Louisa C6May18386Jul1909w/o Michael Cummins
CUMMINS, Isaac P~6Feb1882s/o MS & LC Cummins
aged 22y 7m 22d
CUMMINS, Annie M14Sep18643May1895~
CUMMINS, James W18631933~
CUNEO, Estella18781903~
CURRY, Eleanor Giltner19341968Daughter
CUSTER, John Boone18621911~
CUSTER, Nora Ellen18701939w/o John Boone Custer
CUSTER, Jessie2Aug189421Apr1895~
CUSTER, Mary E9Oct18497Apr1899~
?, ?~~ Between Mary E. Custer and Halstead stones
CUSTER, Sarah J4Jun183316Oct1884w/o Levi Custer
DEARINGER, Francis M15Apr18371Feb1911Co. G, 137th Reg. Ind. Vols.
DEARINGER, Emily A.18511938w/o Francis M Dearinger
DEARINGER, John F12May188226Dec1964~
DEARINGER, C Elmer18751935~
DEMAREE, Anna P8Jun188527Aug1889d/o J & SE Demaree
DEMAREE, Lilly F21Apr18884Sep1889d/o J & SE Demaree
DEMAREE, Everett1May189315Nov1894s/o J & SE Demaree
DEMAREE, John11Aug187316Jun1897s/o Jesse & Sarah Demaree
DEMAREE, Jesse18471907~
DEMAREE, Sarah E18511934w/o Jesse Demaree
DEMAREE, Charlie1Aug18734Apr1904~
DEMAREE, Jennie8Sep18742Aug1957w/o Charlie Demaree
Married Dec 23, 1894
DEMAREE, ?18Dec18961Aug1899Baby
DEMAREE, James H C18Sep18307Jun1904~
DEMAREE, Elmer18821950~
DEMAREE, Myrtle189319__~
DEMAREE, Evelyn19191936~
DEMAREE, Raymond19341934~
DICUS, James Charles19001971~
DICUS, Velma B190219__~
DICUS, James Lloyd14Oct19319Feb1932~
DONOVAN, Theodore H18571927~
DONOVAN, Euphemia E18591914w/o Theodore Donovan
FERGUSON, Hattie J13Nov188519Dec1899d/o Wm & SE Ferguson
FERGUSON, Harry27Aug189421Jan1910s/o W & SE Ferguson
FERGUSON, Ella D Phillips4Apr186414Dec1900w/o Marion Ferguson
FLINT, William H23Mar182816Jul1893~
FLINT, Fannie23Sep18323Apr1901w/o Wm H Flint
FLINT, Mary E24Aug186610Feb1907w/o Thomas Flint
FLINT, Sylvester R22Jan189423Sep1912~
FLINT, Alfred9Jul185331Aug1918~
FLINT, Ada23Jul18581Mar1910w/o Alfred Flint
FLINT, Alva14May189512Feb1898aged 2y 8m 28d
FLINT, Loyd Lee6Dec19074Feb1908s/o Lee & Anna Flint
FLINT, Havana18661940~
FLINT, Grant18691956~
FLINT, Emma F18721942~
FLINT, Roy R19051927s/o Lee & Anna Flint
FLINT, Lee C24May18799Apr1965~
FLINT, Anna C2Feb188019Nov1950~
FLINT, Franklin26Aug187420Apr1956~
FLINT, Wauneta19131949~
FLINT, Floyd1911(?)1911(?)~
FLINT, Daniel18761959~
FLINT, Roxanna18831970~
FLINT, Marvin19081919aged 11y
FLINT, Julia May18881888~
FLINT, Edwin18561933~
FLINT, Marietta18581894~
FLINT, Fred18871964~
FLINT, Effie188219__w/o Fred Flint
FORD, Porter L18821970~
FORD, Edith18961942~
G__, ~~~Marker with "E F G"
G__, ~~~Marker with "G"
GARDNER, Otto18911963~
GARDNER, Julia18951970~
GARDNER, Evelyn Sturgeon1916(?)1916(?)d/o Otto & Julia Gardner
GEISLER(?), ?~~Geisler grave was only one marked
GEISLER(?), ?17Apr190617Apr1906Infant son
GEISLER, Lester26Nov19167Nov1932~
GEISLER, Charles D3Nov184429Nov1924~
GEISLER, Rachel A22Apr185230Jul1913~
GEISLER, Halsted19Jun190623Oct1906~
GEISLER, Charles M18741969~
GEISLER, Estella J29Dec187430Jan1910w/o CM Geisler
GEISLER, Charles L19031963~
GEISLER, Estella3Dec19348Oct1950~
GEISLER, Harry188819__~
GEISLER, Myrtle18931963~
GEISLER, Alvin07Sep1942(?)07Sep1942(?)infant twin s/o Alva & Faye Geisler
GILTNER, Shela Jewel19021949Father
GILTNER, Jessie Fay19051938Mother
GORDON, Mamie24Jul18829Feb1913w/o WB Gordon
GORDON, Sarah Jane19Mar183218Jun1914~
GORDON, Joseph T.29Apr1837~~
GORDON, Mary Kirkwood20Apr184414Jan1914w/o Joseph T
GORDON, Jennie A19Sep187017Jun1890d/o Joseph T & Mary Kirkwood Gordon
GORDON, Infant15Nov190215Nov1902s/o WH & Emma E Gordon
GORDON, William H18721951~
GORDON, Emma E18711912~
GRAVES, Flora2Jun186011Oct1881~
GRAVES, Earl A17Dec19017Apr1938~
GRAVES, Mary E31Dec190522Nov1926w/o Earl A Graves
GRAVES(?), ?~~Marker beside the Graves markers - gone from its base
GRAVES, William18611933~
GRAVES, Luella18661946~
GRAVES, Leroy19121912~
GRAVES, Frank E18921913~
GRAVES, Charles W18861949Father
GRAVES, Jessie O18911931Mother
GRAVES, Lowell Virgil19361938~
GRAVES, Jack A19301943~
GREENWOOD, Almira27Sep18595Nov1891w/o CR Greenwood
GREENWOOD, Eva F28Oct18913Nov1891d/o CR & A Greenwood
GRIFFIN, Raymond LeeDec1915Sep 1926~
GROVES, James W18441917Civil War Verteran
GROVES, Mary E18471920w/o James W Groves
GROVES, Daily W18811960~
GROVES, Anna18841928w/o Daily W Groves
GROVES, Gladys21Jul____5Oct1902~
H__, ?~~small field stone marked "LCH"
HAAS, Finley18611922~
HAAS, Nancy18641915w/o Finley Haas
HAAS, Jessie H18961915~
HAAS, Charles E5Apr188416Nov1970~
HAAS, Bessie Fay Cain14Oct189720Dec1929w/o Edward Haas
HAAS, Ada Belle29May190121Oct1910aged 9y 4m 22d
HAAS, Infant12Apr190012Apr1900s/o Finley & Nancy Haas
?, ?~~Next to the Haas graves is unmarked grave of a soldier
HALL, Hazel V19011960~
HALL, Perry E~~Ind. 139 Field Artty. 38 Div.
HALL, Burnice M~~May 14, 1920
HALL, Larry Gene19391942~
HENSLEY, James H18601933~
HIGBIE, Mary A18551934w/o George Higbie
HIGBIE, George A18521919~
HIGBIE, William A18491930~
HIGBIE, Mandana18561933w/o William A Higbie
HIGBIE, George G18201905~
HIGBIE, Susan18251908w/o George Higbie
HIGBIE, Jerry22Mar18697Oct1900~
HIGBIE, May1Jan185529Nov1879w/o Jerry Higbie
HIGBIE, Nathaniel10Oct18276Sep1878~
HIGBIE, Martha22Jul183425Aug1905~
HIGBIE, Ann12Oct185810Oct1937~
HILGERT, Perley M8Oct187916Jul1880d/o Peter & Martha Hilgert
HILGERT, Frankey10Jun186625Oct1878~
HILGERT, Elizabeth8Nov182821Jul1891w/o Peter Hilgert
HINDS, John B10Jul183728Jun1901Father
HINDS, Rachel6Oct1836~w/o John B Hinds
HINDS, William18541917~
HINDS, Lucinda A24Nov185629Jun1911Mother
HINDS, Benjamin J27Jan189828Jun1898s/o TH & Emma Hinds
HOEBE, Walter James26Sep190513May1909~
HOLCRAFT, Silas22Nov184710Feb1919~
HOLCRAFT, Susan J4Dec185318Feb1898w/o Silas Holcraft
HOLMAN, Infant26Nov1941(?)26Nov1941(?)s/o Truman Holman
HOWARD, Lem M19Aug189123Dec1968~
HOWARD, Maude25May1893(?)25May1893(?)~
HYATT, Denia P17Aug185514Jan1888w/o James Hyatt
HYATT, James18471924~
HYATT, Fred18841926~
J__, ?~~Marker with "NJ"
JACKSON, Murray A18641928~
JACKSON, Nannie C18611946w/o Murray A Jackson
JARVIS, William J16Feb18636Aug1931~
JARVIS, Clara E17Jul186518Nov1901w/o William J Jarvis
JARVIS, Roy R10Oct190012Mar1904~
JARVIS, Doris J16Oct189720Mar1904~
JARVIS, Irma L11Mar190925Mar1909~
JARVIS, Floyd L20Mar189410May1917~
JARVIS, Rebecca J5Nov183116Sep1906w/o James P Jarvis
JARVIS, James P8Jun182725Mar1912~
JARVIS, Harriet~~Nov. 7, 1856
JARVIS, Joseph27Dec185310Apr1933~
JARVIS, Susie F Baker22Mar186922May1943~
JARVIS, Harvey18691941~
JARVIS, Rose187019??~
JOHNSON, John R4Nov18398Apr1916Co. C 82nd Reg. Ind. Inf.
JOHNSON, Cinthy S5Jan18441Mar1924w/o John R Johnson
JOHNSON, William Sr1Mar180220Sep1889~
JOHNSON, Nancy12Apr180331Jul1880w/o William Johnson Sr.
KIDWELL, Mamie B2Mar189928Jan1970Mother
KING, Infant~~Bovard's marker 1963
KIRK, Hensley B30Jan180812Jan1876~
KIRK, Matildia21Dec18092Feb1890w/o Hensley B Kirk
KIRK, Lou22Nov184622Oct1892~
KIRK, Bernice M16Jun189916Jan1900~
KIRK, Hazel S__Apr189820Jul1898~
KLOTZSCHE, Mary C22Dec187023Dec1891w/o Christie V Klotzsche
KRAUS, Samuel B13Apr186121Mar1931~
KRAUS, Roseanna4May186522Apr1903w/o Samuel B Kraus
LAND, Goldie B9Jun190726Aug1908d/o WHH & EF Land
LAND, W H H18581917~
LAND, Edna F18671942~
LAND, Alva C18991961~
LAND, Hattie19051926~
LAND, Donald19261926~
LAND, Kenneth Marvin25Mar192417Oct1958Ind. S1 USNR WW II
LAND, Ora~~~
LAND, Hazel Mildred21Mar190816Feb1934~
LAND, Chancey08Oct1918(?)08Oct1918(?)Indiana Pvt. US Army
LAND, Walter H15Nov1918(?)15Nov1918(?)Indiana Pvt 55
Amb Co 7 Div
LAND, Ira C18771953~
LAND, Barbara18801957~
LEACH, ?26Jun1947(?)26Jun1947(?)Twin s/o Arthur & Mrs. Leach
?, ?~~G'mother of twins was Mamie Kidwell
LEINEWEBER, Mary~~w/o Peter Leineweber, 1859
LEINEWEBER, Peter~~1850
LEINEWEBER, Robert Wayne19281935~
LEINEWEBER, Charles Harley19141934~
LEINEWEBER, Charles Graham19351963~
LEMEN, John T18Nov182507Feb1904~
LEMEN, Elizabeth J18Feb183704Mar1910w/o John T Lemen
LEMEN, Charles E22Mar188905Mar1906~
LEMEN, Asie G30Aug189611Oct1896~
LEMEN, Gracie M06Oct187930Mar1890d/o Wm & NM Lemen
LEMEN, William H06Jul185806May1929~
LEMEN, Nancy M24Jul185930May1918w/o Wm H Lemen
LEMEN, Luther N04Nov188130Jun1965~
LEMEN, Bessie M27Jun188517Jan1968~
LEMEN, Cecil E19071970~
LEMEN, George S15Aug187806Jan1927~
LEMEN, John Mark~01Aug1917Infant s/o Luther & Bessie Lemen
LEMEN, David Thomas~25Apr1927Infant s/o Luther & Bessie Lemen
LIGGETT, Lester F19051923~
MATHEWS, Mollie A05Oct186627May1888d/o John & Cynthia Mathews
MATHEWS, John H14Mar183025Oct1891~
MATHEWS, Cynthia J18441902w/o John H Mathews
MATHEWS, Chalmer D16Jul190427Aug1904s/o T &MF Mathews
MATTHEWS, Carl F18731921~
MATTHEWS, Sallie18831906w/o Carl Matthews
MATTHEWS, Gracie18961911~
MATTHEWS, Josie12Dec187214Mar1899w/o Carl Matthews
MATTHEWS, Raymond12Jul189312Aug1893s/o JW & Carrie L Matthews
MATTHEWS, John W18681907~
MATTHEWS, Carrie L03Feb186816Sep1897w/o John W Matthews
MATTHEWS, Ada B18811953~
MATTHEWS, Ora L18821955~
MAY, China09Jan187230Mar1898d/o JW & Sarah May
MAY, James W09Mar183307Sep1911~
MAY, Sarah E03Apr183501Nov1913w/o James W May
MCCOY, James H07Feb185907Jun1925~
MCCOY, Zarissa E23Jun18612Jan1948~
MCDANIEL, Lula29Dec189031Aug1911~
MCFERON, Lula18841969~
MCLAUGHLIN, Henry F21Aug182507Jul1874~
MCMILLAN, John S05Dec186724May1893~
MELLOT, Abraham18331919~
MELLOT, Margaret18431924w/o Abraham Mellot
MELLOT, Abraham L29Mar187304Mar1898s/o A & MA Mellot
MELLOT, Sylvia L11Nov190015Apr1902d/o GG & C Mellot
MELLOT, George18801901~
MITCHELL, Quintilla22Dec185206Feb1887w/o Daniel K Mitchell
MITCHELL, Alta09Nov188613Dec1886d/o Daniel K & Quintilla A Mitchell
MOODY, John18411925~
MOODY, Martha A18431923w/o John Moody
MOODY, Alma E28Aug186422Feb1881~
?, ?~~Stone between Moody & Gordon lots
?, J Eugene ?18671941Stone same kind as Moody stone
MOORE, Mary L27Feb1941(?)27Feb1941(?)Infant
NALLEY, John W19151944~
NALLEY, James W18711945~
NALLEY, Anna H1881(?)1881(?)w/o James W Nalley
NELSON, John18791956~
NELSON, Lula18961965w/o John Nelson
NICHOLS, Christie14Sep187214Sep1872~
NOYES, Benjamin7Aug184730Apr1917~
NOYES, Elizabeth21Feb185013Aug1913w/o Benjamin Noyes
NOYES, James Marion~30Apr1890aged 39y 10m 1d
NOYES, Rosanna18511926~
NOYES, Dean18761892~
NOYES, Cora18751936~
NOYES, Cora J05Dec186806Nov1891~
NOYES, Little Vella08Jan189118Jan1891d/o L & B Noyes
NOYES, Leander~19Oct1878s/o Israel & Isabelle Noyes
aged 13y 11m 17d
NOYES, Isabelle B~12Apr1872aged 30y 11m 17d
NOYES, Harriet E~11Feb1877w/o Israel Noyes
aged 31y 2m 12d
NOYES, James V.19Aug182304Jul1896~
NOYES, Harriet S13Jan182609Apr1908w/o James V Noyes
NOYES, Charles I23May186911Oct1876~
OGDEN, Alice Shreves18551943~
OVERTURF, Martin18271906~
OVERTURF, Eliza J18331910w/o Martin Overturf
PARDUN, Walter K11Mar180826Apr1880~
PEAK, Vina Thornton18641936~
PERKINS, Jeptha11Dec183214Aug1843s/o DS & M Perkins
this marker leaning against front fence
PROTHERO, David W18301899~
PROTHERO, Silas M18701899~
PROTHERO, George W18681904~
PROTHERO, Andrew J18631904~
PROTHERO, Jane T18351906~
RABURN, Melissa Jane15Jun184305Nov1898~
RABURN, James H10Oct182002Apr1894~
RABURN, Sarah04Mar182010Apr1889w/o James Raburn
RABURN, Lydia A30Aug185104Dec1875~
RABURN, W H27Sep184512Apr1908~
RABURN, Mary J05Apr185201Apr1921w/o WH Raburn
RAYBURN, Miletus R29Apr1833~~
RAYBURN, Mary Jane03Jun183830Jan1906w/o Miletus R Rayburn
RAYBURN, Corolous D02Jul187603Aug1876s/o S & J Rayburn
REA, Doris June~1941~
REED, Sarah C18571929~
REED, Herman1900(?)1900(?)~
REED, Naomi L19011932w/o Herman Reed
ROBERTS, John S30Jan180517Dec1875~
ROBERTS, Jane03Oct180607Mar1880w/o John S Roberts
ROBERTS, John B19Sep185826Jun1880~
ROBERTS, Amarilla13Nov182814Oct1880~
ROBERTS, David30Aug184527Sep1892~
ROBERTS, Susan M05Aug185510Nov1879~
RUSSELL, Arthur O10Apr1893??Apr1904~
RUSSELL, Chester A06Jun??12Jul1894~
SAILOR, David L05Oct181709Jul1893~
SANDIFAR, George Edgar02Jan193704Jul1937s/o Chester W & Annie L Sandifar
SANDIFAR, Chester W19011971Cpl. Batry E 139 FA
SANDIFAR, Anniel Stewart189619??~
SEARS, Cynthia~14Jul1963joined Westfork Church in 1959
SEIP, Edna Land18701945~
SEIP, Margaret J18381921~
SEIP, Robert18331911~
SHADDAY, Ira C18791950~
SHADDAY, Olive M188119??w/o Ira C Shadday
SHEPHERD, Nathan C18391918~
SHEPHERD, Sarah E18531930w/o Nathan C Shepherd
SHEPHERD, Henry A14Apr185226Jun1909~
SHEPHERD, Olive03May1864~w/o Henry A. Shepherd
SHEPHERD, Kattie26Dec186714Aug1873~
SHEPHERD, David P27Mar183502Mar1897~
SHEPHERD, Elizabeth20Jun1844~w/o David P Shepherd
SHEPHERD, Mary B03Sep186709Sep1868d/o DP & E Shepherd
SHEPHERD, Eliza J13Mar186327Nov1885d/o DP & E Shepherd
SHEPHERD, Nancy E12Oct187307Mar1890~
SHEPHERD, Robert S18561908~
SHEPHERD, Clara L18641929w/o Robert S Shepherd
SHREVE, William H H29Dec189030Dec1897~
SHREVE, Charley L29Aug188218Mar1903~
SHREVES, Walter J18961960~
SHREVES, John S18591932~
SHREVES, Emily18561927~
SINGER, James H18761876~
SINGER, Willie18891889~
SINGER, Mary E18461917Mother
?,? ~~Beside Singer children's graves
SINGER, Willis18401910Father
SMITH, William W06Dec184527Oct1903~
SMITH, Sarah C19Mar18571929w/o Wm W Smith
SMITH, Louisa O'Neal30Oct185227Dec1898w/o WW Smith
SMITH, Luther C21Feb187523Feb1884s/o WW & Olive Smith
SMITH, John H09Jan190104May1904aged 3y 3m 25d
SMITH, Hattie18681920~
SMITH, Caroline Thornton18331926~
SMITHA, Mary J~21Dec1886w/o WR Smitha
aged 49y 11m 23d
SMITHA, Eddie M~~~
SPARKS, Sarah A~05May1880w/o Ephriam Sparks
aged 61y 7m
SPARKS, Nancy J~23Dec1880d/o E & SA Sparks
aged 26y 4m 4d
SPARKS, Susan~10Oct1882d/o E & SA Sparks
aged 34y 4m
SPARKS, Ephriam~~Co. A 145th Reg. Ind. Inf.
Civil War Soldier
SPURGIN, William P17Dec180303Nov1889~
STAIDA, Florence H01Feb188816Feb1906d/o J & N Staida
STAIDA, John H18631948~
STAIDA, Nevada18641937w/o John H Staida
STARKE, Phillip18651933~
STARKE, Eliza A18761944~
STEELE, John S18571909~
STEELE, Louisa J18581934w/o John S Steele
STEELE, Della M18851907d/o John S & Louisa J Steele
STEWART, J Franklin18521921~
STEWART, Nancy A18641939~
STEWART, Lelia May19031919~
SURBER, Edna Land18971920~
THOMAS, Caroline~12Nov1926aged 96y 2m
undertaker's marker
UNDERWOOD, Ira Elmer19Apr188012May1880s/o JN & EJ Underwood
VAWTER, Jesse M18381925~
VAWTER, Martha M18501925w/o Jesse M Vawter
VESTAL, Oliver V14Oct190204Sep1904s/o P &ZJ Vestal
VESTILE, Elizabeth03Jan181921Aug1906~
VESTILE, Francis M16Feb184630May1905Co. G 137 Regt. Ind. Vol.
WALSTON, James Victor08Mar191120Aug1969aged 58y 5m12d
Ind. PFC 232 General Hosp. WW II,
WHEELER, Frances23Sep183618Feb1892w/o Thomas Wheeler
WHITHAM, Daisy20Dec189107Feb1892~
WHITHAM, Ettie Florence14Jul186811Apr1892w/o Frank P Whitham
WHITHAM, Frank P18621933~
WHITHAM, Sallie E12Dec186319Jul1889w/o GW Whitham
WHITHAM, Lois19171954~
WILLIAMS, Luella B20Apr185_19Apr1882w/o WR Williams
WILLIAMS, Frank A19Mar188214Apr1882s/o WR & LB Williams
WRIGHT, Wayne19521954s/o Walter & Neva (Flint) Wright
WILSON, James R~29Jun1972aged 67y 10m 27d

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