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Polish Immigrants to the Midwest

This continuing work began in 1995 as an endeavor to document the roots of my ancestors
from the various partitions of 18th century Poland to St Joseph County, Indiana. I enjoyed the
initial discovery of my own roots so much and the many kind souls who helped me along the
way; that I decided to document the migration of any Polish family to the area as a “Thank
You”, to those who helped me. Since I descended from a typical Polish family of 12 and 14
children on either side, I soon discovered myself related to most of “South Bend Polonia”. In
addition many of my Immediate and Great generations married into the multitude of multi
ethnic families that made up early 1900 industrial South Bend. Therefore the user of this data
will find German, Pole, Hungarian, Belgian and Italian families traced as near to their
European origins as possible. Many good people have taken the time to send me extensions
to the many families identified and have corrected my work when necessary. They are all
credited for their contributions and I encourage any user to contribute and correct “as the
spirit moves you”. New data is updated monthly and the current file contains more than
41,475 unique entries from nearly every mid-western state and most of European origins.

Polish Immigrants to the Midwest

James F. Piechorowski

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