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1915 Blue and Gold - Scottsburg High School yearbook

New Scottsburg High School - 1915

Senior Class

Page 1 - Harry Jones, Ersa Hanger, Newell "Shorty" Stewart, Carmen Moore

Page 2 - Maurice Mann, Ruth "Polly" Napper, Merrill Weir, Ruby McCullough

Page 3 - Harry Napper, Tina Brown, Verner Peacock, Grace Langdon

Page 4 - Estes Fawbush, Goldie Carlile, Clarence Blunt, Vivian Harbold

Page 5 - Christine Stucker, Hobart "Hobe" Jones, Zilpha Cortner, Ivan Slater

Page 6 - Sylvia Applegate, Russell Whiteman, Myrtle "Marie" Booe, Basil Christie

Page 7 - Charles Everhart, Ethel Gray, Lila Elizabeth Baker, Olive Hazzard

Junior Class

Junior Class

Sophomore Class

Sophomore Class

The following class picture contained NO identification. The Class Roll page, however, lists all members of the class. If you think you recognize anyone from the pictures and the name appears on the class roll, please let me know so that we can post an id list! Thanks for your help!

Freshman Class

Freshman Class

Class Roll



1915 Scottsburg High School Basketball Team


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6