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Scottsburg, Indiana
August 17, 1914

Mr. Ben H. Coatney

Dear Friend =
Your letter received Saturday. Many thanks for same. The wall is six inches wide. 36 feet long from

out corner to out corner. 14 ft. 5 in. wide from outside to outside. Making you a clear surface on the

inside 35 feet long 13 ft. 5 in. wide as requested. This wall is 6 in. above the ground at the south end

and 15 in. above the ground at the north end making a nice wall sloping with the hill. Put 9 _ bags of

cement in the rough wall and 4 _ bags in the facing. These 14 bags contained 1.330 lbs. Of best

portland cement and I hope it will last for I used my best efforts and material to make it a good job.

We are all well as usual except mother and I guess it natural for her as shes getting along in years.

Thanks for the boys pictures. I received Wills picture the other day showing them holding a prisoner.

The Hartley reunion will be held at Zoah all day the first Sunday in Sept. Everybody will get good

things to eat then. Was the boys at home when there uncle Mead and Anna was hurt? Miss Mattie

Pierson is very low and death isnt many week away. They say poor girl has suffered a long time.

Thinking of nothing more at present.

Will close leaving best wishes to all. As ever your friend.

Jesse Ray

The above letter has a Scottsburg Indiana PO stamp dated August 17, 1914 and a two cent stamp.

It was mailed to

Mr. Ben H Coatney no return address
2224 E. Michigan
Indianapolis, Indiana