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The following is a transcript of a letter written in the hand of Nashville Coatney sometime in 1863 as the date is not clear. This letter is written by Nashville to his brother George Washington Coatney and his wife Arminda Bernard Spurgeon Coatney. This George Washington Coatney and his wife resided in Austin (Scott County) Indiana.

Wagners Gap
Great Mountain Pass
Western Virginia

Dear Brother and Sister

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I seat myself for the pleasure of writing a few lines to you informing you that I am well at present. I hope that these few lines may find you enjoying the same. I received your kind letter which gave me great pleasure and I was glad to hear that you was all well. I will tell you of the big fight we had the other day. We advanced on the Rebels. We had 9,000 men and 17 pieces of artillery. They had 8,000 men and a regiment of 17,000 more. The fight began at 9 o'clock and lasted three hours. We had then fired 18,000 rounds at them and ran short on ammunition and retreated back to our camp a distance of 25 miles. The Colonel the next day went back with a flag of truce. After the duel the Rebels had left there camp and 600 dead men on the ground. Our loss was 15 killed and 40 wounded. Colonel Kimball then sent part of the regiment to the camp. 4000 troops left this place last night. They are going to take another camp I think. We will go to KY in a few days. This is some of the hardest time you ever saw. We march after night. The cannons roar like the thunder. But it is now over and we are home at camp. We got paid this morning. We got $23.00 a piece. Will send my money to you the first chance I get. I will send you $20.00. We will get the rest of our money in a few days. We see some very hard times. I will close. Yours truly write soon.
Nashville Coatney to G.W. Coatney.