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1920 Rhodora - Scottsburg High School yearbook

Senior Class

Page 1 - Ruth "Bill" Rice, Jesse "Jaspar" Whiteman, Margaret "Big Marg" Hazzard, Gay "Comer" Comer

Page 2 - Anna "Polly" Craig, Hugh "Midget" Ridlen, Mabel "Doc" Hester, George "Red" Whiteman

Page 3 - Wynogene "Gene" Wyman, Ralph "Skey" tyrus Feeler, Earl "Turk" Isador Murphy, Clay "Snowpie" Snow

Page 4 - Helene "Peggy" Park, Mark "Porky" Hays, Willard "Happy" Hough, Willard "Sis" Beggs

Page 5 - Mary Irene "Mickey" Howell, Russell "Buddy" Williams, George "Billy" Crum, Lee "Smook" Glandstone

Page 6 - Bessie "Betty" Collings, Conrad "Coonie" Ridlen, Goldie "May Chick" Mahan, Forrest "Red" Howell

Page 7 - Helen "Smitty" Smith, Ralph "Bevo" Montgomery, Verna "Kat" Miller, Harry "Lengthy" Durrell

Page 8 - Mary "Mac" McClellan, Chris "Columbus" Kimick, Rodney "Durfrey" Jurgens, Harry "Cy" Craig

The following class pictures contained NO identification. The Class Roll page, however, lists all members of the class. If you think you recognize anyone from the pictures and the name appears on the class roll, please let me know so that we can post an id list! Thanks for your help!

Junior Class

Junior Class

Class Roll

Sophomore Class

Sophomore Class

Class Roll

Freshman Class

Freshman Class

Class Roll


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8