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Historical Site Markers

1923 Northwest of city between Riverview and Highland Cemeteries, a bronze marker commemorates the first white man's visit by LaSalle and Voyageurs, December 1679.

1929 Site of Schuyler Colfax residence, U.S. Vice President 1869-73, 601 W. Colfax.

1932 Tulip Tree (Indiana State Tree) planted in Leeper Park to commemorate George Washington's 200th birthday. Bronze marker set in heavy stone, October 1932.

1938 School Administration Building, 228 S. St. Joseph Street (since razed), a tablet marking the first school site built in 1831.

1965 Hamilton Church, New Carlisle, a marker was placed where two Revolutionary soldiers are buried in the churchyard cemetery.

1979 Century Center near entrance, a bronze tablet on historic boulder taken from Highland Cemetery, remarking the first city school site built in 1831.

1982 Bronze Plaque dedicated at the Old Court House in memoriam of seven Revolutionary soldiers buried in St. Joseph County.

1983 Added two more Patriot names to Bronze plaque when moved to Center For History.

1983 Grave of a Revolutionary soldier, Mead Hurd, buried in City Cemetery, Mishawaka, Indiana, marked.

2008 Re-dedicated grave of Revolutionary soldier, Daniel Bumgardner, and dedicated a marker for his wife, Elizabeth.

2008 Placed Historic Cemetery sign at Byrkit Cemetery.

2008 Placed Historic Cemetery sign at City Cemetery.

Revolutionary Patriot gravesites marked:

  • Daniel Baumgardner
  • Freegift Chamberlain
  • Fredrick Druliner
  • Mead Hurd
  • James Ranstead
  • Peter Roof
  • Isaac Ross
  • David Thompson
  • (Unmarked John Mead)
  • Real Daughter" Matilda Eliza Mirick Goodrich (unmarked)

    Cemetery Heritage Signs

  • Byrkit Cemetery
  • City Cemetery of South Ben
  • Mishawaka City Cemetery
  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery
  • Hamilton Church Cemetery


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