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Scott County, Indiana
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Lynching of Marion Tyler

Lewiston (Maine) Evening Journal - Dec 24, 1898


SCOTTSBURG, IND. DEC 24 - A lynching took place here early today and the procedure was so quiet that few of the residents knew of the occurence until this morning. Marion Tyler was the victim. Tyler had been in jail for several weeks, the result of an attempt on his part to kill his wife. Shortly after midnight, the mob was formed. All were masked. They hurried to the sheriff's residence in the jail, called him by name and covering him and his son's with guns, the leader demanded that they "turn over the keys of the jail." The demand was promptly refused buat the mob became so threatening and determined that the sheriff and his family were frightened into telling where the keys could be found. The mob took them, went to the jail where they secured the prisoner and hanged him. On Nov. 3 last Tyler shot and seriously wounded his wife and then made an ineffectual attempt at suicide.