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1. Sara Jane ELLIOTT was born on 20 Sep 1855 in Scottsburg, Scott, IN.
She died on 24 Dec 1929 in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA. She was buried on 29 Dec 1929 in Oak Valley Cem., Raymond, Lancaster, NE. BIRTH-DEATH: Obituary newspaper clippings; in possession of Harold Davey, Alexandria, Va. MARRIAGE: License; #565; filed 2/4/1874; Scott Co., Ind.

Sarah Jane and George Sylvester were married at the home of her grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Reese Morgan in Lexington Twp., Ind. by Rev. Thomas Mahan.

Sara Jane was visiting her son, Gilbert, in Santa Barbara in hopes of finding relief for her failing health when she died. She was a member of the Tabernacle Christian Church of Lincoln.


2. John F. ELLIOTT was born on 25 Jun 1832 in KY. He was described as 6 ft 1/2 in., fair, blue eyes, light hair on 19 Jan 1863.1 He died on 27 Jan 1863 in Scott Co, IN. He was buried about 30> Jan 1863 in Reeve Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN. BIRTH-DEATH: Cemetery Records, Scott County, INDIANA; Scott County Historical Society, Scottsburg, IN, 1978; p.71; copy provided by Frank Kirkham.

CENSUS: 1850 U.S. Census, Scott Co, IN; 8/23/1850; Lexington Twp; Line 329; National Archives, Washington,DC;> NOTE: Age 18, b. VA, could read/write.

CENSUS: 1860 U.S. Census, Scott Co, IN ; 6/20/1860; Lexington Twp.; p. 48; National Archives, Washington, DC; NOTE: Age 27, b. IN, farmer, $400 real estate.

CONFLICT: Place of birth in 1850 Census was KY, and IN in 1860 Census. According to Mary Spreng's "The Elliott Family of Scott County, IN," Jan. 1992, John's father resided in Shelby Co, KY until 1831 when he and his family moved to IN. If so, John would have been b. in IN.

MARRIAGE: Civil War pension file of Mary Ann Morgan Elliott, widow of Priv. John Elliott, Co. K, Sixty-sixth Indiana Volunteers, Cert.#84,559.

RESIDENCES: Lived in Vienna Twp., Scott Co., Ind. when he enlisted in Union Army, 1862.

MILITARY: According to his disability discharge certificate issued in Mound City, Ill. on 19 January 1863, Elliott enlisted on 12 August 1862, and was unfit for duty 60 out of the last 60 days. "He says that while at Camp Noble near Albany, Indiana sometime in October last he was taken sick and continues so much debilitated that he was unable to do duty until the Regiment arrived in Columbus, Ky. [?] when he took the measles. December 26th he came to the hospital with typhoid fever." The discharge was issued after the examining surgeon found him suffering from general physical prostration from having measles, typhoid fever, and a naturally weak constitution. He was described as being 6 feet, 1 1/2 inches tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair. Elliott's father-in-law, Reese Morgan, went to the hospital in Mound City to bring Elliott home to Scott Co., Ind. where he died eight days later.

On October 19, 1862, John Elliott wrote a letter to his wife Mary, apparently from Camp Noble: "Dear wife it is with pleasure that I take my pen in hand to let you no that I am well at this time and hope that these few lines may find you all well. I got your letter of the 26 and was glad to hear that you was all well. I got a> letter from James Morgan the 23d. it was wrote the 11th and he was well and all of the boys was well also. You must excuse me for not writing to you sooner and i do so no more. a Saturday evening there was five of us went about one mile to an oats field to get some oats to make a bed and did not get back till about eight o'clock at night. the Captan came down last friday and the boys got up a petition for him to resine and seventy six of the boys sined it and he has gone home and we think he will stay there. Lieu Tenant Johnston wife came down last night. They is well but Alexander McAdams and he is sick and has bin ever since he has bin down here and is in the hospitle now. John Switser and James Strucker went to a wedding last Sunday to old Henry Stark and got something good to eat. You said you have bin dreaming about me the other night. I dream about you and the children every night nearly. the parole [?] boys is all a talking of leaving as soon as there sixty days is out and that is next monday...I want you to write to me whether you intend to come down or not and if when. there is ten of our boys gone to town this morning to clean out houses for hospittles for to put the boys in thats sick and wounded at Perryvile, Ky. I would like to see you awful well and I do not no but what I> will come in some night when you are not looking for me. So no more at> this time but remain your affectionate Husband until death. John Elliott" He was married to Mary Ann MORGAN on 30 Nov 1854 in Lexington, Scott, IN.2,3

John and Mary Ann were married in Lexington Twp., Scott Co, IN by Jabez Mahan.

3. Mary Ann MORGAN was born on 3 Oct 1832 in IN.4 She died on 13 May 1915 in Rupert, Minidoka, ID.5 Mary Ann Morgan Elliott Kimberlin apparently went to Ruppert, ID, where she died to visit with daughter, Cynthia Ann Elliott Hollenbeck. She was buried about 23 May 1915 in Oak Valley Cem., Raymond, Lancaster, NE.6 "The funeral of Mrs. Mary Kimberlin will be held Sunday from the Methodist Church at Raymond [Nebr]."

John F. ELLIOTT and Mary Ann MORGAN had the following children:
1 i. Sara Jane ELLIOTT.

ii. James E. ELLIOTT was born on 23 Aug 1857 in ScottCo, IN. BIRTH: Civil war pension file of Mary A. Elliott, widow of Pvt. John F. Elliott, Co. K, 66th Ind. Vols.; Wid. Cert. #84559. Lived Indianapolis, 1929.

iii. Cynthia Ann ELLIOTT was born on 6 Nov 1860 in ScottCo, IN. BIRTH:
Civil war pension application of Mary A. Elliott, widow of Pvt. John F. Elliott, Co. K, 66th Ind. Vols.; Widow cert. #84,559. MARRIAGE: Newspaper obituary of husband Edward Hollenbeck. Lived Ruppert, Idaho in 1929.


4. Charles ELLIOTT was born on 12 Sep 1789 in VA.7 He moved in 1793 toShelby Co, KY.8 Charles went to KY with his parents in 1793 at age 4. He resided at Shelby Co, KY from 1793 to 1831 in Shelby Co, KY. He moved in 1831 to ScottCo, IN.8 Charles and his family moved to Scott Co in 1831, settling in Lexington Twp. when that section was still a wilderness; they made the journey in wagons, crossing the Ohio R. at Louisville, KY on a tread power ferry boat; they had one wagonloaded with flax for use in making cloth for their garments, and also a supply of cotton; they brought with them the cured meats from 13 hogs; there was an abundance of game in the area which they used to supplement their food supply. He was a Farmerand barrel maker from 1831 to 1851 in Scott Co, IN.8 Charles was a barrel maker (cooper) as well as a farmer, and cleared the first farm in Scott Co and made barrels. When there were no more trees, he bought another property and began to clear it.This farm is still owned by descendants.

He appeared on the census on 23 Aug 1850 in Lexington, Scott, IN.9 Age 60, farmer,$800 real estate, b. VA, living with wife and 2 children. He died on 19 Nov 1851 in Scott Co, IN.10 He was buried about 22 Nov 1851 in Reeve Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN.11 He was married toElizabeth GLOVER on 12 Jun 1816 in Shelby Co, KY.12

5. Elizabeth GLOVER was born on 9 Jun 1795 in KY.13 She appeared on the census in 1850 in Lexington, Scott, IN.14 She appeared on the census in 1860 in Lexington, Scott, IN.15 1860 census: Lived Lexington, Scott, Ind. with Mary C. "Harrod", age 12. Elizabeth's 7th child, Eliza, married a "Harrott". Elizabeth had $800 worth of real estate and personal property valued at $100. She died on 30 Aug 1882 in Scottsburg, Scott, IN.13 She was buried on 2 Sep 1882 in Reeve Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN.13 Charles ELLIOTT and Elizabeth GLOVER had the following children:

i. Jane ELLIOTT was born about 1816.

ii. Emily "Emma" ELLIOTT was born about 1817 in KY.

iii. Sarah "Sally" ELLIOTT was born on 17 Jan 1819 in ShelbyCo, KY. She appeared on the census in 1860 in Vienna, Scott, IN.16 Sarah McCullough 41 f b. KY housewife $2,000 real estate $1100 personal property.

William 18 m IN farmer attended school within the year

James 15 m IN attended school within the year

Charles 13 m IN attended school within the year

Jeanett 11 f IN attended school within the year

Margaret 7 f IN She died in Sep 1911 in Sharpsville, IN. CHILDREN: Sally and John had 8 children.

iv. William ELLIOTT was born in 1821 in ShelbyCo, KY. He died in 1858.

v. Anna "Ann" ELLIOTT was born about 1822 in KY.

vi. Elizabeth "Eliza" ELLIOTT was born on 15 Mar 1822 in KY. She died after 1860.

vii. Albert ELLIOTT was born on 2 Apr 1823 in ShelbyCo, KY. He was a cooper in 1850 in Vienna, Scott, IN. He appeared on the census in 1850 in Vienna, Scott, IN.17 Albert Elliott 27 M b. KY cooper $500 real estate could not read/write

Jerusha 22 F IN could not read/write

Samuel C. 2 M IN

Sarah T. 10/12 F IN

Albert Elliott 38 M b. KY farmer $800 real estate $300 pers. prop. can'tread/write. NOTE: Albert emigrated to Scott County in April 1831 with his parents; he and Jerusialived on a farm on Route 365 in Lexington Twp.; he was a farmer and a barrel maker (cooper); he grew sorghum and made molasses, selling it for 25 cents a gallon; he also raised sheep; he died of pneumonia at age 81. He was buried about11 Mar 1904 in Cravens Cem., Scott, IN.

BIRTH-MARRIAGE-DEATH-CHILDREN-OCCUPATION-RESIDENCES: "The Elliott Family of Scott County, Indiana" by Mary L. Spreng, January 1992;

Jerusha 28 F IN can't read/write

Irvin 13 M IN school within year

Sarah T. 9 F IN school within year

Charley W. 7 M IN school within year

Ann 2/12 F IN He died on 8 Mar 1904 in ScottCo, IN.

viii. Mary Isabell ELLIOTT was born on 8 Oct 1828 in ShelbyCo, KY. She died on 26 Jan 1893.19,

ix. Eleanor "Ellen" ELLIOTT was born in 1831 in KY. aka "Ellen" (1850 census, Scott Co., Ind.).

x. John F. ELLIOTT.

6. Reese MORGAN was born on 16 Jan 1810 in KY.20 He was appointed estateof deceased father, David Morgan in 1835 in Scott Co, IN.

In 1838, Reese executed an indenture in connection with the estate ofhis father. He was a member committee to supervise repairs of courthouse in 1844 in Scottsburg, Scott, IN. He was appointed trustee of the Methodist Church in 1845 in Lexington, Scott, IN.21 LEXINGTON METHODIST CHURCH

It is not definitely known at what date Methodism made its firstappearance in the town of Lexington. No doubt it was at a veryearly date. Many of the early settlers were Methodists who conductedneighborhood services in their cabins. The earliest definite record ofMethodist work in Lexington is found in the Recorder's office in Book J,page 102, where James V. White, and Willis L. Traylor, Alfred Amick,Reese Morgan, and James H. Phillips were appointed trustees to holdproperty for the Methodist Episcopal Church in Lexington in 1845.

The church was built on a lot in the corner of Alexander and WalnutStreets in Lexington. The building was brick. The front of the church faced Alexander Street. Church services and Sunday Schoolwere held in the afternoon about 2 p. m. on Sundays.

He was a member Committee to build new jail in 1847 in Lexington, Scott,IN.21 This second building suffered from neglect and in 1843 the Grand Jury of Scott County investigated conditions there and "found it safe as to securityof the prisoners. owing to the filth which appeared, it needed cleaning and the roofneeded repair work." Andrew Campbell, Sheriff, was appointed to put on a new roof,make necessary repairs and clean the building in general.

By 1847 conditions had worsened at the twenty-two year old jail and inJune of that year $800 was appropriated to "erect a new county jail. ReesMorgan, Edward LaMar and Robert H. Wilson were appointed as a buildingcommittee. Said building to be one story high, 30 feet long and twenty feet wide to be built of brick and sub-divided and finished in a suitable manner tobe consistent with comfort and safety."

The new brick jail was built on the southwest corner of the publicsquare. This served the county for twenty-three years.

In August, 1870 the Grand Jury reported to the Circuit Court "That thecounty jail... is insufficient for safe keeping of prisoners confined therein and their convenient accommodation and health, and that it is impossible for it to be well-kept from the manner in which it is constructed.

Apparently not much was done to correct the situation for in February,1871 the Grand Jury again made another inspection and reported much thesame conditions as found earlier and recommended that "the jailer clean saidprison thoroughly and furnish new bed clothing for prisoners in cold weather.Vincent Cravens, foreman."

In May, 1874 the courthouse and jail were moved to Scottsburg. The oldjail in Lexington was converted into a coal shed for the school and used as such until 1921 when it was torn down to make space for the present school.

He appeared on the census in 1860 in ScottCo, IN.22
Reece Morgan 50 m b. KY farmer $300 personal property

Cinthia 50 f KY

Jabez R. 22 m IN farmer $1300 real estate $700 personal property

Permelia 18 f IN

Sarah 15 f IN

Willis 10 m IN He traveled to military hospital to bring home fatally ill son-in-law John Elliott in 1863 to Mound City, IL.23

Also, according to family tradiition, Reece lived in Lexington, IN when John Hunt Morgan and his Confederates raided there during the Civil War. The Confederates stole Reece's horse, chickens, and other valuables but John Hunt Morgan heard a relative had been robbed and had them returned.

He acted as a witness in 1868 in Lexington, Scott, IN, trial andvigilante action.24 Reese was living in Lexington in 1868 whenthe infamous gang was imprisoned in the Lexington Jail and vigilantesattempted to lynch them. He opposed removal of county seat from Lexington from 1870 to 1874 in Lexington, Scott, IN.25

Reese Morgan and three others unsuccessfully opposed petitions for theremoval of the county seat from Lexington.

He died on 31 Jul 1877 in Lexington, Scott, IN.20 He was buried about 2Aug 1877 in Lexington Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN.20

He was married to Cynthia Ann FARRIS on 6 Jul 1831 in Lexington, Scott,IN.26,27

7. Cynthia Ann FARRIS was born on 1 Mar 1810 in Madison Co, KY.28,29

Cinthia Morgan, age 50, b. KY in 1860 US Census.

Cynthia Morgan, age 60, b. KY in 1870 US Census.

Morgan, Cynthia (Farris), da. of T. & P. Faris, w. of Reese, b. 3-1-1810, d. 5-21-1882, age 72y-2m, 23d in cemetery record.

She died on 21 May 1882 in Lexington, Scott, IN.30,31 "Cynthia, widow ofthe deceased Reese Morgan, died at the old family residence near Lexingtonon last Monday, after a lingering illness of several months. Her age was somehere in seventy." She was buried about 24 May 1882 in Lexington Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN.32

LAND: On 10 Feb 1887 Sylvester Paswater bought at a Scott Co tax saleland previously owned by Cynthia Morgan: 50>/P>

A., part of SWQ, Section 32, Township 3 North, Range 8 East. Beginningat NW corner, SWQ, then S 60 rods, E 103 1/3 rods, N 60 rods, W 133 1/3 rods to beginning. On 3 Oct 1887 Sylvester conveyed this tract tohis father, William Paswater. William Pawater filed suit in Scott CircuitCourt June Term 1890 for Quiet Title to this land. Defendants: Jabez R. Morgan,Rebecca Morgan, Josephus Paarsons, Permelia Parsons, Willis Morgan, MaryF. Morgan, Milton Kimberlin, Edward Morgan, Zwingler Morgan, Jese Morgan, Chas. Switzer, Anna Switzer, Frederick Switzer, Danl Talbot.

Reese MORGAN and Cynthia Ann FARRIS had the following children:

i. Mary Ann MORGAN.

ii. William Thomas MORGAN was born on 7 Apr 1834 in IN.33 He appeared on the census in 1860 in Scott Co, IN.34 William T. Morgan 26 m b. IN cooper $1,000 real estate $400 personal property

Elizabeth 24 f IN

James H. 24 m IN cooper 700 "

George Ponsor 27 m OH cooper color

iii. James MORGAN was born about 1836.35 Dennis reports that the 1850 census lists James, 14, as son of Reese Morgan. He resided at Lexington, IN in 1861.
He served in the military from 1861 to 29 Nov 1864 in Union Army.36 James enlisted in the Union Army, 49th Indiana, Co. D. He served as First Sergeant and was promoted to First. Lieutenant 22 Nov 1862.

iv. Jabez R. MORGAN was born on 3 Oct 1838 in Scott Co, IN.

He served in the military from 1862 to 1865 in Union Army. He was separated from second wife Rebecca from 1901 to 1903 in Lexington, Scott, IN.37 On 14 July 1903, Eliza J. Paswater swore that Jabez R. Morgan and Rebecca Morgan had been separated for two years.

He died on 3 Oct 1904. He was buried about 6 Oct 1904 in Lexington Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN.

v. Elizabeth MORGAN was buried in 1841 in Lexington Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN. She was born on 8 Jan 1841 in Scott Co, IN. She died on 28 Mar 1841 in Scott Co, IN.

vi. Permelia H. MORGAN was born about 1842 in Scott Co, IN.
According to Notice to Non Residents in William Pawaters suit, Permelia and Josephus Parsons were not residents of the State of Indiana. She was living in Jun 1890 in outside of Indiana.38 Permelia and Josephus Parson were defendants in suit by William Paswater.

vii. Dudley MORGAN was buried in 1844 in Lexington Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN. He was born on 4 Mar 1844 in Scott Co, IN. He died on 16 Mar 1844.

viii. Sarah MORGAN was born on 5 Sep 1845 in Scott Co, IN. She died on 8 Mar 1884. She was buried about 11 Mar 1884 in Lexington Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN.

ix. Willis T. MORGAN was born in 1849 in Scott Co, IN.

x. Hester A. MORGAN was buried in Feb 1850 in Lexington Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN. She was born on 6 Feb 1850 in Scott Co, IN. She died on 14 Feb 1850 in Scott Co, IN.

xi. Ida MORGAN was born about 1852 in Scott Co, IN.39

xii. Rebecca J. MORGAN was born on 19 Feb 1853 in Scott Co, IN.40 She died on 19 Jul 1854 in Scott Co, IN.40 She was buried about 22 Jul 1854 in Lexington Cem., Lexington, Scott, IN.40

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