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Alpha Baptist Church


From Scott Co. Historical Society Newsletter


Alpha Baptist was constituted 31 Mar 1895 at the Alpha school house. 

Phillip Deuner, Lana Deuner, John M. Richey, Providence A. Wallick,

Betty Whitsett, Elizabeth Tobias, Ella Fitch, Emily Boyd and Clara

Boyd were the constituent members.


Rev. L. S. Sanders, who had been instrumental in organizing the church,

was the first pastor.  Under his leadership, ground was purchased by

Lloyd Redman and the erection of a building undertaken.


Within two years a commodious frame building was completed and dedicated

in August 1897 and a few days later entertained the Coffee Creek Association.


The following pastors have served the church:


L. S. Sanders

T. A. Childs

J. M. Swarthout

T. J. Owens

I. C. Overman

W.J. Odoms

C.A. Wade

C. B. Jones

D. D. Morris

Arnold Davis

Ray Priest

C. O. Stewart

J. F. Leigh

A. J. Goodman

E. L. Cole

A. R. Phillips

W. B. Fullow

L. R. James

C. H. Foster


With few exceptions these ministers have been students of the Baptist Theological

Seminary in Louisville, KY.


One minister, C. A. Wade, was ordained by the Alpha Church on 7 Dec 1903.


After several families had moved away and other members had asked for letters,

the church considered disbanding the organization and on 21 Aug 1921 it was

agreed to grant letters of dismissal to all members concerned and to disband.


An amendment was passed that under the direction of the Indiana Baptist convention

an evangelistic campaign should be undertaken to see if sufficient interest could

be awakened to assure the future of the church.


Accordingly Rev. Leroy James of Brownstown held a series of meetings and as a result

the membership was increased by 14.  many in the neighborhood were interested in the

Sunday School united with the church.  Excellent work is being done in all departments

of the church, especially the Sunday School which attained denominational standard in

1919.  The Alpha Sunday School is at present (October 1923) the only standard Sunday

school in the Coffee Creek Association, and also in Scott County.  The present church

membership is 32.