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Scott County, Indiana
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Sarah Bovard, who lived on the frontier in Indiana, wrote this diary. She was born Feb. 21, 1828 in Indiana. On Feb. 28, 1844 she married James Bovard. One of her sons is remembered as the "founding president" of the University of Southern California and a second also was USC president. A third was president of another college.

Sarah mentioned in her diary that she was "black." This confuses many readers. She meant she favored the Black Republican wing of that party.

James Bovard had been born in 1823 in Ohio.

Sarah and James had:
Oliver William in 1845. (died young)
Marion in 1847.
Maria J. in 1849.
Freeman in 1851.
Mellville in 1852.
Abner ("Abby" or "Aby") in 1854.
George in 1856.
James in 1858.
Charles Lincoln in 1860
Morton Ellsworth in 1862
Ulysses Grant in 1866

Some other people mentioned in the diary:

"Mother"; Jane (Waldsmith) Young was born in Ohio in 1806.

"Paps"; Abner Young was born in Maine in 1799.

Christian "Chris" Young; he was born in 1825 in Ohio and was Sarah's brother. He married Maria Byfield. She'd been born about 1828 in Indiana

"Ethe"; she probably was Sarah's sister Ethelina, who married Frank Peacock.

Emeline Phillips was born a Courtney/Coatney in 1825. Her husband was John Thomas Phillips.

Hannah Janes Phillips was born a Foster. The Catherine Foster who dies in the diary was her mother. Hannah Jane's husband was Newton Phillips, a cousin of John Thomas Phillips.

According to undocumented info circulating on the Internet, Phillip Switzer Petro married Nancy Bovard on July 23, 1857 in Bartholomew Co. Ind. According to that data, she lived April 12, 1838 until Aug. 24, 1864. She was James Bovard's sister.

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